The Ghosties won't leave me alone!

Well it finally happened. Out of all the times I have been to a cemetery walking around taking pictures and doing evp type stuff I finally got kicked out of a cemetery. I've even been in cemeteries at 3am and have never had any problems. Except for the one time on Halloween when we came out of Our Lady Queen of Peace cemetery and cops were waiting for us. They pulled us over and asked what we were doing. Chris responded with "We are ghost hunting". Probably not the best choice of words but hey he was being honest. Anyways yes I was kicked out of a cemetery, I will get to that later though.

After my little encounter Friday night I decided that maybe I should set up the night vision camcorder in my sister's old room. I wasn't sure if I was going to get anything conclusive but I figured it was worth a try anyways. I had fallen asleep before I wanted to set it up so I did not set it up until around 3am. It wasn't a totally bad idea since my encounter the previous night occurred around 3:30am. I turned on the camcorder and faced it towards the bed. I left the room and closed the door and went to bed. The recorder recorded for 2 hours before filling up the tape.

When I woke up Sunday morning I decided to sit down and play back the tape. I plugged my headphones into the tv so I could hear the audio much better. I grabbed a pen and a paper so I could write down specific times. Since I ordered a S-Video USB adapter for my camcorder I figured it would be easier to pinpoint exact occurrences for when I put together videos of my camcorder findings. So I start watching the video and at about 8 minutes in was the first unusual noise. Then there would be a period of silence and then another noise. Then another one. I was kinda excited that even if I wasn't getting visual evidence that I was picking up sounds. After 20 something minutes I had paused so I could eat some breakfast. I was however excited to watch and listen to the rest. I watched and listened to the entire 2 hour video. I documented all times on the video and in total there were about 39 different things that caught my attention. No visual all audio. Sounds ranged to footsteps, knocking, tapping, to one of a sound of something running and then it stops with a boom. Some of the noises since I was listening to them with my headphone kinda startled me. I am excited to get this video uploaded to my computer so I can go through it and make a video for youtube to show everyone. Obviously there is something around in this house trying to get our attention. Not all noises on the video are possibly paranormal related. I do have two cats. Usually around that time of the night they are not usually running around like maniacs though. Plus they couldn't get into the room and the majority of the noises sounded like they were right there.

Some more weird occurrences have happened over the last few days. I suppose I should thank the ghosts because they are giving me something to write about. The first one was on Sunday. I am sitting here in the kitchen screwing around on my laptop. Suddenly I get this sensation that someone is like smoking or burning incense. Neither my father or I smoke. My sister however use to burn incense quite a bit. The smell got stronger and stronger for me like it was right there in front of my face and the smell was going up my nostrils. It got to a point where my eyes were agitated and watering. I left the kitchen and it was then gone. It was really weird though. I do remember that spirits do act the same in the after life as they do when they are alive. It could of possibly been my sister getting my attention. I ended up not getting a lot of sleep that night and did not go to bed until late cause my paranoia was running high due to all that was going on.

Last night I was in the bathroom and as I am sitting there I start hearing a tapping on the door. I'm thinking this is of course odd. I thought it could of been birds in the vents right above the bathroom cause they do tend to make homes up there. I debunked that not too long ago though when I was in the bathroom and hear them up there. It was not the same noise that I was hearing. Anyways so yeah I am hearing this tapping. First I think it could be the vent fan. I turn it off. Nothing. I turn it back on I hear it again. I assure you that this is the first time in nearly 24 years that I have heard a tapping on the door like this. It seemed like if it was a spirit that they were messing with me with the tapping. So finally I started to tap back. I hear a tap and then wait a few seconds and tap back myself. I would get a tap response. Did this for like a minute or so. Finally as I would hear the tap I would tap at the same thing. Seemed like we were making our own song out of the tapping. I think I said something like well I can't even go the bathroom in peace anymore and it kinda stopped. Since then I have been to the bathroom a few times (not that people really needed to know this) and there has been no other tapping.

People probably think I am going crazy at this point. I assure you that I am not. I went through a long period of time when I would just things occasionally. Lately I have been picking up on more stuff. It is probably cause I have been paying more attention and doing a bit more with my paranormal stuff. I also had the idea that most likely what I am encountering is spirits of passed away family members. I think they are actually trying to help me out by giving me more stuff to show people and to talk about with more people. At least that is what I hope one of their intentions might be. Of course if they really want to help me out then possibly someday soon maybe they will let me get a video of them or something to that effect. I have yet to get a full body apparition.

Now to the cemetery story. Sunday night I decided that since it was foggy and creepy out that I would walk to the local cemetery. Woodlawn cemetery to be exact. I have been there many times in the past and was even there late at night before, like 1am or something. I thought the foggy setting would make for some creepy pictures. It is about a 10 minute walk so I walked there. I got in there and noticed a car was just sitting there and there was a guy walking his dog through the cemetery. I continued walking along just looking at some graves and whatnot. The lady in the car then pulls up by me and she asks me who I am visiting. I said I wasn't visiting anyone that I was just walking around. She then said to me ok I am going to have to ask you to leave, this is private property and if you are not visiting anyone you are not allowed in the cemetery. She went on to say that they have had a problem with vandals as of late. My only reply was ok and I proceeded to walk back home.

