Ha! I couldn't really think of a catchy title or what type of song or lyrics to use for a blog title so I went with the next best thing. Will I actually write a blog that does not include something about the Packers? Maybe. I'm sure people are tired as shit reading what I have to say about the Packers every single time I write a blog. So I may spare you all for once.

Life is...life. Geez Nick you definitely are on a major breakthrough to something there. Oh my God! I don't know how else to put it. Time seems to go by super fast. I will turning 32 in a couple of months. 32 and confused as hell as to what it is I am suppose to do. This just confirms my life is life comment because who isn't really confused about what to do with themselves? The vast majority of people probably are confused or they don't know what to do with themselves. I imagine it is just a way of life. You think one thing and then something pops up. Things change and it gets you to think. Then as you think pretty much you are confused as hell cause everything that you once thought you knew you really don't know a damn thing. I'm not really talking about a specific thing here. Just me rambling.

I know I am meant to be a writer. Whether I ever get off my ass and do something about it one day remains to be seen. I think I will at some point. At least I write these stupid blogs...right? In the meantime the question is what am I suppose to do? The answer should be simple really. Get a job, make some money, have some sort of a life, etc. Despite what some people say or may think that is not always an easy task. Maybe I don't put forth as much effort as I should? I do however find it rather annoying that I have a lot of experience working in grocery stores and I have done most positions in grocery stores but yet I can't get a job in one. Maybe it isn't the best job in the world but it is something I know very well. It is frustrating with all the experience I have had that no one will give me a chance. It is possible that the problem isn't even me. The problem could just be the stores here suck. I bet if I went back to Florida and I went back to Publix I could get my job back. As good as an option as that may sound like the reality is I have no place to stay in Florida and moving down there again...um yeah I am sure my father would love that. "Hey dad I'm moving back to Florida again". I wouldn't be shocked to get a "what the fuck is wrong with you?" question. I'd have to be a smart ass and reply with "there is a lot wrong with me". One day I am going to figure something out and then look back at some of my blogs and I am going to say all of that crap is null and void now.

One thing I did think about and I am convinced about is...I am sure I don't want to live in Milwaukee forever. Nothing against my family of course. There is a reason why I have moved away from here in the past? Ready for this groundbreaking discovery? It is simple...I really don't like it here. I'm not going to go off and name specific things I am just going to stick with me not liking it here. It doesn't mean I want to move out of the state. Hell I would love to live near Green Bay. Packer nation FTW! I really like it up north whenever we go on vacation, which seems like ages ago. I also love the Packers and I just think living in Green Bay or close to Green Bay would be awesome, especially around football season. Or I could always go for a fresh new start somewhere new. Georgia would be an option since Andrew lives there. We would have fun times if I did move there. Another option would be...Canada. Sorry Reva but I do not know if I could handle how cold it gets there. I can't stand it here in Milwaukee and you guys have it 100 times worse there. Or yet another option would be some place like....California. California? Where did you come up with that one? I know, it sounds totally random. Well it kinda is random lol. California has nice weather year round and I would absolutely love that. Am I really serious about this one though? Slightly. The possibilities of that ever happening are slim I think. Besides in 2012 California is going to fall into the ocean or so people think. Ok before anyone asks me any questions about moving or whatever I'm just going to say this is all me just thinking at the moment. Nothing is set in stone about me moving or anything. It is just thoughts. Besides I have things to take care of before I can even think that far ahead.

I was going to talk about WoW but I am deciding against that. Ultimately it boils down to if I am not having fun in that game or it is stressing me out then I need to find alternative things to do or quit. With that being said I've been doing other things instead of spending time on WoW.

Anyways I think I am done rambling for now. Hope everyone enjoys my blogs of useless and pointless shit. At least one or two people might find it informative and entertaining.


We are the Champions

The Green Bay Packers did it. They won the super bowl. It is their 4th super bowl title and their 13th championship. For quite awhile I have been a big critic of this team, their coach, and more importantly with the man who replaced Brett Favre. I give them a lot of credit as they turned the season around and they pulled it off and bring the Lombardi trophy home to Green Bay.

