Exit February, Enter March

Ah yes February is over after today and incoming is the month of March. The weather starts warming up. The snow melts. The birds are chirping once again. I begin to be in a much happier mood. I am not saying that I am in a bad mood or anything like that just winter causes a person to go stir crazy a bit. Being stir crazy sucks. I would most likely feel better if the weather was ok for me to go back to my daily walking routine but yeah that hasn't happened. But with February ending and March beginning the days of me being able to go out for my walks is coming closer. Hooray!

Not a lot is going on here. We just had another snowstorm here though. Got like 8 inches of snow or something. In the month of December we had 6 inches of snow and in January we had just over 4 inches. In February we had 25 inches. We had precipitation on 17 out of 28 days in February. I honestly don't mind the snow so much just it does get a bit annoying. Thank God my future brother-in-law does snowplowing cause it is nice to have our driveway plowed. It leaves me with the cleanup of what wasn't plowed. Mainly the porch, the area by the side door, area near the garage, and then the sidewalks. The snow we got Tuesday and Wednesday though was a very heavy and wet snow which is a bitch to shovel. Our neighbors decided to snow blow a path through the sidewalks that I normally shovel. It was a nice gesture however cause we were above freezing some of that started to melt already so it was a nice pile of slush and water. I basically ruined my shoes shoveling yesterday climbing through big snowbanks to get to my father's car. So to prevent any further damage I wasn't about to finish up the sidewalks by climbing in with slush and water. Lesson learned though, if I plan on living in Wisconsin I need some type of winter shoes.

Continuing to play Rocksmith a lot. I find myself learning songs that I normally would of never of been interested in had it not been for the game. My guitar playing has improved quite a bit. I wouldn't say I am great or amazing or anything but I've made some good improvements. Been thinking of recording a video of me playing Rocksmith. Not entirely sure what song yet. I am going to go with a song that I know really well. I don't have high tech equipment to record anything with so the video might be crappy quality. Something I have been thinking about. I have been playing guitar for quite awhile and I've never made any sort of video relating to it. Should be interesting and fun.

Another concert was announced for Summer fest. Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. I wouldn't say I am a huge fan of them but I do know and like quite a few songs so I thought they might be an interesting band to go see. We'll see what happens. It is one of those situations where if I don't go then it is not the end of the world. I just really love live music and seeing a band live. Certainly beats listening to them on a cd or spotify.

I am going through ideas for Face 3 so I may have something written in the upcoming future. I have many ways I could go with the story, I am just undecided on where to go with it. I mean I could really end up making some sort of Zombieland type thing eventually or I could just try to bring it to some sort of conclusion. I don't know, I enjoy writing it so far so I could possibly keep going with it and see where it goes.

Anyways that is all for now and unless I come up with something brilliant this will be the last blog until next month. Well March does start in seven and a half hours so that makes sense. Sense of humor, I have one...I just wish more people did.


If you stare long enough

I wasn't really intending on writing a blog today but I could not resist after an incident at a grocery store got me thinking. Grocery stores are a good place to meet interesting people.

You have the people who act like they are the only ones in the world shopping and therefore if you get in there way for just a split second they stare at you and try to burn a hole in you with their eyes like "oh my God how could you get in my fucking way, you are wasting my time!"

Then you have people who decide to look at something on one side of the aisle but then put their cart on the other side of them to block the aisle. Um hello excuse me maybe someone else wanted to walk down that aisle so move your God damn cart!

You have people who don't know where anything is. You get this a lot if you work at a grocery store. I get it, a grocery store is a big place and sometimes it is hard to find what you want but I am talking about people who are looking for something as simple as bread and never bother to look for the aisle number that says bread on it.

People who pick something up and then later on in the store decide that they don't want it anymore. Oh this one annoys me so much. I use to hate working in frozen food and find milk or something from dairy sitting in one of my coolers. Course by the time I notice it the milk is frozen solid. You know what happens to that milk? It gets thrown out and money is wasted! If you don't want something take the time to put it back where you got it from. A little bit of walking is not going to hurt you, in fact if you are overweight like me it may benefit you in the long run.

The workers at a grocery store. Ok I get it, your job sucks and you are most likely on the verge of coming into the store one day with a shotgun but man does it hurt to try to be a little bit nice to the customers from time to time? Be thankful you have a job at all with how bad things are for most people. I am not saying have a constant smile on your face or shake hands with people or whatever else but we can sense the negativity and negativity spreads like wildfire. One person is negative then another person becomes negative and then another and then another until finally we are all wanting to blow our brains out. Yep I'll admit I am guilty of being one of those type of workers and people use to tell me "well at least you have a job" and you know what? They were right!

I could go on with many other things about grocery stores but I will go to the main purpose of this blog. People who stand in the aisle and stare at the same thing for a lengthy period of time. This just annoys me. I like to go in the store pick out something as quick as I can and be on my way. Some people though it seems like they are standing there taking notes and analyzing every little detail about what is in that specific item. People the shit on the item does not magically change as you are reading it. I mean it would be great if it did but it doesn't. I'll use an example of today. A couple are looking at spaghetti sauce and they are bitching about how much bad stuff is in the sauce. They proceed to stand there for like another 5 minutes almost looking over all the sauces. I am just standing there like do they really think that each jar of sauce is going to be different then the other one they just picked up? Really it is not going to change that much. Like I said stuff labeled on the jar does not magically change the longer you stare at it. If it did oh man this world would just be fucking perfect! My father is guilty of standing there studying labels before picking something out but at least he just doesn't stand there staring waiting for something magical to happen.

I think I am going to have a bit of fun with the end of this blog and make a list of stuff that should happen if you decide to stare at it for a period of time.

If you stare long enough:
  • Money turns into millions of dollars
  • Your penis gets bigger
  • A person's head can explode
  • A small boobed chick will suddenly have big boobs
  • A big boobed chick will take off her shirt
  • Your car turns into something expensive
  • You suddenly aren't fat anymore
  • If you stare long enough at your guitar while holding it you suddenly turn into a guitar God
  • If you stare into your living room from your kitchen long enough a dancing midget who looks like Chuck Norris appears and he has the power to give you any wish you want

I could go on forever and I am sure I could think of some better ones. I kinda just thought of some of these off the top of my head. You all get the idea though. Anyways that is all for tonight. Lets see if I can come up with something to write tomorrow.


Why 69?

Great Nick, everyone is going to think this blog is about sex when it really isn't about sex at all. Let me just be honest right off the bat, if I were to attempt to write a blog about my sex life I would have nothing to write at all. Yep I enjoy taking shots at myself. Why shouldn't I? It is fun and besides I am just saying what I am sure other people would be thinking anyways, I just beat them to saying it. Really though this morning I was thinking about a few things such as why I feel the need to use the number 69 for a lot of things. This has been an ongoing thing for years though actually. I am sure people come across my blog address and say "oh thenick69.com, that guy must be a big pervert or something". I don't deny being a pervert but me being a perv has nothing to do with why I use the number 69. I just use it cause well it is a sexual reference. No other reason actually. I am sure a majority of people when they are asked think of a number between 1-100 the number that they will come up with is 69. Maybe not everyone but I am sure a lot of people would. Oh true story though from what I have seen from my visitor stats some people think that because I use the number 69 that this has to be some sort of sex site so they visit my page. Ha. See who is the real pervert now? Me for using the number 69 or the people coming to my page thinking it is a porn site or something cause I use the number 69?

Ok enough about all that. Today was a decent day. My brother Jay and his wife Coco invited us over for dinner for some chicken dumpling soup. It was pretty good. I didn't know the whole family was invited over so that was a pleasant surprise to see most of my family over. Like I have seen in the past even if I am in the one sitting in the corner not talking but sitting there listening to people and their conversations I still enjoy being around family. My family is funny and some times the conversations are a bit off the wall but that is what makes it interesting. I am thinking I need to have them all over sometime again soon and I make something like stuffed shells again. Stuffed shells always seems to be a big hit. My stuffed shells are amazing.

I spent a lot of time on Rocksmith this weekend. I got to max rank for guitarist and then decided to start over on a new profile. This was a really great idea on my part because now I have songs thrown at me that I haven't played in months. It is a good refresher and I am kinda amazed how quickly I remembered some songs that I vaguely remember. I was thinking about picking up Rocksmith on the pc for steam. People found a way to make custom Rocksmith songs on the pc and then they add them to the game. Other people can download them. The problem with Rocksmith is there are so many bands out there that people would like to learn but due to licensing and bands just being jackasses some bands will never make it on Rocksmith so with custom songs the possibilities of bands that you can get on Rocksmith is endless. As long as you are not buying anything or trying to sell anything it is perfectly legal. I've seen a lot of Metallica songs put up on there and for me personally that is a major selling point. Metallica has a lot of great songs to learn on guitar and bass. So yeah I might just pick up the pc version of Rocksmith. Since I am playing guitar a lot more now a days it is not like any money would go to waste.

