What if

Been meaning to write the past couple of days but I figured I would hold off until I know more about things before I decided to write and as of today I know more so here I am. I almost didn't write tonight either, I was feeling exhausted earlier and totally thought I was going to bed early tonight or something but here I am so I will get right to it.

My knee is still bothering me. It is tolerable most of the time but then there are those moments where I wish I could beat the shit out of some 20 year old and steal his knee or something. On the plus side it doesn't mean that I have been avoiding my walks. I have went 8 days in a row with going out for a walk. Like I said I love my walking. My knee feels good while walking until I get home and I slow down my walking, my knee then feels so stiff. I've been putting on heat every now and then and it does help. I have stayed away from taking pills for pain. I feel like if I can deal with it without having to take pills then I am going to stay away from pills as much as I can. This pain will past soon though.

My father went back to the doctor on Tuesday. I went with him. It ended up being a two hour doctor visit cause of chest x-ray and ekg. The reason for the fluid in his legs is because of the congestive heart failure. He also had some fluid in his lungs. The upper valve of his heart is not working like it should and that is causing some of his issues. The problem with that is that it is not helping blood flow to other areas of the body so if blood builds up around his heart it could possibly cause him to have a stroke. The doctor wanted to put him in the hospital but since my father is not really feeling sick he decided to adjust some of his meds and then take it from there. Obviously hearing this put a lot of stress on my mind. I mean right now I live at home with my father and if something were to happen to him I don't know what I am going to do. Yes it is a reality that it will happen one day but it sucks thinking about it. So I had the question of what if going through my mind the entire week. To answer the what if question, well if something does happen I will just adapt and deal with it like I have to. It is all I can do.

He went back for a doctor visit today for a follow up. The fluid in his legs have went down. He dropped about 7 pounds since Tuesday so that is good. His potassium levels still are not that great but overall he seems to be doing better so that is a relief. He has to go for more lab work next week and an ekg and then another doctor visit in two weeks. So we shall see then what the next step is going to be.

I have been sleeping like shit the last few days. Weird sleeping schedule, waking up at 4 in the morning and staying up for a few hours before going back to bed. Weird dreams too other then the threesome dream I had with two chicks the other night. That was a dream I wouldn't mind repeating every night. Having dreams about certain people that I don't talk to anymore, yeah I can do without them. Hoping tonight is a better night sleep. Maybe feeling a little less stressed might help?

So this week has been a big thing about allowing same sex marriages. Now what I am going to say is all my opinion. I will not include stats or anything else, I will just go by what I think. Am I right? I don't know, this is how I feel. Honestly I wish people would butt the hell out of what everyone else is doing. If two guys want to marry each other great. If two chicks want to marry each other go for it but please invite me to the wedding cause I want to see some chicks make out and whatnot. If someone wants to go out and marry a stuffed animal or they are a tree hugger and want to get legally married to a tree in their backyard then by all means let them marry who they want. Let people marry whomever it is that they want. Stop trying to control every single thing people do. The real issue here shouldn't even be about gay marriages. The real issue should be about marriage in general. People treat it as if it is a damn game. Like they want to marry as many people as they can in a life time. Is marriage even considered to be something sacred anymore? Until death do us part? Yeah sure there are tons of people that get married and stay together forever but then there are the people out there that feel like they have an obligation to find someone just to say oh hey I got married. Then it ends up in a divorce and then a few years later ok I want to get married again and then the same damn thing happens again and again and again. What the fuck. Seriously the whole gay marriage thing shouldn't even be a debate. The debate should be about making it so marriage actually means something now a days cause it really seems like at times that marriage to most people is just one big fucking joke.

Then religion gets put in the middle of this. God intended for marriage to be a union between a man and a woman not a man and a man or a woman and a woman. The bible says all gays will go to Hell. God doesn't love gays. You all know what is supposedly said about how wrong homosexuality is. I suppose though it is ok for priests and whatnot to touch little boys inappropriately. I am pretty sure no where in the bible does it say men of God can do whatever they want to little boys. I find this as more of a bigger problem then two men wanting to marry each other. Oh yeah I know not all priests are bad and I shouldn't blast an entire religion over the mistakes of some of their priests. The fact that they just want to sweep it under a rug and forget about it bothers me. We are suppose to go to church and listen to these guys preach the word of God but yet as my brother has said how can you not wonder if they are not standing up there searching throughout the church for little boys? Maybe that is wrong to think like that but is it not wrong to condemn people to hell cause of their choice of sexuality? If and when I go to church I don't want to be questioning what is actually going on in the priest's head. I want to go there to sing the songs and pray and not be wondering if they are up there preaching to us while thinking of whom their next victim may be. So what is a bigger sin? Homosexuality or priests who decide to victimize boys?