The super bowl itself was pretty awesome. I went by my brother's house to watch the game with my father. I remember the last time the Packers were in the super bowl. It was back in 98. My brother's house was filled with tons of people. I couldn't even begin to tell you who was there and who wasn't because I was pretty drunk that night. Shots of tequila with various other drinks, I was pretty gone. We lost that super bowl to the Denver Broncos 31-24. It was really disappointing. It is a game we should of won and we were heavily favored to win. Other people I know cried cause we lost, me on the other hand I was just mad cause I wasted the day getting drunk in celebration for nothing.

There wasn't many people at my brother's house this time around. In fact it was just me, my father, my brother, his wife, and their two kids. I was surprised that more people weren't over. Packer games use to be a big deal by my brother's house. I could get into some of the "rituals" we had during packer parties back in the day but I rather not make this blog insanely long. Me write something that couldn't be compared to a mini novel? I didn't think that was possible for me.

The game started off a bit slow. Both offenses didn't do much. The Packers then moved down the field and then scored on a nice pass play from Rodgers to Nelson. 7-0 Pack. The Steelers got the ball back. On the first play they decided to throw deep but as Big Ben threw the ball he had pressure in his face, the ball was picked off by Collins and returned all the way for a touchdown. 14-0 Pack already. Collins got penalized for celebrating cause he knelt down in the end zone. Bullshit penalty in my opinion. I mean for christ sake it is the super bowl. People are going to be hyped up a bit, let them celebrate a bit. Geez. No Fun League in effect apparently. The Steelers were able to move the ball down the field and kick a field goal to make it 14-3. The Packers were plagued by their receivers dropping catchable passes. I believe it was said they had at least 7 passes that were dropped or catchable that was not caught. 3 of them could of went for touchdowns. Steelers got the ball back and Big Ben threw another interception, this time to Bush. Packers managed to take it down the field and Rodgers threw a touchdown pass to Jennings to make it 21-3. Did anyone really see them coming out in the game and jumping up by 18 to the Steelers? I sure didn't. Steelers got the ball back and this was when things started to get more interesting. The Packers had lost Driver to injury and then they lose Woodson and Shields to injury. Woodson would be out the rest of the game whereas Shields did come back and play sparingly. Right before halftime the Steelers scored a touchdown to make it 21-10. The Pack with 40 seconds left in the half got the ball back and decided to just let time go off the clock. Maybe they couldn't of done anything in those 40 seconds but that shows lack of killer instinct.

The halftime show really sucked this year. I don't mind the Black Eyed Peas. I enjoy some of their songs but their performance was just bad. I couldn't understand most of the songs and they just sounded really dull. Nothing exciting about the performance at all. Put a band like Metallica or something in there for next year. Someone who can pump up the crowd.

Third quarter started and the Pack got the kickoff. In order to kill the momentum of the Steelers they needed to go down the field and score. They did just the opposite. They went nowhere and had to punt. There was one play on the drive where Rodgers threw a perfect pass to Jones and he dropped it. Had he caught it he would of went for a nice long touchdown. The Steelers got the ball back and ran the ball 5 straight times right down the field and scored a touchdown. 21-17 Pack at this point. This is when all of us start getting worried. Clearly the game shifted in the favor of the Steelers and our defense was hurting. Packers couldn't do anything in that quarter. Defense was letting them move down the field but like they have done most of the year they weren't giving up any points. Steelers missed a field goal. Offense couldn't do anything with it. Steelers got the ball back and then the fourth quarter started. On the first play of the fourth quarter the Steelers ran the ball and Matthews forced a fumble which was recovered by us. There was the momentum shift that we needed. The Packers offense went down the field and Rodgers threw his 3rd touchdown pass. 28-17 Pack...which was my score prediction for the game. We all had a sigh of relief after going up by 11 in the fourth quarter. During the third quarter I was sitting there thinking to myself oh lord this is going to be one of these games again huh. Well things would get tense yet again.

Steelers got the ball back and answered the Pack touchdown with one of their own. Then followed up with a two point conversion. 28-25 Pack. Pack got the ball back and started to drive down the field. They barely missed getting a touchdown and had to settle for a field goal. 31-25 Pack.

