Follow the box

I am quite proud of myself atm. Tonight I cooked dinner for me and my father. I made mac and cheese. No not homemade stuff although I am considering it one of these times. It was the Kraft box stuff. Normally I suck at making it. I am unsure why. I mean I can cook stuff like stuffed shells and lasagna but yet my mac and cheese always turns out like crap. Kinda funny actually. Tonight though the mac and cheese turned out pretty decent. What did I do differently this time? Well normally I don't always follow the box well this time I followed the directions on the box. Hmm I think it is a sign Nick, follow the box.

No I didn't start a blog to just talk about mac and cheese, it was just the first thing on my mind. It has been rather cold here and on and off light snow. Actually it was very cold. We got down to like -5 earlier this week. I know I went outside when it was like -1 or whatever and I was like oh my God is it cold. Times like this make me wish I was still living in Florida. Minus the chance of hurricanes Florida was not all too bad.

Been kinda feeling eh a bit the past few days. No I don't think I am sick or coming down with anything. What I think is going on is my pills are bothering me more now then it was. I think the easiest explanation for it is cause there has been a lack of exercise on my part lately. Been cold and really without having those walks that I go on I have a lack of motivation. I think this is why I have felt a little bit out of whack lately. With the pills I am on for possibly being pre diabetic I am suppose to be exercising. So yep think I have it figured out why I been feeling out of whack.

Thank God I moderate comments for my blog. Not many typically comment anyways but I was getting a lot of spam for one of my blog entries trying to get me to check out this psychic website and whatnot. I must of gotten at least 10 things so far. Very annoying. So if you are reading this psychic website person I am not going to check out your website because I am pretty sure it is some bullshit website that will either want me to buy something or give me viruses.

On to the big news. I may have a job soon. I put in my app at Piggly Wiggly where my nephew works and they called me up for an interview a few days later. I went in on Wednesday for an interview. I felt it went ok. Actually I am 99.9% sure that I will get this job. He told me he had to check out references and whatnot. Typical stuff. I imagine that Monday or Tuesday I will end up getting a call back. If by some chance that I do not get the job well it isn't the end of the world and I will just have to keep on looking. When one door closes another door will open. Good to see that I have some confidence now a days. It was needed years ago.


Through the Never

So here it is a Saturday night and I am sitting here screwing around on my laptop in the kitchen wondering what to do. I have been wanting to write a blog for the past couple of days but for whatever reason I was stalling. So I put on my headphones and turn on some Metallica and here I am ready to write whatever pops into my head. I was going to write a blog bout the year 1998. I decided against it for now. I may do it down the road but after thinking about it for a bit I decided that regardless of whatever I may write about it what is done is done and I can not change that now. I don't think it was going to be negative or anything but I felt no need to bring up some old memories.

We are about to take a plunge temperature wise in the next few days. Oh joy. We did manage to climb back into the 40s but within a few days we are expected to possibly be below zero. Times like this make me miss living in Florida quite a bit. Honestly I don't mind winter all too much but right now in particular I am having a difficult time with winter cause I was really into my going for walk routine and well I suppose if I put on 50 pounds of clothing I probably could but who wants to really do that? On the plus side it seems like time is moving by fast anyways so before I know it the weather should be halfway decent enough for me to go for walks again. Yes I suppose I still have the exercise bike and yeah we do have a treadmill. I have been on the treadmill and the thing just scares me. I feel like I am going to bust my face open by falling or something. Besides for me personally nothing beats going out for walk and breathing in the polluated Milwaukee air.

I failed to mention that in April right before my birthday I will be going up to Green Bay to take a tour of the Packer hall of fame and of Lambeau Field. It is a Milwaukee County Zoo thing and we are going with them. Bus ride and food and whatnot is included in the price. Should be a fun time. My brother, his wife, and my nephews are going. Apparently we will actually be able to set foot on Lambeau Field. How cool is that? It is still 3 months away but I am looking forward to that.