I'm not looking to begin debates or try to I don't know win over people's points of view or whatever, I am just offering my opinion about things though. They say opinions are like assholes, we all have one. That is all for tonight.


I can predict the weather?

I am so awesome that I can even predict the weather to a certain extent. It is true. Usually around spring time right before it is about to start a warm up my knees start bothering the hell out of me. There is really nothing I can do to help them usually. It goes on for a week or two or sometimes longer I think. I didn't realize the pattern until yesterday and then it is like a light bulb went off in my head and it was like oh my God my knees hurting can predict when we are about to have a warm up. Forget asking the groundhog about warmer weather, just ask me if my knees are hurting or not.

Despite my knee pain I have still been making it outside to go for walks the last few days in a row. It has been rather nice. I mean the weather hasn't exactly been perfect but it hasn't been cold and there isn't any ice on the sidewalks so why not go out and enjoy it. As I have said many times before I love walking. Hopefully the knee pain goes down a bit cause I would like to go for longer walks then what I have been doing. At the moment though cause I am out walking again Nick is happy and that is good.

My father has to go to the doctor tomorrow. My father has diabetes and congestive heart failure and well his legs are pretty bad due to the diabetes, well his legs have been kinda leaking the last I would say almost week now. He did see another doctor on Thursday and he put him on antibiotics in hopes to help my father avoid infection. Cellulitis is one possible infection he could get and well since my father doesn't actually ever feel pain on his legs that would be pretty bad. I am not sure the antibiotics are helping him though so we shall see what his doctor has to say tomorrow. Hopefully it is nothing too bad.

Really not a lot else is going on at the moment which I can't say is a bad thing. Been quiet. About the same ole stuff for me. Playing WoW again but on a hour here hour there type of basis. Days of me spending the entire day in front of that computer on that damn game are done. Of course I've been keeping up on playing guitar. Getting better at songs on Rocksmith that I had issues with on the first time around. So that is good. It means I am making progress. Thing is I don't like sticking with just one song, I like to jump around quite a bit. One song I really want to get down is "House of the Rising Sun". Last night was actually my best playthrough of that song to date and I was quite impressed.

So does anyone want to start a band with me or let me join a band? I had to ask.

That is all for now. I will have a blog coming up that is going to be mostly dedicated to video game violence and the effect it has on people. Oh yeah as a person who has played video games for most of my life I definitely have some opinions so I look forward to writing that.


O Children

Yes I am still alive. It has been a few days since I last wrote. I've been wanting to sit down and write but I just haven't I guess really felt like it. But here I am now and this is the happening of the last few days.

Really nothing all too interesting has been going on. I mean that is a good thing though right? Weather is still crappy but it was decent enough today for me to go out for a walk. It was in the 30s but that was good enough for me to take some time to go outside for a walk. Was rather nice. The beginning of this week the weather was really blah. First day of spring and we had temps barely making it to 20 and wind chills of 1 or below 0. Awesome stuff. I keep telling myself though that I do live in Wisconsin and the weather here is pretty whacky.

I may be going to another concert. A concert that I don't think people would associate me going to. I mean I have seen some bands such as Metallica, Sabbath, Korn, Manson, Pantera, Iron Maiden, etc but this one does not fit in there with any of them. My sister asked me if I wanted to go see Pink. Sure, why not? I know a few of her songs and I like them. Could be interesting. There is no law that says I have to stick to a certain type of music and I should only go to certain live shows. I listen to whatever I want and go see whomever I want! Yeah it is a bit out of the norm for me but I am ok with that. What can I say? I love live music.

On Tuesday I was listening to music and the Nick Cave song "O Children" came on. I love that song and it always gets to me. I was listening to it and I said to myself I should be able to play this song on guitar. I looked it up online, I had looked it up awhile back and that was before I was "halfway decent" at guitar and I was just confused by the chords. This time though I wrote down the chords and I memorized the pattern and I taught myself how to play the song. Of course days later and I can't stop playing it. I've been actually considering recording myself playing and singing it as sort of a cover song. Which would be a big step for me. I am not sure I am too comfortable with the singing part though. I suppose I am willing to try something different.

So I have been playing a lot of guitar and I can actually say that I am getting better. I am not a great guitarist by any means but I am not as terrible as I always thought I was. I am improving. I still need to work on it and practice a lot but just in the past 10 months I have learned more then I did in the previous 18 years of me playing guitar. I wonder what it would be like to go back to my old guitar teacher. All I ever cared about back then was just trying to learn songs but now I just want to learn as much as I can about everything. I love playing guitar and I love music so I may as well make the most of out one of my favorite hobbies, right?