I feel like I should rant about this a bit. I understand entirely about protecting the cemetery against people who vandalize and steal things. However this cemetery has never had a fence surrounding it nor does it say anywhere no trespassing. This cemetery has always been an open area. If you want people to stay out then you need to make some adjustments. I've actually never been questioned about who I was visiting and I have been in a ton of cemeteries. This was a first to me. So people should not go to a cemetery unless they are visiting someone? I call bullshit. Cemeteries are really peaceful and beautiful places to go walking around in. Some people like me go there to walk around for the peace and quiet and take it all in. We can't do that unless we are visiting someone? I was not doing anything wrong either. I was walking around looking at graves. I don't think I look like a punk ass kid who is about to try to steal shit off a grave. Honestly anybody who tries to vandalize a cemetery when it is still light out is a freaking dumb ass. The cemetery hours are dawn to dusk. It was technically still light outside. I was there within the time frame that they say they are open. I did not ask the lady who she was. Who do I know she was someone who was working there? I don't know this. She could of been someone who was there visiting someone. If that is the case who is she telling people they need to leave a cemetery? I should of questioned her but I did not want to start any problems. For now on if this ever happens to me again I am going to play the I am a certified paranormal investigator and certified ghost hunter card and I am just doing some research. Actually I am sorta curious what sort of response I would get if I went that route.

To a point I understand all of this. It still bothers me though. Even though I am all into this paranormal stuff I enjoy just walking around a cemetery and enjoying the peace and quiet. I feel like even that was taken away from me. People who vandalize cemeteries are just horrible. I place the blame on the reality shows of today which promote ghost hunting. Yes I know they think they are educating people with their paranormal research but doesn't anyone else think that they are opening up a can of worms by making people think it is cool to go out ghost hunting? When I first was interested in this stuff it was not mainstream at all. It was like a taboo and people looked at you funny if you mentioned it. One time at a job interview I mentioned that one of my hobbies was ghost hunting. I never did get that job cause the lady looked at me like I was a nut job. All of a sudden though ghost hunting is cool. This teaches people that oh anyone can go out and take pictures and find a ghost. Wrong! Not everyone can go out and do this sort of stuff. People who usually have the best results are those who are sensitive to this type of thing. Not everyone has that "sixth sense". Do these reality shows even teach people that? I wouldn't know cause most of the time I don't bother watching it. Educate people about the paranormal in a correct way if you are going to bring it to the mainstream. Here is a likely scenario. A group of teenagers decide after watching something on tv about ghost hunting that they want to do it themselves. They figure a cemetery is the best place to go. So they go there and they mess around a bit and nothing happens. They get bored. Their boredom and thinking the whole thing is stupid pisses them off to a point where they start vandalizing shit. This is why I think vandalism is on the rise in cemeteries and whatnot. Of course it is my opinion and if someone thinks I am wrong then feel free to add in your thoughts and comments. Most people do not understand that ghosts don't appear on cue. I know that people think it is fun to go vandalize property but it does not surprise me that it seems that it is on the rise in cemeteries due to the popularity of bringing it to the mainstream by the reality shows out there. So please if you go to the cemetery just because you want something to pop out and scare you then don't bother going to one. Some of us people actually go to cemeteries to admire the beauty and the peace and quiet. Be more respectful cause one day your grave could be sitting there in a cemetery and some jackass comes along and knocks it over. How would that make you feel?

Tomorrow I am going to be going to a cemetery up in Sheyboygan that is suppose to be haunted. Maybe I will have something new to add tomorrow.



Come join me brothers and sisters and convert to Nickism today! Yes as of last night I made up a new religion and I named it after me. I am this awesome. So it is not really a serious thing. With that being said please no comments on how I am being blasphemous or I am going to hell. Joke is a joke. Anyways back to the new religion of Nickism. I figure I don't particularly care for organized religion anymore after being catholic for many years. (technically I still am, remember I am joking?) I am not trying to say that my beliefs are correct, this is the way I feel. I don't feel like we really need organized religion to believe in God, worship God, or pray to God. Do people honestly believe that if they don't go to a church they are going to hell? I have a hard time believing that. I believe as long as you take God into your heart no matter where you are and at least pray then it doesn't matter if  you go to church or not. This is my opinion. Am I right? Am I wrong? I am not necessarily either. It is my opinion and my belief.

