Pizza burn

Everyone has heard of rope burn or rug burn but what about pizza burn? My thought to this I guess was how the hell do you burn yourself on a piece of pizza? Apparently it is more common then I had thought. People get anxious to eat a hot fresh piece of pizza without even realizing there is an actual danger of burning the inside of your mouth if it is too hot. Sounds really silly though right? Trust me it can and it will happen.

This past Saturday I decided to have some leftover pizza. Stuffed crust five meat pizza. Sounds good right? Well since it was stuffed and I had to rewarm it I had to keep it in the microwave for longer then usual. Anyways I go to take a bite of the pizza and holy shit was it hot. Like I don't think I've ever burnt my mouth like that before. I immediately spit out my food. What I should of did right away was get an ice cube in my mouth to help out but I didn't do that until later on. Anyways I continued eating and wasn't really concerned about my mouth.

As the night went on my mouth, well I don't know how to really even describe the pain. It was a major discomfort and anything I did hurt. I did put an ice cube in my mouth and tried to go on like it was business as usual. I did at least check my mouth to see if things seemed ok. Don't think I checked it good enough to be totally honest.

Sunday morning when I woke up I had terrible discomfort in my mouth. Hurt like hell and was very difficult to swallow anything. This time I decided to take a flashlight and see what my mouth looked like. You can tell where I burnt my mouth. Near the back off my mouth on top kinda near the right side of my mouth it was not only red but there was a nice big white blister from where apparently I scorched my mouth. Course with my anxiety I was like well what the fuck am I going to do? I start freaking out when I was reading stuff online about it. Word of advice, when something happens never go to the internet to find your answers. This is something that I know from previous experience but I still do it anyways. However I did find some helpful advice about it and found out I can treat it without having to go to urgent care or go to the ER.

Sunday was a bit of a rough day. Had to really be careful about what I ate. I was constantly sucking on ice cubes. I also saw that using warm water with half a tablespoon of salt helps the healing process so I was doing that quite a bit. Just do not swallow the water or salt cause it can get you sick. I also went to the store and bought some ice cream type stuff. Anything to sorta numb the mouth to get rid of the pain. Oh yeah and some pain pills too.

After a rough Sunday, Monday was a bit better. My methods of dealing with this were working. The big white blister was basically gone just now dealing with some annoying discomfort and soreness. Tuesday basically the same and then yesterday the affected area was smaller.

Today the affected area is still a little bit red but the area in general is a lot smaller then what it was. Not a lot of pain when doing anything so that is good. Overall I dodged a bullet cause it could of been a lot worse. I could of been dealing with the area getting infected and whatnot but that did not happen.

Moral of the story I guess would be don't think  you are immune to anything and even something that might seem or sound silly can have some bad consequences. Oh and don't forget to blow on the pizza if it is too hot before deciding to eat on it. You will thank me later cause you definitely don't want to burn the inside of your mouth. Or you could just avoid all this shit completely by not eating pizza. Who really would want to give up pizza though? Not this guy.


U mad bro?

Who hasn't dealt with some sort of internet drama? I think at some point in time we all have. It seems to follow me. I try to stay away from it. Even with my attitude changing over the past year and a half I still manage to find myself in situations in which I would just rather toss aside. Most of the crap comes from dealing with MMOs. I love playing the MMOs but the type of people I come across I can do without. What I'm about to write is a situation that happened a couple of months ago.

In early October we were trying to get a raid together and we came across some guys who seemed cool and they knew what they were doing. We got them into the guild and since they seemed to be pretty knowledgeable about things we wanted to make them raid leaders. At the time I was the one organizing the raids and whatnot so one Wednesday I decide to remind people about the raid that was coming up and this guy who hadn't even been in the guild for a week, I will refer to him as asshole #1 for now on, comes in and calls me out for scheduling a raid and how he is the one who does it. Course I felt a bit offended and was like um wtf. So without getting into the full story we had a talk that night and I was basically laughed at and told how my reaction was stupid. I decided to try to let it go and coexist cause I knew how much people wanted to raid. I decided to sit out raid on that Friday night and sent this guy a note wishing good luck and whatnot.

On the following Monday is when things took a turn. We have our Old School raid night on Mondays and during Old School raid night his buddies were in raid and basically whatever they didn't want to do we didn't do. It was not a fun run at all. We do that night to have fun and hangout but all it ended up doing was pissing people off. A bit later on asshole#1 logs on. Oh before I go on I had a talk with Stacey (our gm) and Sarah (one of the officers) bout our raid nights and I wanted them to think about being more flexible with the scheduling. Well anyways asshole#1 knowing that I had talked about this sends me a message stating the fact that he is the raid leader and they will raid when he says so. He went on to say that he doesn't raid with people he doesn't like so I won't be raiding at all, etc. Biting my tongue with the whole situation all I said was ok and he responded with I'm glad that you understand. Course I was pissed off and knew that I had to talk to Stacey.

Instead of talking to Stacey I just kept stalling. I knew she was friendly with all these guys so I didn't know how the reaction was going to be. I was already preparing myself for possibly leaving the game again. I know I am going to deal with assholes like this but in the end is it really worth it? On Wednesday asshole#2, the friend to asshole#1 decides to send me a message. Mind you I haven't said anything to anyone. He starts yelling at me about the bullshit rules in the guild and how for being 34 years old I am a pussy cause I won't fight back with anyone and how he was more mature then me cause at least he is willing to fight or whatever. I look back at that conversation and just laugh now. Are you serious? Calling me out cause I won't get in a war of words with someone on WoW? Anyways I ended up logging off and kinda staying off the game for the next few days.

Saturday night I was on the game and asshole#1 decided to message me yet again. Trying to tell me that there was all sorts of shit talking going. All the officers were talking shit about each other and it was a matter of time before things started to fall apart. He then went on to state again how he was the raid leader and he could do what he wants and I couldn't do anything about it. I didn't respond cause it was pretty obvious what these guys were doing. They were trying to get us to distrust one another and paranoid that we were all talking shit behind each others backs. I don't think they thought that we might actually talk to each other about what was going on.

After I found out they were saying stuff to Sarah too I decided that we should finally have a talk. So on that Sunday morning we all got on skype and had a nice long talk about what was going on. I told them what was being said to me. Found out a bunch of stuff that was being said to the both of them. We decided that the best course of action would be to get rid of the problem before it gets any worse. So I did not hesitate to be the one who kicked all of their asses out of the guild.

Later on that day while roaming around in Shrine of the Two Moons I saw asshole#1 standing there so I decided to go up to him and give him a hug. In the end he thought he was untouchable and nothing would be done about the bullshit he was spewing but I guess he forgot that I had some say about who comes and goes in the guild.

Asshole#2 messaged me later that night and said some stuff again about me being a pussy and how the guild was going to fail cause no one knows how to run a guild. He logged off before I had a chance to respond with "u mad bro?". In all honesty through the entire situation that should of been my response. Maybe in future situations I will use it.

Oh and since then there has been a bit more drama but the question really is, when isn't there drama being dealt with? On WoW or well any MMO for that matter you are exposed to it on a daily basis. Either you chose to ignore it and move on or you write about it a few months later and laugh.


800 degrees

I disappeared from my blog for awhile, again! Common theme I suppose. Not that I haven't wanted to write just you know. Wouldn't call it writer's block either. Oh I know what it is! It is called laziness. Anyways here I am with an update of life.

Actually things have been kinda boring and quiet. Isn't that a good thing though? Means I should have little to bitch about or anything to really be dramatic about.

We are in the month of November and I am sure I've said it before but this is one of my least favorite months but that hasn't even really effected me too much this time around. No use in dwelling on what can't be changed, right? I think I go through this every November to be honest. My mood has been pretty good this month so far. I intend on keeping it that way.

Been on WoW quite a bit. Helping co-run a guild and now admin on a new facebook page for the guild. Keeps me busy but I am not on the game 24/7. This is a good thing. I spend way too much time on that game the way it is. Whats different with the Nick of today compared to the Nick of a few years back is I can and I will log off the game when I want to. Yes folks that is actually a big step in the right direction!

Rocksmith 2014 came out. This got me into playing guitar and my bass a bit more over recent weeks. Course at one point I was playing so much and not using proper posture and my hurt my arm and my shoulder. That was a bitch. Could barely move it. Couldn't lift my arm over my head either. No pain no gain right? I love Rocksmith 2014. The new features in the game make guitar playing enjoyable. I love the riff repeater in the game. You can slow down and learn certain sections of a song and go at your own pace. I've been challenging myself with trying to learn all of Rush-YYZ. I will one day learn that entire song. I stil maintain that Rocksmith is a great learning tool for anyone looking to play guitar or bass.

My obsession with fire. Haven't used the fire pit as much as I would like to lately but I've still went over by my sister's house for an occasional fire. Starting to get close to winter now so the time to do stuff like that is declining. Still something therapeutic about sitting outside by a fire and just watching it. Sorta memorizing to me. Few weeks back we decided to have one last cookout and we were having a hard time getting the fire to stay lit. It was windy and kinda chilly out. Anyways I kept pouring more lighter fluid on the charcoal to get some big flames. Yes very bad idea but I wanted to see fire! Anyways after awhile we got an ok fire going. I put wood chips on top of the charcoal after I took the grates off and I oiled the living hell out of them. When we put the grates back on we had one of the biggest fires I've ever seen on our grill. When we closed the grill to start cooking food the temperature reached nearly 800 degrees. On the plus side the food got done fast. Negative side some of it kinda burned too fast. We have never got the grill that hot before and the flames that were shooting out were some of the biggest I've seen. What can I say? I like fire.

