Jumbled mess

The past couple of weeks have been a weird mix of different emotions for me. I have gotten out of the house more which is a good thing but I have had a bit of a lack of sleep and then I dealt with boredom when I am not going out and doing something. People have been more irritating as of late. Maybe they were just always irritating but I just put up with it? I don't know. Then there was a feeling of exhaustion. Then came the leave me the fuck alone phase. I've just been so jumbled with different things.

The last show we went to was on Saturday to see Neon Trees. By Saturday I was feeling worn out cause of all the shows that we went to and well we did a lot of walking around on Saturday alone. My sister's friend Mary was insanely drunk at Summerfest. I couldn't understand a single word she was saying and well she kept like hugging me and whatnot saying I love ya and whatnot. Was funny at first but then got a bit annoying after awhile. She was starting to push everybody's buttons which caused us to sorta ditch her and go off venturing on our own. The one thing I like about Summerfest is people watching. You see all sorts of people while walking around and going to all of these shows. I do the same thing at concerts. I watch other people and what they are doing. I often think to myself of other people "what the fuck were they thinking?".

Neon Trees were good. Not bad for a side stage show which was for free. Wasn't terribly crowded and we could see things just fine. They are a fun band to see. Lots of energy and they try to get the crowd involved in their shows. Just by the time they came on that night I felt dead to the world. Four shows in eight days, I am not surprised I was feeling beat. So I probably did not enjoy the show as much as I could of thanks to how I was feeling.

Lack of sleep hasn't helped. Not sure why I haven't been able to sleep. I guess it could be cause I have been excited and anxious with all the shows I have been to. Anyway I was finding it difficult to get a good night sleep for awhile. Finally in the last few days I have been sleeping a bit better. Not sure what changed. Maybe I just chilled the hell out.

People have been irritating me. It is little things that set me off too. At least though I am not yelling at people or saying overally horrible things, I have just been quiet and kinda like in a leave me alone mood. I imagine I am not always the easiest person to get along with cause of how I get sometimes so this thing probably works both ways. While people are irritating me I probably am irritating them in the process. It is a vicious cycle. I don't like feeling irritated. I think it stems from having a lot to do and then very little to do. Well gee Nick maybe it is time to hit up some of your hobbies. You know like writing or guitar playing? What a brilliant idea!

I have a bit of good news though. I am going to be contributing to http://mndfk.tk/. Mainly going to be sharing dreams of mine and stuff like that. I am excited to be writing for something different other then this blog. Don't get me wrong, I love my blog but maybe with me contributing to this other site I will get some more exposure.

Thinking of taking yet another break from WoW. This will only be like the sixth break I have taken from the game. I'm just bored with it and I want to just focus more time and energy on other things. Not going to be a permanent thing, just another break.

I also need to pick up my guitar more. After hearing so much good music in the past few weeks and hearing varieties of different music I really want to get something going with that. Band wise at least. I want to play music with other people. I really am open to playing basically anything. Except Bieber or One Direction. Anything else I am open to!

That is all for now. I have felt like a jumbled mess but I am unjumbling myself. Besides feeling a bit jumbled wasn't necessarily a bad thing. It got me to write.


The summer of Rush

I never claimed to be a huge Rush fan. They were a band that I knew songs by but was never a big fan. In fact I think back in high school one of my friends was a big Rush fan and I use to tell him that they were ok but they were overrated. At the time all I ever listened to was Metallica and Black Sabbath with some other bands mixed in and I couldn't break down the wall of just basically listening to that type of music. I didn't start to appreciate all sorts of music until a few years ago. Now I can pick out music of most genres that I enjoy. So back to my original point. I was never a huge Rush fan and then I saw them live last Thursday.

Something about seeing a band on 4th of July that changes my opinion on them. Last year was Iron Maiden and for the months after that show I listened to a lot of Iron Maiden getting myself familiar with songs that I never took the time to listen to. I have started to do the same thing with Rush now. I knew I was in for a good show at the Rush concert cause I have heard the stories and the person I was going with, my sister Cindy, had seen them before and told me that they put on an awesome show. I just didn't realize how good of a show it was going to be for me until I was there.

Rush did not have an opening band. Frankly bands that have been around for many years really shouldn't need an opening band. I know some bands can't stay out there for up to three hours. Rush is one of the few bands that can pull it off even though they have been around for many years. Some other bands I have seen live barely play an hour and a half before they are done. So when you go to a Rush show you expect to pay for your moneys worth.

