The Nick's Big Adventure

Me again. Instead of doing the usual like playing WoW or browsing facebook for random stuff I decided to spend my morning again by writing another blog. I wanted to talk a bit about my cross country trip to Maryland.


Hello again

Hello blog. No I haven't forgotten about you. I haven't had any updates in a long time and while sitting here listening to Tibetan bowl I figured that now would be a great time for an update.


Sad reality

I really do enjoy bird watching and having the feeders out for the birds. The sad reality of doing this though is occasionally I will probably come across a sick or injured bird. Beginning of this month I had to deal with this situation.



In June of 2014 I went out on a road trip for the first time by myself. I went to Wisconsin Dells for a few days. This year I decided to make a return trip to the Dells by myself last week.



You know how one day can be totally perfect and the next day is absolute shit. I call this balance. Life is a series of highs and lows. I really think that at times we reach a high peak and then experience a low peak just to keep us on our toes. Can't be completely comfortable with life right? Life has to throw some curve balls at you. It happens like this so when we get those curve balls we know how to knock those fuckers out of the park. Thats just what I think at least. I could be wrong or I could just be totally crazy, the jury is still debating over that one.

Smoke and Mirrors

Back in June I went to see Imagine Dragons in concert. It was a show that I was anxious to see and it did not disappoint. Back in the summer of 2013 my sister and I were suppose to go see them playing on the Summerfest grounds. The problem is that they had them playing on a side stage that could hold like I think 8,000 people and the crowd to see them was over 20,000 people. It was a mess and we never even made it inside the grounds that night. This time though we actually had seats.



I promised that I would write today. Been far too long. I will try to catch some people up on whats been going on in my life for the past month.



Early Tuesday morning and I can't sleep so here I am. This is also my 300th blog. Woo hoo. Celebration time.


We bought a zoo?

No we didn't really buy a zoo, although that would be pretty sweet. However at times it feels as if we have our own little zoo going on at our house now.



Hello again world. In case people were wondering, I am just fine. I know I haven't written anything in 3 weeks. I have a really good excuse. Actually no I don't. Just haven't felt like writing. Plenty to say just didn't feel like it. Here I am now though. Rejoice!


Turn the page

Hello blog. Been a little while. As usual I have quite a bit to write about now. I shall jump right in there.



Sunday evening. Windows wide open with a gentle breeze blowing in. Kinda chilly from time to time but nothing too bad. I hear wind chimes throughout the neighborhood. Still a few birds chirping. Sometimes I wonder if they ever sleep. These same birds are up at 4am chirping away. Overall everything is peaceful, just the way I like it.



I am late with my birthday blog. Typically I write it towards the end of the day on my birthday or the day after. I intended on writing it yesterday but I got sidetracked due to me being in not so good of a mood. I'm better now so lets talk about my birthday!


Exit 35

The day before my birthday. Figured I'd write a blog now cause later on I will be a bit busy. Plus not really much else to do since I am being lazy.


The ocean and the hurricane

Hello, yes I am writing again. I'm feeling the urge to write. Listening to Tibetan bowl is influencing me to want to write more blogs and since I have interesting dreams I figured that would be a good topic for this blog. I stopped blogging about my dreams for awhile and I not entirely sure why because my dreams are interesting and sometimes entertaining. So here is a recent one.


The number 40. After writing my blog last night I forgot that the number 40 also popped up in my dream. So I decided to look it up this morning. 

Forty denotes that time is on your side. It is a period of cleansing, preparation and growth.

In my dream one of the guys who is about to kill the cop says something and the number 40 comes up. In my case seeing the cops in the dream refers to failure in honoring your obligation and commitments. 

So that is pretty positive. Despite the fact that I am failing to honor some stuff I want to do my dream is telling me that time is still on my side. Plus I am going through a period of cleansing and growth. Which is true with all the meditation stuff I've been doing. 

So yay for positive dreams that were really violent!

Thats all for now. I could of just edited my last blog for this update but meh, too much work.



The sound of rain is upon us on this Sunday night. Well it is being drowned out at the moment by me listening to Tibetan bowl. Prior to me coming to my computer I was standing in the hallway on the steps leading up to my room and I had the window opened so I could hear the rain. Really peaceful and relaxing. Motivating too since now I am here writing.


