I really didn't know what else to name this blog so I may as well just name it Thanksgiving since it is Thanksgiving. It is getting to be the cold time of year here, we even had some flurries yesterday. A sign of things to come for sure. Lows tomorrow night are going to be in the middle teens. Winter is already well on it's way. Which means Christmas is coming, well actually a month from today is Christmas. As I drove with my father today to go to my brother's house I saw some Christmas decorations out already and saw this amazing sunset too, which of course I did not have my camera so I couldn't get it. The decorations made me think to myself "you know Nick you could possibly have a bit of holiday spirit left in you after all". I am actually pretty anxious to see other people's decorations this year. Maybe I won't be the Grinch this year?

Thanksgiving this year was pretty descent and not really that eventful. That is ok though. I am fine with it being a bit quiet and laid back. Food was good by my brother's house. Conversation was descent. My brother is going to be on the lookout for me for an acoustic guitar. Being a garbage man has some advantages. People throw away nice shit all the time. I really want an acoustic guitar. I don't play guitar nearly enough but I was kinda slowly starting to teach myself chords, something that I have not done in all the time I've played guitar. I got off track a little bit. We sat around, watched some football, ate, talked, ate a bit more, talked, ate even more, and then I had some lightsaber duel with my nephew. It was a good day. Which is really good cause some of my memories of this day just really aren't that great.

Course not all of the day was perfect. I started having a flashback or well thinking about my mom's heart attack on Thanksgiving 22 years ago. I was only 9 at the time but I still remember most details from that day. I guess though there are some things that you just won't forget about it or maybe it is those things that remind all of us how precious life is, how life can change without any warning, and to give thanks for what we do have in our life. It didn't really bother me for too long to be totally honest. I thought about it a little bit remembering what had happened and I said to myself "Nick you aren't going to do this to yourself today, just enjoy today and not think of the bad times". Sometimes I even give myself good advice and I follow it.

Maybe I don't always show it to people but I would like to say that am thankful and grateful for everything in my life whether it be family or friends or whatever else. Without a few certain people I don't know where I would be today.

In other news...I finally got my DC Online Universe beta downloaded and working. My first impression....fun game. I have yet to figure out stuff like how to access the chat bar or friend's list or things like that but I also haven't played it all too much yet. I like the storyline of the game and the interaction with the various superheroes and villains. It is pretty bad ass, to me at least, to fight side by side with someone such as Superman. I like how you can customize your own superhero or villain. They get unique abilities and whatnot. Like one of my guys I made a superhero he has telekinetic powers. He can lift people up into the air and stun them with a beam he shoots out. He also has aoe attacks such as a telekinetic push back. He can run super fast and his wall climbing abilities remind me of Spiderman. I also made a villain chick. She has fire abilities. She can burn people and has this aoe burning aura. She also is into martial arts and dual wields pistols. I gave her the ability to fly. Dual wielding pistols while flying is just freaking awesome. I do have to say I am pretty impressed with that game so far. It is definitely something different then WoW.

I was going to write some about WoW but I really did not want an overly long blog so I will talk about that in the next blog. I have quite a bit to say about it. Yeah I know...nerdy shit! If you don't like it, then don't read it.

I hope everyone had a good and safe thanksgiving.


It's a Mad, Mad World

Welcome to Wisconsin where one day it is 60 degrees and the next day it is in the 20s. That about sums up our weather for this week. It is pretty mild outside atm but overnight it is suppose to drop down into the 20s. Some parts of Wisconsin are under a winter storm warning while other parts were under tornado warnings. Tornadoes in November, how weird. Later on this week we are suppose to have a cold mess...rain and snow. If the weather systems track differently we could have a white Thanksgiving. It would not be the first time.