They opened up the set with the song "Subdivisons". One of my personal favorites by them. They played 10 songs then had a intermission. Then played the majority of their new album and then some of their hits. During their first set they played lesser known songs which was ok with me. I don't mind when bands play lesser known songs. They sounded really good. The selling point  of the show for me was their stage shows. They had a background movie player going and the movies changed for each song. The show gave you not only something to listen to but to watch. Seriously by the end of the night I was convinced that their stage show was one of the best that I have seen. During intermission they had another mini movie going and then proceeded to bring out a quartet to play nine songs off their "Clockwork Angels" album. They sounded great. I recognized songs off that album cause I had listened to the album in its entirety beforehand. If there was anything I was disappointed in it would be the crowd. A lot of people were just sitting there doing nothing, I mean literally sitting down in their seat for an entire show. I don't know but I can not go to a show and sit down for the entire thing. I have to be doing something. The crowd finally came alive when they started playing some of their hits such as "XYZ" which even though is an instrumental song the crowd managed to sing along to it. "Spirit of the Radio" seemed to be the song that most people got into. Then they closed up the show with "Tom Sawyer" and "2112". They all sounded good. By the end of the show singer Geddy Lees voice didn't sound as great but hell he was singing for nearly three hours so I can understand that. Alex Lifeson, the guitarist, was great. Sometimes you don't really know how great a musician is until you see them live. Then there is Neil Peart, the drummer. Freaking amazing. He had three drum solos during the concert. His solos have always been a thing of legend. Overall though what I loved most about the show besides the constant movies in the background it was the fact that these three guys are musically gifted. Like Lee for example does more then just play bass and sing, he was also keyboarding through songs too. So it is not like they are all just there for one thing, they are always doing something other then their main instrument. That is what I love. That is why I appreciated the show and their music.

Days later I am still listening to Rush. They are becoming one of my favorite bands now. I decided that I wanted to get more familiar with all of their albums. Problem is that they have twenty studio albums but I don't let that stop me. I have listened to the first ten. Totally love their music.

Last summer was the summer of Iron Maiden and so far this summer has turned out to be the summer of Rush.



Happy Fourth of July to everyone! I use to love this holiday as a kid. It always meant starting my morning with one of the many July 4th parades and then usually meant family coming over for a cookout and then going to where my father use to work to go inside the building and check out most of the fireworks from around the city. I remember having my own personal 4th of July parade carrying a small flag and usually some sort of patriotic hat. Those days are gone now but it appears I have a new 4th of July tradition and that would be going to concerts. Last year on 4th of July I went to see Iron Maiden and this year I am going to see Rush. Really looking forward to it, it should be a good show.

On Tuesday was the four year anniversary of the passing of my sister Mary. I can't speak for everyone else but I know I miss her. Sure we had our differences and she was a bit difficult to get along with but that stuff just happens in family. When she wasn't being Tazmanian devil she was actually pretty cool to hang around with. The story of what happened with her is tragic. Yeah a lot of it could of been avoided as some of the things going on throughout the years was self inflicted but it is still tragic and sad. Her urn still sits in the living room. A bit creepy? Yeah and we probably should have it buried one day but until now she is still in the house. Well she is always here spirit wise.

On to the other Mary I know. She was released from prison finally. She is currently on probation and is going to be hopefully moving back to Florida soon. She deserves a fresh start and to be away from all of the horrible memories of Colorado. Today is also her birthday so I figured I would do a shout out cause I am a nice guy like that. Happy birthday Mary. I can't even begin to imagine what she went through in that hell. It is nice to have her back though. We still have our crazy conversations and I can still tell her anything that is on my mind. It is nice to have a friend like that. Now I can say that I know an ex-con. I am kidding Mary. I am convinced that everyone should have a Mary in their life.

I have to admit the last few days have been pretty boring for me. I was out and about three nights in a row and then had little to do the three days after that so boredom endured. It is ok though cause the upcoming days I will be busy again. Rush tonight, Neon Trees on Saturday, cookout on Sunday, etc. I should of been writing while I was bored but eh whatever. I was actually falling asleep rather early for me on those nights. Like between 10:30-midnight. Yes that is early for me considering one of the nights over last weekend I was up until 3am. After the summer concerts are over I have stuff to get done though so my level of boredom shouldn't be too bad, I hope.