Two minutes left in the game and the Steelers get the ball back. I was really scared that they would go down the field and end up winning the game by 1 point. In fact when we played the Steelers back in 09 that is exactly what they did. Won the game 37-36 by scoring with 0 time left on the clock. Would we see a repeat? Not this time around. The first Steeler play they gained 15 yards. Then another 5. After that they did not get another yard. On fourth down Big Ben threw an incomplete pass and just like that we were in celebration mode. The Packer offense took the field to kneel down a few times and then the game was over. We had won the super bowl yet again. It was such a great feeling to see my team of 24 years win the super bowl for the first time in 14 years. I was about to tear up but I held it back as I did not want to do that in front of family. We watched the presentation of the Lombardi trophy before going home for the night. I had a smile on my face that lasted for quite awhile. When I got home I had a few drinks in celebration of the Pack winning the super bowl and posted the song "We are the Champions" on my facebook in dedication to them winning the super bowl. I browsed the internet and watched the celebrations from Milwaukee, Madison, and Green Bay as hundreds of people took to the streets to celebrate the Packer victory. I teared up but these tears were tears of joy not sadness.

The celebrations continued on Monday and Tuesday. I find myself still sorta shocked that somehow they pulled it off this year. Back in December everyone had wrote them off but they found a way. Now we look forward to next season and a chance at repeating. Repeating might be difficult but this Packer team is very young and we went through this year with 15 people on injured reserve, some of them key players. We will get those players back and the team will only be stronger. Chances of repeating, at least in my eyes, are pretty good. Thank you Packers for a great year of football. It was a chaotic ride and one that gave some of us Packer fans nightmares, migraines, etc but in the end we have a super bowl trophy to celebrate and we thank you for that.

Btw, when I made my prediction on the score of the game I also predicted Aaron Rodgers would win the super bowl MVP. I was right. He was awarded the MVP for super bowl 45. I called that pretty good huh? Favre will probably forever be my favorite quarterback and he did great things but Rodgers is high up their on my list now and the Packers are just fine with him behind center. It took me awhile to believe that but you know in "The Dark Knight" when they had the slogan "I believe in Harvey Dent" well my slogan is "I believe in Aaron Rodgers". His career is still young and as long as he learns how to slide when he is scrambling we could see a few more championships.

In closing I want to talk about one other thing. I know I have sat here and blamed losing games on officials and this and that but I find what some people have to say about the Packers rather amusing. One person wrote that the Packers only won cause the officials handed them the game. Really? I kinda thought it was the Steelers that handed them the game. You know the 3 turnovers that led to 21 Packer points. Oh maybe he means the missed calls or this pass interfence on the last pass that Big Ben threw? Ok so maybe there was a few missed calls. Aren't there always though? See if the Packers lost I would of pointed out the fact that the refs missed some calls on the Steelers, which they did but that is a null and void conversation now seeing as how the game is over. Stop blaming officials for your team losing. Your team lost plain and simple due to the fact that they couldn't stop the turnovers. Also the missed pass interfence call. That one amuses me cause Williams never even touched their receiver. He was playing the ball and had good defense on the receiver. So if he never touched the guy how is it pass interfence? If you look at the play again, and I believe there is a picture somewhere of this, the receiver actually grabs William's wrist so he couldn't intercept the pass. But it should of been called on Williams? Interesting. Another one I read was someone saying the Pack didn't deserve to win cause they are a piece of shit team. Really? A piece of shit team doesn't win 3 straight road games in the playoffs and then goes on to win the super bowl. Nothing more needs to be said about that one other then lol@ that person. Last one, the Bears will make sure the Packers do not get into the playoffs next year. Another lol@ that person. The Bears had their chance to knock them out in week 17. They didn't. Then they had a chance to prove they were the better team in the NFC championship game. They didn't. Lets face the facts here. Lovie Smith when he came to coach the Bears said his number one priority was to beat the Packers. Sure he has some success there but when you make that your number one priority and can't even beat them in the game that determines who goes to the super bowl something is not right there. Maybe they need a quarterback who actually plays well against the Packers. Jay Cutler is not your man Lovie. He now has a career 1-5 record against the Packers. You want to beat them then bench Cutler for Packer games. It will help your chances.

I'm done here for now. Football season has come to an end. Boo! Now what will I do on Sundays or what else can I find to bitch about? Oh I'm sure I can think of something.


I'm Super! Thanks for asking.

So I stole a line from South Park with the title of my blog. I felt it was fitting since I will be talking about the super bowl featuring my Packers against the Steelers. Plus I really couldn't think of a better title then that. It's been awhile since I wrote so let me jump right in there.