Guess that it is all for now. I keep getting distracted. The disadvantage of writing a blog while having facebook open and chatting to people is that I tend to lose my train of thought for my blog. That is ok though. I will be back soon as I have another blog already planned out.


Friday October 11th

There is something about a Friday falling on October 11th for me. In the past 17 years this has only occurred two times before today and those two days were significant events in my life. It is said to leave the past in the past but what about good memories? There is nothing wrong with dragging up good memories especially if you consider them to have some impact on your life. So I will write a bit about the two days in question.

October 11th, 1996. The night of my first Marilyn Manson concert. How can a concert be a life changing event? Trust me, it can. I was excited about going to a show with a bunch of people but I did not know what to expect. I just knew a lot of freaky people listened to Manson and people dressed weird and whatnot. I also only knew two Manson songs but a few months before this I went to a Ministry concert without knowing much of their music and they also turned out to be one of my favorite bands too so I was willing to take a chance.

The Manson concert was amazing. I enjoyed the music and the show a lot. By the end of the show it didn't matter if I knew the songs I was getting into the music. This show changed a lot for me. Manson became one of my favorite artists and normally I go out and buy every new album when it comes out. I've seen him a total of three times in concert. Not only do I like the music but the lyrics in the songs. They have helped me through some tough times in my life. It also taught me that I shouldn't take everything at face value and it is ok to question things. The Manson concert played a key role in my life up to now.

Friday October 11th, 2002. I was always interested in the paranormal. I grew up in "a haunted house" and had many experiences throughout the years even outside of that house. I liked telling ghost stories to people and at the time I started looking up haunted places in Florida. Hell if I was that interested I may as well go out and adventure, right?

That night I was reading paranormal stuff and was reading about how pictures can show stuff that can be considered paranormal. So I decided to browse through my stuff and I was shocked at what I found. There was a picture and in the upper corner there was a face of someone or something. I know that cameras can glitch out and whatnot but then I looked at the date of the picture. Feb 3rd 2001...3 year anniversary of my mother's death. I was all excited that I had found something and had to show everyone right away. This is the convincing that I needed to go out "ghost hunting".

We set out that night with flashlights and a video camera and decided to explore the Witch's Road in West Palm Beach. We must of looked like a bunch of idiots driving down this road that is supposedly haunted by some witch but we didn't care. We were having fun. We were taunting this witch to come out and do something. Then it happened. Strange noise. We all freaked out. It was said at the time that there was nothing in the road that was possible of making the noise we heard but later it was confirmed we drove over a tree branch and our friend did not want to say anything.

We then went to a local cemetery. In the cemetery there was a mist that kept forming and disappearing and looked to be taking the shapes of things. I am not convinced that it was anything paranormal but it was the only "foggy" place in Palm Beach that night. Could of been from the sprinkler system. It was enough to freak us out and make us believe that ghosts are out there.

I still have the video tape from that night. Although I haven't watched it much recently it is a reminder of the good times I had while I was in Florida and a reminder of what really sparked my interest in the paranormal. I don't do nearly enough with the paranormal as of late. I do live in a house that has stuff constantly going on but I rarely mention it. I've gotten use to the knocking on the wall, the foot steps, lights turning on and off, seeing shadows out of the corner of my eye, my couch shaking in the middle of the night, etc. It is a part of daily life for me and I am ok with it.

Had I never found that picture I don't think I would of gotten so involved in the paranormal so I will never forget that night 11 years ago.

I guess everyone is wondering what or if anything special happened this year since October 11th fell on a Friday. The day is not over with yet but nothing really major has happened today. Actually that is not entirely true. I've had some time to do some reflections and think about what has been troubling me lately. I won't go into a lot of detail about it right now but I came to a conclusion today. My conclusion is that even if I say I will be alone forever that I won't be alone forever.


Feeding a Giraffe

Today I got to do something that I've never done before. I will get to that soon. Right now I am in Green Bay enjoying a short vacation. Our hotel is only a few miles from Lambeau Field. It is a decent place. Not as big or glamorous as the place we stay at in Wisconsin Dells but it is still pretty nice. Water park in the hotel and in the lobby there is a bar and restaurant area. Perfect for Packer games. We are only here until tomorrow and then we venture back home. I always like vacations though. It is nice to just get away and think a few things over and attempt to get back to where I was. Plus this trip has had a few funny moments.

We went to the Green Bay zoo today. The place is really nice. It is a smaller place but there is a decent amount of animals there and really it is an inexpensive zoo. It has a more outdoor feel to it then the Milwaukee zoo. Don't get me wrong I love that zoo but the Green Bay zoo makes you feel like you are out in the wild. Animals seem to be more active at this zoo too. I highly recommend it if people are in the Green Bay area.

Best part was the Giraffe exhibit. They have an area where you walk up to and can get close and personal to them. You can feed them and pet them. I thought that was pretty awesome. There was a lady that was feeding and petting them and then the woman working there asked if I wanted to feed them and pet them. I hesitated at first but was like eh why not. They seem to be harmless. So I had a female Giraffe eat from my hands today and I got to pet one. Something that I had never done before and something I will totally not forget either. Being that close to something so beautiful and looking into her eyes and almost sensing an appreciation for me feeding her was really special. I am an animal lover. Sometimes I think I love animals more then I love humans. Starting to think doing something animal related as a career might be my calling. So this was definitely my highlight of anything that has went on lately.

It has been amusing driving around with my father though. Many wrong turns or pulling into the wrong parking lot so far, missing turns, etc. A typical Kendzierski road trip. Also was a weird trip to get up here. No cows on any of the farm land we seen, very little road kill which for Wisconsin is unusual, and then there was a section of roads without any highway signs. Seriously? Did I just enter the twilight zone or something?

Oh yeah can't forget about my fall either. We are in the hotel room and the fire alarms start going off which ended up being like a false alarm or something but anyways I am staying in the loft area upstairs and to get upstairs there is a big step which leads to more steps. Well anyways due to me not paying attention and wondering what the hell was going on I stumbled on the big step and went flying into the wall. I am ok. I laughed quite a bit about it. I am sore in random places though cause of my fall. Was pretty funny though.

Other then falling into a wall, a few wrong turns, no cows or road kill, and missing road signs this has been a decent few days vacation. Feeding the Giraffe though was definitely a highlight that I won't forget anytime soon.


The Zoo

The zoo is one place that I always loved to go to. I love animals. In fact I think sometimes I love animals more then I love humans. Here in Milwaukee we have a pretty big zoo. Not as big as some other major cities but it is pretty decent.

Few months ago when my father was thinking about renewing his zoo card he was considering not renewing it because we don't go very often. It is hard for him to walk around at the zoo. He gets tired easily. I suggested to him since I finally started to drive that maybe it was time to put the card in my name. I don't think I had ever went to the zoo without my father being there but since he has a hard time walking around it made sense for me to take ownership of the card and that way I could have another guest go with me.

When I was younger I would get so excited about going to the zoo. I remember when we had planned days to go there I would wake up super early. It was like a second Christmas for me. I'd be awake at like 5:30 in the morning trying to wake my parents up so we could get ready to the zoo. Mind you it doesn't open until like 9am. Didn't care. Was so excited to go. Some of my favorite things to see were monkey island, the big cat house, and the polar bears. My parents had adopted a polar bear for me from the zoo when I was really young. Think the polar bear was named Miska. I always loved the jaguars too. They were always my favorite big cat. Two things that we always did was get to the big cat house around their feeding time and we would always go to the lake area and feed the ducks popcorn. Such good times.

This past Saturday was a day of firsts for me. First time driving on the freeway since I got my license. First time going to the zoo by myself. I wasn't exactly by myself. My sister Cindy went with me but it was the first time I had to drive to the zoo on my own. Was a bit nervous but I handled driving on the freeway just fine. The zoo itself was pretty crowded. It was also a Saturday so I am not surprised by that. I don't necessarily like big crowds but I don't let it stop me from enjoying stuff.

The zoo was fun. It was warm outside and that sun was beating down on me. Thank God for sun tan lotion cause I would of been burnt. Lots of the animals were laying around doing nothing or in hiding to where we couldn't see them. The elephants were active. They were doing an elephant show type thing and they were doing tricks. Was pretty cool. One of the black bears was laying in the water on his back. It was cute and funny. Other then that I don't recall any other animals doing much of anything. Oh the hippo was swimming around and occasionally came up for air very slowly. He was like teasing us with brief appearances. I was a bit disappointed with the big cat house. Over the years it has been remodeled and I don't like it. It was too crowded in there for one thing and there is barely a lot of walking room cause of being overcrowded. Back in the day they had a ton of different big cats and now it just seems as if they are focused on having a few. My favorite building at the zoo has turned into a disappointment. Don't get me wrong, I still like seeing the animals just I don't like what they have done to the big cat house.

Overall though the zoo is still fun. I still really enjoy it there. I can't wait to go back in a few months to check it out during the fall and heck maybe even possibly during the winter. For those of you ever planning on coming to Wisconsin or specifically Milwaukee in the future the zoo is one place I recommend you check out. You won't be disappointed.


What a week

Couple of weeks ago my father had to be taken to the emergency room two times. He also had an overnight stay one night too. It was a bit of a hectic week for me, well us actually. Managed to make it out ok though.

On Monday morning two weeks ago my father was having difficulty with a nose bleed. I guess it was acting up over the weekend and by Monday he was just starting to drip blood. This was a concern because he is on blood thinners now and a nose bleed is not really that great of a sign. For a few hours it was going on and I finally said something to him about maybe going to get it checked out. Finally he had called the doctor and it was suggested he go to the ER or to urgent care. He decided on the ER and I had to drive him there.