Starting job hunting again. I really need a job and I need one soon. I am not even really concerned about the pay or whatever I just want to get back out there again. I can't go ahead with some of my future plans until I have a steady income again. I said to myself within 2 weeks I will have a job. Having confidence is key. I have always said "I hope" that I find something, screw that. Have the confidence and go make it happen! I did apply to the place where my nephew works and they noticed the last name right away and asked if I was related. So maybe that will help.

Still playing guitar a lot more then I use to. I am getting bored of Rocksmith though. Don't get me wrong I have learned a lot from the game but right now they just aren't adding stuff that I want to learn. I know I can just look up tabs and print them out and whatnot but the visual help that Rocksmith has offered me as been great. I would be happy if they added more stuff like Maiden, Metallica, and Sabbath. As long as I have songs that I have yet to master I will continue to play the game though.

Really nothing else to say atm. Maybe in the near future I will have more to say. Hopefully some good stuff too.


My Skin...It Burns!

Been a few days so I figured I would take some time to write something. I could write a blog ranting about the Packers and how much they failed this weekend but that wouldn't be very interesting and it would be kinda pointless seeing as how it is just a game anyways. Although I do have to say it was disappointing to see their season end for a second straight year with a miserable loss in the playoffs. I shall refrain from saying anything else about that as I just said it is just a game anyways, life goes on.

We went shopping yesterday and my stomach was bothering me. See I have been adding a bit more fiber to my diet and stupid me didn't realize that I should be drinking more then I do so what happens? My stomach gets upset. I won't get into those details though. So we are at the store and I determined that I had to use the bathroom. Ugh, public restrooms. So disgusting. After I was done I made sure to wash my hands really good. Can't be too careful now a days or can you? I must of washed my hands with soap at least 4 times before leaving. When I got home I still feel dirty so I went to wash my hands again. Well cause I over washed too much I started to develop a burning sensation on both wrists of both of my hands which later turned into a rash on my left wrist. Course I started freaking out. I mean the cellulitis thing scared me months prior so any little unusual reaction my body has I tend to freak out. My skin was red, bumpy, and had some lines in it. After reading a few things online I determined that I developed dermatitis. Nothing major thank God and so far today it has been ok.

I decided to make out an A-Z list of all the dvds we have. I did not know it was going to be such a time consuming process. Took me over 2 hours but at least now I know what dvds are laying around in the house. We have just under 250 movies. Not too shabby. Wonder how many of them I have yet to watch. Wouldn't be surprised if I haven't gone through half of them.

I was going through some old stuff of mine yesterday and came across some letters from a few friends. They dated back to 1998 and it got me thinking about that year in general. A lot of things happened to me in that year. Think I may actually blog about it. It is nothing that made me upset or whatever, it just made me think a lot about stuff that had happened. I don't dwell on things that have happened but I do look back at things and think about how everything has pieced together to where I am now. So if I write an upcoming blog titled 1998 you all will know why before even reading it.

January is just about halfway over with. I can not wait until it gets warmer outside. Warm weather means I will be able to go for walks on a more consistent basis, summer concert season, being able to drive around and do things, and I suppose I may throw in that it means women will be wearing less clothing. Hey I am a guy and I am single so I am allowed to look! I honestly do not mind the cold weather. I can still go for walks on occasion but dealing with the wind is what makes me not go for walks. It could be 20 degrees outside but if there is no wind I will still go for a walk. Sometimes that cold air is really refreshing. Either way warm weather, I can not wait until it gets here.

That is about all for now. Good that I am blogging a lot more again. Sure my blogs may seem pointless with little direction or me just rambling but what is wrong with that? At least I am expressing myself.


A Nightmare on...

How bout a blog inspired by Freddy Krueger. Over the years I have had a wide variety of things haunting my dreams. Aliens, demons, ghosts, my ex wife. Ok that last one was suppose to be a joke. There is one thing that has always tormented me in my dreams and that is Freddy Krueger. Yes I know the movies are fictional and I know that the story is fictional. It still hasn't helped me over the years. Freddy keeps on finding his way back into my dreams from time to time like last night.