Some people I think shouldn't be allowed to age simply because as they age they get stupider. Now don't get me wrong as I know I am far from perfect but some people are just absolutely unbelievable. Don't you feel like at times slapping some sense into someone and asking them "wtf is wrong with you?". I encounter some pretty dumb people online while playing WoW. It makes me wonder how people even know how to turn on a computer. It also makes me wonder do these people really act this way in real life. If they do then it is no wonder why this world is going to shit. Though I am not entirely sure of the whole 2012 thing but maybe it might be good in the sense that it will be a good population control for the world. Am I saying that I want something to happen? Not necessarily cause for all I know it might just dig my grave.

Packers went into Minnesota yesterday and kicked the crap out of the Vikings. It was good to see them go in there and dominate. They are playing the way that they should of been playing all year. The next team up is the Falcons. It will be a rough game but I think the Pack can pull it off. As for the Vikings they fired their coach today. I am not surprised. I kinda called it yesterday after the game. A lot of people blame the problems of that team on Favre. I however disagree. Call me a Favre supporter or a Favre lover. I don't deny he has always been my favorite player. He is part of the problem this year cause he is playing like shit. The team in general is playing like shit though. Offense, defense, and special teams. All of them are playing like crap. Favre is the scapegoat cause he is the quarterback, a leader of the team, and well popular media attention. But let me ask the sensible people something. Is it all Favre's fault when their defense is playing like shit like they did yesterday? I don't think he had any bearing on the defense giving up 4 touchdown passes, or missing tackles, or not getting to the quarterback, etc. Is it Favre's fault that his receivers can't catch passes or that while running a route they fall down leading to an interception? I think people see my point. Favre can be blamed for some things but the entire downfall of the team is blamed on the team.

Tomorrow on WoW we have a special event happening called "The Shattering". A lot of things in the world are going to be destroyed and changed forever. It should be pretty interesting to see what everything looks like. It is almost going to be like playing a brand new game.

Oh yeah I got a beta invite for DC Universe Online. The only problem is that the game is taking forever to download. Seriously I've let it download for the past few nights and it still has like about 3 gigs of information to download. So annoying. I really want to try out the game. I want to see what it is like. I've heard good things about it thus far.

I am sure I'll be back with another update this week. If I am not then I wish everyone a happy and safe Thanksgiving.


Tuesday's Gone

I was looking for a bit of inspiration to write a blog this morning. Then the Metallica remake of "Tuesday's Gone" comes on my playlist. That was enough to get me started.

Going to go a bit back in time. The beginning of 1999 I decided I wanted to move out of state to go to Florida to live with my gf Jennifer. Moving at the beginning of January was not the brightest of ideas however. We ended up getting a blizzard here and had I believe 15 inches of snow thus ruining our plans to drive cross country down to Florida. We had another solution though. I would pack up "the necessary things" and me and Jennifer would travel cross country by Amtrak. It was also decided that it would be easier to travel out of Chicago since all the connections basically went through there. I packed up what I could before the trip and before we left for Chicago that day I stood downstairs in my room and I balled my eyes out. I had never been on my own before and I was going to be far away from home. I was scared shitless. I didn't know what I was getting myself into. I was only 19 at the time. The point of my story though is "Tuesday's Gone" was the song stuck in my head that entire day. It was fitting for everything since for one thing we were leaving on a train and it was a Tuesday that we left on. Funny how that worked out huh?

How did that trip turn out? Ha, well I have not been back on Amtrak since. It took us 48 hours to get from Milwaukee to West Palm Beach. There were quite a few times when we were in the middle of nowhere not moving. By the time we got to West Palm Beach I was going stir crazy and I was functioning on about 4 hours of sleep in that time period. The plus side of that experience, I got to see cities like Cleveland, Pittsburgh, and Washington D.C.

So what else is new? Well most of the stuff that I was wanting to do I'm going to have to wait until probably the beginning of next year to do. Like my GED, etc. It's ok though, it is something I know I will get taken care of. Money at the moment is well nonexistent but very tight for my father too so the less I'd have to ask him for help with anything the better. Job hunting is also very depressing. I think I have dug myself into a nice big hole being out of work so long. It's ok though because I know I won't stay in this hole forever. There has to be and I am sure there is a way out.