First time driving someone in an emergency situation. Other then my terrible backing out job of the driveway I held it together fine. Our driveway sucks and so many other people have had a hard time backing in and out of the driveway. It is just really narrow and the approach sucks. Anyways other then almost taking out the garbage can and the recycling bin I did fine under pressure. Oh and plus it was the first time my father was in the car with me while driving. I had heard horror stories about how he reacted when he was with his other kids while driving.

We get to the emergency room and of course there was a bit of a wait until he could sign in and whatnot. Of course by the time we got there his nose wasn't really bleeding anymore. He got into an examination room and the doctor came in to see him. Might I add that before hand he was making friendly conversation with the nurses and other people there and one of them had said something about how they wanted to hire him so he can cheer people up. That is my father though, he will talk to anybody. The doctor comes in to see him and he checks everything out. Since the bleeding had stopped by then there was not much else they could do for him other then to give him some nose clamps. They had to make sure that it was safe to let him go home so he sat there for a good 20-30 mins with the nose clamp on. There was really no further bleeding so they let him go on his way.

Tuesday night around 10pm or so his nose bleed came back. Think it was around that time. This time it was much worse. He was bleeding so much that he was swallowing blood and then kinda throwing it up. He woke me up like around 1am to tell me what was going on. He was getting blood all over the place. Bed, clothes, pillows, floor, etc. He said he didn't want to go back to the ER at that time so he would wait and see how he was in a few hours. So by 6:15 in the morning I heard him calling for me. His nose seemed to have gotten worse. Again there was blood all over and he was pouring out blood. I quick got some clothes on and I drove him back to the ER. He also had a bit of blood in his poop this time too. Makes sense, he was swallowing blood.

So we are back at the ER Wednesday morning. Really time consuming process. Sitting around waiting on doctors and whatnot. Of course my father forgets one thing. He forgot his teeth. My father has false teeth and in the rush to get to the hospital he forgot to bring his teeth with. Good thing he didn't really need them. They were trying to get his bleeding under control. Did a bunch of stuff and pulled out some junk for his nose which I may add was rather disgusting. It took awhile but the bleeding finally got under control without having to pack it. The doctor was concerned a bit about the blood that was in his poop. So he was wanting to admit him to the hospital just to stay overnight for observation. Other then the bloody nose and the concerns over the blood he was doing fine. He was bored and just you know wishing he was not there. By the time he got up to the room and started to get settled in it was five hours later.

That day ended up being a pretty long day for me. At the hospital around 630am. My father told me I could go at anytime but I was not going to leave him alone in the emergency room. I got back home a little bit after noon that day. I got back at the hospital around 1pm. I had to bring my father his teeth. I stayed until about 2:30 or so. Got home a bit before 3. I left again around 4pm. Went to the bank and quick ran to the store. Got back up the hospital about 4:30 and stayed there until 6:45pm and finally got home for the night around 7pm. I was pretty beat by then. It appeared that he was only going to have an overnight stay. He had seen a ton of different doctors and whatnot. They wanted him to go for a stress test but other then that he seemed like he was good to go for only an overnight visit. When I got home I ordered some food, took a shower, and I passed out around 10pm and slept for at least a good nine hours that night. Like I said I was wiped out.

Thursday I spent most of the morning by the phone. My father was going for a stress test around 11am and then at any time after that he could be coming home. He called around 12:30pm. He didn't know when he was going to get released but said I could come up there at any time. So I got there. A few nurse visits. Nurse going over medications and changes. Few other things. A walk down the hallway at the hospital and finally he was released to go home around 2:45pm. By the time he was released there wasn't much activity going on in his nose which was a good sign. They decided to reduce the numbers on what he takes for his blood thinners.

The following day he called his normal doctor and his normal doctor wanted to see him. No rest from doctors and whatnot just yet. It was a short visit however just trying to adjust medications and generally talking about what had happened. Thankfully it was a short visit.

They wanted him to follow up with the heart doctor and then to eventually get his colon checked out before the end of the year. Today he went back to the heart doctor and his stress test showed that he is doing fine. Which other then the nose bleed he is doing fine for the most part. He has his moments where he may do a little bit too much and he has to stop and rest but other then that he is doing ok. Of course I still worry about him. I mean he is my dad after all and I love him.

So that was my week a few weeks back. I should be thankful that it turned out to be nothing way too serious. Stuff like this will happen from time to time to test a person to see how well they can handle the stress and whatnot. I think I did great. Might I add in that it is a good thing that I am still at home to help out my father when he needs it.


Burning Memories

Last week I took a bit of a trip down memory lane and browsed through my high school yearbooks. High school was a mixed bag for me. I had my share of good moments and then some that I would like to forget. It is evident just by what some people said to me in my yearbook. Had some people telling me I was a great guy and then some people telling me that I was the devil and I should go kill people and sacrifice them to Satan. One of the best ones in my opinion was one dude who told me that he couldn't talk to me anymore unless I went through therapy. Was I really that bad? I think I was at a confused time in my life. I didn't know how to deal with depression and all the shit that my mom was going through so I didn't really know how I should act. Sadly after four and a half years of high school I dropped out shortly after my mom had passed away. If there is anything I regret it is that I dropped out.

Back in high school I was first in plumbing and then went to wood shop. Plumbing didn't work out for me mainly cause the teacher was a fucking douche bag. I understand that there was a certain due date for projects but I fell so far behind that no matter how much time and effort I put into trying to catch up I couldn't. It is not that I didn't know what I was doing. For example in all three marking periods of the first semester I failed each marking period but on the final exam I got a B. He had a choice to either flunk me or pass me because of how well I did on the exam and he decided to flunk me. Once you flunk a semester of shop the entire year is screwed up. So the second semester I didn't even try. The next year I went into wood shop. I liked wood shop. It was more laid back and as long as you did work you passed. I also got along pretty well with my teacher Mr. Walkner. He was suppose to be my teacher for the following year but that did not work out. We had talked about the possibility of me building my own guitar. Sounded cool in theory at least. Never happened. I never really finished any of my projects that I was doing in wood shop. I don't think I was cut out for cabinetmaking. I probably should of went into carpentry or something. Anyways one thing I did make was a mallet. I worked hard to make that mallet look good. Think I got like a B on it or something, not entirely sure now. I ended up giving it to my father and in the garage it sat for the next seventeen years.

I recently discovered I have an obsession with burning things in a fire pit. I haven't been out there too much lately but after spending time outside by the fire pit by my sister Cindy's house I discovered I really enjoyed being outside by a fire. I convinced my father that we should get another fire pit. He had one before but for whatever reason he decided that he wanted to get rid of it. Typical of my father to get something and then get rid of it. He even got rid of all of our snow blowers. Yeah I am fine with just shoveling but it was nice to have a snow blower option. Anyway two weeks ago we ended up getting our own fire pit cause I felt like we should have one again.

Couple of years ago, well actually shortly after my sister Mary died I had decided it was time to get rid of the box of letters that me and Jen wrote back and forth to each other before we actually got together in person. Before she left me and divorced me she had left all of the letters with me, including all of them that I had written to her. Of course I started reading some of them but then I decided it was time to move on and get rid of all of these memories. So one morning when my father had the old fire pit I put all of the old letters in there and we burned them all. Included in all of the letters were birthday cards, Xmas cards, Valentine's day cards, etc. It was sorta like therapy burning all those memories away.

When I built the fire pit a couple of weeks ago we decided to find some stuff to burn right away. We had some branches from the tree in front and we had bought a few pieces of wood from Pick'N'Save to burn. We were searching in the garage for things to possibly burn. There was an old baseball bat of mine from like twenty years ago or so when I was on a softball team and I was playing baseball with my friends all the time. There were some other things like an old broom that was basically useless. I came across the mallet that I had made back in high school. Still sitting there on the shelve. It had never been used since the day it was put in the garage. I probably touched it a few times over the years to tell people that hey this is one thing that I made back in wood shop in high school but that was the extent of any use that it got. I decided that the mallet would be good to put in the pit and set on fire. Ultimately even though I did ok in wood shop it was another failure of mine because I did not go any further with that in high school and after high school. It was time to burn away another memory of mine. I put it in the pit and watch it go up in flames.

If only it was so easy to cast away all bad memories into the fire and watch them burn and fade away. The thing is throwing away memories can be simple to do but we choose to hang onto them for whatever reason. Maybe we like torturing ourselves? Maybe we keep them around as a constant reminder of how things could of been or how we should of done things differently? I don't think it is necessary to cast away everything but only as long as you find the positives in whatever it is. Sure I refer to the past but I try not to dwell on the negative. Dwelling on the past and the negatives do you no good. Sometimes it is just good to burn those memories away.

10 Keys

Almost eight years ago I left Florida to come back to Milwaukee. Milwaukee isn't too bad but I admit I miss Florida. Yeah I had some rough times living in Florida but I've had rough times living anywhere I have lived. Florida though was fun and I met some great people while I was living there. It also was the last time I lived out on my own so yeah of course a part of me misses that. One day it is possible that I may go back down there but for now I am content with where I am.

On my key chain I've been carrying a ton of keys that I no longer have use for. Not entirely sure why. Memories maybe? Or I was just too lazy to sort through them and decide what wasn't need anymore. Since I've been driving more I have had two separate key chains. One is for the house and the car and then the other one with all of these now useless keys. I thought to myself that it is retarded to have separate key chains and it was time to go through them.

