My view on religion

Before I start I feel as if I should add some sort of disclaimer. This is my point of view from information that I've gathered. In no way am I promoting this as truth. I believe it is important for people to develop their own point of views and beliefs about such things. Maybe some of this will resonate with some people and maybe it won't. So here is my take on religion.


Need to get this out

Been a long time since I've written a blog. A lot has went on. I won't be able to go through it all right now. This is a special blog. Now normally I'm the quiet one and I let a lot of crap go. Some things I've held onto for many many years and it has to do with a specific person. I'm not going to say all of this to lash out, call you out, etc. I need to do this for myself. Holding onto things is not good. You may not even read this but at this point that doesn't matter. What matters is I get that out there.


It started with a door

The downside of going to bed early is the fact that now I'm awake early. What a perfect time to update my blog a bit. I know in one of my last blogs I had said that I was going to write about my birthday trip to Door County. I'm not going to do that right now. I wanted to write a blog about how I have somebody in my life again. This story started with a door.



Happy birthday to me! At least this year I'm only a week late with writing my birthday blog. Last year I didn't write my birthday blog until August so I guess technically I'm early? Anyway so here is my birthday blog. Once again happy birthday to me!


Back on track

I'm still alive. I realize my last blog was nearly 2 months ago. I've been wanting to write. I'm just procrastinating a lot. I need to get back on track and that is exactly what I'm doing this month. Not that things have been bad or whatever, just I went off the track I was on for a little bit.