I saw Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows yesterday. I love the entire series and this new movie did not disappoint. It was a pretty dark movie. Bit depressing at times. Of course the ending left me wanting more. The movie is being split up into two parts with the next part coming out in July. Oh joy more waiting! I think there is going to be a sense of sadness when that movie is over with because there will be no more no movies. I know when Star Wars Episode 3 was done and I got home that night after seeing the midnight showing I was a bit depressed. The story had been told and there was nothing more to really be added to it. Waited all that time to know how everything had happened and when it was over you find yourself asking yourself "is that it? Is it really over?". Though I am much more into Star Wars then I am Harry Potter I think I'll be sad when the next movie is over.

One of the characters from the movie is a house elf named Dobby. He first appeared in the second movie "The Chamber of Secrets". He annoyed me a bit in the movie. Then in the "Deathly Hollows" he wasn't so much annoying anymore, in fact he was kinda heroic. His death in the movie is really sad. He pretty much sacrificed himself so everyone could escape from Malfoy Manor. (Don't worry I am not going to go into depth about the movie since some people won't have a clue as to what I am talking about). His death got me thinking a little bit though. Would you sacrifice your life for other people? Could you take a bullet for someone? Would you push someone out of the way of a train, or a bus, or a car knowing you might very well not make it yourself? Do you love or care for someone enough to the point where you would die for them? Weird how something in a movie can get my brain working and asking questions, but I wouldn't perceive it as being a bad thing. There may come a time in all of our lifes where we are faced with these very questions and I am curious as to what people may think. Would I sacrifice myself for someone? Let's hope I don't have to ever really find out. To actually answer the question, if the situation called for it then probably.

Anyways that is it for now folks. A bit different then my last blog huh? Well, no one has pissed me off in the last few days so of course it is different.


Leave Me Alone

"Leave Me Alone' by Korn popped on my playlist and I thought what a good title for my next blog. It doesn't really necessarily mean I want people to leave me alone but the title does have to do with some things I want to say.

Sometimes I wish I had the heart to tell people to fuck off. I'm really not that type of person though. I try to see the good in everyone and if people fuck me over or something else I normally just stay away from them. There are some people though who just suffocate you with their bullshit though. I guess there is a time where I probably was like this myself. I try not to be but it happens. However I am referring to people who just constantly blame everyone else but themselves for their problems. They want people to help them out but never listen to what people say and then do the same shit over and over and over again. People need to take a step back for a moment and realize some of their problems are self inflicted. Sure other people may be to blame for some stuff but if it is a reoccurring theme then there is something wrong with you.

Then we have attention whores or people who just feed off of drama. Seriously I wonder why or how I attract some of the people that I do. Your crying for attention is annoying. Your wanting attention is annoying. The fact that the universe does not revolve around you is annoying. Pretty much the fact that you exist is annoying. Just stop being an annoyance. Everytime you are an annoyance God punches another puppy in the face. Stop letting the puppies get hit damn it!

I am not pointing fingers at any certain person or people. (Well I possibly am but I'm not going to say so. People are going to assume what they want anyways) I like helping people. I like listening to people. I do not like being a punching bag. If you come to me for advice and then throw it back in my face, do not come to me for advice. I am not the cause of your problems, if I am then I will gladly admit it. I am not God. Despite popular belief I can not perform miracles, I can not grant wishes, I can not turn water to wine, I can not walk on water, etc. If you don't like what I have to say if you come to me for advice or someone to listen to you then please don't come to me anymore with your shit. I am more then willing to help people but like I said and I will repeat myself...DO NOT SUFFOCATE ME WITH YOUR BULLSHIT! My life is far from perfect and I have my own problems to deal with.

