Apocalyptic plane

Since I've been on my medications for this tooth I've had some interesting dreams. I had to bust out my old dream journal to start writing some of them down. I may share more than one in a blog but I wanted to start with this one in particular. I'll call this apocalyptic plane.



One thing that I haven't talked about it in awhile is any activity in this house. I think I've just gotten use to the fact that I'm not alone in this house and it rarely ever phases me. Something happens in the house and I say oh its just my mom or my sister. I wanted to take the time to talk about a few of the more recent incidents.


Merry Christmas! I'm just a few days late

Hello. I've been meaning to write a blog but I've been sidetracked the last few days. I won't put everything that I want to say into this one blog cause it would be super long. I think I'll split them into a total of 3 blogs. Yes 3 blogs are coming up. Maybe not all today but within the next few days I think. These blogs will be a bit different then the last few I've written. I'll start off though with the not so good stuff and get into the good stuff.


Why me?

Recently I've asked myself why me. Why did you pick me to mess with? Why did you try to completely destroy and humiliate me? Do you really get off on the things that you do? Lots of questions floating around in my head. I know more than you think I know.


Goodbye to you

Dear Jess,

I sat here for a few moments trying to think of how I wanted to start this. I want you to know that you are good. Really good. Not great though. As you left breadcrumbs which made it possible for me to find out the truth. What is the truth? See I usually am respectful to others. I also know that when the situation warrants I should speak directly what is on my mind. So the truth is this, you are a lying fucking cunt.


Duke of Earl

I'm sure you people are thinking that this is a weird name for a blog. I'll explain it of course. I had another title in mind and it was probably going to sound too depressing so I went with this instead. Remember how I said something about the curse of November in a recent blog. Yeah this month is still cursed. I sorta say that in a sarcastic tone though. In my mind I believe that the month is only as depressing and sad as I make it out to be.



I started writing a blog back on Tuesday but never finished. Actually I scrapped a blog on Tuesday, then started to write another one only to scrap that one too. So lets try this again with a new blog called changes.


The River

I listen to a lot of meditation videos. Some days I listen to them more then others. Usually though I'd listen to it for a few hours a day. Sometimes when I really do focus I see things. I've wrote a blog or two or more about some of the things I've seen. This is another one of those blogs. I'll call this one the river. I'm going to try to remember this the best I can. This all happened so fast when I was seeing it.


The curse of November is a myth

I'll start this blog with a random useless fact. Since 2010 I've only written 1 blog in the month of November and that was back in 2013. I blame "the curse of November" on my lack of writing in this month. So there really isn't a curse of November but it is something that I've said for years now.


I'll be fine

Last night when I was upset I really should have come to my blog to write but instead I decided to blast music and then go to sleep. Seeing as how my mood is still shit I thought I'd come to my blog to talk about it. So here I am. I shall try not to make this too depressing.


In other news...

Today's blog will be a little bit nicer, well I think anyway. Whoa wait second day in a row that I'm writing a blog. What is this sorcery? I haven't said much in my blog in awhile so now I have to play catch up.


I find your lack of faith disturbing

Hey I'm still alive. Yes I know I've been neglecting my writing lately. Oh man do I really have a lot that I want to say but this particular blog is for a specific thing. So I am going to jump right into it.


Went on vacation...bit my lip and punched myself in the face

I'm sitting here listening to my Tibetan bowl so I figured that I would spend some time writing a blog. I recently just went to Wisconsin Dells on a vacation and I am going to talk about my trip.


Nothing else matters

Few weeks back I had ended a blog by saying that I was in love again. I never did elaborate on it nor did I even talk about it in my last blog. Today since I am in the Dells dealing with a bit of crappy weather I figured that I would take the time to talk about it a bit. Warning though if you really don't want to hear about my love life then it is probably best for you to stop reading now. I'm not entirely sure what I am going to write. Most of the times when I write my blogs I wing it and I write down thoughts and feelings as I blog. This is going to be one of those blogs.


