Dear Wednesday go home you are drunk

Dear Wednesday go home you are drunk. Seriously though I woke up and I couldn't go for my daily walk cause it was raining outside so then I decide ok let me get some WoW time in and they decided to do a Wednesday maintenance. What the hell? Why didn't they just do it yesterday since they normally do it on Tuesdays. Blah. So I decide to play some guitar and there are just some days where you don't have it at all. Today would be one of those days. Blah. Ok so the next idea of mine? Come to my blog and write pointless stuff.

Couple more days and the summer concert season begins for me. Woo hoo. I haven't really hit the I am excited point quite yet. Although to be perfectly honest I am not sure I will be as excited as I was last summer when I was going to go see Iron Maiden. I am not saying that I am not going to great shows this summer cause I am. Rush and Tom Petty should be great shows and Neon Trees put on a good show. Just you know I was pretty hyped up for Maiden last year. Still looking forward to pretending that I actually have a life in the next few days.

I went back to play Left 4 Dead 2 periodically with a new group of friends. Well I wouldn't exactly say new just people who just recently got into the game. Every Sunday night we get together on steam and have versus matches with each other. We have some fun times and you can almost guarantee a couple of hours of laughing. Yeah I like winning the matches but that really isn't the point to playing for me on Sunday nights. The point is to have fun. Hopefully one day we will have enough for a full 4v4 match.

Oh so I didn't give an update on my friend Mary. I don't know all of the details but she is going to be released on the 29th and allowed to go back to Florida. She did what is called a plea bargain and was given 2 years probation and was allowed to go back to Florida to be in the custody of her mother. From what I understand they were originally looking to convict her for 32 years. That is some serious bullshit. Defending herself from her abusive asshole husband and she gets punished. Sadly though I am sure this is not the first case in which stuff like this happens and it won't be the last. Anyways though I am glad that she is going to be released and is allowed to go back to Florida. I am just sorry I never did write her but I hope she knows that she still had my full support while she was in jail.

After the summer concert season is over with for me I have some important stuff to take care of. Although I won't say what it is now just be sure to watch for updates on my progress with a few things. Lets just say by the end of summer I hope to have a few major things accomplished. With that being said I shall end the blog there. See nothing special but writing is writing right?

By the way one day I am going to start a band called "One Nut Nick and his flying guitar". If you don't understand why then you should check out the blog titled "Half the man I use to be".


Seven years

So it has been seven years since my life ended due to me playing World of Warcraft. I am kidding. My life didn't end. I mean really if it did would I be sitting here writing a blog. Well I suppose I could be in spirit form telling someone else what to write for me. Yes I am next to a hot red head whom is typing this up for me while she is naked. Ok sorry enough bout that. On Thursday it was my seven year anniversary of playing WoW. I am undecided if it is a good or bad thing so I will leave it at that there have been good and bad points in the past seven years of me playing that game. I've made friends, I have lost friends, I've met some cool people, I have met some people I would throat punch in real life, I have had my share of drama, I have also had many laughs. So it works both ways I suppose. On Thursday I did win a guild raffle and got to pick a pet of my choice so there was a bit of reward for the time spent on the game. I was going to talk about some of my experiences over the last seven years on WoW but I figured not only would I bore the hell out of me but my readers might be prone to bashing their skull into the wall and we don't need that. My readers are important to me.

Honestly there is not a lot going on at the moment in my life. Again I am not sure if this is a good or bad thing. I guess it means that life at the moment is calm and there is not much to make it hectic. I am going to take this as a good thing. Starting next weekend though starts the summer concert season for me. I am going to like five shows in a matter of 8 days. So my hearing is going to be shot and I am going to be tired. I love live music though so I can't wait. Who knows maybe I will meet my true love at one of these shows!

Speaking of which my horoscope for the past couple of weeks keeps telling me that romance is on the rise. Is this with or without chloroform? I am still debating the answer to that one. Oh come on Nick give yourself a little bit of credit, you have never had to use chloroform before! With all of this being said though I do have to say that there is someone who has caught my interest. I do not know much about her at the moment though but I am interested to find out more of course. Someone I met on WoW of course. Go figure. You know Nick maybe if you went outside once in awhile to see the world you may possibly meet someone outside of that game. Hey now I am socially awkward and shy. It takes me a long time to be myself around someone and then when I am it can be very difficult to shut me up. I hear chloroform works though. I am just maintaining this wait and see attitude for right now. Oh and this means the female that I mentioned a few months ago is definitely out of the picture. Nothing more to say there.