After all the weird things that happened the past 40 something hours I decided to have my voice recorder handy just in case I feel like it is necessary for me to try to catch some type of evp. I couldn't find it at first cause it was buried under a bunch of crap on my computer desk. Then I decided to turn it on to check it out and I am like why the hell won't it turn on. Well Nick it helps to have batteries in the recorder. Dur. Maybe I will just go ahead and do some experimental evps soon to see if anything comes up.

Before I end this blog there are a couple of things I want to point out, nothing really important actually. I've done good writing this year so far. This is my 23rd blog of the year and it is only February. All of 2012 I wrote 21 blogs. This one is the 16th I have written in this month. This blog has been active since May of 09 and this month is the most blogs I have writen in one month since this blog has been up. Cool huh? Ok random but useless facts to end my blog but bear with me. It is important to me!


A Visitor?

It has been awhile since I talked about anything paranormal in any of my blogs. It doesn't mean that nothing happens in this house. For the most part it is my father who is the one who notices anything going on. For me anyways it has been quiet for quite awhile. My father on the other hand says he sees shadows in the house or what looks like a person walking through the hallway really quickly. He can never really make anything out, he just catches a glimpse of it the majority of the time. Then in his bedroom is the touch lamp that goes on and off by itself. It has been doing this since my mother passed away. I have witnessed this myself a few times. Walking to the bathroom I have seen the light come on and turn off. Last night me and my father were both in his room and I was getting something from the closet and the light turned on by itself. Other then that my father has been the one experiencing things in the house. He has felt someone touching or pulling at him and even someone shaking his bed one night. I've also experienced the bed shaking thing before. I thought there was a little earthquake going on but seeing as how I live in Milwaukee it is unlikely we would feel an earthquake here. Like I said for me personally it has been quiet, until last night.

There are times when I wake up in the middle of the night at some point and stay up for a little bit then go back to sleep for a few hours. Apparently this is a common thing for people. To me it is somewhat annoying at times. Last night a bit after 5am, probably closer to 5:30 actually I woke up and went by my computer for a little bit. Normally I just play bejeweled on facebook and then head back to bed. This was my plan. So I laid back down. I am unsure of the time frame of the events but I know it must of been like 5:45-6am. Anyways my cats are active around that time of the morning but normally they never bother me. They never make any loud bangs or thumping noises and when they come up the stairs they run up the stairs. So I was about to fall asleep. My eyes were closed and then I hear what sounds like someone coming up the stairs. Except it does not sound like one of my cats going up the stairs instead it is a slow creaking noise on my steps. I immediately opened my eyes and my first thought is if it isn't my cats then well it is either a burgular or a ghost. I just laid there with my eyes opened waiting for something else to happen if anything. Nothing happened. No movement. No noises. I did have my tv on low volume and my humidifier on in my room but neither one of them could of made the noise I heard. It was a distinct slow creaking noise on my steps. After nothing else happened I did what I normally do, shrug it off and try to go back to sleep. So I close my eyes again and I am laying there and like a couple of minutes later it feels like something hit my couch/bed with some force. My cat Loco does like to go underneath my couch to sleep or play around but the movement came with some force. More force then some little cat could do. I immediately opened up my eyes and started looking around to see if I could see anything. Nothing around, not even my cats. So I do what I normally do in a case like this, I said "ok if that wasn't my cats then well I know you are in here and that is great and all but I would like to go back to sleep. Thank you." I fell back asleep and had no further incidents.

No further incidents until this afternoon while I was browsing on my laptop in the kitchen. I was sitting here talking to a friend and at first I hear a loud bang noise, like something had fallen or gotten knocked over. I have no idea where it came from. I just know it was behind me somewhere. Where I was in the kitchen is at the dining room table with the fridge behind me and to my right is the stairs that lead to downstairs and the outside area and then the stairs that lead upstairs. No idea where it came from exactly but I heard it. Cats screwing around upstairs? Possible. I am not sure where they were at that moment so I can't rule out cats on this one. I didn't really get up to investigate, I just sat here and went about my business. Then I hear what sounds like someone whistling like right by me. Again weird but really what am I suppose to do? Demand that a spirit come out and show me they are here? Anyways a little bit of time passes and then I hear someone whispering my name. I am like what the hell is going on all of a sudden? I go from having nothing happen to me for awhile and now its a series of different things. Since this last incident nothing else has happened, then again I suppose the night is still young.

Now there is a bit of a back story. I can't say if all this is related but it just seems a bit weird to me. About 2 months ago one night I had a dream. I do not remember everything that happened in the dream. I do know that me and my father had traveled to Florida to go to Disney and it was a bit busy so we decided to purchase Disney tickets for a few days later so we wouldn't have to wait in an insane line to get in. It was a weird dream cause it was for Disney but it really wasn't Disney. What I remember specifically about that dream though is that the tickets that my father had bought had a date and it had a time on it. The date on the ticket was February 23rd and the time on the ticket was 2:54am. I am a big believer in dreams trying to tell us something. I am not sure what the dream was trying to tell me specifically. Yes I have looked it up and whatnot. I just find it weird that after it has been so long that I hadn't had any paranormal experiences that on the day that appears on the ticket in my dream is the day that I start having experiences again. I can't be too sure if everything is connected but still you can't help but wonder. Maybe it was a way of telling me to get back into my paranormal stuff? New possibilities in my life if I continue with diving into the paranormal? I suppose it is possible.

Now I'm anxious to see what might happen next.


Screw February, bring on March!

Well the weather pattern continues here in good ole Milwaukee. Got more snow today, just over 4 inches. It will be warming into the 30s and then we are suppose to get a wintry mix in a few days. Oh yay! At least one problem has been solved. One reason why I really hate winter is because taking a shower in this house sucks. That bathroom is always so cold so instead of warming up in the shower you stand there and freeze your ass off. I solved the problem though by putting a small portable heater in the bathroom with me. Yes! Now I can finally take showers without worrying about freezing my ass off. I love when I can solve problems. I like being a problem solver!

I would like to take the time to say to my sister-in-law and her family that they are in my thoughts and my prayers. Her father passed away a few days ago. He was a good man. He was always nice to me. It is a reminder of how sometimes life passes us by and sometimes before we know it people are gone. They aren't really gone for good though. They are still here in our hearts and watching over our every move. I believe that someday we will all be reunited with people who have left us. Anyways thoughts and prayers go out to her and her family.

Me and my sister Cindy are going to see Rush on July 4th. She was iffy about going at first because she had just seen them live not too long ago but decided to go since I have never seen them. So I ordered tickets today. I am looking forward to the show. 2 years in a row I get to go to a concert on July 4th at Summer fest. How cool is that? Sure I had to spend some of my tax money to get a ticket but eh whatever. Not like I do a lot of stuff other then get songs for Rocksmith on Xbox and go to concerts.

So I don't know if people remember a long time ago me talking about my mouth issues with broken teeth or my problems with the dentist, well that stuff resurfaced. I knew it would eventually. I could go on and explain what my issues are with a dentist and people will still be like oh just go get it over with and you will be fine. Trust me when I say that is not what I want to hear. I have heard it before, ok? Anyways I have a problem with going to the dentist. It started back when I was younger. The dentist I went to was a major asshole. I remember going in there and having to get teeth removed and I was all upset and he basically told me to shut up and I am pretty sure he said he would give me something to cry about. He was very mean with me and it I guess made me scared of going to the dentist. Throw in that I have a terrible gag reflex it makes the dentist an unpleasant experience for me. Because of my issues my regular dentist does not have the proper tools to extract my teeth so I need to go to an oral surgeon and it is suggested that I get knocked out to have teeth removed. Well the oral surgeon that I went to was well not so nice with me and I never went back to him. So of course now my teeth start bothering me again so I went back to my dentist and had a nice long talk with him. The guy is pretty cool. He totally understands my situation and is very easy to talk to. He recommended me to a guy to pull out my teeth who he says is the nicest guy that he has ever met. So I have to call to see this guy cause yeah the time has come that this shit needs to get out. As much as I may not like it, it needs to be done and I just need to get through it. It is one of those what I could call a "necessary evil". For the moment though I am on antibiotics to help get rid of infection which is what has been bothering me the past few days and the main reason why I haven't written a blog in a few days. Needless to say I am going to try to take better care of my teeth in the future.

March looks like it may be an active month for me. Bring it on. I am ready. I am definitely ready for February to end.


