A dream about the past?

The setting is back in the old west. I am not sure exactly where in the old west. There is this saloon. It might be in the middle of nowhere, again not entirely sure. Inside the door there seems to a sword hanging on the door, this comes into play later. Everything looks so old though. You really feel like you are in the old west.


I'm sleepy

Maybe I can write a blog without all the sappy shit? I like making fun of myself. Oh Nick has feelings, ahahahaha fuck feelings! I'm sorry you are going to have to excuse me I really do not sleep much anymore and maybe it is catching up to me.

Mother's approval

I really should be going to bed but I wanted to write. Everything that I want to say is fresh in my mind and if I go to sleep now I may forget a few things. So here I am.


Whatever happens, happens

4am here. May as well turn on my Tibetan bowl and write a blog. That is if my cat will allow me too. She is laying on my computer desk right now. She is behaving for the moment but there is no guarantee that it will remain this way. I expect by the end of this blog she will try to take a chunk out of my hand or arm.


Just a little bump

Good morning blog. Hope everyone is doing well. Me, well the sun is shining and I am alive so I have something to smile about. Sometimes I suppose I have to remind myself that whatever life may throw my way that I am still here. Not always easy you know.


Monday morning

Its a Monday morning and I was awake before 5am. Writing a blog I felt would be a good time killer.


I've been busy

Busy would be the best way to describe the past few days. Thankfully today should be a day that I get to slow down a bit and relax. I do have a few things to talk about in this blog including my concert on Friday so lets jump right into it.


Another Day, Another Blog

Good morning blog. Another day, another blog. With this blog I will have written as many blogs this month as I did the first 7 months combined. Neat. I also like to notice pointless things from time to time. Anyway this blog will be nothing like the one I wrote yesterday. On a side note though apparently I can still leave people speechless with my words. Go me!


Oops...I did it again

Did I really just use a Britney song for a blog title? Yes I did. Trust me, it fits. I figure I give a little warning before I dive into this blog. This blog is most likely going to be a jumbled mess of thoughts and feelings that I am having. I suppose though how is that any different then my usual blogs? So here I go. Turn back if you don't want to read this.


2 days in a row with a blog?

Two days in a row with a blog. What the hell happened? Well I suppose I am feeling a bit creative again and when I feel creative I like to write. Plus WoW is kinda boring right now since we are waiting around for the expansion. At least my guild keeps me entertained.



Happy birthday to me! Wait that was months ago. Yeah I've been a slacker and just now writing a birthday blog. Truth be told though, I don't remember my birthday. Must be that old age thing.