I love horror movies. I have seen many horror movies over the years. Sometimes they bother me or screw with my mind a bit. Mainly movies with demons, ghosts, or anything to that effect. I know it is just my mind playing tricks on me or I am just overly thinking something is going to jump out at me. I know some people would understand but I think you would have to be me to understand me totally. I don't know if that made any sense but to me it makes perfect sense. See if you read back through my past blogs I have experienced a fair share of "paranormal activity" so when I watch a movie I tend to get a bit paranoid or whatnot. Horror movies such as Friday the 13th or Halloween have never bothered me. In fact some horror movies I just find humorous cause they are predictable or it is the same crap every movie. Freddy has always been different for me.

Don't get me wrong though I love the Nightmare on Elm Street movies. They just effect me differently then they may for other people. It started when I was a kid. I use to watch horror movies all the time as a kid. Probably not the best idea for a kid to watch blood and gore. Other kids are watching their cartoons and Sesame Street or whatever and I am watching people get murdered. Amazing I didn't turn out to be a serial killer huh? Anyhow I use to be able to watch the Freddy movies no problem until we moved to this house. It happened one night while I was sleeping on the couch in the living room. I woke up at some point late in the night and my brother was watching the first movie. It was at the part in the movie where Freddy was walking down the alley with his extended arms. I don't remember watching much more of the movie then that at the time. A few hours later I woke up screaming cause I was having a nightmare about Freddy.

This was the beginning of me having my dreams randomly invaded by Freddy. I remember once having a basketball dream and all of a sudden Freddy appeared and was getting interviewed or something. I would wake up and every time I went back to sleep he kept popping up regardless of what the dream was. It did not stop me from watching the movies though. I knew how they were going to effect me but it did not stop me from seeing them. I remember going to see Nightmare on Elm Street 4 in the theatre with my brother and his friends. I had my hand in front of my face almost the entire time. I saw a few other movies in the theater too.

Over the years the dreams started taking a different turn. Instead of Freddy trying to kill me he would at times try to get me to help him kill. There was one where I helped him slaughter a playground full of kids. I had my own glove too. Then there was another dream where he told me he would kill me if I didn't have sex with certain females. Naturally I decided that in order to save my life I would have to have lots of sex. There were many dreams over the years and quite a few of them containing some comedy value to them.

Then last night. We decided to watch the remake of A Nightmare on Elm Street. I am going to be honest and say I didn't think the movie was that bad when I first watched it but after another watch I don't care for it at all. The story is changed too much. Freddy looks and acts weird. It just is not Freddy without Robert Englund. I was prepared for what might end up being a long sleepless night. I did get an ok night of sleep but not without a return from Freddy in one of my dreams. I am not even sure what all was going on. I know he wanted to kill me but he was having a hard time doing it so he transformed into this good looking female. This female totally seduced me and we start having sex. I knew it was Freddy the entire time but this chick was really hot so I seemed powerless to stop. Some point during the middle of sex the claws were exposed and I got cut pretty good. I managed to get out of that and somehow I found this huge sword like thing and I managed to cut Freddy to death.

I know I am probably crazy for watching these movies considering how much they do actually effect me but I still find the movies enjoyable. The best way to overcome and conquer your fear is to face fear head on. If you can not face your fear you can not beat it. Maybe I have a fear of watching these movies but I will never overcome it if I totally avoid the movies. Now to apply this line of thinking to other things I may fear.



When in doubt about a blog title just take the numbers from what day it is and make it into a blog title. I admit I put too much thought sometimes into a blog title. I'll browse around my songs or quotes I like from movies or whatever else I can think of. I figure I be simple this time around instead of thinking of something for a few hours.

Not too much is going on atm but I still wanted to write anyways. I feel like it is important to me to keep this up to date as much as I can. Lets see how long this lasts though. The one good thing is I don't think I will ever run out of ideas even if they are silly, pointless, etc.