Warning labels

Earlier today I was on facebook reading stuff when there was a news report from channel 12 news on facebook telling people to stay out of the water today. I saw it and my initial reaction was to laugh. Today is a very cold day. It has been in the teens all day with wind chills at 0 or below 0. I mean why would anyone want to go for a swim on a day like this? That is absolutely ridiculous and to have to tell people not to do something stupid like that is even more ridiculous. Common sense. It seems as if people lack it. Common sense should tell you when something that should be obvious is wrong but yet people still do it anyways. This is what prompted my blog tonight called warning labels.

Warning labels are necessary because people obviously are too oblivious to realize the obvious dangers with everyday items. Take for example an oven. Do not touch the racks of an oven while the oven is on cause you may risk getting burned. I dunno my hands are cold a lot, wouldn't it be a good idea to touch the oven racks while the oven is set at like 400 degrees. I mean what harm could come out of it? Burning the crap out of my hands for one thing. I am guilty of touching oven racks while the oven is on. Hey it happens. It is not like I go out of my way to do it, I just happen to brush my hands on the oven racks. What I am getting at though is why are these warning labels there in the first place? Because someone at some point in their life did it. Like don't put gasoline in the oven. Don't put metal in the microwave. Yes I am guilty of that one too. I started a mini fire. I stood there and looked at it and was like "oh what a pretty fire" then it clicked in my head "holy shit the microwave is on fire". It was a small fire. No harm done. I laugh about it now of course. Some of the warning labels out there are just ridiculous and even more ridiculous when you think that someone actually has went and done all this stuff.

Hot coffee from McDonalds. Caution coffee may be hot. I wonder how many people purposely spill coffee on themselves just to sue McDonalds? Here is one I just found out tonight: do not insert screwdriver into penis. Oh my God. Ouch! Again I say ouch! Again if there is a warning for it then it means someone has done it before. Do not stick your hand in a snow blower. Do not eat glass. Don't drink bleach. Do not eat IPod, lol yes that is an actual one. Do not put a person in a washing machine or drying machine. Oh but the midgets have fun in those things! On a coat hanger: do not swallow. Warning label on a sword: do not attempt to swallow. I mean I could go on forever with all the warnings that are out there but you get the point. Warning labels are necessary because people do some really strange shit. It is funny and yet quite sad to think of some of the shit people have done that prompted warning labels on things.

In other news it was a very cold day today. I spent the majority of my day playing Rocksmith. I downloaded some new songs and had some fun learning them. One song I had fun with was "American Woman" by the Guess Who. That is a fun song to play. Course now I have it stuck in my head. I am glad that I picked up that game because it has renewed my interest in playing music whether it be on guitar or bass. Now if they would just add some Sabbath, Maiden, or Metallica I'd be a very happy camper.

The Rush concert was confirmed today. I am not sure if I am going or not yet. My sister Cindy saw Rush a couple of years back at Summer fest plus even though it is on 4th of July it is during the week and she has to work. If I can't go then it isn't the end of the world. I would like to go but eh we will see what happens.

That is about it for now but I am sure I will be back soon with something to talk about.


A rainy Monday night

Today was a beautiful day. Well ok not entirely. It did get up to 48 degrees though but it was cloudy and gloomy most of the day and now it is pouring rain. Soon it will be snowing and then tomorrow we are back down into the teens with wind chills at 0. I love this weather! The pattern has been like this for the entire winter. We get some snow and it gets cold out, it warms up for like a day or two then it goes back down to freezing and after everything has melted we get more snow on top of it. This has been the pattern this winter. Makes me wonder what spring and summer will hold for us. As long as we get some awesome thunderstorms this year I will be happy well as long as something freakish doesn't happen like me getting struck my lightning cause that would suck. I suppose if I survive it I could try to be funny about it and make a facebook status like "got struck by lightning today...lol...I survived".

I had fun writing the 2nd part to my Face story last night. I didn't know where exactly I was going with it, I mean some parts I had preplanned but it was sorta write it as I go. Doing stuff like that makes me happy. I don't claim to be a good writer or whatever but I do it cause it makes me happy just like writing these silly blogs. People may see it as pointless or having no context or anything like that but I like doing this. I am pretty sure I will write a Face 3 I am just unsure right now where to go with it. Yeah I have ideas just wondering how long I can keep it going and where I can go with it. It has the potential in my opinion to continue on for awhile. A friend of mine told me that I was creating my own Zombie land. I suppose in a way I am. Btw I just finally saw that movie, freaking awesome. Loved the movie. Why I hadn't watched it sooner is beyond me. Anyways I am sure at some point I will work on Face 3. Maybe this time around I will start writing down ideas and making notes of where I am in the story before continuing.

So I was going to shave my head. I decided against it for right now. Why? Well thanks to it still being winter and it being on and off cold outside I figured I would just wait a bit. I am still going to do it but not right now. I do need a haircut though. I look like I have a mini afro going and it drives me nuts.

I am still playing Rocksmith. They haven't really put out that great of downloadable songs lately. Well not songs that interest me right away but I do in time try to get most of the songs that they offer. May as well. Even if it isn't a band I am necessarily into it is always good to test out new songs. Anyways the pack coming out tomorrow sounds like a good one, to me anyways. Kansas-Carry on my Wayward Son, Judas Priest-You've got another thing comin, and Ram Jam-Black Betty. I especially like the Priest song. Always wanted to learn how to play that one. I am actually considering making my first guitar cover video. Not sure when but maybe sometime in the near future. I have to make sure I can play the song I am picking all the way through with no issues before I get brave enough to record me. So I guess tomorrow I will be playing Rocksmith for an extended period of time.

It sounds like one of the first rock bands to be added to Summer fest as a headliner is going to be Rush. I never claimed to be a huge Rush fan but I do like quite a bit of their songs so they would be a cool band to go see. I know I would enjoy myself if I got to see them in concert. So maybe that will be one show that I am going to over the summer. Lets hope for some more good stuff.

I think that is about all for now. I am going to kick back and listen to some music and laugh at random stuff on facebook, which I have already been doing this entire time. Been distracting me from my blog. I will be back soon!


Face 2

Face (the first part)

"Yes! she said very excitedly. I looked at her in disbelief and put my palm on my head. I turned to my new zombie friend and said "eat her face". He screams "face" and he lunges at her. She screams out for help and tries to fight back but my new zombie friend is overpowering and he devours her. Unbelievable. I had set out to help out my friend with eating a few people. I figured I would seek out some chicks over the years who kinda treated me like crap and figuring they would say no if I asked them to have sex with me and on this day I am 5 for 5 with them saying yes. No I didn't really want to have sex with them. I just wanted them to say no so I could send my friend on a feeding rampage on their faces. Instead it has backfired and they all apparently wanted to have sex with me. What the hell was this world coming to? First a zombie that I could apparently control and now all these chicks wanted to have sex with me. I had to pinch myself to make sure I was not dreaming. I said to my zombie friend "come on dude lets go to the next victim". He screamed out in happiness by saying the word "face".

I figured we could go pay a visit to this girl I know named Courtney. Courtney and I were good friends for a long time. She knew just about everything about me. We hung out and she was an easy person to talk to. She was also a whore. She always had problems with boys but that was due to her not realizing that she could keep her legs closed for longer then 5 minutes. Anyways over time we developed feelings for each other but she kept stringing me along. The whole oh I have been hurt too many times I want to take it slow bullshit. Then finally she decides she wants to date but then she just wanted to date other guys and not me. Few months later she tells me she was in love with me. We kissed a few times, nothing more then that. She continued to talk to other guys behind my back. Then came Simon. She totally turned into a different person. Apparently they were getting comfy with each other behind my back. Then one day she was like oh yeah I am with Simon now. I was hurt and confused so I needed time to myself. I decided that I would just accept it so we could still be friends but she still ignored me afterwards. She thought I should apologize to her cause I had stopped talking to her due to me being upset. Finally I had enough and decided it was time to let her go. She went on a rampage and totally trashed me and my life saying I was a loser and all this other wonderful shit. Simon left her a little bit later. He said something about finding true love with this chick from Canada. Turns out the chick was like 300 something pounds and she was just as psycho from the chick from the movie Misery. She ended up murdering Simon. Not sure how, never actually cared to be honest. Since then Courtney has been in a major state of depression. Well I can only assume after what she had been through.

