Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together... mass hysteria!

I literally sat here for a good hour just trying to think of a blog title. I went through a lot of different choices. Then I saw a news feed about how a gunman killed 2 people and wounded 3 in a Seattle cafe and that quote from the Ghost busters popped into my head. People are going crazy that is for sure. I have to wonder though if people have always been this messed up and we just hear about it more because we have much more media sources then we had back in the day? Maybe people just want to be famous by doing crazy shit so they can get on the news.

So zombies are coming. This is what I keep hearing at least. Some guy in Florida was chewing the face off of some person. He was shot and did not respond to being shot. Then in New Jersey there was this guy who apparently was throwing entrails at police officers and pepper spray had no effect on him. Clearly zombies are coming. Why? Because everyone on the internet says so and you always have to believe what the internet says. The truth is on the internet. The sooner we accept this the better off we will be. I hope all that Left 4 Dead playing will help me out in case of a zombie invasion. I suggest more people pick up the game and play it. It will help you defend yourself from an impending zombie invasion. My weapon of choice? A cactus. They won't expect someone to use something like a cactus. Plus other people who aren't zombies might be like oh my God holy shit look at that crazy son of a bitch swinging around a cactus, don't mess with him. I am now accepting donations of cactuses. I must prepare for the zombies.

Makes you wonder about the whole 2012 thing. People are going nuts. Disasters keep happening more and more frequently. I suppose in a few more months we will find out for sure. I am not going to worry bout it. I will make my comments every now and then and be like oh my God the world is going to end but that is the extent of it. I mean really what can we do if the world is meant to end? There really is nothing that we can do. Maybe try to make our peace with God before we pass on. Can't stop it so no use worrying about it. Live your life. Of course the question "what if?" will pop up from time to time. Along with the question what if I wake up tomorrow and my penis is not there anymore. That would just suck. I don't know what I would do. Freak out probably. I wonder how the conversation with my father in the morning would go. "Um dad I think I need to go to see the doctor. Why? Well my penis is missing and I kinda am uncomfortable with not having a penis and I think I have to go to the bathroom." See what I mean? Very uncomfortable situation. I don't know how I turned this from an end of the world thing to me having a missing penis.

In other news, since I haven't written an actual blog unless it was about a concert in about a month, I had a job interview to begin the month. It was for Pick'N'Save on 76th street. I didn't end up getting the job but the fact I had an interview kept my hopes up that something is going to come up soon. I am learning that no matter how many times I get kicked down or things seem hopeless that I just have to keep on fighting. So last Friday I got a call from a different Pick'N'Save and I did a phone interview yesterday. I had put in an application on I think Tuesday and got a call back within 3 days. So the phone interview went decently in my opinion. A ton of questions were thrown at me that I was like "uh" for. Obviously I did good enough cause I get a 2nd interview on Friday. This time it is face to face. So I am pretty hopeful that this streak of not having a job will come to an end soon. Thank God.

I picked up Rocksmith on the Xbox. I was kinda iffy about getting the game due the fact that I wasn't consistent with playing the guitar anymore. I really lost interest over the years. I liked the idea of Rocksmith though. Learning songs while playing along with the songs and going at your own pace. So I picked it up just over 2 weeks ago and since then I have played guitar about 2 hours everyday. Would I say the game was worth it? Hell yeah it was. I have not had this much fun playing guitar in a long time. See I am doing things differently this time around. I have taken a less serious more of a have fun approach. Plus in all the years I have played guitar I never tried to play along with songs. This game has you play along with songs. I absolutely love it. I am playing songs I would of never of thought to play before. Plus thanks to the game I have even memorized some chords. In 18 years of playing guitar on and off I had never memorized chords by name. As long as I am having fun and learning stuff I will continue to play guitar and this game. Guitar has become fun again and I am thinking I may finally be getting serious about learning it. The game also is going to add in a way to play bass with the game eventually so I may pick up a bass at some time. At least I am heading in the right direction in terms of playing guitar. Bout time too. As much as I love music and with how creative I can be at times it is good I apply it to some things.

Overall life is good and is turning around for the better. Well despite the zombie invasions, the craziness of people, and me worrying about my penis going missing, I can't complain all too much.


A Night of Hell with Primus

Before I get into it about the Primus concert I must state that I actually enjoyed the music. Primus was really great live. I don't know all too many songs well by Primus but they are easily a band where if you don't know anything by them that you can still get into the music. This however was overshadowed by the environment of the venue in which the concert was at.

