Pizza burn

Everyone has heard of rope burn or rug burn but what about pizza burn? My thought to this I guess was how the hell do you burn yourself on a piece of pizza? Apparently it is more common then I had thought. People get anxious to eat a hot fresh piece of pizza without even realizing there is an actual danger of burning the inside of your mouth if it is too hot. Sounds really silly though right? Trust me it can and it will happen.

This past Saturday I decided to have some leftover pizza. Stuffed crust five meat pizza. Sounds good right? Well since it was stuffed and I had to rewarm it I had to keep it in the microwave for longer then usual. Anyways I go to take a bite of the pizza and holy shit was it hot. Like I don't think I've ever burnt my mouth like that before. I immediately spit out my food. What I should of did right away was get an ice cube in my mouth to help out but I didn't do that until later on. Anyways I continued eating and wasn't really concerned about my mouth.

As the night went on my mouth, well I don't know how to really even describe the pain. It was a major discomfort and anything I did hurt. I did put an ice cube in my mouth and tried to go on like it was business as usual. I did at least check my mouth to see if things seemed ok. Don't think I checked it good enough to be totally honest.

Sunday morning when I woke up I had terrible discomfort in my mouth. Hurt like hell and was very difficult to swallow anything. This time I decided to take a flashlight and see what my mouth looked like. You can tell where I burnt my mouth. Near the back off my mouth on top kinda near the right side of my mouth it was not only red but there was a nice big white blister from where apparently I scorched my mouth. Course with my anxiety I was like well what the fuck am I going to do? I start freaking out when I was reading stuff online about it. Word of advice, when something happens never go to the internet to find your answers. This is something that I know from previous experience but I still do it anyways. However I did find some helpful advice about it and found out I can treat it without having to go to urgent care or go to the ER.

Sunday was a bit of a rough day. Had to really be careful about what I ate. I was constantly sucking on ice cubes. I also saw that using warm water with half a tablespoon of salt helps the healing process so I was doing that quite a bit. Just do not swallow the water or salt cause it can get you sick. I also went to the store and bought some ice cream type stuff. Anything to sorta numb the mouth to get rid of the pain. Oh yeah and some pain pills too.

After a rough Sunday, Monday was a bit better. My methods of dealing with this were working. The big white blister was basically gone just now dealing with some annoying discomfort and soreness. Tuesday basically the same and then yesterday the affected area was smaller.

Today the affected area is still a little bit red but the area in general is a lot smaller then what it was. Not a lot of pain when doing anything so that is good. Overall I dodged a bullet cause it could of been a lot worse. I could of been dealing with the area getting infected and whatnot but that did not happen.

Moral of the story I guess would be don't think  you are immune to anything and even something that might seem or sound silly can have some bad consequences. Oh and don't forget to blow on the pizza if it is too hot before deciding to eat on it. You will thank me later cause you definitely don't want to burn the inside of your mouth. Or you could just avoid all this shit completely by not eating pizza. Who really would want to give up pizza though? Not this guy.


U mad bro?

Who hasn't dealt with some sort of internet drama? I think at some point in time we all have. It seems to follow me. I try to stay away from it. Even with my attitude changing over the past year and a half I still manage to find myself in situations in which I would just rather toss aside. Most of the crap comes from dealing with MMOs. I love playing the MMOs but the type of people I come across I can do without. What I'm about to write is a situation that happened a couple of months ago.

In early October we were trying to get a raid together and we came across some guys who seemed cool and they knew what they were doing. We got them into the guild and since they seemed to be pretty knowledgeable about things we wanted to make them raid leaders. At the time I was the one organizing the raids and whatnot so one Wednesday I decide to remind people about the raid that was coming up and this guy who hadn't even been in the guild for a week, I will refer to him as asshole #1 for now on, comes in and calls me out for scheduling a raid and how he is the one who does it. Course I felt a bit offended and was like um wtf. So without getting into the full story we had a talk that night and I was basically laughed at and told how my reaction was stupid. I decided to try to let it go and coexist cause I knew how much people wanted to raid. I decided to sit out raid on that Friday night and sent this guy a note wishing good luck and whatnot.

On the following Monday is when things took a turn. We have our Old School raid night on Mondays and during Old School raid night his buddies were in raid and basically whatever they didn't want to do we didn't do. It was not a fun run at all. We do that night to have fun and hangout but all it ended up doing was pissing people off. A bit later on asshole#1 logs on. Oh before I go on I had a talk with Stacey (our gm) and Sarah (one of the officers) bout our raid nights and I wanted them to think about being more flexible with the scheduling. Well anyways asshole#1 knowing that I had talked about this sends me a message stating the fact that he is the raid leader and they will raid when he says so. He went on to say that he doesn't raid with people he doesn't like so I won't be raiding at all, etc. Biting my tongue with the whole situation all I said was ok and he responded with I'm glad that you understand. Course I was pissed off and knew that I had to talk to Stacey.

Instead of talking to Stacey I just kept stalling. I knew she was friendly with all these guys so I didn't know how the reaction was going to be. I was already preparing myself for possibly leaving the game again. I know I am going to deal with assholes like this but in the end is it really worth it? On Wednesday asshole#2, the friend to asshole#1 decides to send me a message. Mind you I haven't said anything to anyone. He starts yelling at me about the bullshit rules in the guild and how for being 34 years old I am a pussy cause I won't fight back with anyone and how he was more mature then me cause at least he is willing to fight or whatever. I look back at that conversation and just laugh now. Are you serious? Calling me out cause I won't get in a war of words with someone on WoW? Anyways I ended up logging off and kinda staying off the game for the next few days.

Saturday night I was on the game and asshole#1 decided to message me yet again. Trying to tell me that there was all sorts of shit talking going. All the officers were talking shit about each other and it was a matter of time before things started to fall apart. He then went on to state again how he was the raid leader and he could do what he wants and I couldn't do anything about it. I didn't respond cause it was pretty obvious what these guys were doing. They were trying to get us to distrust one another and paranoid that we were all talking shit behind each others backs. I don't think they thought that we might actually talk to each other about what was going on.

After I found out they were saying stuff to Sarah too I decided that we should finally have a talk. So on that Sunday morning we all got on skype and had a nice long talk about what was going on. I told them what was being said to me. Found out a bunch of stuff that was being said to the both of them. We decided that the best course of action would be to get rid of the problem before it gets any worse. So I did not hesitate to be the one who kicked all of their asses out of the guild.

Later on that day while roaming around in Shrine of the Two Moons I saw asshole#1 standing there so I decided to go up to him and give him a hug. In the end he thought he was untouchable and nothing would be done about the bullshit he was spewing but I guess he forgot that I had some say about who comes and goes in the guild.

Asshole#2 messaged me later that night and said some stuff again about me being a pussy and how the guild was going to fail cause no one knows how to run a guild. He logged off before I had a chance to respond with "u mad bro?". In all honesty through the entire situation that should of been my response. Maybe in future situations I will use it.

Oh and since then there has been a bit more drama but the question really is, when isn't there drama being dealt with? On WoW or well any MMO for that matter you are exposed to it on a daily basis. Either you chose to ignore it and move on or you write about it a few months later and laugh.