"What the fuck do you want?" shouted Courtney as she answered the door. I didn't say anything at first. This bitch looked like death herself. Her hair was totally messy like she hadn't take a shower in weeks. No makeup. She looked like she had been drinking or doing cocaine or hell maybe both. She had also put on weight. I just looked at her thinking to myself "my God what the hell did I ever see in this chick?" Impatiently she said "ok so if you are just going to stand there and not say a fucking word I'd like you to get the fuck out of here". Before she could close the door I said to her "wait, I have someone that I want you to met". She had this confused look on her face. I then pointed at my zombie friend. I said "this is my friend, he is a zombie and I am going to have him help put you out of your misery". I then turned to him and said "eat her face". He screamed out "face" and he lunged at her. She screamed for help but there was no stopping this zombie. I stood there and watched as someone whom I thought I was in love with at one point got devoured by a zombie. An evil smile came over my face again. What I was doing was so wrong but at the same time it felt pretty good.

I decided to chill out in Courtney's apartment for a bit before we would go. She didn't have much of anything useful for me. She had like 20 bucks sitting on the table and some coins. My zombie friend decided to sit down on the couch that she had. He seemed to be getting well almost more human like. Could it be the more that he ate the more he was I dunno gaining some human ability? I looked at him and pointed to myself and said "my name is Nick". He responded by saying "Nick is a friend". I nodded back at him. "We need a name for you, I can not keep on calling you zombie. Do you remember what your name was before you turned?" He had a confused look on his face but he said "Gaylord". I looked at him and said "your name is Gaylord"? He repeated the name and he followed up by saying "yes". So I met some zombie and his name happened to be Gaylord. I couldn't help but chuckle a bit. How did someone come up with the name Gaylord for him? Was it because of the movie Meet the Parents? Anyways I knew we had to leave this apartment and find some place to hang out for now. Gaylord didn't seem to be very aggressive anymore. He just kinda seemed to be there. Maybe he was confused as to why he was a zombie now and no longer human? Why did he become a zombie anyways? I didn't think I could go back to my house so I had to plan my next move. I was going to go take him to see my friend Melanie. If there was anyone that could help me it would be Melanie. Before we left the apartment I had a discussion with Gaylord. I said to him "we are going to see my friend Melanie. She is more then a friend to me. I love her to death. No matter what she says and how she reacts you will not eat her. Do you understand Gaylord? Do not eat Melanie". He responded with "ok".

Melanie is a dear friend of mine. We have been friends for well over 10 years. I know everything about her and likewise she knows everything about me. We have a lot in common. She reminds me of the female version of myself. She likes the same music, movies, shows, plays guitar and bass like me, etc. I've also been in love with her for a very long time. Yes at one point I did have feelings for Courtney but it is possible to feel something for two different people at once. She helped me a lot with what had happened with Courtney. I know the whole thing pained her because even if she hasn't said it I know she has had feelings for me for a long time now. If anyone was going to make a move on the other person it would have to be me. I am wondering how she is going to react to this whole zombie thing. Most likely knowing her she is going to think I am just fucking with her. She has a hard time taking things seriously.

We got to her place and I rang the bell. She answered the door. She is a gorgeous woman. 5'7 with red hair and green eyes, C cup breasts, and her voice well she could pass for a phone sex operator. She said "hey Nick" and then proceeded to give me a hug. Feeling her pressed against me I immediately became aroused. Hey I can't help it, I have only been with 2 girls in my life and the last time was about 3 years ago. She said "so what brings you to visit me". I tried to be charming and said "well I have missed that beautiful smile of yours so I figured I would stop by. She smiled back at me and then I said "plus I have something to tell you and show you, this is my friend Gaylord." She took a look at Gaylord and said hi and then looked at me and said "Nick what is wrong with him?". I said "let us in and I will explain. Don't worry he won't hurt you." She laughed and said "for some reason that doesn't give me any reassurance." Melanie sat down and when we talked about stuff we pretty tried to keep all comments and concerns until the other person was done talking. So I begin telling her of the events of the days. How Gaylord is a zombie, how I survived a zombie attack, how I got him to kill Rebecca Black and then 6 other females including Courtney, and how Gaylord seemed to be having human like qualities even though he was a zombie. She looked at me with this stunned look on her face and said "so let me get this straight, he is a zombie and for whatever reason he listens to you and you have been getting him to kill people?" I said "yeah I guess that is the correct way of looking at it." She looked at me and laughed "dude you are more fucked up then I originally thought. I wonder what that means about me because I actually believe this story whereas some NORMAL person would be like whatever it is that you are taking I want some of that shit." I laughed and I said "I knew if there was one person that would understand and believe me that it would be you." She said to me "I just don't know what to say at the moment, this shit is totally crazy". I decided I would try to ease the situation by making some sort a joke. "So Melanie does this mean you will finally have sex with me now that I showed you I can have power and control over someone?" She looked at me as if she was giving some thought to it and she smiled "nice try Nick, I will give you that, but I am not sure I would feel comfortable having sex in front of some zombie". I said "Melanie maybe he would enjoy it. Maybe seeing your naked body is just what the guy needs or maybe that is exactly what I need at this point". Melanie blushed and had this smile on her face but she did not say anything back. I turned to Gaylord and said "if me and Melanie had sex right here right now in front of you would you mind". Melanie shouted "Nick!". Gaylord replied by saying the word "sex" which sent me and Melanie both laughing. I said jokingly "well it is apparent zombies still know what sex is. Do we have a horny zombie on our hands?" Melanie laughed and said "ok I am going to turn on the TV just to change the subject".

On the TV is Family Guy. Ok a show that will possibly end any awkwardness that is in the room at the moment. I was quite amazed at how quiet Gaylord was being. I just wanted to know more about what had happened and what was this zombie like condition of his. I looked at Melanie who was watching the TV. She turned her head to notice me watching her. She smiled. I think she finally was starting to see how I had felt about her. Then it happened. Special news report. News reporter comes on the TV and the headline at the bottom of the screen says "Rebecca Black found dead. Her body was eaten". On the TV you can see the body wrapped in a white blanket laying there on the ground with a pool of blood next to it. The reporter starts saying something but I can't make out what she is saying because I am a bit numb at the moment. How did I honestly think I could get away with all of this without any consequences or anything like that? How could I be so stupid? How could I just drag the person that I love into all of this? On the TV there are a few police officers and whatnot near the body. That is when when it happens. The body starts moving. You can see the police officers back off and draw their guns holding out their hands to let everyone else know to stay back. Just then Rebecca Black rips through the white sheet on the ground and lunges towards a police officer. You hear gunshots and then the screen on the TV goes blank. I turn to Melanie and she turns to me and the only thing I can say is "oh fuck".


I shall seek her out and slay her!

It is a cold Saturday afternoon. What better way to kill some time then writing. Oh I know everyone is so overjoyed by this. My blogs bring happiness to an otherwise dark boring existence. Admit it! Ok I am just hanging out listening to music by my laptop trying to think of a title for the blog before I even begin writing and then it dawns on me, just write and think of something as you are writing. Brilliant idea Nick. Just brilliant! I promise not to rant in this blog about stuff well maybe. Sometimes I don't even know what I am going to write until I am here typing away and then I think oh yes I will talk about that. So lets see where this goes today.

I am amused over a picture I just saw on facebook. It is a meme that says "I hate when people take my glasses and say wow you really can't see. No shit, I don't take a random persons wheelchair and say wow you really can't walk". That just amused me. I have had that happen plenty of times. People trying to see out of my glasses and they tell me that. Seriously are you telling me something that I don't know already? I mean there is a reason why I wear glasses for. It isn't so I can look more like a nerd then I already do, it is so I can see what the hell I am doing. I'll be honest the majority of the time I spend on facebook now a days is to see what random amusing crap people post. If it wasn't for a few people that I like talking to and keeping in touch with I would totally just hate facebook and using it. Frankly other then browsing random stuff, listening to music, and writing these blogs I don't even care much for the internet anymore. Took me almost 17 years but it is there. I am pretty sure the internet hates me too. Yay at least the feeling is mutual then.

In my mind I have been working on a sequel to the Face story I wrote last June. I had to reread that story a bit just to familiarize myself with what was going on. I was amused with what I came up with so far. I think there is some potential there to make the story keep going. I haven't started writing Face 2 yet but I am sure it will be up sometime in the near future for people to read. I have some ideas as to where to go with it, it should be funny.

I have other ideas for possible short mini stories as well as other things. One idea I had was bringing back the Mud Monster stories that I wrote as a kid. Hell I don't remember them really that well but I know I had a whole series of stories about these monsters that were made out of mud that would attack people and I would always be there to save the day. Not sure what I ever did with those stories. I know at one point they were taken away from me in 4th grade by the teacher cause I was writing almost sex life stuff. Yes in 4th grade I was writing stuff that I probably shouldn't of. I don't remember what was said but obviously the teacher didn't approve of it. How dare she try to destroy my potential. I shall seek her out and slay her! Ok not really. I don't even remember my teacher's name. It might be mentioned on 4th grade class picture however. I must go look later. I will find the beast and slay her! Again I am not being serious. I don't need the cops showing up here saying I am making threats against a former teacher. Anyways I totally got away from what I was saying. Mud Monster stories, interesting or no?