Yes I know this is a short blog and I can already hear my loyal readers crying while reading this but I just wanted to give a brief update on a few things. Don't fret though in the upcoming weeks I shall have more stuff for you to laugh at, cry at, get pissed at, or die of boredom from. Have a good night!


Vacation, WoW, and Sabbath

It has been awhile hasn't it? Sometimes when I don't write for awhile it seems like an eternity. I am going to try to change that this week. Sometimes in order for me to write I have to be "in the zone" and I hadn't really felt that way recently. At least for today I do so here is an update on life.

First of all my vacation with my father kinda got rained out a bit. I mean it actually wasn't a big deal to me. I was happy to get away. My father is limited into what he can do so walking around a lot is out of the question so really we didn't do much at all. Again though I was perfectly content with sitting in the lounge area watching tv. We are trying to get more people to go with us for next time. It would be nice to get family together and go on a vacation. Might be a bit chaotic but whatever. The drive back home was a bit annoying. Funny thing is that as soon as we got to the Dells it was cloudy and then rainy and when the rain stopped it was still cloudy but by the time we were leaving the sun was out and there was really no clouds in the sky. We decided to take the long way home which meant instead of what should of been a two hour drive we took an alternative route that pushed it to three hours. It was ok. Got to see a lot of farm land, trees, and a whole lot of nothing until we got to Milwaukee and we were stuck in a traffic jam. You can tell when you are in Milwaukee due to the fact that there is a lot of traffic. Anyways it was good to get away.

While I was on vacation Blizzard decided to make transfers of characters 50% off. Now there is a little bit of a back story that I have to get into. I had been with the same guild for the past three years and my time on WoW was kinda fading a bit. Not that I wasn't interested in the game just you know there are far more important things then a video game. Back in December this facebook page that I had liked called "hot girls that play wow" decided to make a guild on the server Thrall. Yes I know what people are thinking. Hot girls that play WoW? What the hell Nick. Anyways so I made a character over there and I was leaning towards moving to that server permanently. I was torn about it cause I did not want to leave the current guild I was in. Maybe I didn't always agree with some of the things going on or whatever but generally they are good people. Instead of making a rash decision I quit the game for a few months. I came back and a little bit after that they decided they wanted to move off Velen. Knowing that I had some connections on the server Thrall I pitched for them to go there. They wanted to go to highly populated server. Thrall has a decent population but not as big as Mal'ganis. So they went there. I was unsure what I wanted to do. I moved to Mal'ganis with them. It was a mistake. I did not want to be on that server. Granted nothing wrong with the server besides a ton of people whom think they are better then everyone else but yeah didn't feel like it was for me which I am not going to get into a whole long discussion why. So anyways while on vacation I gave it some thought and decided it was just time for a change so when I got home on that Friday I decided to move to Thrall. I am not going to say it is the perfect guild for me because nothing is ever perfect but it is a good fit. I should of made the move sooner but it is ok. It is done now and I am happy I made the move.

Last week was Black Sabbath week for me. Their first studio album with Ozzy as lead singer since 1978 came out. I didn't really know what to expect but seeing as how Sabbath is like my favorite band I knew I was going to listen to the album regardless. I kept reading from people that without Bill Ward Sabbath is no longer Sabbath. Think I ranted about that in a blog months back. I didn't personally care if he was drumming or not. Ok so anyways their new album 13 I have listened to three times through already. I am rather happy with the outcome. I feel like some of their songs could of been shorter but some of older Sabbath songs push the seven minute mark if not longer so that doesn't bother me. Ozzy in his old age still can sing decently. I never thought he was an amazing singer. The amazing part about him is you understand his singing better then his talking. Maybe he should just sing instead of trying to talk? The studio drummer Brad Wilk from Rage Against the Machine fills in rather well for Bill Ward. No complaints about the drums at all. Geezer Butler in some songs seems like his bass is turned up too loud but him and Wilk make a pretty good combo. Tony Iommi, what more can be said about his guitar playing then what has been said already? My favorite guitarist and a master of riffs. I think ultimately that is why I am a big Sabbath fan. His riffs are addicting. Once again he pulls off some amazing guitar pieces on the album 13. Song wise there isn't really a song that stands out but that is not a bad thing as there is no song on the album that I do not like. I would rather have an album of consistency then an album with one hit and the rest of the songs are shit. I am just happy to have my favorite band back making new songs. For any metal fan out there I recommend picking up or listening to 13. The godfathers of metal are back.