Back to Nickism. It pretty much is about what I just said. Belief that we don't need to go to a church to worship the lord. We do so on our own time. We still believe in God, we just don't necessarily go to church. Nickism is open to most people but we are particularly fond of milfs, midgets/short people, Canadians, and bacon. Wait bacon? Why bacon? Well it was requested that if someone converted to the religion that they would have plenty of bacon if they converted. So therefore bacon lovers are definitely welcome cause we will have tons of bacon for you. As far as Canadians are concerned we won't accept French Canadians. I am sorry but a few current members do not like them so to keep them happy I can not take them. Milfs, well do I even need to explain this one? We need some hot chicks to spread the word of Nickism to the vast majority of people and what better way to do it then by using milfs. Midgets, well small people need love too? If you don't fit into any of these categories then that is ok too. We can still most likely convert and accept you. Unless you happen to like Justin Bieber. His music is the work of the devil and we really can not have that in this group. Sorry.

Again this was just a joke cause I was/am bored so don't go all O.J Simpson on me please.

So do people really like my video blogs? A few of them I'm sure are boring. The life lessons thing though I could see being really fun to do. The rapture one I liked. I thought the ending of it was great at least. I plan on doing more in the future. I have some subjects I want to touch on. Some of them are experiences that I have had. As long as people enjoy them I will do more. I am still really shy and somewhat nervous about getting on the camera and putting it out there for everyone to see. I think though some people may see my real personality from doing them. I hide a lot of who I really am to most people on a daily basis. Probably cause people would just look at me and be like WTF. More life lessons to come though.

We got a basketball hoop and me and my father decided to try to put it together yesterday. Word of warning, do not let polish people put things together unless you want it to look well half ass backwards. We worked on it for nearly 2 hours and it still was not done. One of the pipes is facing the wrong way but hell if we can get it detached from each other. I pounded the hell out of it to get it in. Oh well so in the end we will have a polish looking basketball hoop. Yay. I will try to add pictures of it.

There is this cemetery in Sheboygan that we are planning on going to on Wednesday I believe. There is a cemetery in Glenbeulah that is said to be haunted. It was featured on Unsolved Mysteries at one point. The place sounds really creepy to me. Some guy supposedly hung himself in the cemetery. It is also said people use to use the cemetery for satanic rituals and offerings. Sadly vandals have gotten a hold of the cemetery and smashed up a lot of the stuff in there. Police watch over the cemetery and no one is allowed in there after dark. Really sad that people go into a place like a cemetery and decide to smash headstones and whatnot. I really think it is sick and disrespectful. I am looking forward to seeing this place though.

Now it is time for a little ghost story. Last night I went to bed rather late. It was after 3am. I have been sleeping downstairs staying in my sister's old room. Sometimes I just like to change things up and sleep downstairs instead of upstairs. Anyways I fell asleep. Then all of a sudden I hear a noise which I describe as something being thrown into the wall. It was not loud but it was enough to wake me up. First I wondered if I had hit the wall. Nope wasn't me. My body was nowhere near the wall. Ok so I look to see if the cats are around. Nope they are not in the room. I said to myself ok that was really weird but can I please get back to sleep. I find it funny that I hear random noises and whatnot and I just kinda shrug it off so I can go back to sleep. Maybe I am just so use to these types of events that it does not phase me all too much. Maybe I pissed off a ghost cause I converted to Nickism. lol.

June is rapidly approaching. Time to start getting my walks in, even if it is just to go to the local cemetery. Also there are a ton of movies I would like to go see. Soon I should also have more of my ghost hunting videos online for people to see. That could be exciting.

I can't say that this week has been an entirely great week but things that weren't working out seem to be getting better so no use crying over spilled milk that has been cleaned up, right? Until next time my loyal 1-2 readers. =)


Boredom Kills

So yeah Nick gets bored and decides to see how well he could blog using his digital camera. What comes out of it is a tour of the upstairs where he dwells.


The rapture that never happened! The videos

Yes I even went as far as to post my stupid videos online. I did it to be funny. Well if Christians were going to be flying into heaven I certainly wanted to record it. Enjoy!

The rapture that never happened! Part one

The rapture that never happened! Part two

Post Rapture

This is what a rapture looks like? Interesting. Nothing looks different. Well as you can see since I am posting nothing ever did happen. Did some people really think it was going to happen? Actually don't answer that cause I know the answer is yes. I admit that there may of been a little bit of fear but I did not think it was going to happen.

Our last dinner was going to be Chinese food. Chicken fried rice. Boy did I devour it like there was no tomorrow. Well technically this is what we were told. There would be no tomorrow. Actually wait let me correct myself. The rapture was suppose to happen and then the end was suppose to happen five months later. When my father called in the order for the food I was up in my room doing my impression of a Chinese person saying "Ah we no deliver today. Rapture coming!". I suck at doing a Chinese impersonation. It got me to laugh. He said the food would be here shortly before 5pm which is 6pm est. I said no it has to get here sooner, I don't want the rapture to happen when I'm eatting Chinese food. How unfair would that be? And rude too!