It also got me thinking more about getting a band together or hell at this point learning simple songs on guitar and finding someone to sing while I play the guitar parts. People do stuff like that all the time so why shouldn't I try it? I am realistic about the whole band/making music thing. The chances of me making a career out of it or whatever are slim. I wouldn't be doing it to make a lot of money or be famous. I just want to play music and I want to have fun and meeting other people with similar interests would be awesome. We'll see what happens. I as always have ideas. I am always full of ideas. I just need to apply them more.

Don't be surprised if in the future I put out more videos of me playing guitar or playing along to Rocksmith. Whatever happens though I will never abandon my writing or this blog. You all are stuck with me. That is all for now.


Are you peeing on yourself?

Just sat down by my laptop to a nice cup of some hot chocolate. I was just outside for the past I dunno 30 minutes in the dark shoveling snow. Yeah I could of went out there earlier but I wanted to make sure that the snow had stopped before going out there. Thankfully it was not a lot of snow just enough to be a minor inconvenience. That is what this winter has become basically, an inconvenience. Spring is in two days and we are suppose to have wind chills close to -15. To think last March around this time temps were in the 60s and 70s. What a difference a year makes that is for sure.

Speaking of which, it has been a year since things have started to change for me. I will not get into the details about what had happened. I never did say anything about the situation and for now at least I will keep it like that. Let me just say that my eyes were opened to a lot of things that were going on in my life. Not just what people were doing to me but what I was doing to myself. I cut some things out of my life and honestly it was one of the best decisions that I ever made. I am not perfect by any means and I still have a long way to go to get to where I want to be but the main difference between me now then me a year ago is that I am more confident that things are going to turn out great. One of the biggest things I am proud of is me cutting out negativity in my life. Negativity kept me down in the dumps for a very long time and it got me nowhere. Once I eliminated as much of the negativity as I could I have found out that I do in fact enjoy life and I think I love myself a little more then I use to. Yeah I have my moments of negativity but I try not to dwell. Accept stuff and move on.

I hear the phrase "I need to find myself" and I really don't believe in that phrase at all anymore. What are you finding exactly? Who you are? What you like to do? I prefer the term reinventing yourself. You are who you are but you can change things. Along the way you discover new things about yourself and you mold yourself into the person you want to become. It isn't finding yourself, it is inventing yourself. That is how I look at it at least.

Been a boring last few days. Same old stuff. Although I intend on throwing in a few kinks to the routine this week and I hope that it pays off in the end.

Oh yeah my walking was short lived thanks to this weather. At least I got out to enjoy walking for a couple of days before winter decided it wanted to hang on to the grip that it has over Wisconsin. I just have this feeling we are going to end up going from winter like temps to summer like temps. Wouldn't be the first time.

Now why did I name my blog the way I did? Earlier today I decided to lay on my couch for a few minutes and my cat Ozzy decided to jump up on me and join me. So I started petting him and I noticed his fur was all wet. The first thing out of my mouth was "are you peeing on yourself?". No idea why that was the first thing that popped in my head but it did and I said it. Immediately I was like why the hell did I say that for followed by a couple of minutes of laughter. Easily amused, what can I say? At least I can amuse myself.

Alright that is all for now. What to do for the rest of the night? I am thinking some Rocksmith for a bit sounds good.


And Justice For All

It has been a few days since I decided to write. The last few days I keep saying oh I will write today...oh I will write tomorrow. I just I dunno haven't really felt like it. Of course now I have a lot to say but I suppose that is a good thing?

Let me start off with football. Free agency has started and once again the Packers are doing very little to sign players or resign players. No I am not against them not making big splashs with free agents because you really can't buy championships anyways. The topic this week was will Greg Jennings leave or won't he. I knew he was going to end up leaving. During the year by some of the things that were being said made me think he didn't really want to come back to be a Packer. So he ended up signing with the Vikings. I have my thoughts and opinions on everything but really is it worth it? No. Football is just a game. Players are greedy and they don't care about winning or super bowl rings anymore, they just want their money. I get it that they are athletes and should be paid decent money but they make more money in one year then the majority of us will see in our lifetime. Is it fair? Not really. What can you do about it though? I know! Do something great and get recognized for it!

We now have a new pope so the covering up of sex scandals and priests touching little boys can now continue. It is a joke. I am sorry if people can not handle a joke anymore. Really though the internet has become a place where sensitive people have no business roaming around anymore. Back to the pope though. It is great everyone is happy and hoping that the church can move on from all the shit that has went on but the problem is we will never know the actual truth about anything because everyone is always protecting someone else. This is the same thing with government. It is not just one person being corrupt, it is everyone. Everyone is corrupt now a days but yet people act so shocked when they hear about the latest scandals. It takes a lot to shock me now a days. Best of luck to the pope though.

