One of These Days

I haven't really talked much about music lately. It has been all ghosts and my house is haunted. For those ghost lovers yeah I will talk about that later. I won't say Pink Floyd is one of my favorite bands because I will be honest I don't listen to them religiously. First time I listened to "The Wall" was at a Halloween party back in the 90s. Nothing better then a bunch of drunk people and some Floyd. I always liked "Another Brick in the Wall" and "Hey You" but other then that I am not a loyal Floyd listener. Maybe I should be. Their music seems to make me feel pretty mellow and relaxed. Recently I came across the song "One of These Days". It is an instrumental song but seriously it just blows me away. I can sit here and listen to this song over and over again all day. I love the way the guitars sound, the bass, the drums, everything is just what I would call "epicness". I will link the youtube video to the song. Enjoy.

Have you ever wondered what it is like to live in a haunted house? If so come on over to my house. You may just get a taste of what it is like. I have determined that my sister's old room is haunted but it may not just be here spirit there, it may be many more. At least that is what I got from a recent evp recording from that room. Yeah I am far behind on my evp videos. So much stuff has happened in the past few weeks though. I will try to summarize it.

First off 3 out of the past 4 nights I have either heard or seen something while in that room. The exception would be Friday night but that is only because I did not go into that room. I usually go in there nightly and experiment with my EMF meter. Every single night usually around the same time frame it starts going off. It is not just a quick spike either. Literally it will go off and stay going off for quite awhile. I think one time it went like 15 minutes. Wednesday night I decided to walk around the room and take some pictures. I did at one point asked the spirit to show itself. At that moment I saw what looked like a ball of light appear and disappear right by the bed. I immediately took a picture and upon looking at the pictures in that very spot I had gotten a picture of the ball of light. On Thursday night I decided to take my EMF meter into the closet. I just had this feeling about the closet. It was going nuts in the closet right by the clothes that are in there. As I was in there I heard what I describe as a high pitch female's voice. Almost sounded like my name was being said. Last night I decided to go back in there for a bit. First it started out with the light being turned on by itself. Yes I walked into the room and as I walked out I turned off the light. I went into the bathroom and came out and noticed the light was still on. I was like what the hell. Asked my father if he saw that and of course he was not paying attention. I sat in there for a little bit last night. I didn't do any evp though. As I am in there I was paying attention to the closet since I had that experience the other night. I saw something. It looked like a white mist had formed and then disappeared. I just sat there with my eyes directly on it and I pointed at it with my finger. Probably would of been a funny moment for people if they randomly saw me. Not too long ago actually I was in that room and I swear I heard someone say my name. So yes I am pretty sure that room is haunted. It may be more activity now since the anniversary of Mary's death is approaching. Either way I am wondering if we should rent out that room for 50 bucks a night to see if people could last an entire night in that room. Could be entertaining.

Before people think I am crazy, which I am sure some people already think that let me just say I am not the only one experiencing things. My father has had a few encounters in the past few weeks. One morning he saw a shadow right in front of him and before he even had a chance to react to it the shadow was gone. Then a few nights later he said it someone was tapping him on the shoulder in the middle of the night. He said he was tapped 3 times. We could of used the cats as an explanation to that one but he does not let them in his room at night time so his door was closed.

At least one thing is certain. Thanks to all these occurrences it gives me stories to tell people.

There is more I could say but I will leave with that. I will be reviewing my evp recording from Dartford cemetery cause when I reviewed the recording further there was some stuff on there. I will hopefully be sharing that soon. Until next time take care and don't let the ghosts bother you all too much.


EVPs from my house

Originally I had thought when I did a short investigation of my house on the anniversary of my grandma's death that all I got was the sneeze evp. When I checked back and listened in on my recordings I was wrong. I titled the video my house part 2 because I thought my sneeze video was titled part one. Oops. I was wrong. That is ok though!

I have a bunch more EVPs to come. It will take me awhile to sort through everything.


EVP from my room 2

Upon further reviewing some of my recordings I found some other possible EVPs. Some of them are not very easy to hear.


Be Patient

Again I must ask why is it illegal to strangle people? I would love to strangle someone. Ok, I am not being serious. It is just a phrase I will use when I am annoyed. Of course I am annoyed over something stupid. Patience Nick, stupid people will go away.