For Christmas I bought a blu ray player for myself to have upstairs. I mainly did it so I can watch netflix upstairs. It wasn't a very expensive one so it isn't really one of those high tech things. It is pretty nice though. Then on top of that I got a 50 dollar gift card to use and I ended up buying 8 movies on dvd. I am a dvd collector. Back in the day it use to be cds but with the invention of streaming music online I don't really buy cds anymore. Dvds though, I love watching movies and you know if you are ever bored and you think of something to watch it is nice to have the movie laying around. Not sure how many movies I have now but I am going to keep track of them in a binder so I know what I have and what I don't have. Pretty sure between me and my father we have at least 200 movies.

There is a flu scare here in Milwaukee. Supposedly like 1200 people are hospitalized atm due to the full. That is pretty crazy and scary. I understand that people have difficulties staying home from work or whatever due to strict restrictions from people but man this time of year if you are not feeling well stay at home. Plus what are people doing? Coughing on each other? Not washing their hands? People shouldn't need to be reminded about stuff a million times before it clicks. I just hope to make it through the flu season without getting anything. Few years back I wasn't so lucky but that one was because there was this thing going around the nursing home where my grandma was staying at and I just happen to be one of the ones to caught something. Then there was that incident after going to the Dells for a short vacation. I am pretty sure I had caught Legionnaire's disease. With how bad that disease can get I am pretty lucky I got through that without ever getting checked out. I was very sick for awhile.

Anyways on to happier stuff. I'm still playing guitar for at least a short period of time everyday. Been trying out new songs and picking up the bass a bit more on Rocksmith too. I still enjoy the game though it is missing some of my favorite bands such as Metallica, Maiden, and Sabbath. What happens in that game is they set you up with an event and you have to score a certain number on each song to qualify for playing the event. When you complete an event you unlock effects and whatnot. You can master songs. If you master a song you unlock master mode which means you can play the song without any visual help. The more you master the harder the game can get. Lets say you have a 3 song event at the end of the 3 songs they give you an encore song which is totally random. If you mastered a song sometimes they throw that song at you. Sucks if you master a song without really remembering it, has happened to me a few times now. It is a fun game though and a good tool for learning how to play songs. What I really like about it is being able to play along to songs. In all the years of playing or trying to play guitar I never played along to anything so that is one reason why I like and endorse the game for others to try.

I've been trying to get back on track with dieting and exercise. It is hard to find motivation during the winter to exercise but it has been ok weather here so this week I have been able to go for a few walks and when I am not doing that I try to get on the exercise bike at least. I have done good with the eating part. I am not perfect but for example my father has been making homemade cookies and we have had a bunch sitting on the kitchen table. I have not touched them since Sunday and as a testament to my willpower as I write this on my laptop at the kitchen table the bowl of cookies is right next to me. Temptation is right there but I refuse to eat them. Lets hope I can keep this up. Even if I slack on the exercise hopefully I keep up with the food aspect.

Alright I am going to go turn on Rocksmith for awhile and play some guitar. Hope everyone is doing good.


I got a feeling

Time for some big news! I met some random chick and got her pregnant over the weekend. Ok maybe not. Stuff like that would just never happen to me. Well maybe I shouldn't say never. Crazy shit does tend to happen from time to time. Anyways though I suppose I do have some biggish type news.

I started up playing WoW again back in August. I had went about 15 months without playing it. Got back into my old guild and was raiding again with the new expansion that had come out. The thing is towards the end of November I noticed that I was once again spending too much time on the game and sorta neglecting some things again. So I started drifting away from the game a bit again. This past week I had been questioning myself about what was more important to me. Do I want to continue to play a game where ok I can possibly meet people but not have any real life reward or can I devote my time to doing something that I find worth while like making more time for stuff like playing guitar or my writing. I finally answered that question on Friday. It was a no brainer. It is time to give up my online gaming again. I can't say I completely neglected my life this time around playing WoW. I mean on the day the expansion came out that is the day I got my license. Right now though my priorities have been drifting away from needing to be on a MMO. So yeah that was the big news. Maybe not big to some people but it is my blog and I decide what is important and what isn't.