I am not even sure if I consider myself catholic anymore to be honest. I was raised to be catholic, I went to a catholic school, went to a catholic church, etc. The idea of organized religion though especially after all of this stuff that has went on just I don't know does not appeal to me at all. I know I have said this at one point in time but I do believe in God. I do believe in all of that good stuff. I also do pray. Yes Nick does actually pray and usually on a nightly basis too. About many many things. No I am not sitting there praying that I find a female midget to bang or whatever but it is actually thoughtful prayers for people and just you know overall being thankful for being alive. Personally I believe that praying on your own time and trying to keep in touch with God or whatever it is that you believe in is good enough.

I picked up Rocksmith on steam for the computer. Probably the best thing I could of done. People have made so many custom songs for Rocksmith that I will be keeping myself busy for quite awhile. One song I really wanted to work on is Metallica-And Justice For All. Love that song and it has some great guitar parts. I think I've downloaded like 37 songs today. I have a lot of work ahead of me.

I started walking again yesterday. It is still chilly out and there is some snow and a bit of ice on the sidewalks but I was going nuts not going on my walks so I finally said screw it and decided to go out. I only slipped on some ice once! Might be short lived though cause tonight we are suppose to get some snow. Boo! It is almost spring here damn it. I would love to be able to go out for walks without having to put on 50 pounds of clothing and I would love to be able to open up my windows. Well I shall see how the weather is tomorrow cause hopefully I can just keep on going on this without skipping any days. I know there are other things I could do but I really love going for walks. My life feels so incomplete without my walks. I am exaggerating a bit of course. I would be happy with 40s and 50s. I am not that greedy. Especially when I know in a few months I will be bitching bout how hot and humid it is.

So I have been playing WoW a bit again. I know...I know. Bad Nick. Very bad. No I am not going back to full time playing that game. I had 7 free days to try out the game again. So I did. I have all classes at lvl 85 or higher horde side but I kinda got tired of playing horde. I have been playing horde since June of 06. I never really tried alliance. Hell I had only been able to level a character up to level 25 on alliance side prior to this week. I got a gnome shadowpriest up to level 60. The guild I am in they are pretty nice, laid back, and casual. Not serious gamers at all. So I guess what I am saying is a return to WoW might happen but it might be on Alliance side for a change and on a very casual basis.

I have said a lot in this blog but before I go have to take the time to talk about one more thing. I found out that my ex father-in-law had a stroke. I really didn't want to say "ex father-in-law" but it is what it is. A lot of times you see people who go through a divorce and hate their ex's family and whatnot. This isn't me. Maybe I said a lot of things in anger over the years over what had happened but I realize that things that happened were also part of my doing with certain things so years later I hold no grudges and honestly I can say there isn't a person that I actually hate. Hate is too strong of a word anyways. I have other things I want to spend my time on then hating someone. Ok I am getting off track here. Anyways I just want to say to him and his family that I wish them the best of luck with everything and I hope he is ok. He will be in my thoughts and my prayers.

That is all for now.


I can't breastfeed

My metformin medication today came with a new warning label saying that I should talk to my doctor or pharmacist before breastfeeding. Damn does that really effect my plans! Like ugh. Now I have to change my whole way of life because of some stupid label. So does this apply to like lets say I am with a woman and she decides that she wants to suck my nipples, it wouldn't effect that at all would it? Ok so obviously I am not taking the warning label seriously cause I am not a woman. What if they put the label on there thinking that I am either a woman or trying to tell me that I am fat and I need to reduce the size of my man boobs? How dare they!  Anyways figure I start my blog with some humor. I have a lot to cover today!

I missed quite a few things that I wanted to talk about in my last blog. Gee good thing I keep that notebook of mine to write down ideas. Problem is I don't keep the notebook by me while writing. Dur! This Sunday is St.Pattys day and no it has never really been a big deal for me, although I love the fact that McDonalds has shamrock shakes for the month of March cause of St.Pattys day. Milwaukee decided that they should celebrate St.Pattys day this past Saturday which is over a week before the actual day. What the hell? This city is so half ass backwards sometimes. We have the Christmas parade before Thanksgiving, if 4th of July falls on a Sunday we don't have fireworks until the 5th of July, trick or treat is usually the last Saturday or Sunday of the month even if it falls before Halloween. Seriously this is just dumb. I understand to a point why you wouldn't want to do stuff if a holiday falls on a Sunday cause you know the whole keeping Sunday the Sabbath day and what not but come on. Anyways there is no point in dragging it out about how dumb this is. Celebrate the holidays on the day that they fall on. Enough said.