I was excited to go. I had never seen Primus live before. I was also going to a concert with people I know. My brother Jay and my sister Cindy. It had been like 16 years since I went to a concert with Cindy and I never been to a show with Jay before. We got there and there was a long line to get in. Apparently it is not always a good thing to get there right before the show starts. That is ok though. Been in longer lines before waiting for Ozzfest back in the day. We get in the ballroom and there seemed to be a lot of room left but a good amount of people in there. We managed to get in a decent spot.

Primus came on and the first song was my favorite by them "Those Damned Blue Collar Tweekers". One of the first Primus songs that I remember hearing so it just stuck with me over the years. The problem was the vocals didn't sound like they were right. It was very hard to hear what Les was singing. This problem persisted for a little bit and then it got better. I didn't recognize a lot of the songs they were playing. Like I said I am not a huge fan but I do like their music.

During the show I dealt with the usual issues that I did while I was at Manson. People moving around, having to constantly move to get out of the way, taller people stopping and standing right in front of me. I think that is one thing I hate the most. I always try to keep a bit of distance between me and the person in front of me so it turns into an aisle for people going through. That is fine but when people go through and stop right in front of you that just irritates me. It is like I was not even there.

A new problem I encountered at this show in particular was it seemed like a lot of people in the crowd didn't know what deodrant or soap was. Literally it smelt pretty bad in this place. Add in the fact that it was insanely hot in that place we had to deal with hot smelly sweaty people. I'll talk more about this in a minute. People were also very rude too. I know it happens when you go to a show. There are always some assholes in the crowd. It just seemed pretty bad. It made it difficult to enjoy a show when you are constantly dealing with some dipshit.

Ok now the heat. They really need to do something with the Eagles Ballroom. If they don't have the air cranked up prior to a show and then it gets a lot of people in the ballroom it gets insanely hot and humid. It wasn't until 2 hours into the show that the fans above us were even turned on. By then it was almost too late. We were all dripping in sweat. Some people had to be carried out of the ballroom. I really did not think I could last through that entire show with how hot it was. The heat and the people really made this concert more miserable then it should of been. I tried to enjoy it as much as I could but it seemed near impossible. Next time I want to go to the Eagles Ballroom for a show I will think twice about it.

I will say again though Primus was great. I just felt like I was in hell though and couldn't enjoy it as much as I would of liked. Les Claypool is an amazing bassist. Like seriously at times I was in awe at his bass playing. It pretty much helped me decide that in the near future I am going to invest in a bass guitar. Primus played two sets. First set was about 10 songs long and during intermission they played Popeye cartoons which was pretty cool but cause I was standing there sweating like a pig I was just wanting it to end so they could come on and play their 2nd set so we could all go home. They played hits like "Jerry was a Racecar driver" and closed with "Wyonna's Big Brown Beaver". "Eyes of the Squirrel" is a song that I can not get out of my head since the show.

So an overview. Primus was great. Les Claypool is amazing. Eagles Ballroom sucks. Sweaty smelly people suck. Next concert for me is July 4th Iron Maiden unless we do go see the Scorpions at Summerfest on June 30th. Maiden should be fun though. Outdoor show with seats!


Hey, Cruel World

I realize it has been awhile since I wrote anything. So I figured I would start off with a blog about the Marilyn Manson concert I went to last week. Manson's music has been a big part of my life for the last 16 years so being able to see him live was great. Here is my review of the concert. Look at me trying to act like I am a professional concert reviewer.

It had been nearly 15 years since I last saw Manson live. I last saw him at Ozzfest in 97. He was the act that came on before Ozzy and Ozzy came on before Black Sabbath. Pretty much we had a double shot of Ozzy that night. Before that I had seen Manson one other time and that was in October of 96. I only knew of like two songs before I went to the show but I had convinced 4 other people to go with me. Despite not knowing much of anything at all I had a lot of fun at that show and I enjoyed the music. I enjoyed it so much that in the next week I bought all of his albums that were out. After that show though all 5 of us ended up getting sick. Who knows what was going around at that concert. The hall was filled with freaky looking people. Let it be known I have nothing against freaky looking people. Anyways the point of me blabbing on about this is that I felt a bit uneasy about going to a Manson show by myself. Sure it had been 15 years but you have to remember I am not one for going to shows by myself. I was willing to take a chance though. After all it was Manson.