A few minutes before 6pm my time I decided if anything was going to happen I would go outside and record it on my digital camera. I went outside and recorded. 6pm came and went. Nothing. Not even a stir to indicate that anything had actually happened. All I got out of the recording was a bunch of trees and my father asking me what a rapture looked like. Gee I don't know what a rapture actually looks like. I haven't seen many in my life time! I figured that the last chance of this rapture happening would be when it hit 8pm my time which is 6pm pst. Maybe the guy said 6pm cause he meant pst since he lives on the west coast.

Shortly before 8pm I went outside again with my digital camera. I recorded. About the only excitement I got was when the neighbor had to retrieve his basketball from our yard, then a person driving by was giving me funny looks, and me trying to deceive people by doing man made earthquakes with my camera. The earthquakes amused me a bit. Again nothing happened. Was there a bit of disappointment? Not entirely. A sense of relief that this prediction had proved to be false.

Where do we go from here? Simple, we go back to our daily lifes and there is a lesson that can be learned from this. In reality we do not know when the date of the rapture or the end will come so we should take the time to live each day to the fullest because we really don't know when our time is up. If this experience teaches anyone anything I would hope that would be it. Of course we do have December of 2012 coming up on us and I am sure we will go through this again. Until then just live life.

I made a joke on facebook and then on twitter. Here is what I said:

"I asked God to postpone the rapture until I had sex again. He said ok. I figure we have at least another 50 years left".

This is just me poking fun at the rapture. I did not make any sort of deal with God, obviously. I suppose though the next time I do get laid people should be prepared. It may not take 50 years.

I wonder what is going through the mind of Harold Camping today. This is the second time he has made a failed rapture predict. This one though millions of dollars were spent campaigning for it. People gave up their life savings for it. I believe people even went as far as to take their own lifes cause they were scared. I hope now people know not to listen some old crazy guy who claims to know when things are going to happen. He really doesn't know. The only one who truly knows is God. Unless you are actually God I suggest people shut the hell up. The rapture and doomsday will come but it will come on God's terms not some old dude who thinks he knows it all. There is a title for people like Harold Camping and that is a false prophet. There will be many of them that come and go. It should not be hard to tell from the people telling the truth and from the people who are lying.

Anyways, happy post rapture day. The skies are blue, the sun is shining, the birds are chirping, the weather is warm. It is a nice day to enjoy....living.


Waiting for the Rapture

Here it is. May 21st, 2011. This day was predicted to be the rapture. I have nothing better to do but sit here and wait to see what will actually happen. I've been keeping up to date with the news as well as real time updates from people across the internet. So far it has been an uninteresting day. Harry Potter marathon on ABC Family and it appears for the moment we are getting poured on before our demise. Nothing to do but sit and wait.

Originally it was said the rapture was going to happen on a time zone basis when a time zone would reach 6pm. Well a lot of countries are now way past the 6pm barrier and are already on the next day. No reports of random flying Christians just yet. Sorta sounds like a Harry Potter movie. People flying around. So I suppose if you see someone fly past your window then you know they are off to heaven. I guess the time thing has been adjusted. Now it is suppose to happen at 6pm. Ok 6pm, but what 6pm? Eastern? Central? Mountain? Pacific? I am going to assume that since the man who predicted this, Harold Camping, lives on the west coast that it will be pacific time. So roughly around 8pm my time. Great. So this means another 5 and a half hours before I can say that this is total bullshit? I find it funny that it was on a time zone basis but now it is the same time for all of us. My question would be why would it of been on a time zone basis anyways? I really find it hard to believe that if God was going to flood the gates of heaven with people that he would do so zone by zone. It would be for all of us at the same time. Then again what do I know? I am just some nobody who lives in Wisconsin who hasn't been let in on God's master plan. Maybe the rapture is real after all. Again I will sit here and wait until the hour is upon us.

One thing that scares me just a bit is what if this does happen? What then? Will a lot of us die right away with the earthquake that is suppose to happen? Or will we just be terminated slowly over the course of a few months. From what I understand from various things I have read and watched is there is suppose to be some sort of time of peace after the rapture happens. This is not what the guy predicted. He told us that the next 5 months will be absolute hell for anyone left behind and by October 21st of this year we will all be dead. What happened to this period of peace? I suppose the course of plans can change over time. Again I sit here and wait while these thoughts and questions pop into my head.

Fear sells. You put an idea out there for people and they will snatch it up like a pack of hungry wolves. You get one person thinking one way and then that person goes to another person and then that person goes to someone else. Before you know it a whole group of people are introduced to this idea of fear and are spreading it to others. Eventually it becomes so out of control that people believe something is going to happen. Fear sells and people just keep on buying and buying it. Of course I may very well be adding to all of this. I am just thinking out loud for everyone to read.

So again here I sit waiting to see what happens and hoping that nothing does happen. There are things I would like to accomplish before my time is done. There are places I would like to see. There are people I would like to see. I honestly don't feel anything is coming to an end anytime soon. Still, I sit here and wait. Keeping my eyes and ears open so I can see and hear anything that is going on.

