Duke of Earl

I'm sure you people are thinking that this is a weird name for a blog. I'll explain it of course. I had another title in mind and it was probably going to sound too depressing so I went with this instead. Remember how I said something about the curse of November in a recent blog. Yeah this month is still cursed. I sorta say that in a sarcastic tone though. In my mind I believe that the month is only as depressing and sad as I make it out to be.



I started writing a blog back on Tuesday but never finished. Actually I scrapped a blog on Tuesday, then started to write another one only to scrap that one too. So lets try this again with a new blog called changes.


The River

I listen to a lot of meditation videos. Some days I listen to them more then others. Usually though I'd listen to it for a few hours a day. Sometimes when I really do focus I see things. I've wrote a blog or two or more about some of the things I've seen. This is another one of those blogs. I'll call this one the river. I'm going to try to remember this the best I can. This all happened so fast when I was seeing it.


The curse of November is a myth

I'll start this blog with a random useless fact. Since 2010 I've only written 1 blog in the month of November and that was back in 2013. I blame "the curse of November" on my lack of writing in this month. So there really isn't a curse of November but it is something that I've said for years now.