I have to admit being there by myself was a bit boring at times. Everyone else is talking to each other having a good ole time and here I am standing there by myself. There were plenty of freaky looking people in this crowd. Chicks barely wearing anything and some guys who actually could of passed for Manson. I realize that even if a person is looking all freaky and whatnot it does not mean that they aren't nice or whatever. In fact some of those people are the nicest people. People dress like that because I think Manson's music teaches us it is ok to be our own individual and we shouldn't worry bout how others look at us. Look at some of the attire Manson has worn over the years. He definitely does not give a shit.

The Pretty Reckless came on. Taylor Momsen definitely looked hot. In recent months I have really come to like their music. Plus I also saw them live before when they opened up for Evanescence. Two of my favorite songs by them "Zombie" and "Under the Water" were played. The problem is I don't think their style of music was really fitting to be opening up for Manson. They tried to win over the crowd but the Manson crowd was just not having it. One dumbass behind me kept yelling "play some Slayer". I wanted to tell the guy to either go home and listen to Slayer or go to a Slayer concert if he wanted to hear Slayer that bad. Either way I thought The Pretty Reckless were pretty good. Taylor Momsen has a great voice and she has a lot of energy dancing around on stage. Ok so she walks around on stage dancing like a whore. What guy wouldn't like that? I know from what I read of other people who went to the Manson concert they said The Pretty Reckless sucked but I am just going to come to the conclusion that they were expecting someone heavier or they just couldn't dig the music.

It was then time for Manson to take the stage. I always hate the period of time in between bands. It is like come on already! Finally his entrance music came on and he started the set with "Hey Cruel World". His voice sounded amazing. He didn't sound tired, sick, exhausted, or drunk. He was spot on. He was full of energy trying to get the crowd into it. He went through classic songs such as "Mobscene", "Dope Show", "Disposable Teens", and then songs off the new album "No Reflection" and "Pistol Whipped". Pistol Whipped is one of my personal favorites from the new album. Something I just can't explain but I love that song. A highlight for me was "Personal Jesus". I know it isn't actually a song that he wrote but he does an amazing cover of it. I was having a lot of fun. Well as much fun as a person by himself at a concert can have. I was singing along to most of the songs played. Concerts are the one place where I don't care if other people can hear me sing cause well pretty much I am singing along with everyone else anyways. Manson had energy throughout the show. For me personally I dislike going to concerts where people just stand in one place the entire night and perform. Move around, show some energy, show the crowd that you want us there listening to your music! The last 5 songs of his set were all old stuff. The last 3 songs in particular. "Sweet Dreams" again I know this isn't techinically his song but that song is a crowd sing along song. For the next song "Antichrist Superstar" he got out his old podium from the Antichrist Superstar tour and sang from the podium. Old Manson came out during this song. He had a bible in his hand and he started to tear pages out of the bible before tossing the bible into the crowd. He followed up with the closer for the night "The Beautiful People". Overall it was a great show. He was full of energy and his voice was spot on. I was definitely happy to of gone.

I do have some complaints though and it is mainly about the venue and well I guess the people at the show. I actually do like The Rave/Eagles Ballroom. They always have a lot of good bands that come through there. That day in particular was one of the warmest we have had this year so far and it totally felt like they didn't have any a/c on. That sorta made the waiting around for bands a bit uncomfortable. I know it was really refreshing to go outside after the show. The line for the men's room was sorta ridiculous. Some guy came out of the men's room and said "it is worse then a mosh pit in there, guys are all pushing and shoving and punching just to use the bathroom". I think he was exaggerating a bit but I thought it was sorta funny. One thing I don't like about that place is it is standing room only. I mean fine you really don't go to a show to sit down anyways but what annoys me about this is people who feel the need to constantly move around on the floor while a band is playing music. Either they are going to the bathroom, getting more liquor cause they aren't drunk enough, or in the case of some people they are too damn drunk to realize what in the hell they are doing or where they are. I don't know how many times I had to move cause people wanted to get through but after awhile it was really just starting to get annoying. When I saw Evanescence back in October I did not have this problem with people wanting to walk around constantly. Last thing is do people go to a concert to actually see the band and listen to the music or do they go there to browse the internet on their phone? Personally when I go to a concert I go there to see the band, listen to the music, have fun. Some chick behind me was browsing the internet most of the time. What in the hell? You pay money to go there for what? To browse the internet? Do people desperately need the internet that badly that instead of enjoying a concert they go to a concert and browse the internet the whole time? I don't get it at all.

It was a fun night though. I am glad I went even if it was by myself. Would I go see Manson again? Definitely but next time I hope to at least go with 1 other person. At least the next 4 shows I am going to I will not be going alone. Next up for me is Primus. I wouldn't say that I am a huge Primus fan but I do like them and I look forward to seeing them.