This time change sucks. For whatever reason this time around it has totally thrown me off of my normal schedule. Maybe because now I am on a daily pill taking schedule, I don't know but I can't seem to adjust. By the time I adjust we will have to change the clocks back again! My father makes it worse. He changes all the clocks in the house like up to 12 hours before they have to be changed. Makes me confused as hell as to what time it is and then gets me thinking oh wait have the clocks been changed or not. Gah! I feel like the house has different time zones within the house when he does that.

I have 7 days of free game time on WoW. I know I know, I should not go back to that damn game. It is ok though I can handle it. I don't intend on getting back into raiding and if I decide to continue to play it will be on a very casual basis. In fact I think I am considering giving up horde for awhile to try out the alliance. I have only ever leveled up horde characters. I have all classes leveled to at least level 85 and another like 5 or 6 characters sitting at level 80 all horde. Maybe switching to alliance for awhile is a change I need. Then again I run out of free days by Friday so I am not even sure what I am going to do after Friday. I may not do anything at all and just go back to what I have been doing. I just don't want to get wrapped up in that game and waste my life away in a virtual world. Been there done that and I don't want to do it again.

Some of my dreams lately have been a bit weird but the general theme without getting into detail about them is that I have some unresolved issues about a few things. Of course I do. Who doesn't have something that is unresolved? Some things are better left unsaid I think or some things just should not be revisited. Obviously if you have been through something the same way over and over again then there is no point in revisiting that situation, right? Honestly I think the biggest thing with any of my unresolved issues is me forgiving myself for making mistakes or not handling situations better. I think a part of moving on completely isn't fully dependent on forgiving other people but possibly comes down to forgiving yourself before you can move on. For the most part with a few things I have moved on. I have accepted responsibility and fault and I have moved on. Still though there are a few things nipping at me. It is harder to forgive yourself then to forgive others. I don't dwell on this very often though which is a good thing but I do know that it is there especially after some of the dreams I have had. Well and there is one thing that I probably won't forgive myself about until I finish phase 3 of The Nick project. I won't say what phase 3 is but it is something very important to me. No it hasn't started yet but soon it will.

Today I was a bit irritated about things. It is just all little things that build up over a period of time and some of them just seem so little and ridiculous that I won't even mention it here. What I got out of it though is before I drive myself even crazier then what I am now that I need to make some change or changes to my life. Once again my plan for myself is changing. There is nothing wrong with changing your plans or evolving them to better suit your own personal needs. Hopefully with my new plans I will have something new and exciting soon to tell people. Again I don't totally mention all my plans to people now so they don't end up holding it against me if I don't get something down within a time frame that they want me to do it in. So many times I told people I was going to do this and that and cause I didn't do it right away it was the end of the world and many words and whatnot where thrown my way. This is why not everyone needs to know what it is I am planning all the time. People just don't need to know what it is that I am planning all the time. Things are better like that.

Well I think that is all for now. Yeah I still have stuff listed on my notebook but hell I have written a lot in this blog and I am sure by now most of my two readers stopped reading after the first or second paragraph so I will stop right here. I will be back again soon with another update as to how awesome my life is. Until then behave everyone or misbehave...whatever works for you.


I AM NOT A Stalker!

Well it is a Saturday night and I have nothing better to do so here I am again. Does anyone even read this thing? Silly question I know cause I do know a few people read this. The temperature warmed up a little bit, it is raining, and the snow is melting. Of course now everything looks like a mess outside. Not surprising seeing as how it is just about spring time now and normally this time of the year everything outside looks terrible. Oh well at least it is warming up a little bit.

Had some more good news from the doc yesterday. She called me to let me know the results of the blood test that I had taken. My potassium and sodium are fine. My hemoglobin glucose was at a 6.6 which is not bad. It means the metformin is helping so far. Anything over a 7.0 would mean I would have to upgrade the medication. I don't intend on getting full blown diabetes. I will beat it. I am confident in that. I have to admit that ever since I got put on the metformin back in November I have been a bit concerned about it and what it might mean for me in the future. There are ways of fighting it and I am determined to make sure I don't get it. I admit thinking about it a bit yesterday I shed a few tears. I feel like whatever is thrown at me I always find a way of getting past it somehow eventually. Regardless of what anybody may say or think about me I know that one of my greatest qualities is my strength. It may take me time to get through stuff but eventually I do.

Me, Cindy, and her friend Mary are going to see Tom Petty in June. Didn't get as good of tickets that I got for Rush but still we got tickets. I like his music. Like Rush I wouldn't say that they are one of my most favorite bands but I enjoy the music a lot. So far 2 concerts for this upcoming summer.