A few weekends back I finally got all my keys together and decided to go through them. My main key chain that I was not using cause of all the useless crap has Darth Maul, Darth Vader, a gargoyle, and my WoW authenticator on it. I wanted everything to be on just one thing though. All together I had seventeen keys and after going through all of them ten of them I no longer had use for.

The ten keys that I was about to shoot out were all keys that I had while I was living in Florida. I am not entirely sure what all of them were for now but I know one was for the old car me and Jen had, one I believe was for her father's house, one was my old apartment, and I know one or two of them were for our mailbox. The rest of them I am not sure what they were for. They all found a new home in the garbage as none of them I have no further use for.

After eight years ten keys that held onto my past in Florida are now gone. Not like those keys made me recall bad memories of living there but it was time to get rid of them. Like any bad memories that I have of Florida they are now useless and was time to dispose of them.



My 200th blog. Most people from what I have seen write a few things and then get bored or whatever cause of lack of support or whatever the reason may be. Here I am 12 years since my very first blog and I am still writing regardless of who sees what or who comments. Technically this is my 200th entry on this blog but if you add up all the pieces of writing that I have done since my very first blog on livejournal back in 2001 and then me moving over to myspace blogging back in 2005 I have written well over 1000 blogs. Too bad most everything that I wrote before starting this specific blog is now gone. I regret getting rid of everything at times but I kept going back and rereading this crap and to be honest I didn't like who I was for a long period of time so a lot of what I had written I did not like so I felt that I had to throw away that part of my life. Not the first time I've thrown away apart of me and I am sure it won't be the last time.

Haters, they say if you have haters that means that you are doing something right. Sure my life is not figured out and there are tons of things I should do differently but my life is just not that bad. I have abolished most of the negativity that was creating havoc in my life and yeah that is not entirely easy but I have done good with that. This summer I've finally become a bit more independent due to me going out on my own and driving places. I never liked relying on people to cart my ass from one side of town to the next so it has been rather nice going out and about on my own. Like I said I don't have everything figured out just yet. I am a work in progress and I will figure it out one day. I have a few haters though and I felt I should say something at least to all the people who either don't like me or have things to say about me behind my back. My message to them? You can fuck off. Don't act like you are perfect and have everything figured out in life because honestly very few people have everything figured out. Most people have their own ups and downs and struggle with many things. Instead of worrying about what I am doing worry about yourself. If you feel the need to continue to spew the shit at me though it is fine cause yeah I may get angry or upset but I am just going to use that as motivation to do my thing. I have never believed that I am better then anyone else or that I am perfect and have no flaws or faults at all. What makes me different then a lot of people is I can admit these things. Some of the people flinging their shit at me, can you? Can you admit your wrong doings, your fuckups, or take responisibility or blame for any of your actions?

Enough of that cause I think I made my point. As I said I have been out and about by myself more this summer then ever. Mainly been hanging out with my sister Cindy. Every Saturday we seem to be doing something. Last weekend was just a hang out in front of the tv and watch a movie night. Prior weeks we have had a bonfire in her backyard. So nice sitting out listening to music out by a fire pit. It has become one of my favorite things to do. In fact we got our very own fire pit and last week I sat outside a few times setting stuff on fire. I am pretty sure the neighbors hate me as smoke went pouring through their windows at one point last week. This weekend we are going to be going to Wisconsin state fair. Should be a good time and the weather looks like it is going to be great for it too.

I've decided to quit WoW once again. I think this is the sixth time. I can never say that these things are permanent though. There is just something that keeps drawing me back to that game. I am not even sure if I really am going to quit, I mean my account runs out on like the 21st or something but I am sold on the idea of just giving it up again for awhile. We'll see what happens. I have been pretty quiet about my account running out cause I am sure a few people will be like "wtf Nick, why?". It shouldn't be something new or surprising though. I mean this is like the sixth time I have unsubscribed.

Been slacking with the dieting in the past few months. I am still walking though so that is a plus but yeah haven't been doing good with watching what I eat. I am trying to change that for this upcoming month but temptation is there. I just have to resist it. I need to do more exercising then just walking. I was going to but I never got around to it, I think I need to change that. What a great time to start seeing as how we just started a new month. I'll keep my blog updated with my progress.

I also have been slacking on guitar playing. Ugh Nick! You were doing so well. I think because Rocksmith has pretty much stopped production on the game with new songs and such to work on Rocksmith 2014, which btw has a pretty awesome track list so far. I was playing like 1-2 hours a day and I need to get back into that habit again. I love playing music so I need to get back into it again.

So there was blog number 200. I have some other blogs brewing in my head atm, I just didn't want to add all that stuff into one huge blog so I will make separate blogs for separate ideas. Also I should be adding new content to the MndFk website soon too. Been having some interesting dreams and instead of posting those here I will contribute to that page. Things will be changing in the upcoming future for me. This isn't just one of those things that I hope will happen. It is one of those things that will happen.


Jumbled mess

The past couple of weeks have been a weird mix of different emotions for me. I have gotten out of the house more which is a good thing but I have had a bit of a lack of sleep and then I dealt with boredom when I am not going out and doing something. People have been more irritating as of late. Maybe they were just always irritating but I just put up with it? I don't know. Then there was a feeling of exhaustion. Then came the leave me the fuck alone phase. I've just been so jumbled with different things.

The last show we went to was on Saturday to see Neon Trees. By Saturday I was feeling worn out cause of all the shows that we went to and well we did a lot of walking around on Saturday alone. My sister's friend Mary was insanely drunk at Summerfest. I couldn't understand a single word she was saying and well she kept like hugging me and whatnot saying I love ya and whatnot. Was funny at first but then got a bit annoying after awhile. She was starting to push everybody's buttons which caused us to sorta ditch her and go off venturing on our own. The one thing I like about Summerfest is people watching. You see all sorts of people while walking around and going to all of these shows. I do the same thing at concerts. I watch other people and what they are doing. I often think to myself of other people "what the fuck were they thinking?".

Neon Trees were good. Not bad for a side stage show which was for free. Wasn't terribly crowded and we could see things just fine. They are a fun band to see. Lots of energy and they try to get the crowd involved in their shows. Just by the time they came on that night I felt dead to the world. Four shows in eight days, I am not surprised I was feeling beat. So I probably did not enjoy the show as much as I could of thanks to how I was feeling.

Lack of sleep hasn't helped. Not sure why I haven't been able to sleep. I guess it could be cause I have been excited and anxious with all the shows I have been to. Anyway I was finding it difficult to get a good night sleep for awhile. Finally in the last few days I have been sleeping a bit better. Not sure what changed. Maybe I just chilled the hell out.

People have been irritating me. It is little things that set me off too. At least though I am not yelling at people or saying overally horrible things, I have just been quiet and kinda like in a leave me alone mood. I imagine I am not always the easiest person to get along with cause of how I get sometimes so this thing probably works both ways. While people are irritating me I probably am irritating them in the process. It is a vicious cycle. I don't like feeling irritated. I think it stems from having a lot to do and then very little to do. Well gee Nick maybe it is time to hit up some of your hobbies. You know like writing or guitar playing? What a brilliant idea!

I have a bit of good news though. I am going to be contributing to http://mndfk.tk/. Mainly going to be sharing dreams of mine and stuff like that. I am excited to be writing for something different other then this blog. Don't get me wrong, I love my blog but maybe with me contributing to this other site I will get some more exposure.

Thinking of taking yet another break from WoW. This will only be like the sixth break I have taken from the game. I'm just bored with it and I want to just focus more time and energy on other things. Not going to be a permanent thing, just another break.

I also need to pick up my guitar more. After hearing so much good music in the past few weeks and hearing varieties of different music I really want to get something going with that. Band wise at least. I want to play music with other people. I really am open to playing basically anything. Except Bieber or One Direction. Anything else I am open to!

That is all for now. I have felt like a jumbled mess but I am unjumbling myself. Besides feeling a bit jumbled wasn't necessarily a bad thing. It got me to write.


The summer of Rush

I never claimed to be a huge Rush fan. They were a band that I knew songs by but was never a big fan. In fact I think back in high school one of my friends was a big Rush fan and I use to tell him that they were ok but they were overrated. At the time all I ever listened to was Metallica and Black Sabbath with some other bands mixed in and I couldn't break down the wall of just basically listening to that type of music. I didn't start to appreciate all sorts of music until a few years ago. Now I can pick out music of most genres that I enjoy. So back to my original point. I was never a huge Rush fan and then I saw them live last Thursday.

Something about seeing a band on 4th of July that changes my opinion on them. Last year was Iron Maiden and for the months after that show I listened to a lot of Iron Maiden getting myself familiar with songs that I never took the time to listen to. I have started to do the same thing with Rush now. I knew I was in for a good show at the Rush concert cause I have heard the stories and the person I was going with, my sister Cindy, had seen them before and told me that they put on an awesome show. I just didn't realize how good of a show it was going to be for me until I was there.

Rush did not have an opening band. Frankly bands that have been around for many years really shouldn't need an opening band. I know some bands can't stay out there for up to three hours. Rush is one of the few bands that can pull it off even though they have been around for many years. Some other bands I have seen live barely play an hour and a half before they are done. So when you go to a Rush show you expect to pay for your moneys worth.