Oh so I have been having sinus issues for awhile now. Damn winter, you go to hell...you go to hell and you die! Anyways sometimes when that happens it kinda just effects other things for me like my ears. I have this issue every now and then where my ear will pop and it won't pop back into place. Sometimes it lasts days, sometimes weeks. It is annoying. So the morning of valentine's day my ear popped and I couldn't hear much at all. Made the most used word in this house the word huh. My father is hard of hearing so he says huh to me all the time when I talk to him so I got to return the favor. A house where 2 people can't hear each other. Brilliant. This could make real life emergencies suck though. "The house is on fire. Huh, I can't hear you? I said the house is on fire. Huh, the house is what? Oh never mind, just don't burn to death k? Burn to death, what the fuck?" My hearing seems to be getting better so I think it is clearing up. Yay. Next time I go to the doctor I should probably ask her to check my ears if she could.

Anyways I think that is all for now. I would like to thank people who continue to read my pointless ramblings. I love you all, well not really...I am just saying that to be nice. Until next time behave and slay the beasts!


Forever Alone Day

Oh yes it is a joyous day today. Today is forever alone day or as everyone else calls it valentine's day. Don't worry this isn't going to be some writing where I cry and bitch about how I am single and how I desperately wish I was in a relationship so I could blow all my damn money on some chick whom I most likely will wake up the next morning with saying "man I get to look forward to looking at this bitch for the rest of my life?". Nope it will not be like that at all. Anyways why do I call it forever alone day? Duh cause I am single. If I was in a relationship I would refer to it as forever with the same bitch day. I am kidding. Yes I feel like I should point that out because someone is going to read this and be like omg if this is how you really feel about females then no wonder why you are single.  I joke and I am sarcastic, deal with it.

Sometimes yes it does suck being single. The companionship is nice. Having someone to talk to is nice. Someone to hug, kiss, etc is nice too. With that being said I am perfectly fine with being single. After everything I have experienced in regards to the other sex I am in no rush to get involved with anyone at all. I am not bashing any females I have been with or been interested in. I know exactly why I am single. I don't need people to point out my flaws and my mistakes because I am well aware of them. More or less how I feel about the situation now is when it happens it happens. I see people desperately wanting to be with someone so they throw themselves into a situation that is going to end very badly with one or both people getting hurt. I have been there. I have so badly wanted to be in relationships that I would never see the big picture. Especially with the last person I was going after. I am thankful that it fell through because it opened up my eyes to a lot of things that I was doing wrong. I see a lot of people put blame on the opposite sex to why they are alone and why they have such bad luck in relationships when really all they have to do is take a good look at themselves to realize that sometimes it is more then just the other person, sometimes it is them. So again I know why I am single already and I don't need lectures from other people as to why I am single cause trust me I know.

I understand why people go apeshit over valentine's day. It is nice to have one day a year that is dedicated just to being told how much you are loved and cared for and all that wonderful stuff. The thing that I never liked about this holiday is why should doing all that stuff be limited to one day. If you can't express to someone how much you care about them and love them on a daily basis why are you even in a relationship anyways? It shouldn't be just limited to one day out of the year. Even the little things count. Don't sit around and wait for one day out of the year to tell someone how you feel or do something special for that person do it more often. Do it year round. Tell someone that you care bout them or love them everyday if you have to. Do something out of the ordinary whenever you feel like. Don't wait for a specific day. If you wait for a specific day that person may not even be in your life anymore and you may of just blown your chance at something great. I guess the point is people expect something on valentines day and you know that is great and all but why does it have to be limited to just one day? Granted I am not perfect myself. I think in the past I tried to do little things randomly throughout the year just cause I could but I suppose that is just how I am. I've never made that big of a deal about valentines day but it doesn't mean that when it gets to this day that I just say ok I am going to skip it. I still try to do something or well I did when I was in a relationship. Did I feel obligated to? Not really. It is one of those things that as a guy you should never forget v-day, birthdays, and anniversaries but again random acts of "niceness" is not limited to just those days.

I had one really great valentines day 16 years ago. February 14th 1997 me, my friend Jeff, and Brent went to see Metallica with CoC opening for them. We were like 5 rows away from the stage. The stage though was pretty huge. Anyways that was an amazing night. Loud music, screaming, headbanging, etc. Jeff and Brent had never seen Metallica live before that so it was one of those special moments. I had gotten them both into listening to Metallica and kept telling them that if there is one band to see live that it was Metallica. Which btw I still recommend to anyone who hasn't seen Metallica live to go see them at least once. When the concert was over on the way home they had started a Metallica A-Z on 102.9 so all night long we had Metallica on the radio. The night was dedicated to Metallica and being with friends and having fun. Nights like that I miss and I will cherish forever.

I am curious to see what this day will be like for me next year. Will it be the same or will there be something different in my life? Honestly I am confident that things will be much different a year from now. Maybe next year my forever alone day will be my forever stuck with the same old bitch day cause you know things do happen especially when we least expect it.



Blog number 150. It is not really that big of a deal. I was thinking about how long I have been doing these online journals and what not and I really must be over 1000 by now. That seems like a lot to be honest. Then again I started doing this sort of stuff almost 12 years ago. My livejournal alone from 2001 to 2005 had over 750 journal entries. Then I continued onto blogging on myspace and now this. Everything I had written on livejournal is now gone. Some of my myspace stuff still remains though. Over the years I would like to think my blogs have become more different then when I had first started writing. Instead of being angry at the world and basically thinking I should get everything I wanted handed to me I now realize that was just well immature on my part. Don't a lot of people feel like that though at times? As I continue to blog I hope that I will continue on a path that is positive but yet with the occasional Nick humor. I want to say thank you to anyone who reads my blogs too. Often times I don't stick to one thing, I jump around from subject to subject. It may be hard for some people to read so for those who stick with my blogs and read them it means the world to me. My main reason for writing is because it is something that I love to. I hope to expand on this in the future.

We just learned this week that the pope is resigning from being a pope later on this month. This is a big thing because a pope has not stepped down in like 600 years. That is crazy. They say his bad health is a major factor in why he is stepping down but don't you wonder if it has more to do with all the stuff that goes on in the church with the sex scandals and whatnot? I am not going to sit here and bash religion and whatnot. I never liked organized religion. I always felt in my heart that as long as I pray to God and talk to him then I didn't necessarily have to step foot in a church. This is just what I believe. I don't think there is a right or wrong answer for this one. Other people feel differently then me and that is fine. Does this mean I rule out going to church all together? No it does not. In fact I wouldn't mind going to church more. Anyways though the sex scandals are just ridiculous. From what I gather is despite all the claims people stand by the priests. I can not stress enough how terrible it is to touch kids inappropriately. You want to preach the word of God and then behind closed doors do the sick and twisted things like that? Then to have people cover up these things and defend it and try to pass it off as not a big deal. It is a big deal. Being molested or sexually abused is a big deal. Regardless of what people may tell you people who have been through this live with these scars for the rest of their life's and it can and will possibly effect them later in life even with therapy and whatnot. How do I know? I have seen it first hand what molestation does to a person even if they went through it many years ago. Honestly I would like to be able to look at priests and think to myself that they are good people who spread the word of God and generally are there for people when they need it. That image has been tainted. No offense to my uncle of course. My uncle is a priest and he is a great guy. Just around other priests your mind starts to wonder "gee what does this guy do behind closed doors". So honestly the reason why the pope is resigning is a lot deeper then they lead us to believe, they just won't say so.