Hope that everyone has a safe and a happy Fourth of July. I know mine should be fun!


This past weekend

This past Friday the summer concert season began for me. Which is what this blog is going to be about. I still have a few more shows that I am going to but I have been lacking in the writing department lately so I wanted to get caught up.

First off since I got my license back in September I hadn't been out driving much. To be totally honest up until last Friday I had been out one time on my own. I was going to be doing the majority of the driving over the weekend to the park and ride to get to our shows. Bit nervous yes? But by the time Sunday night came around I was fully comfortable behind the wheel or a car driving by myself. In fact I love it. Now this is something I should of did when I was a teenager but hey better late then never right? Now I have a bit of freedom.

First concert was Tom Petty on Friday. Wouldn't say I am a huge fan but I do enjoy quite a few of his songs. The weather wasn't terribly bad at Summerfest on Friday until the concert decided to start. Petty was the only show in which we were stuck in the bleacher seats and I was worried about rain. Prior to the show I was watching the clouds and whatnot roll in and it was doing a good job of holding off. Then the opening band the Smithereens came on and it started down pouring. Yes this made things sorta miserable. In fact I was soaked cause for whatever reason I did not bring any protection from the rain. Before Petty came on the rain let up a bit. Then he came on and I must say I was impressed with his set. Nothing flashy just good ole rock'n'roll. It did rain a little bit during his set but it was nothing to damper the mood. He played quite a bit of songs, 20 song set list I believe. Played a lot of songs that I liked and knew. I appreciate his music a bit more now after seeing him live. There was a lot of energy on stage and within a nearly sold out crowd. I was impressed with the show from start to finish. Glad I decided to go to this show.

Saturday night we were suppose to see the band Imagine Dragons. They are a fairly new popular band. I did not take into consideration that it might be a mad house for the band despite the fact that they were going to be playing on a free stage. Yeah that was a mistake. We never made it inside the Summerfest grounds. Hell I am not even sure we would of been able to get a ticket. I know Summerfest is terrible on Saturdays but this was just mass chaos of which I hadn't seen before. No real lines, no organization, no nothing. Just a mass amount of people. So me and Cindy decided to take off and we ended up spending the night at her house chatting, listening to music, and then watching a bit of tv. Considering the stories that I had heard about what happened during that show on Saturday night I am glad that we left. They eventually let people in for free for 15 minutes prior to the show and there was literally no walking/standing room. People were getting pushed around. Fights broke out. People were climbing trees and fences to get into Summerfest. One lady supposedly suffered broken ribs from what was going on. Another disturbing part was liquor was being handed out to teenagers. So I am glad that we missed this show. It sounded a bit too chaotic for my taste. Maybe next time they will plan accordingly and have Imagine Dragons in the main venue.

Sunday night was a show that I am not use to going to. I went with my sister Cindy to see Pitbull. Again Pitbull is not someone I am really familiar with but the music is mostly categorized as rap which made Pitbull my first rap concert. The band Far East Movement opened up and they were ok other then the fact that every two minutes they had to announce who they were. Um yeah ok we got it the first twenty times. They also were on the stage far too long in my opinion. I felt like I was at a rave. Although I have never been to a rave so I just assume that is how it is like. Pitbull was delayed coming on the stage cause of a few idiots fighting near the stage. Apparently they didn't want the music to start until the situation was under control. Hey maybe if there wasn't so much time in between bands the music would help people forget why they were pissed off for and fighting in the first place? Anyways the Pitbull set was fun. I mean it is different then what I am use to. People dancing around and whatnot. Pitbull was full of energy and so was the crowd. I will mention that compared to Petty Pitbull only managed to fill half of the venue but it didn't slow him down. I thought that the show was full of energy and was a nice change of pace from what I am typically use to when going to a show. Pitbull went through a ton of songs in the hour and fifteen minutes that he was on the stage. I wonder if he would of been on longer had it not been for the idiots fighting. Anyways not a bad show and not a bad weekend for concerts.

I am looking forward to the next concert which is tomorrow night. I will be seeing the band Rush for the first time ever. Again I am not a huge Rush fan but I do know quite a bit of their songs and I have listened to them for years so it should be a lot of fun. I spent the day today catching up on songs that are on their set list for this tour. I can't wait.