If this would happen to be my last blog then I have to say that if you have touched my heart in anyway you are loved and will never be forgotten. Anyone I've had a grudge with or have disliked consider that to be a thing of the past. To my family, I love you all. To my girlfriend, I love you.

Of course if no rapture does actually happen just a fair warning that tomorrow I go back to hating everyone again.


The Rapture, Ghosts, and other ramblings from The Nick

The last few days I have been adding quite a bit to my blog, yet none of them have been actual blogs. I've been having fun uploading EVPs to my computer and sharing them with people. Hey it has gotten me increased traffic to my blog. Yay. Time for me to say something awesome but yet witty huh? Not a chance. In between all these blog video posts I wanted to do an "actual" blog so here I am. Enjoy!

So, the rapture is happening on Saturday. Neat. Is everyone ready for it? Ok enough of the bullshit. Do I think the rapture is going to happen? Do monkeys fly out of my butt? Oh wait, don't answer that one cause there one goes. I can't say I believe that the rapture is going to happen. It has been predicted before, incorrectly a few times. Plus if people actually paid attention to what it says in the bible they would know the end is not given an exact date. It is suppose to come like a thief in the night. People though are going crazy and there is crap all over the internet about the world ending. I'm not buying it. What would it be like if it were to happen? Well from what I understand is the rapture is where God takes people into heaven so they don't have to be around for the actual end of the world. They are like exempt from all the pain, suffering, and death that is suppose to take place. Supposedly people just disappear into thin air. How crazy would that be to like be sitting next to someone and all of a sudden they disappear? Could you imagine being in an airplane when suddenly the pilot disappears? Scary thought. But yeah I don't think anything is going to happen. After Saturday passes everyone will be like oh wait we got the date wrong and then they will give us another date. Foolish people. I guess we will see in a few days though. If I am wrong though I'm sure I will try to make peace with God. I'll attempt to feel bad about fantasizing about chicks I will never ever get to bang. Somehow I'll find a way to remain here. I'll be spared cause I'm just that awesome. Plus this quote from a Marilyn Manson song applies to me. "Forbidden in Heaven and useless in Hell". Ok maybe it doesn't but it is my blog, let me think what I want.

The ghost like experience at had at Wilderness on the Lake I guess triggered some sort of paranormal activity with me. I'm not really minding it one bit. Sometimes communicating with ghosts is more interesting then communicating with people who are still alive. Yes I am saying people suck. Anyways on Monday while I was sitting by my computer my voice recorder starts making a weird noise. It had no batteries in it. I am looking at it going what in the hell could be causing that to make noise like that. I ended up recording a short video and then posting it on youtube and on my blog. Check out the blog "No Batteries" if you haven't already.

On Tuesday it was the 2 year anniversary of my grandma's death. My father decided to go out for awhile. I took advantage of this to try to pick up some voice recordings in the house. Yeah I am weird like that but hey relatives of people when they pass away usually stick close to family. I first started off in my room talking for a bit. Then I went into my father's room, the room where my mother had passed away in. Then I went into the spare bedroom. That room was my sister Mary's room but my grandma also stayed in there. Then for the final one I went into the living room and at one point stayed close by to where my sister's urn is. I asked a few questions trying to see if I could get a response. After I was all done I decided to plug in some headphones and have a listen. There were some weird possible things on the first 3 recordings. Nothing that I found really conclusive, though as I found out that sometimes I don't detect things until years later. Point in case on my voice recorder I had 3 EVPs and then when I went through it on Sunday I was up to 6. So I will hold onto what I record for awhile. The last recording though just like a minute into it I asked a question and there was a 10 second pause and then there was a noise. My initial reaction was like oh my god! I listened to it again and for sure there was something there. I then recorded all the waves to my computer. I screwed around with the file listening to it, adjusting volumes, cleaning up the noise, etc. I came to the conclusion that the noise was a sneeze. How weird, a ghost getting my attention with a sneeze? It made perfect sense though. My sister Mary had allergy problems a lot and sneezed all the time. When she sneezed it was very loud. After the sneeze there is some talking. I am still unsure what is being said but I came to the conclusion that it says "that's what you get". I could be wrong but thats what I picked up. Again this video is in the blog "The ghostly sneeze", check it out if you haven't yet.