Not too long ago I was in my sister's room and I fell asleep on the bed in there. My mom appeared to me in a dream. She was happy to see me. She was glowing. She had said to me that I needed to "be patient". If I am patient everything will turn out just fine. Not in regards to anything specific in regards to anything I do. A little patience pays off. She also told me to re listen to my voice recordings because as she said there was going to be stuff there. She was right on both accounts. All I need is a little bit of patience and things will be alright. Plus there was a bunch of stuff on my recording, some older stuff that I had missed. She may be gone but my mom is still a smart woman.

I got a book about haunted Wisconsin places. I went through the book within a day of getting it. Some interesting stuff. I also found out the serial killer Ed Gein is buried in Plainfield, Wisconsin. So I believe we are going to plan a trip there someday to check it out. As creepy as that may be I think it would be interesting to see what types of unsettled spirits may be lurking in that cemetery. His grave is unmarked due to idiots who came in the cemetery and vandalized his grave. I realize what he did was just horrible but it is no reason to go screw with his grave. Let the dead rest.

We went to Green Bay yesterday. We walked around Lambeau field a bit. I would love to go to a Packer game again. It has been way too long. It was such an awesome experience when I did go. We also went to check out Lawrence cemetery in De Pere. It was a place listed in the book I read. It was nearby Green Bay so we figure we go check it out. We weren't there very long. Maybe 20 minutes or so. My father has a hard time walking around for a long period of time and frankly I hate walking around cemeteries during the day. I prefer night time. There was one incident in the cemetery though. I was walking around and my camera started to act weird. It would not process the pictures. I had to shut it off. Upon reviewing the recorder after that had happened I had said "Hello my name is Nick, would any spirits like to talk to me?" I said something else and then on the recorder you hear "nice to meet ya". Afterward there is this weird heavy breathing that was definitely not me. Wherever I take that recorder I get something. Either I am really good at getting spirits to talk to me or I am just a spirit magnet. Maybe both.

My nephew Josh just graduated high school. His party was on Saturday. Was interesting but was fun. Always fun times when the family gets together. There was this chick there named Candy. She is at a lot of our family functions. I won't say all too much about her other then she is a nutcase. It was entertaining though. I now have a niece and nephew out of high school. Talk about feeling old.

Put in some more job apps. Something is going to come up sooner or later. I needs the money people!

I'm sure I will be back with more evp recordings this week. Also I will be doing a new life lesson this week. Until then in the words of my mother "be patient".


Investigating my sister's room-evp session

Last Saturday I decided that I wanted to see if I could get some evp from my sister's room. I took her urn in there and was going to sit in the dark with a pad of paper full of questions. Before I even started the questions my emf meter was going crazy for about 5 minutes. I then closed myself in the room and turned off all the lights and sat in the dark.

I don't think I am very good at this sort of thing yet. My questions were coming out too fast and I probably was asking stuff that I shouldn't of. I admit I was somewhat nervous when I was in there.

After the first 10 minute recording I decided to go back in the room and test out if I could get a reaction to using bathroom spray in her room. She always hated the smell of that and it would piss her off greatly. I do not advise ever doing anything that may piss off a spirit, even if it is a relative. I will not do anything like that again.

I will be doing a followup evp session in the near future.

Cleaner Version


Ow! Ow! Watch where you are walking!

I thought I needed a little less serious of a blog. Sometimes we all need just a good laugh or to have a moment where we aren't so serious.

Do you own an animal who likes to walk on your lap at the most inconvenient times? My cat Ozzy is like this. He likes to get attention from time to time. I am fine with that however he always does it at the least expected times. Nothing like a 15 pound cat who jumps on your lap and then proceeds to step down hard right on your junk. Yes it sucks. I tell him all the time to watch where he is stepping but he is a cat, does he really understand me that well? Apparently not since I continue to take a beating from him. I don't mind him being on my lap so I can pet him and give him some attention. I love my cats and sometimes they seem to know how you are feeling and they go out of their way to make you feel better. Please though for the love of God Ozzy stop stepping on my junk!

He is declawed. My sister found him up in northern Wisconsin. He was hanging around the farm that her boyfriend has up there and she brought him home to us. He is a very sweet cat. Low maintenance and really doesn't crave a lot of attention. He does his needing thing quite a bit too. That is another thing he does when he decides to walk over me. He starts needing. It's like dude you are already here on my lap and I am petting you, what more do you want from me? Worse then a woman I swear! I can't count how many times this cat has dug his back claws into my legs. I know he does not mean to but still!

See a little less serious of a blog. I think it was needed. Here is a pic of my kitties. On the left is Ozzy and on the right is Loco.