Of course the major news is...the Packers are once again in the super bowl. The excitement hasn't really sunk in quite yet. It did when we won the NFC championship game against the Bears but since then my mood has been sorta mellow. Tomorrow is the super bowl though so I am sure I will be hyped up. The Packers have not been to a super bowl since the 97-98 season. They lost that super bowl to the Broncos. To this day I still say that super bowl was rigged so John Elway could get his super bowl ring. Either way it has been 13 years since they last played in a super bowl.

Football has always been an important part of my life. I love football a lot. I have been following the Packers since the 1987 season. It is a special feeling when you follow a team for so long that they have a chance to win it all. It is also a big sport in my family. Most people in my family like football and watch it. The last time they played and lost it started a downward spiral that lasted throughout that year. No I don't blame the Packers losing the super bowl on what happened lol, it was just part of stuff that went on that year. A week or so after they lost the super bowl my mom died. 13 years later they are back in the super bowl. The number 13 has been an important number in our family for a long time, especially with my mom. So a super bowl win after not playing in the game for 13 years would be huge.

So what do I think about this super bowl? It should be a good game. Too evenly matched teams. It will come down to who can make more plays and which team is hotter. I don't particularly care for the Steelers. They aren't my favorite team nor are they my least favorite team. I enjoy reading all these people who really believe the Steelers will walk all over the Packers. Hate to burst all those bubbles but it is not going to happen. If the Steelers do win, it won't be by a lot of points. There was one guy who wrote on a forum somewhere that the Steelers won't lose cause losing super bowls is just something that they do not do. So when the Steelers lost to the Cowboys back in the 90s that game didn't count? Granted they have won 6 super bowls but don't make a statement saying they never lose a super bowl when it is untrue. It shows that some people really shouldn't say anything if they really don't know what they are talking about. Same could be said for me too though I imagine.

Anyways here is my super bowl prediction. The Packers are on a roll. I don't see them slowing down any. The Packers might not have much of a running game but I see them being able to spread the Steelers defense with their wide receiver packages. Success in the passing game will open up the running game. The Packers defense won't make the same mistakes that they made the last time they played the Steelers. They should be able to get to big Ben and give the Steelers a bit of a hard time. The game will come down to which defense performs better and who makes mistakes. I see the Packers winning this one 28-17. Prediction on the MVP of the game? Aaron Rodgers. He will finally totally step out of the shadow of Brett Favre and do something Favre never did and that is win a super bowl MVP.

This past Thursday was the anniversary of my mother's passing. She has been gone for 13 years now. Hard to believe that it has been that long already. Time flies by. I still miss her an awful lot and I do wonder quite often how life would of been with her around still. How life would of been different with her alive? Those are questions that are never meant to be answered though cause it is something that just is not possible. I do know she is still here with me in my heart and watching over us. She hasn't completely left yet.

Also on that note on Monday I was sitting by my computer and I looked at the window to see if it was snowing out yet. I could see the reflection of the window in the other room. I saw a big mass or shadow move in front of the window in my other room. I looked to see if I could see something in there but there was nothing there. It didn't really creep me out or anything, I just wish it wouldn't of happened as fast as it did.

We had a massive snowstorm this week. Between Monday and Wednesday about 20 inches of snow fell. 16 of those inches fell on Tuesday. I know at one point Tuesday night we were getting close to 4 inches an hour. It was one of the worse blizzards that I have ever seen. The wind gusts peaked at 60 mph. It was like a total whiteout constantly. Since the wind was blowing so heavily we had some massive snowdrifts. One of the snowdrifts went from our back door across our drive to the neighbor's house. It was about 4 feet deep. We could not open up the door. We also had a tough time opening up the front door by the porch. There was another 4 foot snow drift there too. My sister's boyfriend Scott came with his plow to do our driveway and that did little good. The snow was too much to handle for his truck. What he ended up doing was making big snow banks in our driveway for our neighbor to come by with an end loader later in the evening. Crazy weather. The snow is stacked so high that there is barely a fence separating us from our neighbor's yard. Then on top of that we got very cold again. Temps below 0. Welcome to Wisconsin winter.

This is where I will end it for today. Hopefully the next time I write a blog I will be talking about the super bowl champion Packers. GO PACK GO!