There you go. This is why I picked "Leave Me Alone" as a title. Fitting huh? I've had quite a bit on my mind as of late and I feel somewhat better getting some of it out in the open. I am a great listener and I don't mind hearing most people's problems but my God sometimes enough is enough. If I could strangle some people and get away with it I think that I would. People need to wake the hell up and if they are making the same mistakes over and over again they are the ones with the problem, not someone else. Take some responsibility. You make your own bed, not lie in it. I am not perfect by any means but I know my flaws and I know that I am the only one who can correct things.

In other news...I had a breakdown Monday night. Always fun stuff. I don't even know why. Maybe so much on my mind that I just decided I should have a meltdown. It wasn't a bad meltdown or anything but still a meltdown none the less.

Last night I made baked ziti for the first time. It turned out rather well. I was quite happy with the result. I think next time I need to adjust the ingredients a bit. I'm convinced I could probably make just about anything and it turn out good. Except mac and cheese, I always manage to screw that up.

WoW is getting interesting with the new expansion weeks away. I'm excited to see how drastically things change. I've been playing the game for over 4 years now and it seems like it is going to be like a brand new game again with all the stuff going on. It gives me something to do too as winter is approaching fast.

I shall end there. I am sure things I said will strike a nerve with a few people but you know that is totally fine cause you know why? People don't care when they strike a nerve with me so it's only fair...right? I leave you guys with the video to "Leave Me Alone".


November Rain

Hello again. My first blog of November. I have all the reason in the world to dislike this month, and trust me I do. However I am trying to be as positive as I can this time around. Me positive? Ha!

So what is new with me? Not all too much really besides a little kitten driving me totally nuts lately. I realize it is because she is a kitten but dear lord she is a terror. For one thing she doesn't listen. She has absolutely no understanding of the word NO. Even if you have the spray bottle and spray her she will come back and do what she was doing in a few minutes. The only time I ever get my point across is if I raise my voice. She listens to me then. Though at 2am it is not a really good time for me to raise my voice. I'd hate to scare the crap out of my father in the middle of the night. Then again he sleeps through anything anyways. Man I wish I could sleep like that. Loco also has a tendency to wake me up in the morning too. Normally by climbing on top of me while I'm sleeping and purring really loud. Yesterday morning Ozzy was laying on top of the couch next to me and Loco was laying right beside me, it was kinda cute.

I found out that my old cat Smokey passed away at the beginning of this month. He was 11 years old and from what I understand it was sort of a sudden thing. Really sad. I know I hadn't seen him in over 5 years but he was an awesome cat. Had a human like personality and loved to be the center of attention. He will be missed by many people. RIP Smokey.

Spent quite a bit of time on WoW lately doing stuff I have not done previously. I've played the game for about 4 and a half years now and some of the stuff that was the "end game content" back then was stuff I had never done so I been venturing back to check things out. I must say that I like the old world raids and how they look compared to the raids of today. Makes me wish that I could of did some of these when they were actually raids you couldn't solo or two man. Think it would of been fun and challenging.

I haven't really been myself lately which is why I been avoiding writing a blog. Maybe it is just the whole "curse of November" coming into play. Either way it is just something I am going to have to work out for myself. A person can only be as happy as they allow themselves to be. I am looking forward to Thanksgiving though, lots of good food. Oh and the new Harry Potter comes out this month. I am so looking forward to seeing that.

Before I go I must mention my Packers. Impressive defense in the last few games gives me hopes that this team is finally getting to be the team that they should of been. This team could easily be 8-1 or even 9-0 if it wasn't for inconsistent play. They beat the Jets 9-0. I was not impressed with their offense but shutting out a team that had won 5 games in a row and while playing them on the road impressed me. They followed up with a massacre of the Cowboys 45-7. It was the breakout game I had been waiting for from this team. I felt bad for the Cowboys. They really looked like they did not want to be out there. Their coach got fired yesterday, can't say I am not surprised. The Packers are 6-3 at the moment with their bye week coming up. Lets hope they can continue down the stretch. I think they can. The only way they can prove that they are a better team without Favre would be to get deep into the playoffs or even the super bowl. Until then they still have a lot to prove.

Hopefully it won't be another week and a half until I write again. I make no promises however.