I am late with my birthday blog. Typically I write it towards the end of the day on my birthday or the day after. I intended on writing it yesterday but I got sidetracked due to me being in not so good of a mood. I'm better now so lets talk about my birthday!


Exit 35

The day before my birthday. Figured I'd write a blog now cause later on I will be a bit busy. Plus not really much else to do since I am being lazy.


The ocean and the hurricane

Hello, yes I am writing again. I'm feeling the urge to write. Listening to Tibetan bowl is influencing me to want to write more blogs and since I have interesting dreams I figured that would be a good topic for this blog. I stopped blogging about my dreams for awhile and I not entirely sure why because my dreams are interesting and sometimes entertaining. So here is a recent one.


The number 40. After writing my blog last night I forgot that the number 40 also popped up in my dream. So I decided to look it up this morning. 

Forty denotes that time is on your side. It is a period of cleansing, preparation and growth.

In my dream one of the guys who is about to kill the cop says something and the number 40 comes up. In my case seeing the cops in the dream refers to failure in honoring your obligation and commitments. 

So that is pretty positive. Despite the fact that I am failing to honor some stuff I want to do my dream is telling me that time is still on my side. Plus I am going through a period of cleansing and growth. Which is true with all the meditation stuff I've been doing. 

So yay for positive dreams that were really violent!

Thats all for now. I could of just edited my last blog for this update but meh, too much work.



The sound of rain is upon us on this Sunday night. Well it is being drowned out at the moment by me listening to Tibetan bowl. Prior to me coming to my computer I was standing in the hallway on the steps leading up to my room and I had the window opened so I could hear the rain. Really peaceful and relaxing. Motivating too since now I am here writing.


I hate thinking of blog titles

Saturday night at home in front of my computer. Tibetan bowl playing on youtube. Thought this was the perfect time for a new blog. Been a week. At least it was only a week unlike some periods where I went months without writing anything new.



Birds chirping. Windows open. Cool breeze coming in. Days like today are why I love spring. Of course you have to go through the bad days first to get to the good ones.


The April project

Good Friday. Listening to Tibetan bowl. Cold outside. Perfect time to write a new blog.

April history lesson

I never write blogs during the middle of the day. I need a time killer before I go pick up my sister to take her out shopping. Writing seemed like the proper thing to do especially when I have a lot to write about. April is not only the month of my birth but a month filled with various things that have happened in my life. I call this blog "April history lesson".