Howling Fjord

I wanted to share a bit of a personal story today and yes it does actually relate to WoW hence the title of my blog. For those who don't play WoW Howling Fjord is a zone in the game that was introduced back during the Wrath of the Lich King expansion. It is my favorite zone in the game, mainly cause of the music  there but I do have a few personal reasons for liking this zone and I wanted to share that today.


More adventures with The Nick

I figured its been a bit since my last blog. I did start one last week but I totally scrapped it. I might go back and redo it at some point but for now I decided to start a new one. A lot of things have gone on recently. I won't get into all the details in this blog. Trust me, nothing is bad.


A dream about the past?

The setting is back in the old west. I am not sure exactly where in the old west. There is this saloon. It might be in the middle of nowhere, again not entirely sure. Inside the door there seems to a sword hanging on the door, this comes into play later. Everything looks so old though. You really feel like you are in the old west.


I'm sleepy

Maybe I can write a blog without all the sappy shit? I like making fun of myself. Oh Nick has feelings, ahahahaha fuck feelings! I'm sorry you are going to have to excuse me I really do not sleep much anymore and maybe it is catching up to me.

Mother's approval

I really should be going to bed but I wanted to write. Everything that I want to say is fresh in my mind and if I go to sleep now I may forget a few things. So here I am.


Whatever happens, happens

4am here. May as well turn on my Tibetan bowl and write a blog. That is if my cat will allow me too. She is laying on my computer desk right now. She is behaving for the moment but there is no guarantee that it will remain this way. I expect by the end of this blog she will try to take a chunk out of my hand or arm.


Just a little bump

Good morning blog. Hope everyone is doing well. Me, well the sun is shining and I am alive so I have something to smile about. Sometimes I suppose I have to remind myself that whatever life may throw my way that I am still here. Not always easy you know.


Monday morning

Its a Monday morning and I was awake before 5am. Writing a blog I felt would be a good time killer.


I've been busy

Busy would be the best way to describe the past few days. Thankfully today should be a day that I get to slow down a bit and relax. I do have a few things to talk about in this blog including my concert on Friday so lets jump right into it.


Another Day, Another Blog

Good morning blog. Another day, another blog. With this blog I will have written as many blogs this month as I did the first 7 months combined. Neat. I also like to notice pointless things from time to time. Anyway this blog will be nothing like the one I wrote yesterday. On a side note though apparently I can still leave people speechless with my words. Go me!


Oops...I did it again

Did I really just use a Britney song for a blog title? Yes I did. Trust me, it fits. I figure I give a little warning before I dive into this blog. This blog is most likely going to be a jumbled mess of thoughts and feelings that I am having. I suppose though how is that any different then my usual blogs? So here I go. Turn back if you don't want to read this.


2 days in a row with a blog?

Two days in a row with a blog. What the hell happened? Well I suppose I am feeling a bit creative again and when I feel creative I like to write. Plus WoW is kinda boring right now since we are waiting around for the expansion. At least my guild keeps me entertained.



Happy birthday to me! Wait that was months ago. Yeah I've been a slacker and just now writing a birthday blog. Truth be told though, I don't remember my birthday. Must be that old age thing.


Winds of change

I was told that I would never change. I was hopeless. I had no goals, no ambitions, no dreams, no desires, etc. I was as I would call it, void. The keyword here is was. I have changed. I want to point out something right off the bat. I didn't change because I was told to, or I felt forced to, etc. I did it for myself. I knew that I needed to change but I knew I needed to do it cause I wanted to.


The Nick vs The Wind

I've been told over the years that I have good stories to tell and that I am a good storyteller. Lets see how it holds up today cause I have a story that I'd like to share with everybody. I will call it "The Nick vs The Wind".


Something awesome this way comes

Hello people. I am terrible with keeping up with my blog. I apologize. Life has been...hmm...well I don't want to say busy but I suppose that would be a correct word to use at this time. Things are a happening and they are big. Big I tell you! Something awesome this way comes. Guess what though? As usual you all will find out when it happens. Ha, I am such a tease! Anyways onward.


Hello 2016

We are seven days into a new year and I have not blogged yet. What the hell Nick? Why have you not blogged? What the fuck is wrong with you? RELAX people, here I am now.