They opened up the set with the song "Subdivisons". One of my personal favorites by them. They played 10 songs then had a intermission. Then played the majority of their new album and then some of their hits. During their first set they played lesser known songs which was ok with me. I don't mind when bands play lesser known songs. They sounded really good. The selling point  of the show for me was their stage shows. They had a background movie player going and the movies changed for each song. The show gave you not only something to listen to but to watch. Seriously by the end of the night I was convinced that their stage show was one of the best that I have seen. During intermission they had another mini movie going and then proceeded to bring out a quartet to play nine songs off their "Clockwork Angels" album. They sounded great. I recognized songs off that album cause I had listened to the album in its entirety beforehand. If there was anything I was disappointed in it would be the crowd. A lot of people were just sitting there doing nothing, I mean literally sitting down in their seat for an entire show. I don't know but I can not go to a show and sit down for the entire thing. I have to be doing something. The crowd finally came alive when they started playing some of their hits such as "XYZ" which even though is an instrumental song the crowd managed to sing along to it. "Spirit of the Radio" seemed to be the song that most people got into. Then they closed up the show with "Tom Sawyer" and "2112". They all sounded good. By the end of the show singer Geddy Lees voice didn't sound as great but hell he was singing for nearly three hours so I can understand that. Alex Lifeson, the guitarist, was great. Sometimes you don't really know how great a musician is until you see them live. Then there is Neil Peart, the drummer. Freaking amazing. He had three drum solos during the concert. His solos have always been a thing of legend. Overall though what I loved most about the show besides the constant movies in the background it was the fact that these three guys are musically gifted. Like Lee for example does more then just play bass and sing, he was also keyboarding through songs too. So it is not like they are all just there for one thing, they are always doing something other then their main instrument. That is what I love. That is why I appreciated the show and their music.

Days later I am still listening to Rush. They are becoming one of my favorite bands now. I decided that I wanted to get more familiar with all of their albums. Problem is that they have twenty studio albums but I don't let that stop me. I have listened to the first ten. Totally love their music.

Last summer was the summer of Iron Maiden and so far this summer has turned out to be the summer of Rush.



Happy Fourth of July to everyone! I use to love this holiday as a kid. It always meant starting my morning with one of the many July 4th parades and then usually meant family coming over for a cookout and then going to where my father use to work to go inside the building and check out most of the fireworks from around the city. I remember having my own personal 4th of July parade carrying a small flag and usually some sort of patriotic hat. Those days are gone now but it appears I have a new 4th of July tradition and that would be going to concerts. Last year on 4th of July I went to see Iron Maiden and this year I am going to see Rush. Really looking forward to it, it should be a good show.

On Tuesday was the four year anniversary of the passing of my sister Mary. I can't speak for everyone else but I know I miss her. Sure we had our differences and she was a bit difficult to get along with but that stuff just happens in family. When she wasn't being Tazmanian devil she was actually pretty cool to hang around with. The story of what happened with her is tragic. Yeah a lot of it could of been avoided as some of the things going on throughout the years was self inflicted but it is still tragic and sad. Her urn still sits in the living room. A bit creepy? Yeah and we probably should have it buried one day but until now she is still in the house. Well she is always here spirit wise.

On to the other Mary I know. She was released from prison finally. She is currently on probation and is going to be hopefully moving back to Florida soon. She deserves a fresh start and to be away from all of the horrible memories of Colorado. Today is also her birthday so I figured I would do a shout out cause I am a nice guy like that. Happy birthday Mary. I can't even begin to imagine what she went through in that hell. It is nice to have her back though. We still have our crazy conversations and I can still tell her anything that is on my mind. It is nice to have a friend like that. Now I can say that I know an ex-con. I am kidding Mary. I am convinced that everyone should have a Mary in their life.

I have to admit the last few days have been pretty boring for me. I was out and about three nights in a row and then had little to do the three days after that so boredom endured. It is ok though cause the upcoming days I will be busy again. Rush tonight, Neon Trees on Saturday, cookout on Sunday, etc. I should of been writing while I was bored but eh whatever. I was actually falling asleep rather early for me on those nights. Like between 10:30-midnight. Yes that is early for me considering one of the nights over last weekend I was up until 3am. After the summer concerts are over I have stuff to get done though so my level of boredom shouldn't be too bad, I hope.

Hope that everyone has a safe and a happy Fourth of July. I know mine should be fun!


This past weekend

This past Friday the summer concert season began for me. Which is what this blog is going to be about. I still have a few more shows that I am going to but I have been lacking in the writing department lately so I wanted to get caught up.

First off since I got my license back in September I hadn't been out driving much. To be totally honest up until last Friday I had been out one time on my own. I was going to be doing the majority of the driving over the weekend to the park and ride to get to our shows. Bit nervous yes? But by the time Sunday night came around I was fully comfortable behind the wheel or a car driving by myself. In fact I love it. Now this is something I should of did when I was a teenager but hey better late then never right? Now I have a bit of freedom.

First concert was Tom Petty on Friday. Wouldn't say I am a huge fan but I do enjoy quite a few of his songs. The weather wasn't terribly bad at Summerfest on Friday until the concert decided to start. Petty was the only show in which we were stuck in the bleacher seats and I was worried about rain. Prior to the show I was watching the clouds and whatnot roll in and it was doing a good job of holding off. Then the opening band the Smithereens came on and it started down pouring. Yes this made things sorta miserable. In fact I was soaked cause for whatever reason I did not bring any protection from the rain. Before Petty came on the rain let up a bit. Then he came on and I must say I was impressed with his set. Nothing flashy just good ole rock'n'roll. It did rain a little bit during his set but it was nothing to damper the mood. He played quite a bit of songs, 20 song set list I believe. Played a lot of songs that I liked and knew. I appreciate his music a bit more now after seeing him live. There was a lot of energy on stage and within a nearly sold out crowd. I was impressed with the show from start to finish. Glad I decided to go to this show.

Saturday night we were suppose to see the band Imagine Dragons. They are a fairly new popular band. I did not take into consideration that it might be a mad house for the band despite the fact that they were going to be playing on a free stage. Yeah that was a mistake. We never made it inside the Summerfest grounds. Hell I am not even sure we would of been able to get a ticket. I know Summerfest is terrible on Saturdays but this was just mass chaos of which I hadn't seen before. No real lines, no organization, no nothing. Just a mass amount of people. So me and Cindy decided to take off and we ended up spending the night at her house chatting, listening to music, and then watching a bit of tv. Considering the stories that I had heard about what happened during that show on Saturday night I am glad that we left. They eventually let people in for free for 15 minutes prior to the show and there was literally no walking/standing room. People were getting pushed around. Fights broke out. People were climbing trees and fences to get into Summerfest. One lady supposedly suffered broken ribs from what was going on. Another disturbing part was liquor was being handed out to teenagers. So I am glad that we missed this show. It sounded a bit too chaotic for my taste. Maybe next time they will plan accordingly and have Imagine Dragons in the main venue.

Sunday night was a show that I am not use to going to. I went with my sister Cindy to see Pitbull. Again Pitbull is not someone I am really familiar with but the music is mostly categorized as rap which made Pitbull my first rap concert. The band Far East Movement opened up and they were ok other then the fact that every two minutes they had to announce who they were. Um yeah ok we got it the first twenty times. They also were on the stage far too long in my opinion. I felt like I was at a rave. Although I have never been to a rave so I just assume that is how it is like. Pitbull was delayed coming on the stage cause of a few idiots fighting near the stage. Apparently they didn't want the music to start until the situation was under control. Hey maybe if there wasn't so much time in between bands the music would help people forget why they were pissed off for and fighting in the first place? Anyways the Pitbull set was fun. I mean it is different then what I am use to. People dancing around and whatnot. Pitbull was full of energy and so was the crowd. I will mention that compared to Petty Pitbull only managed to fill half of the venue but it didn't slow him down. I thought that the show was full of energy and was a nice change of pace from what I am typically use to when going to a show. Pitbull went through a ton of songs in the hour and fifteen minutes that he was on the stage. I wonder if he would of been on longer had it not been for the idiots fighting. Anyways not a bad show and not a bad weekend for concerts.

I am looking forward to the next concert which is tomorrow night. I will be seeing the band Rush for the first time ever. Again I am not a huge Rush fan but I do know quite a bit of their songs and I have listened to them for years so it should be a lot of fun. I spent the day today catching up on songs that are on their set list for this tour. I can't wait.


Dear Wednesday go home you are drunk

Dear Wednesday go home you are drunk. Seriously though I woke up and I couldn't go for my daily walk cause it was raining outside so then I decide ok let me get some WoW time in and they decided to do a Wednesday maintenance. What the hell? Why didn't they just do it yesterday since they normally do it on Tuesdays. Blah. So I decide to play some guitar and there are just some days where you don't have it at all. Today would be one of those days. Blah. Ok so the next idea of mine? Come to my blog and write pointless stuff.

Couple more days and the summer concert season begins for me. Woo hoo. I haven't really hit the I am excited point quite yet. Although to be perfectly honest I am not sure I will be as excited as I was last summer when I was going to go see Iron Maiden. I am not saying that I am not going to great shows this summer cause I am. Rush and Tom Petty should be great shows and Neon Trees put on a good show. Just you know I was pretty hyped up for Maiden last year. Still looking forward to pretending that I actually have a life in the next few days.

I went back to play Left 4 Dead 2 periodically with a new group of friends. Well I wouldn't exactly say new just people who just recently got into the game. Every Sunday night we get together on steam and have versus matches with each other. We have some fun times and you can almost guarantee a couple of hours of laughing. Yeah I like winning the matches but that really isn't the point to playing for me on Sunday nights. The point is to have fun. Hopefully one day we will have enough for a full 4v4 match.