Speaking of music I had a few realizations about a few things. I always categorized myself as a headbanger. I mean I have the band shirts and I love that kind of music and whatnot but I am so not a headbanger anymore. I'm not even sure I fit into today's heavy metal crowd. Everyone seems so judgmental about music and how bands sound and this and that. Everyone fights constantly about how Metallica sucks or how they are overrated. It just seems like no one just shuts up and appreciates the music. I know not everyone is like that but I see a lot of people like this on facebook all the time. How do I categorize myself now a days? Well I am still a rocker. I love heavier music, rock, etc but since I listen to all sorts of different varieties of music I just categorize myself as a music lover. I think it is a safe category to fall in. Not being limited to just one genre of music but all sorts. To me music is music unless it is Justin Bieber, Rebecca Black, or that Call Me Maybe song...that is just eh.  Not my preference but I am not going to sit here and bash them. Although I have bashed Bieber in previous blogs. Which by the way I bashed him for having such a horrible birthday and he ended up getting a motorcycle with a bat symbol on it. Yeah life must be rough! Anyways I am now known as Nick the music lover.

Sundays seem to be crock pot cooking day for me. Been using the crock pot a lot on Sundays for cooking and tomorrow I will be trying to make pulled bbq pork. I haven't done that one before but the thought of bbq pork on a bun with melted cheese just sounded way too good to pass up. I am looking forward to that. My last project with the chicken tacos was a success. Hell I have been eating tacos like everyday for the past week. Still thinking bout doing stuffed shells soon and having the family over again. Probably not this month though with Easter coming up I am sure people will be busy. I am thinking probably around my birthday would work out best. Yep my birthday is next month. No need to buy me any gifts but I will take money!

Here is the part of the blog where I come off as sounding stalkerish. I admit I look up people on facebook to see if I can find old friends or people I use to work with or whatever. I can't be the only one who does this. I get curious, I can't help it. Well remember cute nurse from my blog the other day? I decided to see if I could find her on facebook and I did. Yes ok that does sound stalkerish but it is not like I am going to message her and be like "hey remember me? you cleaned out my ear the other day". That is just creepy. Creepy enough that I decide to look people up but if I went as far as to message them then yeah that is much more creepy. Besides I don't really like sending emails out anyways. I only do it if I feel it is necessary. Oh and I may of found produce girl from Pick N Save on facebook too. I am sure I mentioned her in my blog over the summer. Yeah anyways would be stalkerish to message her and I am only a stalker to a certain extent.

Ok now that I made everyone think that I am a stalker I think it is time to end this blog. Not sure what the rest of the night holds for me. Hopefully I won't decide to stalk anybody else.


I Can't Hear You

So I finally decided to record a video of me playing Rocksmith. The video is crappy quality and I picked one of the easier songs on the game but since I talk about the game so much I wanted to show everyone what the game is all about.

The song is called "I Can't Hear You" by The Dead Weather. It is a song that I did not know before I got Rocksmith.


I splashed her

Great news everybody, I've been given at least one more year to live. No I am not dying, I just felt like making a dramatic intro to my blog. Although I wouldn't be shocked if some people weren't disappointed if I really was dying but those people are no use to me anyways. Ever have someone try talking to you and whatnot and you have absolutely no use for them? Wouldn't it be great if you just come out and say yeah ok I have no use for you so goodbye? See though even if I have no use for someone I am still curious as to what they may say next anyways for amusement purposes. People do certainly amuse me that is for sure.

So I went to see my doctor today. Ok so she isn't really a doctor but she is a nurse practitioner and she has helped me out quite a bit so far. I was happy to see the cute nurse who assists my doc today too. Although I never did find out the nurse's name which I am definitely kicking myself for now. Anyways my weight is down a bit which considering my lack of exercise during the winter I am happy about that. I have been waking up and going on the exercise bike the past few days. It is a start. When it gets warmer out I will start my walking again. Then the cute nurse (get use to it, I will keep referring to her as the cute nurse) took my blood pressure. Normally when I am in a medical place or out of my normal environment I am all tense and anxious and whatnot but to my surprise my blood pressure was around 136/82 which was not bad for me. On one visit I was as high as 180/120. Doc came in (I will keep calling her doc even if she isn't technically a doc) and we talked for a bit. She checked all the normal stuff and I had her check out my ear cause of the ear problem. She determined it was a wax buildup which I already knew cause I had this problem once before. So she got cute nurse to start cleaning out my ear. Man did it take quite awhile. Apparently I had a lot of crap in my ear. No wonder why my hearing was all messed up. Me and cute nurse had a little bit of conversation while she was having fun cleaning my ear. She was determined to get all the crap out of my ear. So after awhile it was down to one big chunk of crap left in my ear and I am not even sure what it felt like but it felt like something huge came out of my ear and when it dropped down into the water it splashed all over cute nurse. So I splashed cute nurse and got her all wet. Yes I realize how perverted that sounds and I totally said it like that to make it sound perverted. Anyhow I could hear again so ear all fixed. Doc came back in and gave me a monitor to start testing my blood sugar and writing it down and refilled my prescriptions and then sent me on my way for a lab test and said see you in a year. So I am cleared for now for at least a year.

