Pink mice on the hill

Aches and pains, that summarizes most of the past week for me. That and lack of sleep. I've been wanting to write but I was afraid that my blog would consisted of me saying "this hurts, that hurts, everything hurts" and I really wanted to avoid it. Something happened though and despite the fact that I am still achy and whatnot, I snapped out of my crappy mood. What happened was a dream I had. A dream about pink mice on the hill.


You are in control

When I am not listening to my typical music which consists of stuff like Metallica, Maiden, Sabbath, 80s music, etc, I am listening to what I would describe as meditation type stuff. I'm not even sure what really got me started into listening to it but its become an important part of my routine. I've been saying in previous blogs that I was going to talk about it so here I am.



I've come to the conclusion that my personal blog seems self-centered. Its all about me, me, me! Well that does make sense Nick since this is your own personal blog telling people about your life or whatever it is that you want to talk about. I suppose most blogs would come across as self-centered. Am I wrong in this conclusion? Anyways, lets talk about me!


Forever available

I don't like the term "forever alone". I use to say it myself, in fact my Valentine's day blog from 2 years ago was titled that. I chose the to say "forever available". It simply means that I am so damn awesome that I am going to hold out for someone equally as awesome as myself.


23/10 part 2

Back so soon? Yes. While I was rambling on in my last blog I totally forgot to write about something I had mentioned in the early part of the blog. I can't just leave people hanging so here we go with 23/10 part 2.


On a day that holds some significant history for me I figured I'd come to my blog and write something. Maybe even make a future prediction for this day! How exciting!


More sluts needed!

I know some will roll their eyes at my blog title and then there are some that are just automatically thinking what the hell Nick. I assure everyone that the title is just an inside joke between my friend Mary and I. It does not mean I am looking for sluts. Hell at this point I should stay away from females all together but we won't get into all of that right now.


A theory about February weather

Let us all rejoice because my most favorite month of the year is now here. Wait, did I not say in my last blog that February is my least favorite month of the year? This is correct. My first sentence was total sarcasm. However I do believe that my attitude to begin this month is a lot different then in past years. Not just saying that to say it either. I actually feel it.