Oh so I didn't give an update on my friend Mary. I don't know all of the details but she is going to be released on the 29th and allowed to go back to Florida. She did what is called a plea bargain and was given 2 years probation and was allowed to go back to Florida to be in the custody of her mother. From what I understand they were originally looking to convict her for 32 years. That is some serious bullshit. Defending herself from her abusive asshole husband and she gets punished. Sadly though I am sure this is not the first case in which stuff like this happens and it won't be the last. Anyways though I am glad that she is going to be released and is allowed to go back to Florida. I am just sorry I never did write her but I hope she knows that she still had my full support while she was in jail.

After the summer concert season is over with for me I have some important stuff to take care of. Although I won't say what it is now just be sure to watch for updates on my progress with a few things. Lets just say by the end of summer I hope to have a few major things accomplished. With that being said I shall end the blog there. See nothing special but writing is writing right?

By the way one day I am going to start a band called "One Nut Nick and his flying guitar". If you don't understand why then you should check out the blog titled "Half the man I use to be".


Seven years

So it has been seven years since my life ended due to me playing World of Warcraft. I am kidding. My life didn't end. I mean really if it did would I be sitting here writing a blog. Well I suppose I could be in spirit form telling someone else what to write for me. Yes I am next to a hot red head whom is typing this up for me while she is naked. Ok sorry enough bout that. On Thursday it was my seven year anniversary of playing WoW. I am undecided if it is a good or bad thing so I will leave it at that there have been good and bad points in the past seven years of me playing that game. I've made friends, I have lost friends, I've met some cool people, I have met some people I would throat punch in real life, I have had my share of drama, I have also had many laughs. So it works both ways I suppose. On Thursday I did win a guild raffle and got to pick a pet of my choice so there was a bit of reward for the time spent on the game. I was going to talk about some of my experiences over the last seven years on WoW but I figured not only would I bore the hell out of me but my readers might be prone to bashing their skull into the wall and we don't need that. My readers are important to me.

Honestly there is not a lot going on at the moment in my life. Again I am not sure if this is a good or bad thing. I guess it means that life at the moment is calm and there is not much to make it hectic. I am going to take this as a good thing. Starting next weekend though starts the summer concert season for me. I am going to like five shows in a matter of 8 days. So my hearing is going to be shot and I am going to be tired. I love live music though so I can't wait. Who knows maybe I will meet my true love at one of these shows!

Speaking of which my horoscope for the past couple of weeks keeps telling me that romance is on the rise. Is this with or without chloroform? I am still debating the answer to that one. Oh come on Nick give yourself a little bit of credit, you have never had to use chloroform before! With all of this being said though I do have to say that there is someone who has caught my interest. I do not know much about her at the moment though but I am interested to find out more of course. Someone I met on WoW of course. Go figure. You know Nick maybe if you went outside once in awhile to see the world you may possibly meet someone outside of that game. Hey now I am socially awkward and shy. It takes me a long time to be myself around someone and then when I am it can be very difficult to shut me up. I hear chloroform works though. I am just maintaining this wait and see attitude for right now. Oh and this means the female that I mentioned a few months ago is definitely out of the picture. Nothing more to say there.

Yes I know this is a short blog and I can already hear my loyal readers crying while reading this but I just wanted to give a brief update on a few things. Don't fret though in the upcoming weeks I shall have more stuff for you to laugh at, cry at, get pissed at, or die of boredom from. Have a good night!


Vacation, WoW, and Sabbath

It has been awhile hasn't it? Sometimes when I don't write for awhile it seems like an eternity. I am going to try to change that this week. Sometimes in order for me to write I have to be "in the zone" and I hadn't really felt that way recently. At least for today I do so here is an update on life.

First of all my vacation with my father kinda got rained out a bit. I mean it actually wasn't a big deal to me. I was happy to get away. My father is limited into what he can do so walking around a lot is out of the question so really we didn't do much at all. Again though I was perfectly content with sitting in the lounge area watching tv. We are trying to get more people to go with us for next time. It would be nice to get family together and go on a vacation. Might be a bit chaotic but whatever. The drive back home was a bit annoying. Funny thing is that as soon as we got to the Dells it was cloudy and then rainy and when the rain stopped it was still cloudy but by the time we were leaving the sun was out and there was really no clouds in the sky. We decided to take the long way home which meant instead of what should of been a two hour drive we took an alternative route that pushed it to three hours. It was ok. Got to see a lot of farm land, trees, and a whole lot of nothing until we got to Milwaukee and we were stuck in a traffic jam. You can tell when you are in Milwaukee due to the fact that there is a lot of traffic. Anyways it was good to get away.

While I was on vacation Blizzard decided to make transfers of characters 50% off. Now there is a little bit of a back story that I have to get into. I had been with the same guild for the past three years and my time on WoW was kinda fading a bit. Not that I wasn't interested in the game just you know there are far more important things then a video game. Back in December this facebook page that I had liked called "hot girls that play wow" decided to make a guild on the server Thrall. Yes I know what people are thinking. Hot girls that play WoW? What the hell Nick. Anyways so I made a character over there and I was leaning towards moving to that server permanently. I was torn about it cause I did not want to leave the current guild I was in. Maybe I didn't always agree with some of the things going on or whatever but generally they are good people. Instead of making a rash decision I quit the game for a few months. I came back and a little bit after that they decided they wanted to move off Velen. Knowing that I had some connections on the server Thrall I pitched for them to go there. They wanted to go to highly populated server. Thrall has a decent population but not as big as Mal'ganis. So they went there. I was unsure what I wanted to do. I moved to Mal'ganis with them. It was a mistake. I did not want to be on that server. Granted nothing wrong with the server besides a ton of people whom think they are better then everyone else but yeah didn't feel like it was for me which I am not going to get into a whole long discussion why. So anyways while on vacation I gave it some thought and decided it was just time for a change so when I got home on that Friday I decided to move to Thrall. I am not going to say it is the perfect guild for me because nothing is ever perfect but it is a good fit. I should of made the move sooner but it is ok. It is done now and I am happy I made the move.

Last week was Black Sabbath week for me. Their first studio album with Ozzy as lead singer since 1978 came out. I didn't really know what to expect but seeing as how Sabbath is like my favorite band I knew I was going to listen to the album regardless. I kept reading from people that without Bill Ward Sabbath is no longer Sabbath. Think I ranted about that in a blog months back. I didn't personally care if he was drumming or not. Ok so anyways their new album 13 I have listened to three times through already. I am rather happy with the outcome. I feel like some of their songs could of been shorter but some of older Sabbath songs push the seven minute mark if not longer so that doesn't bother me. Ozzy in his old age still can sing decently. I never thought he was an amazing singer. The amazing part about him is you understand his singing better then his talking. Maybe he should just sing instead of trying to talk? The studio drummer Brad Wilk from Rage Against the Machine fills in rather well for Bill Ward. No complaints about the drums at all. Geezer Butler in some songs seems like his bass is turned up too loud but him and Wilk make a pretty good combo. Tony Iommi, what more can be said about his guitar playing then what has been said already? My favorite guitarist and a master of riffs. I think ultimately that is why I am a big Sabbath fan. His riffs are addicting. Once again he pulls off some amazing guitar pieces on the album 13. Song wise there isn't really a song that stands out but that is not a bad thing as there is no song on the album that I do not like. I would rather have an album of consistency then an album with one hit and the rest of the songs are shit. I am just happy to have my favorite band back making new songs. For any metal fan out there I recommend picking up or listening to 13. The godfathers of metal are back.

That is all for today. I turned on the new Sabbath album to help me finish off the blog. Until next time take care and if you know what is good for you listen to the new Sabbath album!


On vacation

Figured that I would spend some time on a new blog while I am in my hotel room at Wisconsin Dells. Let me start off by saying that I still do love this place. If I had to pick a place to move to that was in Wisconsin I would want to move around this area. There are lots of things to do here and the area is just beautiful. People are pretty decent too. It is nice to be away from Milwaukee. It has been awhile. Think my father needed a break more then me though. Been a rough past year for him. I am just glad he got the ok from his doc to be able to travel again.

The trip here was fine. My father had bought a van back at the beginning of this year and we have finally started to use it a bit more recently. It is a pretty nice van and it certainly beats using his other car the vibe. Not that I don't like that car but there is much more room in the van. Anyways was a decent drive here. I actually did not fall asleep during the car ride which for me is unusual. I always fall asleep on long car rides. Never use to do that but whatever. The one thing I noticed on the way here is that there is so much road kill in Wisconsin. It is kinda sad. Some of those animals it looks like people purposely went out of there way to demolish them. I guess it just happens though. An animal is risking his/her life crossing the road so yeah bad things are going to happen. We saw about three dead deer on the way here too. Which made me a bit sad. You know out of all the traveling we have done I have never seen a live deer cross the road or near the road. I've seen dead deer just never a live deer. I actually missed one years ago. I had fallen asleep and we came across a deer crossing the road. Go figure that I miss it.

We have eaten a lot of food since we got here. That is no surprise. People eat on vacation. They got rid of the Ponderosa that use to be near our house in Milwaukee so when we come here we make it a point to go to the one here. Man their chicken wings were so damn good. I seriously could not stop eating them. Couldn't tell you how many I had but wow it was a lot. Then today we went to one of our favorite places here called Pizza Pub. Love that place. They have a lunch buffet that has all you can eat pizza and spaghetti. All sorts of pizza too. Different varieties. I had some barbecue chicken pizza. Good stuff. The spaghetti was freaking awesome too. Ate way too much. I recommend this place to anyone who comes out to the Dells. Tomorrow it sounds like we are going to go try and hit this Chinese buffet that we found. I've been craving Chinese food lately so yay! Hopefully this Chinese buffet will be a good one.