Was happy to turn on Rocksmith tonight and was able to actually hear my guitar player. Oh guitar have I missed you this week while I couldn't hear. Was starting to teach myself the beginning to the song Kashmir by Led Zeppelin. I totally forgot how awesome that song was up until yesterday. No Rocksmith does not have it in the game, I been teaching myself by watching you tube videos and looking at tab online. I do that for a lot of songs that aren't on Rocksmith cause as cool as Rocksmith is they are limited as to what they have for a selection of songs. Kinda sucks but it all comes down to licensing bands and their songs to add to Rocksmith. A lot of bands refuse to let their songs go on some "video game". To me Rocksmith isn't really much of a video game, it is more of a learning tool. No you will not learn everything about guitar from Rocksmith but it does help out a lot. I am still thinking of doing a video of me playing a Rocksmith song. Maybe soon.

Speaking of music yesterday I rediscovered how much I enjoy Led Zeppelin. Spotify does not have them yet in their catalog of music so I sorta forgot all about them. I added them to my spotify playlist via mp3s I have on my computer. So I decided to listen to some songs yesterday and I think sometimes when you listen to music you just kinda hear it and it sounds cool but you don't hear everything like for example Stairway to Heaven. One of my favorite songs and I always thought everything about the song was great...the guitar, lyrics, vocals, etc. When I turned it on yesterday it just seemed like it went beyond that for me. Every note, every word, etc I could hear it much clearer then I ever have before. It was one of "those moments" for me. As I listened to more Zeppelin I could hear the music clearier then I ever had before. Actually I been doing that for awhile with most things I listen to which is probably why I listen to a wide range of music now a days. I stopped putting music into a category and just learned to sit back and appreciate everything that I was hearing. It also helps make me a better guitar player as I am playing a different variety of music. I'll start just playing around with some Black Sabbath song and then end up doing Rick James-Super Freak. I can't lie the riffs in that song are fun to play. Anyways Led Zeppelin has found their way back into my playlist.

Just talked to my sister and it sounds like we may try to go see Tom Petty at Summer fest in June. That could be a good show. I like a lot of his songs and I have never seen him live. Eh may as well try to see as many bands as I can, right? I enjoy live music though. It is one thing to sit around your house with headphones on listening to music but compared to actually being there in person oh a much different experience. Some bands sound better live then they do on record although some bands sound a lot worse live then they do on record. Although I did just look at ticket prices for this show and oh wow are they expensive. We shall see I guess.

That is all for tonight. Hope you all enjoyed my stories today especially about the one where I splashed the cute nurse and got her wet. God you guys are such perverts!


Lightning Crashes

Frustration. That sums up a lot for me atm. Well ok I am not totally frustrated but I will explain what I mean. I have this ongoing problem with my ear/ears popping and sometimes it won't pop back into place and then it makes it very hard for me to hear anything. That is how I started off my Monday morning. Woke up and noticed my ear had popped. It is more of a nuisance then anything. I can't enjoy listening to music, watching tv, I can't hear my father, and well guitar playing atm is sorta out of the question cause I can't hear what I am playing. This ear popping thing started way back when I was in Florida after the couple of hurricanes that I went through. I didn't have any problems with it for awhile after I had gotten my ears checked and cleaned out but it has since returned. I had this same issue around this same time last year I believe. A friend pointed out to me that it may have to do with these constant storms we are getting with low pressure systems. This is true. Right now we are getting or we were getting snow and we were surrounded by two low pressure systems. So this could be why my ear is all screwed up. Thanks Mary, more people should talk to you cause you are pretty smart...maybe a bit insane but smart!

Speaking of snow, we had another snowstorm today. I am unsure of how much snow we actually did get. They kept changing the snowfall totals. At one point they said up to 10 inches. So I figured we would get anywhere between 1-10 inches of snow. I finally did go out and get some winter shoes though yesterday. They are waterproof so to be perfectly honest I don't care how much more snow we get although I am pretty sure the snow is going to calm down now. In a few days we are suppose to get rain. Oh this will make for a nice mess outside. All that snow that is melting and then rain on top of it. All of our lawns will be nice and muddy by the time all the snow melts. Ah gotta love Wisconsin!

Got all my tax money yesterday too. Yay. That is a good thing seeing as how I had already spent 90 bucks of it on a ticket to see Rush. Yeah bit expensive but we did get the good covered seats and the price includes Summer fest admission. It is not like I go to a ton of concerts that cost 90 something dollars. It will be the 3rd time that I am going to Summer fest for a concert on July 4th. First time was the Violent Femmes back in 1996 and then Iron Maiden last summer. Still haven't talked to my sister about Tom Petty but I figure if we don't go to that one it is not the end of the world. I hear Marilyn Manson and Alice Cooper are going on tour together towards summertime. That might be cool to go to.