Fear of the dark

Who is afraid of the dark? I imagine many people are afraid of it. Laying there in bed in complete darkness. Not able to see anything that may be lurking in the corner of your room or are you able to see what may of just made that loud noise. Do you feel that sometimes when you close your eyes and open them again you will see someone standing over you? I think it is a very common thing that people may be afraid of the dark but my question is why? I will give my reasons for not liking the dark.

I don't necessarily mind the dark but recently I find myself having more and more trouble trying to fall asleep due to "things that go bump in the night". I really can't put a finger on what it is that troubles me. Do I really think I will wake up to find someone or something staring at me? More then likely no. Do the random noises disturb me? As of late they have been but they really are not as bad as what I have been through in the past. Yet something is causing me to be more cautious about turning that light off at night or turning off the tv. I think a lot of it has to do with me knowing my sister is back in this house. Yes my deceased sister is in this house as a ghost. Do I think she is harmful or will be harmful? No not at all but I think my paranoia is that she might do something because we didn't get along the greatest the last few years that she was alive. I know she isn't here to be harmful but given the way things were I can't help but feel slightly freaked out. It is something I will have to work out on my own. I know I can do it, I mean it is just my sister after all, right?

The past few nights I have found it very hard to fall asleep. I sat there for a good hour last night coaching myself that it was ok to turn off the light and go to bed. I felt the anxiety and my heart was beating a million miles per hour. I haven't felt like this in a long time about being in the dark. Like I said I have dealt with other things and came out of it just fine. I don't know why I can't now.

I guess I am afraid of being in the dark. For many years now I can not usually sleep without the radio being on, the tv being on, or a light being on. I need that comfort. It is soothing. It relaxes me. Sorta like my own security blanket. It is like a safe haven from the experiences I have had ranging from hearing footsteps, voices, seeing a figure walk across my room, knocking, bed being shaked, and seeing a hand and arm come out from underneath my bed. Over the years I kinda just got use to it. I know I am sensitive to spirit activity so I normally just shake it off if it disturbed me. Usually I would say please let me get some sleep thank you. Few weeks ago it sounded like something was being thrown into the wall right next to me. What was my reaction? I'm trying to sleep! Then I went back to bed. So what changed?

Saturday night I decided to try a little experiment to see if I could communicate with my sister. I wrote down a bunch of questions and I was going to sit in her old room with her urn and let the camcorder and voice recorder record what was going on. In complete darkness mind you. It should of been an easy task for me. Ghost investigating and sitting in the dark. Mind you I did walk around a cemetery before at 3am but that was also cause I was dared to. This is different though. It is more personal when dealing with a deceased family member. Before I even started anything I had turned on my emf meter and put it on the bed. It started blinking but then it wouldn't stop. It went off for a good 5 minutes. At one point I grabbed my camera and recorded it. As soon as I started recording it did stop. I did however get a video of it going off and put it in my blog. See my last blog for that. I got myself set up and sat in the room for like 10 minutes. Asking questions. The entire time I could feel my heart pounding. I was literally in fear. I think I was too much in fear to even notice if anything was going on. A little bit later after I was done I forgot one thing that I wanted to do. My sister use to hate the bathroom spray and she would get pissed if people sprayed too much. I wasn't doing it with the intention of pissing her off, I wanted to see if I could get a reaction. I did not really review anything that night.

On Sunday something came over me and told me to review the evp I had recorded. So I started to and I was amazed at how much I had actually gotten. I haven't shared it with anyone yet, I will in time but some of the responses ranged from being calm to being angry to being sad to not wanting me to leave. I was also right about using the spray. That did get a response as she was not too happy about that. I think knowing that she was a bit angry at some of the stuff in the recording it has made me a bit fearful. The result being a lack of sleep for me at the moment.

I had a dream earlier today. My mom appeared to me and said to me that I was strong and that I had nothing to fear. My mom is a very wise lady. I know I have nothing to really fear. All I have to do is be strong and not let the fear win. If I can do that then I will have no problem with anything. If I can not do this then the fear will win every time.

I am looking forward to sharing all these evps and recordings with everyone. I need more time though. Some of this stuff really hit home for me since I know I am dealing with my sister. I wished she was at peace and I had hoped she was but from what I got out of the recordings is that she is sad and she seems to be trapped here. As long as I don't lose my sanity in the end I will try to help out the best I can. She is my sister and it is the least I can do since I do love her.


The EMF meter goes crazy!

Before I decided to investigate my sister's old room last night i turned on the emf meter to see if I could get any readings. I placed it on the bed and suddenly it started going off. No actual spikes in the readings but the light kept going on for 5 minutes. Finally when I started to record it went off. The rest of the night it was on and did not go off anymore.


