800 degrees

I disappeared from my blog for awhile, again! Common theme I suppose. Not that I haven't wanted to write just you know. Wouldn't call it writer's block either. Oh I know what it is! It is called laziness. Anyways here I am with an update of life.

Actually things have been kinda boring and quiet. Isn't that a good thing though? Means I should have little to bitch about or anything to really be dramatic about.

We are in the month of November and I am sure I've said it before but this is one of my least favorite months but that hasn't even really effected me too much this time around. No use in dwelling on what can't be changed, right? I think I go through this every November to be honest. My mood has been pretty good this month so far. I intend on keeping it that way.

Been on WoW quite a bit. Helping co-run a guild and now admin on a new facebook page for the guild. Keeps me busy but I am not on the game 24/7. This is a good thing. I spend way too much time on that game the way it is. Whats different with the Nick of today compared to the Nick of a few years back is I can and I will log off the game when I want to. Yes folks that is actually a big step in the right direction!

Rocksmith 2014 came out. This got me into playing guitar and my bass a bit more over recent weeks. Course at one point I was playing so much and not using proper posture and my hurt my arm and my shoulder. That was a bitch. Could barely move it. Couldn't lift my arm over my head either. No pain no gain right? I love Rocksmith 2014. The new features in the game make guitar playing enjoyable. I love the riff repeater in the game. You can slow down and learn certain sections of a song and go at your own pace. I've been challenging myself with trying to learn all of Rush-YYZ. I will one day learn that entire song. I stil maintain that Rocksmith is a great learning tool for anyone looking to play guitar or bass.

My obsession with fire. Haven't used the fire pit as much as I would like to lately but I've still went over by my sister's house for an occasional fire. Starting to get close to winter now so the time to do stuff like that is declining. Still something therapeutic about sitting outside by a fire and just watching it. Sorta memorizing to me. Few weeks back we decided to have one last cookout and we were having a hard time getting the fire to stay lit. It was windy and kinda chilly out. Anyways I kept pouring more lighter fluid on the charcoal to get some big flames. Yes very bad idea but I wanted to see fire! Anyways after awhile we got an ok fire going. I put wood chips on top of the charcoal after I took the grates off and I oiled the living hell out of them. When we put the grates back on we had one of the biggest fires I've ever seen on our grill. When we closed the grill to start cooking food the temperature reached nearly 800 degrees. On the plus side the food got done fast. Negative side some of it kinda burned too fast. We have never got the grill that hot before and the flames that were shooting out were some of the biggest I've seen. What can I say? I like fire.

Guess that it is all for now. I keep getting distracted. The disadvantage of writing a blog while having facebook open and chatting to people is that I tend to lose my train of thought for my blog. That is ok though. I will be back soon as I have another blog already planned out.