I've talked about in past blogs about weird things relating to the number 13 or me like thinking of something and it happens or I think a movie and I look at the guide to see it is on or coming on within a few days or I think of a song and then it randomly comes on my playlist. I've had many of these occurrences over the years. On Sunday night I had turned on my radio and got everything set up for me going to bed but decided to chill out by the computer to listen to some music. I decided to browse my playlist a bit and saw the song Lightning Crashes by Live and I thought to myself that it had been awhile since I have heard that song. No idea what prompted me to stop at that song but whatever. I didn't listen to it. I just kept browsing. After a few minutes I decided it was time for bed. So I took off my headphones and turned off everything in the room before going into the other room where my bed is. Guess what song was playing on the radio? Lightning Crashes. I thought that was pretty cool. Stuff like that happens to me all of the time though.

I finally decided to keep a notebook by me so I can write down ideas for things to talk about in my blogs and well to start writing down stuff for the next part of the Face story. A lot of times I will think of something to write about and then totally forget it so if I think of something and write it down right away then I won't forget it. Why I haven't been doing this for years already is beyond me. I guess I am a bit slow.

I'm sure I will be back with something new in the next few days or maybe even tomorrow. We shall see. Oh and I thought I would mention that I am nearing 13,000 page views for my blog. Thanks to all who do read my blog, I appreciate it!


Yay March!

My first blog of the month. Yay! Ok so we are only a few days into the month so its not like I went the entire month before I wrote anything. I was going to sit down and write yesterday but decided to put it off until today. Now I sit here in the kitchen on my laptop full from a taco night but I may as well spend some time talking about a few things.

Today I tried something new with tacos. My friend Amber gave me this idea to use the crock pot to make some chicken breasts with salsa poured on top. I took it a bit further and decided lets make it a taco night. I mixed in taco seasoning with the chicken and then after 8 hours of cooking on low I shredded the chicken and then mixed in some sour cream. Turned out really good. A bit on the spicy side, well not terribly bad at all just my father can't handle that stuff. If I ever do chicken tacos again I am doing it this same way. I think for next weekend it will be my first attempt at pulled pork.

We have another snowstorm on the way. They are unsure how much snow we will get this time. I am going to just say 4-10 inches right now. Everyone keeps saying something different so I will just go with those numbers to include what everyone has been saying. I see a lot of people bitching bout the snow and then people bitching about people bitching about the snow. Yes we live in Wisconsin and should expect this type of weather but it does get old after awhile. I am fine with snow in December and January but once we get into the last part of February into March it is like ok I am done. I laugh when people automatically start telling people that if we don't like this weather we should move somewhere warm. I am sure a lot of people are like me and they don't mind snow but there has to be a line drawn somewhere. Besides even if people moved down south then they would have other stuff to do with. Warm and humid weather, hurricanes, tornadoes, etc. Lose-lose situation wherever you do. Even picking somewhere like California. Decent weather there? Yes. Earthquakes? Yes. Not sure if I am could handle that. Anyways at some point the weather will change and I will be happier and then probably bitching about how hot and humid it is.

So Justin Bieber had a his worse day ever with his 19th birthday. I read this article thanks to a link on facebook and my initial reaction and my reaction right now is who the fuck cares. This dude has millions of dollars and can basically do a lot of things us normal people can't do and are we suppose to feel sorry for him cause he had a bad day? Oh boo hoo! Seriously there are people out there dying of cancer and whatever else and can't afford food at all or afford to pay bills on their house and other things but yet this rich piece of shit has a bad day and we are suppose feel bad for him? If he was shot or whatever else then yeah sure terrible day but if that is not what happened shut the hell up. I guess this is just proof that even with all that money a person can have it still won't buy happiness. In all honesty reading that article about Bieber didn't really piss me off as much as it amused me.

I managed to crack my Rocksmith game. Guess the game couldn't deal with my awesome guitar playing. It wasn't my fault actually. The xbox cases are pretty crappy so cause of that a little chunk out of the middle of the game disc came off. For right now though the game is still playable but I was experiencing some lag while playing a few songs. I imagine I will have to go out and get a replacement eventually. Unless I find another alternative. Rocksmith is obviously my most played game cause of bass and guitar so not being able to access it at all would kinda suck.

Anyways I am sure I will be back in a new blog within the next few days. Snowstorm coming means sitting around waiting to see how much we are going to get. If we are going to get one last snowstorm for the season may as well make it a good one. I want 20 inches of snow! Happy March everyone!