On to rant number two. I am a music lover. I listen to all kinds of music and I enjoy a variety of different bands. My heart is with heavy metal though specifically older stuff. Obviously I must enjoy music enough as I am learning to play both bass and guitar. Anyways yesterday me and Mary are having a discussion about music, more specially Justin Bieber. I don't really have anything against the kid, I just do not really care for his music at all. She linked me a few videos of Bieber fans going nuts because his concert sold out. I mean literally these girls were acting like their best friend died. It was one of the most ridiculous things I have ever seen in my life. It gets better though. I then watched a video about this girl who was wanting to kill herself because Bieber did not win a grammy. Are you fucking kidding me? First off I understand that people get overly obsessed with people and they literally think that they would die if something would ever happen to them. I myself have an obsession with Amy Lee of Evanescence. I love that chick. Her voice, her music, everything. When I saw Evanescence back in October of 2011 it was one of the happiest moments of my life. Seeing her walk on stage and knowing that she was in the same room as me was amazing. I did not go apeshit though. I had a good time cheering and singing along to songs. I understand that younger people do not understand that sometimes their obsessions cross the line. My question is where are the parents? Why do you let your kids get so obsessed about someone that they act like it is the end of the world when something does not go their way? Seriously a teenage girl threatening to kill herself over Justin Bieber, where the fuck are the parents? Pay attention to what the hell your daughter is doing and do something about it. This is what pisses me off about popular music. Everyone acts like it is ok for people to obsess and be like this over some singer but lets say someone supposedly kills themselves over a song or shoots up a school they go look towards my genre of music pointing fingers. How is the obsessions of these teenagers any better then that? Because it is popular so it is ok. No it does not make it ok. I really hate that when something bad happens lets go and see what heavy metal/hard rock band we can go blame it on but when some chick says she is going to kill herself over Justin Bieber everyone acts like it is fucking normal. It is not normal! It will never be normal! Either you are consistent in the headhunting for music or you just don't do it at all and let people listen to and enjoy music the way that they should be. Oh and girls no singer/boyband/whatever is worth getting so bent out of shape that you have to ball your eyes out and threaten suicide, just wait until someone breaks your heart later in life or someone you love and care about die...that is much worse.

Rant 3. The whole Black Sabbath reunion thing. Seeing as how I am a huge Black Sabbath fan I am all for a tour and a new album. I am eagerly awaiting it. I love Sabbath. Out of any bands that I listen to I would say they are the biggest influence in me picking up a guitar. Now the reunion though is not a full fledged reunion as the original drummer Bill Ward has decided not to go with the band. So now all I see is people say "its not Sabbath without Bill" "this isn't a reunion, it is Ozzy with friends" "the new album and tour is going to suck cause it isn't really Sabbath". You know what I say? Shut the hell up. My God. So it isn't a full fledged reunion. So fucking what? For me it is just good enough that the majority of the original Sabbath is going to get together. Why can't people just sit back and just enjoy the music that these godfathers of metal are going to put out without the bitching and complaining? I don't care if it is only 1/2 of the original Sabbath getting together..music is music so I am going to enjoy every last second of it. When I saw Sabbath in concert at Ozzfest back in 97 that was a magical experience to me. Some people just can not enjoy anything without bitching and complaining though. You know what though? Go ahead, boycott the new music and the band and the tour cause then if they come to Milwaukee and I go then guess what? More room for me to stand there and enjoy one of the best bands ever because you can't seem to get over shit and just enjoy the music.

Rant 4. Metallica. For 22 years they have been one of my favorite bands. I at one point within the last year decided that Sabbath was my favorite band. Metallica was the first concert I ever went to. I've gotten people into listening to Metallica. I've took people to see them. I've played them at parties I use to throw. They have been a big part of my life. Every single day though I have to see people just constantly bash them. Saying that they have gotten old, they sold out, they suck, they haven't had a good album in years. It is annoying to the point of nausea. People have tried to tell me that Metallica sucks thinking they are going to get a reaction. Hate to burst your bubble but that stuff does not have any effect on me. I don't care if you like them or hate them I am just tired of seeing everyone express their opinion about them on a daily basis. Newsflash people Kill Em All was released 30 years ago. Master of Puppets was 27 years ago. They will never have another record like them ever. Their music has evolved over time. They try something different. So they want to experiment with things? So what? It is their music, they are allowed to do whatever they want with it. If they decide tomorrow that they want to see if they can do gangster rap well then more power to them for wanting to try something new. Although I couldn't see Lars waving his hands in the air trying to rap. I know why people say they sold out and changed their sound and whatnot. Their music went mainstream and in metal that is a big no no. You don't go mainstream if you are a heavy metal band. Ok but it happened and it happened a long time ago. Get over it already or just move on. Tossing the same old insults for years upon years just gets old and tiring and us people who stood by Metallica through anything that they have done are not going to change our minds about their music. People just do not handle change very well especially if it is one of their favorite bands trying new stuff. I get the hate towards Metallica I just wish that people would put their time and energy into something worth while, not into something that isn't going to change the world. The new Metallica is here to stay and Master of Puppets was 27 years ago. Move on.

Rant 5. Oh hell I am on a roll I may as well continue with some other things on my mind. I love paranormal stuff. I have been surrounded by strange occurrences the majority of my life. About 11 years ago it prompted me to explore ghost hunting. At the time it was rather unheard of and definitely not mainstream. In fact telling someone you were interested in ghost hunting it made people look at you like you were a lunatic. Since then I admit I haven't been involved in it nearly as much as I would like to. I still experience things in this house and I have blogged about things over the years. Ghost hunting has went too mainstream though. Maybe I have talked about this in an earlier blog. Hell I couldn't possibly remember everything I write. Anyways we now have all these reality shows dedicated to the paranormal and ghost hunting and tons of movies out there such as Paranormal Activity. In a way it is great to see it become more popular cause now it is an open subject where someone doesn't think you are nuts for doing it but at the same time popularity has its consequences. I read a lot about people vandalizing cemeteries and all these other "haunted" places. It is sad really. Where do people get the ideas of going to these places in the first place? By watching all the reality tv that we have on now a day. I think it encourages people to become more interested and active in the paranormal which for some it is a good thing but others it is bad. People just want to really see something jump out at them and scare the shit out of them. That is not how it works. Reality tv almost makes it seem like something is always going to happen and this is not the case at all. So what I think happens is people watch one of these shows and think oh I want to go see some shit that will scare me. So they go out to a cemetery or whatever and when something doesn't pop out at them they become bored and pissed off. What else is there to do at a cemetery besides just leaving? Vandalism. Teenagers in particular would most likely be the culprit to acts such as this. Granted another cause for vandalism now a days is people down on their luck with no money just wanting to take stuff and then sell it for money. Do I watch these reality ghost shows? Yes I do watch some of them. Do I believe they are fake? Yes I do believe the majority of them are bullshit. Stop faking this crap just so you can make some money and leading your audience to believe that you see shit all the time. Ghost hunting should of never been about money in the first place. It should be to understand why after the dead have passed on why we still see them on occasion.

Rant 6. Ok so there isn't a number 6. When I started this blog I wasn't sure where I was going to go with it exactly. Some of these things have been on my mind for awhile. Some of these things really aren't even that big of a deal, it was just something for me to talk about. People can chose to agree or disagree with anything that I have said, doesn't bother me one way or another. I will be back tomorrow though with a blog just for Valentine's day.


Fat Tuesday

Happy Fat Tuesday everyone! So how did everyone celebrate Fat Tuesday? Me, I was watching earthcam with the Cat's Meow karaoke bar in New Orleans for awhile. I love that place. Yes even though I have never been to New Orleans I love watching that cam everynow and then. Some fun stuff and yes I find myself singing along to some of the songs. If I ever make it to New Orleans I am going to have to go in there at least once. Me sing karaoke? Well we will see. Anyways back to Fat Tuesday, the reason behind the name is because tomorrow starts lent and this is the last day for people to indulge in lots and lots of food. At least it makes us fat people feel special. One day out of the year where we can eat whatever the hell we want and not feel bad about it. Did I indulge? Nope I did not. I don't think I ever have. Besides I have been indulging in food for 33 years now, I don't need a special day for that.

Lent starts tomorrow and every year I come up with something as a joke to say I am going to give up for lent. One year I think I said I would give up porn. Last year I said I was giving up religion. I am pretty sure another time I said I was going to give up being nice. I gave it some thought this year and I actually picked something that I am going to do. I decided for lent I am giving up hair meaning that I am going to shave my head. Yep nothing major just the fact is I haven't had my head shaved like that in over 7 years. I have been thinking bout doing it for awhile now and well I figured I could use lent as a reason to finally go through with it. So there we go, for lent I am giving up hair.

My chicken soup the other night did not turn out the way I wanted. I guess it is a trial and error type thing. I at least know of things I can do differently this time to make it turn out differently. It dealing with the noodles I got for the soup. For one the noodles were cheap and I put them in the broth like 20 minutes prior to eating. I should of never of put them in the broth. I should of cooked them separately and added it separately. Because of what I did the broth soaked up the noodles and little broth was left and the noodles got mushy. It still tasted pretty decent until the next day when I had leftovers. The soup turned into a casserole. I know I can't eat anymore of it. My father on the other hand loves it. Go figure I make something that I thought was terrible and he loved it. Like I said at least I know what to do and what not to do now.