EVP from my room

I got bored and decided to try to capture more evp in my house. Little did I know that I was going to be successful, again.

We're all a little insane

First off I have to thank everyone who reads my blogs and the few that comment. Very much appreciated. In April I had 205 page views to my blog. Last month I jumped up to 890. Quite a big jump. Guess I need to keep people interested so they keep coming back. Now if I could just find a way to make some money with my blog.

Wednesday we went to Sheyboygan to check out Glenbeulah cemetery. I have to say the last few minutes of the ride was creepy. We drove through the woods to get there on a gravel road that had some insane curves. When we got to the road of the cemetery there was a sign that said the hours were 7am-5pm but then it said no trespassing. I am sorta confused about that. Does that mean they don't want anyone there at all or does it mean that it is ok to go there between 7 and 5? Rather then chance it we decided not to go up there. Plus there was no where to park the car anyways. They seriously did not want people to go to this cemetery. I understand though, given the history and the satanic rituals that supposedly took place there. My father said I could walk up there alone if I wanted to. I declined. Last thing I need is some toothless inbred coming out of the woods with a shotgun. Yes, I have seen too many movies on that very subject. So we headed back home. I must say I was a bit disappointed, although now a days I don't have to leave the house if I want any paranormal activity.

I got my adapter for my camcorder that day. I was so excited that now I could probably get all my videos on the computer. Of course I ran into a slight problem. The adapter I have with the camcorder only has the yellow and black rca hookup. Well because of this when I hooked it into the usb adapter I would only get sound on one side. I tried going to a few stores to find an s-video hookup with audio. Yep, nonexistent unless you buy it online. Instead I bought a new adapter for the camcorder that has red, white, and yellow instead of yellow and black. Hope this one works out.

Wednesday night I was bored so I laid down on my couch and decided to see if I could catch some evp. Right when I turned the recorder on my cat meowed which I thought was kinda funny. Then I start talking a bit. I asked if anyone would like to say hello. My cat meowed and ran down the stairs. I then asked if anyone else would like to say hello. Upon review of the recorder there was a reply to that after like 10 seconds. I asked a variety of questions. I sorta felt like I was being watched and that I was not alone. After 6 minutes of recording I said goodbye. When I said goodbye on the recorder there was a voice after it. After editing and enhancing some of the sounds I determined what was being said. The first incident the voice was replying to me when I said my cat said hello. The voice said "did she really?". The voice after I said goodbye said to me "don't leave yet" or it was "don't go yet". One of those two. I am not by my other computer so I can't listen to it. I will probably get this online later today.

The incidents don't stop there of course. On Thursday night while I was sitting by my computer the vacuum cleaner that I have in my hallway suddenly slammed into the wall. I looked to see if the cats could of done it but neither one of them was upstairs. My initial reaction was what the hell. I grabbed my recorder but I got nothing on there. Then last night as I was sitting here on the laptop in the kitchen one of the kitchen lights turned on and off really quick. So someone is definitely trying to get my attention. I have reason to believe that it is most likely my sister so my next course of action is going to be recording in her old room with my recorder and my camcorder and to try to see what it is she may want. I also intend on having her urn by me too. I am not trying to piss her off but it is clear that she wants to make contact with us and I want to know why.

Other then that I finally intend on dragging my ass to the dmv this week so I can start working on my license. Yes I have been lazy and I have been putting it off but a lack of a job is really bugging the hell out of me at the moment so I figure I would help myself if I worked on the license.

I haven't mentioned this yet but I canceled my WoW account. It is time I move on. I been on the game for 5 years. I log on to mainly raid now a days and I really don't find it all too fun anymore. My game time has decreased dramatically since I don't feel like logging on. Think in the past week I have been on for maybe 3 hours total? My account runs out on the 15th. I will miss most people in my guild but I figure if people want to stay in touch they will find a way since I do have this blog and facebook.

That is pretty much all for now. I know lot more ghost stuff. I am pretty sure I am not going crazy and all of this is just an illusion in my head. Obviously if I am getting stuff on the recorder I don't think this is just all in my head. Weird occurrences have been going on in this house for a long time. It was mainly to my dad for quite awhile but now it is specifically to me. It doesn't scare me all too much. It does make me a bit paranoid and I am constantly waiting for something to jump out at me, even if that will never happen. I will add the evp later for people to hear. As always with any of my videos comments are welcome.