Yesterday we returned to Green Lake to check out Dartford cemetery. I was anxious and nervous to see this cemetery. I didn't take much with me. My camera and my voice recorder. It was a 2 hour drive to get there. When we did the cemetery is split into two sections. On the south side of the road is the old section and on the other side of the road is the newer section. We went to the older section first. The cemetery has a reputation of being haunted. It was featured on the show "A Haunting". This is what made it a bit intimating for me. I also knew though that I was going there through the day so it shouldn't be as bad. It is tough to go there at night time as you need police permission otherwise you can get a $1,000 fine. Which is sad cause it does seem to be a peaceful cemetery that has a lot of history in it. There is an indian chief who is buried there. Civil war soldiers, as well as children from one family who all died apparently to polio. First thing I did was find the indian chief grave. The grave in itself is creepy. I kinda felt like I might not of been there alone. That was one of the main things people described while being in that cemetery. Feelings of being watched or followed. I do think at one point I was hearing whistling. It could of been one of the birds, there were an unusual amount of them in the cemetery at that time but I am not sure. I did take out my voice recorder and walked around for a bit and of course took a ton of pictures. There is a mausoleum in the cemetery that is said to be haunted. Supposedly if you sit up on there a ghost will push you off. I thought about going up there but at the same time I said with my luck I would get pushed off. Plus I didn't think I could get my fat ass up there. I tell you though that cemetery did have sort of an eerie feeling to me. It could of been just me being intimated cause it was suppose to be haunted. We went to the other side of the cemetery and it felt different over there. Like walking through the old section I felt really cold and whatnot but walking on the other side of the cemetery it felt warm and just felt different. We then departed and left for Milwaukee. When I got home I uploaded all my pictures to my computer, and then later to facebook. I then looked at how many more pictures I could fit on that memory card and the amount was 666. That was unsettling enough to cause me to have problems trying to go to sleep last night. I tried to go through some of the EVP I recorded but I'm going to have to pay closer attention to it. I am unsure that I got anything. I was however happy that I got to check out the cemetery. I hope to one day do a night time investigation there.

This is giving me something to do while I wait around while job hunting. I am tired and bored of WoW so this is keeping me busy for the moment. I know people think I'm crazy and I know some people think my reasoning is out of whack and they think that I think everything is paranormal. Well I am interested in this area quite a bit and I have had many odd experiences. Before I pass something off as being paranormal I do try to reasonably think of a logical explanation for it. If I can't come up with one then yes I may think it is of paranormal nature. I don't think this is weird at all. It is a fascinating hobby for me. Maybe I go slightly overboard with talking about it but hey if people don't want to hear about it then they don't have to read my stuff. It is as simple as that.

My diet is going ok. No I have not weighed myself but I been going on the exercise bike and eatting a bit better. I try not to eat after 8pm. I make sure I eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner with a few snacks in there. I need to get back to walking. Walking is a big help in controlling my weight. If the weather would just stay stable then it might be a little bit easier.

I am looking for someone who could possibly design some better graphics for my blog. Like "The Nick" logo at the top of my blog and maybe some cooler looking background. I want something dark and gloomy like a graveyard background. Or maybe I should just teach myself to do this crap. It reaks of effort though.

Well unless the world does end I am sure you all will be hearing more from me. If the rapture does happen then all I can say is I was wrong and for once all the crazy bitches out there were right. Otherwise you all will still be here reading my blogs. Hope you all have enjoyed my videos of my EVPs. Hopefully in the future I will have more to share. I added a submit form so people can put in their email address and everytime I write a blog it will tell you. Plus for all you youtubers subscribe and friend me. That way you will know when I add more videos. In the meantime take care and if anyone has any ghosts I will gladly investigate for you! Especially if you a hot single female. I'm kidding, I am taken.

The Ghostly Sneeze

On the anniversary of my grandma's death I decided it may be a good time to walk around the house to see if i could communicate with any loved ones. I ventured into 4 different rooms in the house. Some of my other recordings was hard to pick out if I actually had gotten anything. This recording in particular I did pick up something. I was in the living room at the time near my sister's urn. Listen for yourselves.

The ghostly sneeze


No Batteries

So I was sitting by my computer minding my own business when suddenly I hear this weird buzzing/static noise. I am looking around for the noise then I discover it is my voice recorder. To make it weirder, there are no batteries in it. I first take it downstairs to show my father and he thought it was weird too. I decided to grab my new digital camera to record it. As soon as I turned on the digital camera my memory card fried. I did however manage to record it using my internal memory. After a few more minutes the noise stopped. Paranormal? Maybe. Weird? Definitely yes.

No Batteries


The Ghost Files (E.V.Ps from The Nick)

What is an E.V.P? It is known as electronic voice phenomenon. They are recordings that commonly resemble speech but are not the result of intentional voice recordings. It is being described as something that is paranormal or something you normally do not hear as you are recording. Most people believe it is a way of communicating with spirits. Spirits are trying to tell us or show us stuff and sometimes these handy recorders can pick up stuff.

I first picked up a digital recorder back in December of 2002. I still have the same one. It still works just fine. I use to use it when going on ghost hunts or my own personal investigations. I've shared some of my recordings with various people. Now I am about to share them with everyone.

Last night I went through all of my recordings and recorded them onto my computer. Then I took the time to make short little videos of things that I had found on the recorder. Was a bit of a time consuming process but in the end it was worth it. I hope you all enjoy these recordings. Questions or comments are always appreciated. If any of them scare you, I am sorry. Listen to at your own risk.