Weather sucks here. Typical for February though. It snowed out and then we got freezing rain and then rain and most things turned to ice. I went outside on Sunday to take out garbage and trying to get back in the house I lost my footing and nearly fell. There is never really a win-win situation living in Wisconsin though or well it is very rare. It is either too cold or snowy or it is too damn hot. I should just live in an temperature controlled bubble.

That is about all for now. I will be back soon. Most likely with a blog for Valentine's day.



February 10th, one of those days that has a noteable history for me in my life. Actually life changing events to be honest. I added another one today too. I made chicken noodle soup for the first time ever. Ok it wasn't really something that was noteable but I wanted today to be special too. I thought it turned out ok. Trial and error. At least now I know what to do and what not to do.  No that is not what prompted a blog for today. It was planned before I even made chicken noodle soup. So lets time travel a bit.

8 years ago today in 2005 my divorce was finalized. I honestly didn't have to do anything except for sign a piece of paper. It was definitely a life changing thing for me. Going through the whole process. Now when I look back at that whole thing it wasn't necessarily the end of the world like I thought it would be. I think it is just natural for people to just think the worse when something happens. I certainly did. For all parties involved it was the best thing that could of possibly happened. I say over the years I have learned a lot about myself. Course you know I've made some of the same mistakes over and over but I think eventually or well at least I hope eventually that if you repeatedly do the same stupid shit one day you snap out of it and find new mistakes to make. We are all going to make mistakes from time to time we just have to hope it is new ones and not the same old song and dance that we have been doing. Anyways that was Feb 10th history number one or actually it should of been number two or well whatever you all know what I mean

21 years ago in 1992, I have to point out first that between this one and the last one there is a 13 year difference, there goes the number 13 again. In 1992 on this day was when I went I had surgery done to remove my right testicle. The story is in my blog somewhere. November of 09 I think? Maybe October or September? I am not sure and I am not about to look it up at the moment. Life changing event? Oh I would say so. The effects were long lasting. I had people take it upon themselves to try to make my life a living hell. Apparently a guy with one testicle is someone who is a freak of nature and is not normal and should be treated as such. I take it as one of those if we don't understand it or if we don't want to understand it then it is better to cast it out, make fun of it, not associate with it, etc. I am not even sure how this whole conversation between some people would get started. Oh hey do you know that dude named Nick? Dude only has one testicle? Oh my God are you serious? At least now a days if people find out about it or know about it the only thing I really hear is when am I going to be able to see it? If I decide to ever post a random picture on my blog of it at least you all know why now. Don't worry because I would never do that.

So I am left to wonder if there is a 13 year interval then something should happen that is noteworthy on Feb 10th, 2018. I have 5 more years. Ok so I won't live the next 5 years thinking to myself oh no what can happen on that day. Have to be curious though since you know the number 13 seems to have a strong connection in my life. Guess we'll see what happens. No one is saying that it would necessarily have to be something bad. It is a matter of opinion if my divorce was a bad or good thing. In 5 years lets see if anything major happens on this day until then I will continue with my other ramblings.


I'm Mental

No I am not really mental but today as I was browsing through some of my blogs between 2005-2006 I said to myself "man people must think I am mental". I have to admit some of what I was reading was pretty funny but other things were like dear God is this really me. Sadly it was. I was pretty sure I was kinda like that in my livejournal too. Ok in fact I know I was. It is one of those man I wish I could just punch that person in the face moments but that person is me so really I'd be wanting to punch myself in the face.

That period of time in my life I was all sorts of fucked up. Yes I did just use the F word. I try not to use it as much as I use to in my writings. Looking back at that period of time I had just went through a divorce and I ended up having to move back to Wisconsin from Florida. I was angry, confused, depressed, etc. I really didn't know what to do with myself. Let me just be honest and say that up until some point last year I didn't really know what I was going to do myself. Yes I am confident now when I say I have a much clearer picture then I did before. No I am not perfect. I make mistakes. I do questionable stuff but at least I can see some sort of goal. I didn't have that back in 05-06. Well longer then just that but I was more focused on that period of time. The big picture here is this I know I am not the only one who goes through bad stuff. It happens to everyone. We all have to learn how to deal with our own stuff in our own way. Some of us never do. Some of us like me took no responsibility in anything that was going on. Face the truth, it is easier to put all the blame on events and other things that people have done rather then to put any of the blame on yourself. That is exactly what I did. I've said harsh things about people who cared about me or who did a lot about me. Everything had to be about me, me, me. Feel sorry for me cause I hate my life and I am wanting someone to save me. Reality is no one can save you but yourself. If you wait around forever to be saved you are just wasting your time. You realize the harsh reality of things when you finally open your eyes and see things for what they really are. I am just thankful that I opened up my eyes.

Oh and I am not dwelling either. In fact I like reading those old writings of mine cause I can see first hand how much my attitude has changed about a number of things since then. Yeah I am still the same Nick that I was just in a different way. I feel like I should apologize for some of the crap some people had to deal with over a long period of time but it is what it is. You only can move forward from here on out.

I thought about something after a dream I had last night. The dream was about someone I use to talk to a lot deciding to just randomly send me a message. I said hi but then that is where the dream ends. Got me thinking would I reconnect with certain people who have left my life. You know I am not entirely against it however there are certain things I would not revisit. Anything that would stray me off the path that I am determined to be on I would have to say no to. Given the opportunity I would like to say I am sorry for being a douche bag to at least one or two people. It is funny that when you think the world is all out against you that you in turn end up turning on people who may actually need and depend on you for things. You get so blinded by all your bullshit and sometimes your own bullshit isn't even really that bad. It is fixable but you chose to ignore other things that people are going through that are not so easily fixable cause you are just too consumed by your shit. This is why I have failed as a friend over years. No I am not saying that I am a bad person cause I know I am not a bad person but there are just some things that I as a person and as a friend could of done so differently. Then again we aren't perfect. I just know in future situations I will probably handle things better then I have.

When I blog about something I don't dwell on my thoughts. I write them down and I move on from there. Whatever happens happens. I don't hold the fate of the universe in the palm of my hands. I can not control what happens the rest of today, tomorrow, or the next day. Sometimes I wish I could. If I would reconnect with certain people then great. If I don't then I move on. There is a reason why a person from your past should remain in your past but it depends on that person. We shall see what happens.

I like that I am blogging more. Especially this week. I mean what else am I going to do when it is cold and we keep getting snow dumped on us? Writing is possibly what I need out of life right now. Whether it be ramblings in my blog or things that just make absolutely no sense to anyone it doesn't matter. Writing is writing.


All work and no play make Nick a dull boy

I have to thank a reply by my friend Tiffany for inspiring the title for this blog. I couldn't shake it out of my head so I figured oh hell let me use that as a blog title. So thank you Tiffany! I must be in the writing mood today as this is now the 2nd blog I have written today. Normally I don't write back to back blogs like that but eh hell if I am feeling it today I may as well go with it right?

The facebook post was about how it was snowing today and I was thinking to myself why I never did my "shovel man" story. I think at one point I did start it but I scrapped it due to lack of interest at the time. Actually I think it was more or less I was distracted by stupidity. I know at least one or two people will understand what I mean by that without going into a long explanation about it. Anyways my shovel man story I had come up with was because I was shoveling snow one day and I put my shovel up in the air and I started saying "I AM SHOVEL MAN" you know kinda like "I AM IRON MAN" but I changed the iron man to shovel man. Yes I am weird, I never denied that. Then I went on to think of a story about this hard working man who is treated like shit by his wife and kids. His wife is having an affair behind his back but he basically knows it but won't do anything about it cause he is weak. Finally while shoveling snow one day and his kids deciding to be bratty and pissing him off he snaps and kills them all with a shovel. A bit sick and twisted maybe but who thinks of to murder people by using a shovel? It is an unusual weapon. This whole thing is a random idea I have been tossing around. There are a few other ideas I am working on too. You all might be hearing from me more often.

Oh btw I do like the movie the Shining. I wouldn't quote a movie if I didn't like it. Well almost a full quote, the name is changed. I was told the book is more terrifying then the movie. I may have to read it one day. I am not much of a book reader which is surprising because the majority of the time I am online I am reading something. I've been reading the book The Seventh Son and yes I do think it is a good book so far just I don't know, reading a book basically puts me to sleep. Anyways if you are one of those people who have never seen the Shining before I recommend watching it.

It is snowing again. Oh joy. It doesn't really bother me that much. I mean yeah ok I will have to shovel tomorrow morning. It could be much worse though. Could be the 20 inches of snow that we had about 2 years ago. That was an awesome storm though. The snow was at least 4 feet deep from our door across our driveway to the neighbor's house. Couldn't get the door open. That is epic in my opinion. I wouldn't mind another storm like that actually. Careful what I wish for though right?