The NFL playoffs started this weekend. My prediction for the super bowl since like before the season was the Broncos and Packers. I still stand by that right now. The Packers play the 49ers next weekend. It is going to be a tough game but it is a game we can win I believe. My prediction for the NFC championship game is the Seahawks and the Packers. I believe many people want to see a rematch of those two teams after "the failmary" incident in week 3 of this season. I know as a Packer fan I certainly want to see the Pack get some revenge.

Been feeling a little bit off as of late. I think it has to do with my anxiety and I have been kinda neglecting my diet. So in an attempt to shake it a bit I think despite the cold and whatnot I am going to attempt to go back to walking this week. Walking has been like the best thing for me these past few months and since I haven't really went out for one lately I think it has been messing with me a bit. Plus I need to get back to better dieting. The holiday season got me off track a bit and I kinda hate myself right now.

Anyways think I am going to stop there and go play some guitar for a bit. See I am making good use of my Sunday night, writing and then some guitar playing. I think this upcoming week is going to be a good one. I am not entirely sure why, it is just one of those feelings.



Today is 1/3/13 which if you put the numbers together it is 1313 which is my home address. Cool huh? Hey it gives me an excuse to write a blog at least. The number 13 has always been a big deal in my family and in my own life. If I knew why I would tell you all but I don't necessarily understand it myself. It is just one of those weird things. I believe I have talked about it in an earlier blog or blogs at some point.

I feel my anxiety coming back a bit. I am pretty sure it has to do with me not really going for walks at the moment. Walking in winter time in Wisconsin is pretty difficult to do with the snow and the cold temperatures. Walking is something that I have really come to enjoy. Kinda eases my mind and gets me thinking I suppose. Since I can't really do it right now I find myself feeling more anxious then I was. I guess I have to find other things to occupy my mind. Writing would be a good start huh? This is really the main reason why I dislike winter in Wisconsin, it cuts into my walking time. I suppose we do have a treadmill but I really did not feel comfortable with it when I went on it. We have an exercise bike too. I probably will be using that a bit more until I can go out for regular walks again.

I always have weird dreams or sometimes borderline nightmares. Occasionally you get that one or two dreams that you really like and wish that they were for real. Last night was one of those nights that I had a few dreams that I really liked. The first one had to do with me being back at Sentry but it really wasn't Sentry anymore. I guess I was new working there or whatever but there was this girl who was training me and whatnot or I was helping her out. Frankly I am unsure if I was working in this place or whatnot. We hit it off though. Teasing each other and flirting with each other. She said to me that outside of work she would like to get to know me better and hang out with me which is exactly what we did. We ended up dating for a long time and towards the end of my dream it looked like we were heading towards marriage. It was a rather nice dream. Time seemed to go by pretty fast in the dream too. There was another one where I was in some sort of food place and there was this girl there with friends and whatnot. We kept looking at each other and smiling at each other. At one point she came over with her friends and we all started talking. She invited me to some party. The one specific thing I remember about this dream is as she was walking away she was singing a song and she would look back and smile at me. Once again a rather nice dream. I believe sometimes our dreams show us our deepest desires and in a way the dream is trying to tell us that in the end with hard work and a lot of patience we can get what we want. At least that is how I look at things. So I woke up this morning in a good mood but I felt a bit bummed at the same time cause at least one of those dreams would be a nice reality. Who is to say that it won't be reality one day?

Well that is about all that is going on with me at the moment. I have been playing a bit more guitar the last few days. Now to just keep it up. My goal at the moment is to play at least 2 hours a day. Remember one of my predictions for this year was I was going to play guitar more. That is one prediction that I am totally in control of forfilling. Here is to hoping that I have some big news the next time I blog.