Please Leave

She Would


A Haunting at Wilderness on the Lake

Before I begin I have to say that I am not saying my experience at this hotel means that it is actually haunted. Spirits have been around me most of my life so these types of stories are not unusual for me to share. However this is the first such incident that has happened to me while I was in a hotel. Enjoy.

A little back story before I really get into what had happened. When I was 15 years old my mother got me this black colored cross. It is similar to a German cross. This was one of the last few things that I received from my mother before she passed away. I keep it close by me so I can cherish it and always remember her. It is common for me when I go on trips that I take this cross with me. Even if I don't unpack it from my bags I know it is there and it is sort of a comfort to me like my mother is always there with me. Yes even when I traveled 1500 miles a few times the cross was taken with me.

On Monday when we left for the Dells we were in the car driving and I thought to myself "Oh crap I forgot the necklace!". I guess I should not be surprised as this was the first time I've taken any sort of vacation in a few years. I couldn't believe I had forgotten it though as this was something I always made sure I took. Which btw this would mark the first time that I had ever forgotten it while traveling. Let me assure everyone it will be the last time I forget it.

Monday night in the condo. You know how you sit there and you feel like you are not really alone? Something else is there but it might not be something that is necessarily living? I felt like this and of course since I am not at home a little bit more of a sense of paranoia comes into play. I go to my room for the night. I start hearing this thumping noise. I pass it off as being from the other people in the hotel. The thing is most of the rooms in this hotel were pretty empty since it is still off season in the Dells. I kept hearing thumping and moving around. I am not saying that it was coming from our condo in particular but it sounded pretty close if it wasn't. Then out of nowhere I hear what sounds like a woman moaning. No I was not watching any sex movies at the time. I do not believe any of our neighbors were having sex cause if they were I would of heard more then just a brief few seconds of a moan. It caught me off guard. Didn't know what to really think. Then I hear my doorknob click. Like someone had opened the door and closed it. I look over there out of curiosity and of course I see nothing. Nothing else happened that night other then me having strange dreams. I did not sleep very well though.

Tuesday night. This is where things get weirder. Naturally I had the same feelings as I did the previous night. I am sitting in the lounge room watching tv. In the lounge room there are 4 track lights that are controlled by a switch. As I am sitting there one of the lights start going through all of the stages as if they are being turned to low, medium, and high. It just kept doing that over and over again for a few minutes. I'm just sitting there staring at it. My father was still awake so I told him to come look at the light. He did and he turned the switch and it stopped. He was on his way to going to bed. I stayed in the lounge by myself. Suddenly the satellite feed in the tv goes out. It says connecting searching for a signal. Again I am sitting there like wtf is going on. The tv had been on all night, probably at least 4 hours at this point, and all of a sudden despite no weather in the area it decides to go off. It eventually comes back on. Then one of the other lights in the ceiling decide to start acting crazy. Turning on and off rapidly and dimming between high, low, and medium. After a minute or two all of the lights in the lounge go off. So now I am sitting there in the dark. I get up and go to the light switch. Nothing on the light switch had been adjusted at all. It was on the same setting that it had been all night. So I turned the lights back on. Sat back down to watch more tv. All of a sudden the picture goes out and it is all static on just about all channels. At this point I decide it is useless to stay in the lounge room so I go to my room. In my room I have static on most of the channels. I turn on one of the stations and lay down in bed. The thumping and the sounds of things moving around starts happening again. Now mind you I have my tv volume pretty low and I am not watching anything animal related. Then I hear what for a moment sounds like a dog barking. No pets allowed in the hotel mind you. I ignore it and lay down. Then once again I hear the clicking sound from my doorknob. This time it was a bit louder then the previous night. I look around and of course I see nothing. Trying not to pay attention to all of this I decide to just sleep with all the lights on in the room and end up falling asleep.

It wasn't until I got home on Wednesday that I had realized this is the first time I had traveled without the necklace. I could just be superstitious but maybe me not having it with me was a reason why I was noticing this stuff going on. Maybe the hotel might have a history of ghosts? Maybe it could of been my mom messing with me cause I forgot the necklace? Who really knows. All I know is next time I travel the necklace is coming with me.