I decided to stop linking my blog posts on my personal facebook page. I get tired of having these links and crap all over my wall. Instead I figured I would make my own personal facebook page dedicated to just my blog type stuff. Maybe my wall will be less cluttered and I can make my blogs to be on a more personal basis for my 1-2 readers. I told a friend it was my way of "being professional about it" lol.

This weekend I am going to be making a chicken noodle soup for the first time. Technically this is my first time making any type of soup. I am looking forward to it. It should turn out rather well in my opinion. I do love to cook quite a bit. I should really look into doing something with that but there are a few other things to take care of first.

Oh speaking of cooking I noticed that our local grocery store is discontinuing the chicken helper chicken fried rice. What the hell? I have been cooking that stuff for, I dunno 15 years or so and now it is going to be gone? This is a great injustice! Oh well I suppose I will just have to come up with my own receipe. I can do it!

That is about all for now. I hope to be back soon with some more of my awesome ramblings. Who knows I may have a surprise for people soon. Until then this is the Nick signing out.


Do you own a GPS? If you do then you realize how annoying they can be at times. You put in the location of where you want to go and you start driving. Suddenly this voice comes on and starts saying the word recalculating. If you are like my father you drive the totally different way of what it told for you to do so it is like a nonstop recalculating. Somehow I think he liked doing that just to hear it. Cruel and unusual punishment I tell you!

Life can be comparable to a GPS. You plan out a path for yourself and you are hellbent on sticking to that path. Things seem smooth at first then you encounter a detour. What happens? You have to recalculating your plans to adjust. Life goes on and yet another roadblock. Yet again you have to recalculate. This isn't just a one time occurrence though. Sometimes we go through many bumps, detours, roadblocks, etc. We have to constantly recalculate to navigate our path through life. Some people do this better then others. Some of us are just awful at recalculating. Then some of us go through many trials and tribulations before we finally see that our recalculating skills need an adjustment. They may still make the occasional mistakes from time to time but at least they have gotten the memo that they had been recalculating wrong. Which one do I fall under? I am the one who had to go through many wrong recalculations to determine that I had to go about them in another way. Work in progress is all I can say.

I suppose this would work in relationships too. All of us have to learn to recalculate. You get with a person or decide to stand by a person who is horrible at recalculating. Ultimately you have to come to the decision of are you going to go along for the ride with this person or are you going to go down a different path. You want to think that this person knows what they are doing but sometimes you have to realize they just don't have a clue.

So life is comparable to a GPS. You hope that you will get to your destination but you know there may be a chance of some roadblocks and detours along the way. We may go through many recalculations but sometimes we will never navigate to the final destination so sometimes we might just have to totally change our original plans and find a new destination and hope that we can find our way there.



I meant to write a blog a couple of days ago but got sidetracked by a few things...the super bowl, this stupid sinus infection that I have, snow shoveling, etc. I suppose in a way it worked out as I have a bit more to say this time around.

The significance of the title is that 2-3-98 is the day that my mother passed away. On Sunday it was the 15th anniversary of her passing. Over the years it has gotten easier for me to cope on that day. I mean I still miss her and think about her a lot but with all the stuff that she was going through in her life I can assure you that she is much happier now. Normally I can get through that day pretty easily but on Sunday I admit I was struggling. I was listening to music and I guess it just triggered it. I was getting overly emotional over everything...music, anything I watch on tv, etc. I am fine now just I dunno it was a bit of a rough day for me. I wouldn't say I was completely miserable though just had a hard time dealing. I am fine now though.

I watched all of the super bowl this year. I was sorta shocked that I did. Typically I do not watch the entire game if the Packers are not involved. In fact prior to this I had only watched 3 full super bowls in the past 15 years and that was cause the Packers were in it. Anyways I watched all of the game. I am not a fan of the Ravens but I was cheering for them to win. I have nothing against the Niners. In fact a long time ago I use to really like them. One of the first super bowls I watched was the Niners and the Bengals. Just after they stomped the Packers in the playoffs I found it very hard to cheer for them. Well the Ravens ended up winning the game. They were up 28-6 at one point and then suddenly the power went out in half the stadium and they delayed the game for about 35 minutes. I knew that was bad and it was going to turn the whole game around. It did. It ended up being a close down to the last play game. Ravens won 34-31. Course though there were some questionable calls and cause of it I see a lot of 49ers fans and whatnot commenting on how they were screwed in the game and they should of won. Yeah maybe if the calls went their way they should of won. What people fail to realize is that they were even lucky to be in it at the end like that. If they truly wanted to win that game they shouldn't of allowed themselves to go down 28-6. To start blaming the refs for their loss is totally ridiculous. If you want to win the game you need to play the full 60 minutes and not worry about some bad call. That is my take on the entire thing. Sounds logical to me.

It seems as if it has been snowing every other day here. I can handle the cold and I can handle the snow. What I tend to get annoyed with is we get little snow a bunch of times. I would rather just get a nice snowstorm then to have it snow like 1-3 inches every couple of days. Seriously I went out to shovel some snow Thursday, Saturday, yesterday, and now today. I guess if there is a silver lining to all of this it would be that at least I am getting out of the house and enjoying the fresh air. I can't bitch all that much though cause my sister's bf does plow the majority of our driveway so if it wasn't for him I would have a lot more to do.  I suppose I should also be thankful for not having to go out and shovel 20 inches of snow or something. That would just blow.

My typical winter sinus problems/infections are in effect atm. This happens quite a bit during the winter for me. I would say once a month. My nose gets runny and there is like this pressure by my nose lower head area. Lasts usually up to a week. It is annoying but I suppose it is what it is.

My dreams the last few nights have been rather interesting. There have been some random stuff going on but they end up being pretty decent. I won't go into detail about the dreams but I think I already discovered what the meaning behind them are cause the two dreams sorta both end in the same way. See even if I don't mention to people what my plans are or I don't say what they are in this blog I do have some things planned in the near future for myself. What my dreams are telling me that if I succeed in doing what it is that I am trying to do then at the end of it not only will I find happiness but I may even find love. Maybe that isn't what the dreams are telling me but that is the message that I get out of it and it is good enough for me.

Here is to the future, it will only be as awesome as I will allow it to be.


Bite the Butler

I know what a weird blog title, I guess I will have to explain. I decided to play the Sims 3 this week for the first time in well nearly a year. I had gotten a couple of expansions and then I stopped playing the game again. Anyways I started playing it again this week and of course I became instantly hooked again. I've been hooked on the Sims since the game first came out back in 2000. I remade my family on the game and whatnot and then discovered how cool it was to have a vampire in the game with the Late Night expansion. My female that I had made in the game was the first vampire I had and immediately I said to myself "oh I must go home and bite the butler" since there was a butler in the house. So thats exactly what I did and then the butler disappeared and won't come back to that house. Now you all know that I didn't do anything zombie like and bite a butler, I got it from playing the Sims.

It is February now and again this is one of my least favorite months out of the year. Shortest month of the year but it holds a lot of history. Some not so great. I won't go into details. Course it started with some bitterly cold weather and a little bit of snow. This explains how crazy Wisconsin weather is sometimes. On Tuesday it was 61 degrees, 2 days later we were getting snow and we had low temps at 0 or lower with wind chills near -20. Yep crazy weather. Crazy weather like this always wreaks havoc on my body. Making me feel sore and whatnot. Supposedly though after this cold streak the rest of the month should be highs in the 30s or higher. I am fine with that. Frankly I can handle the teens as long as there is not a really bad wind outside. If there was a plus side to the beginning of the week it  was the fact that I did get a chance to go for a walk in there. Too bad thanks to melted snow and ice I was walking through puddles and lakes and I ruined my shoes. Good job Nick.

So I haven't heard back from Piggly Wiggly. This means one of a few things. They decided again not to go with me or they were waiting until after the 1st of the month. My positive thinking got me to think the 2nd option. It is discouraging going for an interview with the same guy twice and nothing coming out of it. I will look at it like this though...their loss not mine. I just need to keep looking, something will come up.

Thanks to the stupid job thing January didn't go exactly the way I had planned it. Do things ever go according to your plans? Not usually. I think we have to plan for our plans to not work out exactly the way we want it. If you do that less disappointment I suppose? I admit this past week I didn't write a blog cause I was overly eh about things. The weather changing and other random stuff I didn't feel like writing. At least this time it was like a week break and not like 4 or 5 months. That is an improvement.

The goal now is to keep pressing on. Life is filled with disappointments and having to make adjustments, you have to be adaptable. When all hope seems to be lost or seems bleak as hell you still have to pray for the best. Well not even praying for the best, you make the best out of what you have. With that being said I am sure I will be making some changes coming up. Changes are not a bad thing.