I hate thinking of blog titles

Saturday night at home in front of my computer. Tibetan bowl playing on youtube. Thought this was the perfect time for a new blog. Been a week. At least it was only a week unlike some periods where I went months without writing anything new.



Birds chirping. Windows open. Cool breeze coming in. Days like today are why I love spring. Of course you have to go through the bad days first to get to the good ones.


The April project

Good Friday. Listening to Tibetan bowl. Cold outside. Perfect time to write a new blog.

April history lesson

I never write blogs during the middle of the day. I need a time killer before I go pick up my sister to take her out shopping. Writing seemed like the proper thing to do especially when I have a lot to write about. April is not only the month of my birth but a month filled with various things that have happened in my life. I call this blog "April history lesson".



Change of heart

I just woke up not too long ago. Since I seem to go to bed late and wake up probably way too early, I've been sleeping in the late afternoon/early evening hours. Today was like almost a 3 hour nap. Not sure why but I find myself going to bed around 3am and waking up around 8am but I balance it out with a nap for a couple of hours during the day. At least I am getting my sleep somehow, right?


Hooray spring!

Finally spring has arrived here in the state of Wisconsin. Rejoice! So funny that when it gets into the 40s here we act as if it is in the 70s. Its true, it was in the 40s on Saturday with a slight breeze but that did not stop me from getting one of the chairs out of the garage and sitting outside for a few moments. The arrival of spring is not the only good thing that has happened.



I am happy to have random weirdness in my life. It gives me something to talk about in my blogs. Even if things may just be a coincidence, it is still interesting to talk about. My story is about my gargoyle clock that I haven't used as a clock in over 10 years.


Pink mice on the hill

Aches and pains, that summarizes most of the past week for me. That and lack of sleep. I've been wanting to write but I was afraid that my blog would consisted of me saying "this hurts, that hurts, everything hurts" and I really wanted to avoid it. Something happened though and despite the fact that I am still achy and whatnot, I snapped out of my crappy mood. What happened was a dream I had. A dream about pink mice on the hill.


You are in control

When I am not listening to my typical music which consists of stuff like Metallica, Maiden, Sabbath, 80s music, etc, I am listening to what I would describe as meditation type stuff. I'm not even sure what really got me started into listening to it but its become an important part of my routine. I've been saying in previous blogs that I was going to talk about it so here I am.



I've come to the conclusion that my personal blog seems self-centered. Its all about me, me, me! Well that does make sense Nick since this is your own personal blog telling people about your life or whatever it is that you want to talk about. I suppose most blogs would come across as self-centered. Am I wrong in this conclusion? Anyways, lets talk about me!


Forever available

I don't like the term "forever alone". I use to say it myself, in fact my Valentine's day blog from 2 years ago was titled that. I chose the to say "forever available". It simply means that I am so damn awesome that I am going to hold out for someone equally as awesome as myself.


23/10 part 2

Back so soon? Yes. While I was rambling on in my last blog I totally forgot to write about something I had mentioned in the early part of the blog. I can't just leave people hanging so here we go with 23/10 part 2.


On a day that holds some significant history for me I figured I'd come to my blog and write something. Maybe even make a future prediction for this day! How exciting!


More sluts needed!

I know some will roll their eyes at my blog title and then there are some that are just automatically thinking what the hell Nick. I assure everyone that the title is just an inside joke between my friend Mary and I. It does not mean I am looking for sluts. Hell at this point I should stay away from females all together but we won't get into all of that right now.


A theory about February weather

Let us all rejoice because my most favorite month of the year is now here. Wait, did I not say in my last blog that February is my least favorite month of the year? This is correct. My first sentence was total sarcasm. However I do believe that my attitude to begin this month is a lot different then in past years. Not just saying that to say it either. I actually feel it.


A quiet Saturday night

Middle of winter on a Saturday night. Sitting at home watching some snow come down. Don't feel like playing WoW nor do I feel like playing Madden so I figured I'd come to my blog. Will I have anything interesting to say? Not entirely sure.


I'm free!

Sometimes I make good decisions. Sometimes I make bad decisions. Then there are the decisions that I make that leave me and/or others thinking "what the fuck?". Some of my more recent decisions have probably been some of my better ones in a long time.


Keep fighting

So I am sitting here after 2am trolling on facebook and blasting music when a thought crosses my mind. Gee Nick it has been a long time since your last blog. A very long time in fact. I figure it is a good time to return to what I do best, making these pointless blogs.