Good Vibrations

"I'm pickin' up good vibrations"
Been awhile. Lots to say and yes there is a hidden meaning behind my choice for a subject. I will get into that a bit later on. 
First off I am now 32 years old. Big freaking deal. I feel the same. Maybe a bit wiser? Eh, I'm not so sure about that. People say you get wiser as you get older, ok some people say that I am sure. I think maybe I'm becoming wiser about being stupider. If that makes any sense at all? 
My birthday was uneventful. Isn't it usually? It is ok though, I don't need a big birthday blowout or have a ton of people around me to celebrate my birthday. My birthday was fine, well until I logged on WoW and spent a good 3 hours dying on the same boss. Fun stuff. I tried to do a video blog on my birthday. I have the video, I am unsure if I want to post it or go into the direction of making video blogs. I seem to do much better writing out what I want to say rather then to say it in a video. Besides I'm too critical of myself. I thought I looked like a retard. It may of not been that bad, I don't know. Maybe I will post it. I did however come to an conclusion as I hit 32. I want to make a difference not just in my life but in the life of others and I felt like if there was a good time to do so it would be now.
We finally went on a vacation. It has been 2 years since I have been out of Milwaukee so it was rather nice to just get out of here for a few days. We went to Wisconsin Dells. Stayed in our usual 2 bedroom condo on Lake Delton. I really like the Dells area. It is much more peaceful there then the city, much more quieter, and really pretty. Though we did not do a heck of a lot I was content with browsing around on my laptop looking out the patio screen doors at the lake. Though I believe the hotel may of had a few ghosts. I will write a separate blog for that as I really don't intend on writing a mini novel with this blog. 
I sorta had a turning point on Tuesday. We had just gotten back to the condo after eatting at the Pizza Pub, which if you are ever in the Dells I recommend it if you love pizza. We were browsing through these new Dells books that we had gotten and my father came across this place called Wisconsin Big Cat Rescue & Education Center, their website. So we decided to take a drive out there. There was no one else there besides one lady working the booth. Basically what the place does is they take in big cats who are without a home due to zoos closing or people not wanting them anymore. They take care of them until they can get a better place to go. The sad part is they have to turn away a lot of animals since they aren't all that big. Animals who get turned away sometimes end up being put down. My father drove the car around as he would of had trouble walking around but since I wanted to take pictures I decided to walk it. The cats seemed to be really tired and exhausted. They looked well taken care of though. They gave us a list of each animal's name so we were calling them by name. One of the tigers at the beginning of the place seemed to be rather fond of us. Came up close to the cage and was following me as I was talking. Was rather cute. Really seemed to me that they really liked having the attention. By the time I made it halfway through is when it struck me that I really wish there was more I could do to help people and/or animals out to show them that I do care. I don't really think of me as being a selfish person bitching and complaining about what I do or don't have but I just wish I could help out more. As I continued to walk around and take pictures of these beautiful animals I started tearing up. I made a vow to myself if I ever become successful at whatever it is that I want to do that I would donate to this place to help these animals out. Kinda getting teary eyed just writing about this. I know I should probably help myself out first but there is nothing that says I can't help myself and others at the same time. 
One thing I enjoy doing when I go to these condos is relaxing in the jacuzzi. This trip was no different. I spent a bit of time in the jacuzzi on Monday and Tuesday night. It actually really helped heal up my dry skin problem on my feet. My feet right now look really good. The best they have looked in a rather long time. Anyways this is where the title of my blog comes into play. So I'm sitting in the hot tub relaxing and I guess I positioned myself to where one of the jets was right underneath, well you know. I won't get into anymore details about that but yeah the next morning when I was talking about it on facebook with a few friends I used the words "good vibrations" to describe it. Just to clear something up though. I did not masturbate in the jacuzzi. I mean seriously...how many other people have done that type of shit in that very jacuzzi? Ewww. I was not about to add to it.
Wednesday on our way home I wanted to check out Dartford cemetery in Green Lake, Wisconsin. It was featured on the show "A Haunting". I wanted to see what it was all about. So we traveled some 50 miles out of the way. We were just about there when we got the detour for road closings. We took the detour and tried to possibly find our way to it. It was much more a hassle then it should of been so we never got there. Was a bit disappointed. It is ok though cause I believe in the near future we will try to go back there again. Taking a different route. Also, I get to use my new digital camera. Yay!
I woke up Thursday morning and decided it was time for round one of change. I am overweight and really unhealthy. At one point I was on a diet and eatting better and I lost 35 pounds. I drifted away from that and I'm pretty sure I gained it all back. After eatting like a pig while on vacation I decided it was time for a change. I decided to go back to my diet/exercising routine that I was doing when I lost 35 pounds. Of course a few slight modifications this time around. I've been waking up every morning and hitting the exercise bike for about 10 minutes. I do another 10 minutes later on in the day. Usually after my last snack for the day. I also started doing something totally different for me. I've been eatting salads. It only took 32 years for me to eat an actual salad. They aren't so bad and I figure if I am going to eat a bit better I may as well try it out. I am pretty confident that this is just not a brief change but probably a life change.
I resume my job hunting too. Pick N Save, even though I have applied to them so many times, is advertising for hiring. So I'm going to apply again and harass them to hire me. Despite the fact I have been out of work for so long I am so overqualified for grocery jobs that there is no reason for them not to hire me. This time around I will get it!
So that was an update on what is going on with me. I will be following up with the "ghost" story about my trip to the Dells. Hope that one will be interesting for everyone. Hope to have follow up blogs with more good news.