Haven't done much since we got here. It has been basically raining and kinda on the chilly side. This is ok. We never plan on doing a lot when we get here and I am fine with that. The hotel we are staying at is pretty nice. My only compliant is that we are on the 2nd floor this time around so it isn't as easy to access the outdoors as it would be on the lower floor but that is ok. I spend most of my time in the lounge area watching tv, browsing my laptop, and checking out the view outside and enjoying the cool crisp air from the patio screen doors. We are near Lake Delton but it is hard to see the lake through all the trees around but again I am not complaining. I appreciate the simple things. Besides you see animals in the trees and whatnot and well I am an animal lover. Not sure what we might be doing tomorrow. Since the last time we were here they opened up a wildlife park near downtown Dells and it looks rather interesting. Not sure if my father can handle doing a lot of walking around. It is ok. Seriously there are a lot of things to do here but I am fine just hanging out in the lounge area.

We leave to go back home on Friday and I am always sad when we leave this place but I am grateful that we do get to come here every now and then. Think we are already discussing our next trip here and this time we may get my sister Cindy to come along. That would be cool. Honestly it would be awesome to get the entire family to go on vacation together. Not sure that would ever happen. It is a nice dream however.

That was my update on what has went on this week so far, well vacation wise at least. A lot more peaceful then my last blog which makes sense cause right now I am kinda taking it all in and I am at peace.



I've been meaning to write a blog about my friend Mary and I haven't so I am going to take the time to write a few of my feelings about a current situation that she is in. Me and Mary have been friends for about 12 years. Yeah it has been an online friendship but over the years and especially within the last year we have spent a lot of time talking to each other, telling each other things we don't tell other people, hanging out playing games together, and generally poking fun at the rest of the world. Some of the things she says is off the wall and I think it is mainly just for the shock factor. Sorta similar to what I do at times. Anyways this current situation she is in has left me a bit unsettled. I will explain.

Mary has been with her current husband for 8 years, married for a few years. Things seemed to be ok until recently. She had found out that he was/is/has been cheating on her. Of course from the sounds of it, it seems like he is blaming her for all of it. Typical. People don't like to take responsibility for their own actions so they decide to place blame on the other person. He despite his verbal abuse wanted to work things out or whatever and she just decided that she wanted to be done with it. Which I understand. I mean if she wasn't getting verbally abused then yeah maybe you can work it out but you know it doesn't guarantee things would work out if there was no abuse going on.

What I didn't know is that there was more then just verbal abuse going on. He was also beating her. There is a picture on her mom's facebook of her having a cut right by her eye. According to her mom's facebook he was detained and then released for domestic violence. This is the first fail in this entire situation. He had hit her and he was released.

2 weeks ago while on voice chat I could hear her husband in the background in his drunken state constantly bothering Mary and yelling at Mary. There was one point before the voice chat where on facebook he was accusing Mary of being a whore and sleeping with all of her internet friends which included me. He had apparently even said to her that he was going to kill all of her friends and then kill her. Great guy right? Oh it gets better.

I had feared something was going to happen to her as I observed what was going on in the house while listening to it over voice chat well on the night of May 16th my worries were confirmed. Mary's therapist had called and he was yelling at her while on the phone and her therapist was about to call the cops on him. Mary convinced her not to but her therapist said if she calls back and he is still yelling at her that she would call the cops. So Mary was trying to tell him to stay away from her or he is going to end up going to jail. He would listen at first but then try to convince her that she needed to talk to him and she kept telling him that she did not want to talk to him. He kept insisting and finally he started screaming and yelling like he normally does but this time he gets on the voice chat and said something like "I hope I am amusing you all since I am so fucking funny". Then Mary gets disconnected from steam.

Hours pass and Mary comes back online and she tells me that he is sitting in jail. He was arrested because he had attempted to kill her. When he picked up the mic to talk on voice chat he apparently had punched her in the stomach and then proceeded to try to strangle her to death. She attempted to defend herself by grabbing a knife and attempted to stab him to get him away. There are no cuts or whatnot that happened to him. Yes I have to mention that cause it does come into play later on. Mary was really shaken at what had happened and well she was intending on moving back to Florida to be with her family but due to her wanting to take care of a few things before leaving she was sticking around in Colorado. I thought that maybe this would be a sign of a good turn of events to get her out of there and away from him. I did not expect what was about to happen.

Mary for the past 2 weeks has been sitting in jail. That is right, the cops came back and arrested her. She is facing 3 felony charges and a misdemeanor. The major charge though is a 2nd degree attempted murder charge. Yes somehow her drunken asshole husband managed to convince them that she had provoked him so they came back and arrested her and now she is facing serious charges. The main thing that I have not mentioned until now is that he is in the military. I don't want to say that they are giving him special treatment cause he is military and they need him so they can ship it out to afghan but after everything that I have mentioned it certainly does seem like he is getting special treatment cause of his positioning. Mary in the worst case scenario could face at least 10 years in prison. Supposedly she might enter in a plea bargain or something and the jail time might get eliminated.

Up until now I have been kinda quiet about how I feel about this whole thing. I realize that there are two sides to every story but in my opinion as soon as a man lays his hands on a woman and beats her ass and tries to strangle her to death he is no longer a man. He is a spineless worthless piece of shit. I don't care to hear his side of the story. As a man you never lay your hands on a woman in any situation. As far as I am concerned this son of a bitch has no rights whatsoever for what he has done to my friend. First he cheats on her then he verbally abuses her then goes to physical abuse and then tries to strangle her to death and she is the one sitting in jail. Are you fucking kidding me? What the fuck is wrong with this scenario? What I get out of this entire thing is if someone is beating you or trying to kill you the best solution is that you just let them kill you cause the moment you defend yourself you put yourself at risk for getting in trouble. This whole thing just really makes me sick. My faith in humanity has taken a major hit in recent weeks just because of this. Should I be afraid that if for some reason I get jumped or something and I go to defend myself I might get in trouble for it? That is bullshit. Remember what I had said about there were no cuts or anything on him? How the hell do they get this she is charged with attempted 2nd degree murder bullshit? Absolutely fucking ridiculous. Her husband's name is James. James a specific message just for you and it is quite simple, karma is a bitch.

Until this all gets resolved I will continue to show support for my friend Mary. Like I said at the beginning of my blog she may be off the wall with things she says and whatnot but I know that the shit she is being charged with and could face jail time for is absolutely ridiculous. I know that in the end this will work out in her favor but for her to go through this shit is terrible. You are in my thoughts and prayers Mary.



Figured it was time for a new blog. It is a warm and humid day outside today and we are sitting in air conditioning. See knew this was gonna happen. Go from shitty weather to humid weather. We can't leave the house open when it starts getting too warm cause it bothers my father a lot. That is ok because by the time it reaches 70 outside it starts getting way too warm upstairs and I blast my a/c unit. Enough about that though, time to talk about the happenings in the past week.

Last weekend spent quite a bit of time cleaning and I finally organized the upstairs a bit again. I don't even want to mention the last time I cleaned cause well it is kinda sad. No one ever goes upstairs though besides me so whom am I trying to impress anyways? Still it was long overdue for a decent cleaning. I want to do some further rearranging and whatnot but I am not entirely sure what I want to do.

Memorial day we had a get together at the house. I invited everyone and even invited my cousins. I usually only see my cousins when there is a funeral or a wedding and well I'd like to change that which is why I invited them over. Monday was a shitty day outside weather wise. When I had originally planned for a barbecue the weather was suppose to be sunny and in the 60s. Well it ended up being in the 50s with wind, clouds, and on and off rain. Not ideal cookout weather but whatever. Made way too much food and people brought stuff over. We are still eating the leftovers. I had a bit to drink on Monday too. I don't get drunk very often anymore. Usually maybe once a year. The thing I don't like about getting drunk is feeling like shit the next day. No I didn't have a hangover but I just felt dead to the world on Tuesday. Anyways though it was great to have people over and see everyone. I enjoy having people over. When it is just me and my dad here he drives me nuts. At least with other people around he can drive other people nuts.

Today I reached 70 days in a row of walking. I am going to be honest that some mornings it is extremely hard for me to get out of bed and decide to go for a walk. I still do it though. It is just something that has become a part of my daily routine. If I am proud of anything that I do it is the fact that I have had enough dedication to continue to walk every day. I want to do more then what I am doing though and I will in the upcoming months. I am going to stick to my goals of losing weight and trying to eat better.

May was a pretty busy month party wise and just other stuff going on and June is shaping up to be a busy month too. Going to the Dells with my father next week then we have another party to go to next weekend. Then you have father's day and at the end of the month is concert season at Summerfest. It is ok though, I want to stay busy. The busier the better.

I do have other things to talk about but I will leave that for the next blog. Hopefully be up by tomorrow.



I was outside earlier looking at the full moon and I said to myself that it was time to do some writing and update everyone on some of the latest happenings in life. It has been awhile since I wrote anything. Not that I didn't want to write just you know things have been some what busy in the last couple of weeks. So here I go. Sorry if this ends up being a novel but hell by now I think people should be use to it, right?

Up to 64 days in a row of walking. Pretty good huh? I haven't really lost any weight but that is cause my dieting has sorta sucked as of late. The important thing though is I am not gaining any weight either. I have found the key to keeping me from gaining weight. Awesome. Now why the hell did I not have this years ago? That would of just solved so many problems.

