Feeding a Giraffe

Today I got to do something that I've never done before. I will get to that soon. Right now I am in Green Bay enjoying a short vacation. Our hotel is only a few miles from Lambeau Field. It is a decent place. Not as big or glamorous as the place we stay at in Wisconsin Dells but it is still pretty nice. Water park in the hotel and in the lobby there is a bar and restaurant area. Perfect for Packer games. We are only here until tomorrow and then we venture back home. I always like vacations though. It is nice to just get away and think a few things over and attempt to get back to where I was. Plus this trip has had a few funny moments.

We went to the Green Bay zoo today. The place is really nice. It is a smaller place but there is a decent amount of animals there and really it is an inexpensive zoo. It has a more outdoor feel to it then the Milwaukee zoo. Don't get me wrong I love that zoo but the Green Bay zoo makes you feel like you are out in the wild. Animals seem to be more active at this zoo too. I highly recommend it if people are in the Green Bay area.

Best part was the Giraffe exhibit. They have an area where you walk up to and can get close and personal to them. You can feed them and pet them. I thought that was pretty awesome. There was a lady that was feeding and petting them and then the woman working there asked if I wanted to feed them and pet them. I hesitated at first but was like eh why not. They seem to be harmless. So I had a female Giraffe eat from my hands today and I got to pet one. Something that I had never done before and something I will totally not forget either. Being that close to something so beautiful and looking into her eyes and almost sensing an appreciation for me feeding her was really special. I am an animal lover. Sometimes I think I love animals more then I love humans. Starting to think doing something animal related as a career might be my calling. So this was definitely my highlight of anything that has went on lately.

It has been amusing driving around with my father though. Many wrong turns or pulling into the wrong parking lot so far, missing turns, etc. A typical Kendzierski road trip. Also was a weird trip to get up here. No cows on any of the farm land we seen, very little road kill which for Wisconsin is unusual, and then there was a section of roads without any highway signs. Seriously? Did I just enter the twilight zone or something?

Oh yeah can't forget about my fall either. We are in the hotel room and the fire alarms start going off which ended up being like a false alarm or something but anyways I am staying in the loft area upstairs and to get upstairs there is a big step which leads to more steps. Well anyways due to me not paying attention and wondering what the hell was going on I stumbled on the big step and went flying into the wall. I am ok. I laughed quite a bit about it. I am sore in random places though cause of my fall. Was pretty funny though.

Other then falling into a wall, a few wrong turns, no cows or road kill, and missing road signs this has been a decent few days vacation. Feeding the Giraffe though was definitely a highlight that I won't forget anytime soon.