That is all for today. I turned on the new Sabbath album to help me finish off the blog. Until next time take care and if you know what is good for you listen to the new Sabbath album!


On vacation

Figured that I would spend some time on a new blog while I am in my hotel room at Wisconsin Dells. Let me start off by saying that I still do love this place. If I had to pick a place to move to that was in Wisconsin I would want to move around this area. There are lots of things to do here and the area is just beautiful. People are pretty decent too. It is nice to be away from Milwaukee. It has been awhile. Think my father needed a break more then me though. Been a rough past year for him. I am just glad he got the ok from his doc to be able to travel again.

The trip here was fine. My father had bought a van back at the beginning of this year and we have finally started to use it a bit more recently. It is a pretty nice van and it certainly beats using his other car the vibe. Not that I don't like that car but there is much more room in the van. Anyways was a decent drive here. I actually did not fall asleep during the car ride which for me is unusual. I always fall asleep on long car rides. Never use to do that but whatever. The one thing I noticed on the way here is that there is so much road kill in Wisconsin. It is kinda sad. Some of those animals it looks like people purposely went out of there way to demolish them. I guess it just happens though. An animal is risking his/her life crossing the road so yeah bad things are going to happen. We saw about three dead deer on the way here too. Which made me a bit sad. You know out of all the traveling we have done I have never seen a live deer cross the road or near the road. I've seen dead deer just never a live deer. I actually missed one years ago. I had fallen asleep and we came across a deer crossing the road. Go figure that I miss it.

We have eaten a lot of food since we got here. That is no surprise. People eat on vacation. They got rid of the Ponderosa that use to be near our house in Milwaukee so when we come here we make it a point to go to the one here. Man their chicken wings were so damn good. I seriously could not stop eating them. Couldn't tell you how many I had but wow it was a lot. Then today we went to one of our favorite places here called Pizza Pub. Love that place. They have a lunch buffet that has all you can eat pizza and spaghetti. All sorts of pizza too. Different varieties. I had some barbecue chicken pizza. Good stuff. The spaghetti was freaking awesome too. Ate way too much. I recommend this place to anyone who comes out to the Dells. Tomorrow it sounds like we are going to go try and hit this Chinese buffet that we found. I've been craving Chinese food lately so yay! Hopefully this Chinese buffet will be a good one.

Haven't done much since we got here. It has been basically raining and kinda on the chilly side. This is ok. We never plan on doing a lot when we get here and I am fine with that. The hotel we are staying at is pretty nice. My only compliant is that we are on the 2nd floor this time around so it isn't as easy to access the outdoors as it would be on the lower floor but that is ok. I spend most of my time in the lounge area watching tv, browsing my laptop, and checking out the view outside and enjoying the cool crisp air from the patio screen doors. We are near Lake Delton but it is hard to see the lake through all the trees around but again I am not complaining. I appreciate the simple things. Besides you see animals in the trees and whatnot and well I am an animal lover. Not sure what we might be doing tomorrow. Since the last time we were here they opened up a wildlife park near downtown Dells and it looks rather interesting. Not sure if my father can handle doing a lot of walking around. It is ok. Seriously there are a lot of things to do here but I am fine just hanging out in the lounge area.

We leave to go back home on Friday and I am always sad when we leave this place but I am grateful that we do get to come here every now and then. Think we are already discussing our next trip here and this time we may get my sister Cindy to come along. That would be cool. Honestly it would be awesome to get the entire family to go on vacation together. Not sure that would ever happen. It is a nice dream however.

That was my update on what has went on this week so far, well vacation wise at least. A lot more peaceful then my last blog which makes sense cause right now I am kinda taking it all in and I am at peace.