My sister got married last week and then had her reception last weekend. It was nice. It was really good to see some people again. Old friends and family. I rarely ever see my cousins. When I was younger I use to see them all the time. I know as people get older you usually don't see people unless it is at weddings and funerals. Well you know things can be changed right? I did a little bit of drinking at the wedding. Typically I don't drink so I am not surprised that I did end up drunk. I was mostly buzzed until we got home. When I got home is when it all hit me at once and oh was I feeling good! My first time drunk in a very long time. At least things have changed and I no longer feel like I should get drunk to feel happy. Anyways to try to keep up with seeing family more I decided to invite my cousins over for a Memorial Day cookout. Originally I wasn't going to have much at all and now we are going to have a ton of people over. I don't mind though. The more the merrier.

My niece Kimberly graduated from high school. This just makes me feel old. So now out of 3 nephews and 2 nieces both my nieces and one of my nephews are out of high school. You know what would be great? If we could stop the aging process. I suppose though you only look as old as you feel. That is a mixed bag for me. Some days I feel old and some days I don't so whatever. Congratulations to my niece for graduating high school. Good luck in college.

My father was given a good bill of health. I can't say a clean bill cause he still has some issues but the doctor told him today that he is ok until at least September. Which is good. One less thing for me to worry about. Ok so not everything is perfect but I think everyone knows what I mean. He was also cleared to go on vacation if he wants to so we wasted no time in planning a trip to Wisconsin Dells. Can't wait! Last time we were there was back in Sept of 2011.

I have other things to talk about but I am going to stop there. Oh by the way referring to my last blog, well the one before the dream related one. The one about the ceiling fan going by itself. I decided to test the theory about the air/heat kicking in and causing the fan to move by itself at a constant speed. Yeah the theory of that being possible doesn't work. The fan does not move at all which I kinda suspected cause the fan is much higher in the air then the vents. So why the fan was moving on its own is still a mystery.

Anyways be back with another blog soon, hopefully.

A graduation to remember

Weird dreams are nothing new for me. This is why I started a dream journal in the first place. I'll be honest I haven't had many interesting dreams since I started that journal but there is one and I definitely have to share it with you all. It happened a few weeks back so I will try to remember it the best I can.

I was at school with my mom and I am pretty sure it was the last day of school. I was a bit distracted cause I was suppose to go see Metallica with my friends later on that night. My mom was reminding me to completely clean out my locker and that we had to go to some sort of graduation assembly. I didn't want to go but I guess I really had no choice. I am not entirely sure if I am suppose to be graduating or not.

We go to this assembly and there is this blonde chick with glasses talking to us at the assembly. She is an older lady. She also won't shut the hell up. I am unsure of what she is trying to tell us because I really am not paying attention. I notice people that I know like old friends from high school and whatnot. My mom is also there with me.

The lady then asked all of us to sit around in a big circle cause we all needed to bond more. Sorta like a therapy session I suppose. She also wanted us to sit on some sort of device. I look at my device and it is a white piece of plastic that has a needle attached to it. I am thinking to myself what the hell. This is going to hurt if I sit on it. So I try sitting on it and the needle is going into my ass and it hurts quite a bit. The lady insists that we all sit on these devices though. So I manage to somehow maneuver the device to where the needle isn't sticking in my ass.

As we are sitting in this circle the lady is telling us to express our feelings. So a bunch of people start arguing and calling each other assholes. A lot of people are being downright rude. Then next to me are two couples that are both gay men. One of the couples is just making out with each other but the couple that is next to me are attempting to perform oral sex on each other but they have them self covered up so people can't see what they are doing even though it is obvious. Then kinda keep bumping into me and I am just sitting there trying to stay away from them because for some reason I am really afraid that they are going to end up getting something on me. Like I guess one of the guys was close to orgasm. Yeah don't think I need to explain more why I was freaking out. Then across from me was this girl who was wearing a cat suit. She looked like Cat Woman from Batman. Anyways she was masturbating and really getting into it. I am just sitting there staring at everything going on thinking to myself what the fuck is going on here.

Next thing I remember is being by my mom again and it is the morning after. We are walking and I believe we are on a hill and the sun is shining brightly. I apparently missed my concert that I was suppose to go to. The last thing I remember about the dream is my mom saying to me "I told you that it would last all night".

Gotta love those weird dreams right?


They're here!

Yesterday I was watching the movie Poltergeist. I haven't watched the movie in years. Well it seems like it has probably been years. As a young kid this was one of my favorite movies. Still one of my favorite movies to date. The sequels however I won't watch them. It is not that I think that they are bad or anything. They aren't as good as the first movie of course. The old man in the sequels really use to freak me out as a kid. I believe I use to have nightmares about that dude. He was creepy, no doubt about that. Don't know who has seen the 3rd movie but there is this part where they are in this highrise building and he ends up becoming like a giant and yeah it is just creepy. The night that I saw Poltergeist 3 I kept picturing him hoovering into the sky. Yeah I did not sleep much that night. Anyways Poltergeist is a great movie. The sequels are alright but the original is a classic. I was thinking to myself after watching the movie that our house in particular had been quiet with any paranormal activity. I should stop thinking stuff like that to be honest.

The problem with Hollywood movies is they overdo the hauntings and that ghosts in my opinion to make them seem much more scarier then they should be. Of course this makes sense. They want to scare people and the more scared people are the more they will go back and see the movie. Yes I know there are all kinds of crazy ghost stories throughout the years, possessions, exorcisms, etc but in most cases what you see in Hollywood is just to scare the crap out of people. Blair Witch Project in my opinion is a brilliant horror movie. You don't see what it is that is hunting and scaring them but throughout the movie you get the sense of how terrified that they are and that there is probably no possible way out of their situation. You never see what is haunting them. This is why the movie effected me a lot. Throughout the years in my experiences with strange noises and whatnot it is very rare for me to see what is actually there. This is why the Blair Witch Project was brilliant. You use your imagination as to what it is that is tormenting them. This applies to real life situations in the case of hauntings and ghosts because the majority of the time we know a ghost may be there but we don't see it. The first Paranormal Activity I felt was really good at this too. You never actually see anything but the noises and whatnot are there. Then bam at the end of the movie you finally see the chick possessed after she throws her boyfriend across the room. After that movie Paranormal Activity lost some steam though cause they kept with the same formula and by the 4th movie you just expect something crazy to happen. Don't take Hollywood movies about ghosts and whatnot so seriously though cause like I said in most cases it is greatly exaggerated.

Getting back to the activity in my house. For some time now it is usually directed at my father. On occasion I will hear something or see something out of the corner of my eye but my father has experiences with what he says is someone grabbing his arm in the middle of the night, his chair or bed being shaked, the light in the bedroom constantly turns on and off by itself, etc. I have seen the light in his bedroom do this on a few occasions. Usually if I walk to the bathroom I will look in there and see the light quickly flicker on and off. It is just something I just come to expect on occasion. I can go on and on about some of the stuff that has happened in this house but I would be repeating myself from earlier blogs.

Today is my sister Mary's birthday. It is coming up on four years since she has passed away. Usually around birthdays or holidays I expect something to happen in this house. The month of May in the past couple of years have been active ones. I should keep my equipment nearby during this month. Anyways I have been sleeping on the couch in the living room the past few nights, change of scenery I guess. It was around 12:30 in the morning or so when I decided to lay down to go to sleep. I had just shut my eyes and I hear my cat Loco screwing around with something by the tv. I decided to open up my eyes and see what she was doing. This is when I saw the ceiling fan on that side of the room slowly moving like it was on a low speed. I thought that was weird cause normally the fan is turned off at night and I had assumed it was off before I even went to bed. I laid there for like a minute or two before deciding to get up to investigate. Sure enough the switch was off. I was like what the hell, why is the fan spinning by itself if it is turned off. There are no windows open in the living room at night. I suppose if the heat turned on from the air vents if the current was strong enough it could make the fan move but I have never seen that fan spin by itself as a result of any kind of air coming out of the air vents. The air vents are on the floor anyways and the fan is well on the ceiling. Plus the speed that that fan was going at was consistent as if it was on or someone was pushing it along. So yeah the fan could be possibly explained but in this house you have to keep an open mind and expect that it could be something else at work here. Anyways I stayed up and I am sitting here at the laptop and then sometime later I hear some noise that sounds like someone is messing with a jacket somewhere near the kitchen. Don't really know what it was. Almost sounded like a jacket being dragged on the floor. I never went into the other room to investigate. Some time passes and then my cat Loco is laying on the couch and she keeps constantly steady staring at the ceiling. Animals can sense things that people can not. At that point it was late and I was tired so I just was like whatever and decided to go to bed.

This morning when I wake up I decided to talk to my father about what happened. I ask him if he experienced anything weird last night and he said no. Then he says oh yeah the other day while you were upstairs the tv in Mary's old room was on. He was like all of a sudden I hear a bunch of people talking and I go into that room and the tv is on. So yeah apparently the tv in my sister's old room decided to turn on by itself the other day. Maybe I should get a reality show started about people attempting to stay the night in my sister's old room? Never know, it might be a hit!

I don't pass everything as being paranormal. I do try to think of logical reasons why things happen in this house but sometimes there are things that just can't really be explained. Of course it is easy to get paranoid and think everything is paranormal in nature but I do try to think of a logical reason for all of it. I still think ghosts just like this house or in general like me because I tend to pay more attention to this stuff then a normal person would. This is why I have more experiences then a lot of people. Maybe someone is finally trying to tell me that I need to dig deeper into the paranormal like join a group or something? Either way I will just end the blog by saying the famous catchphrase from the first Poltergeist. "They're here"!