Out in the Cold

Perfect title for today seeing as how we have the coldest temperatures here in about two years. Thankfully my room is probably the warmest in the house, though it is still pretty chilly in here. As far as I know it got to -5 with wind chills of -22. I am sure other places are colder then that but regardless that is pretty damn cold. It reminds me of when I was back in high school there was one morning when we were forced to go to school and the temp was -15 with wind chills of -40. Standing at a bus stop waiting for a bus that was running late was totally not fun at all. Course when I got to school about half the school decided to stay home that day. Gee I wonder why?

So the big news in Wisconsin this week is the Packers are playing in the NFC championship game this weekend. One more win and we are in the super bowl. Our opponent is none other then the Chicago Bears. The Bears and Packers have played 182 games against each other but none of them has been this caliber type of game. It is the most important game they have ever played against each other. The downside is we have to go to Chicago to play them. Who could forget what happened last time we went to Chicago. We lost 20-17. We had more penalties (18) then points. I'm not going to say how some of those calls were questionable, even if I think they were, but plain and simple we lost. Does this give the Bears an advantage? The Bears playing at home may give them a slight edge but what a lot of people fail to realize is Chicago is pretty close to the Wisconsin border so are we really at that much of a disadvantage in this road game? In my opinion not really. A lot of people at the border are either Bears or Packers fans. So I don't really think cause they are in Chicago it gives them a slight edge.

The Packers have surprised me this year. First off they were suppose to be a dominant team. In some games yes they dominated but then they had trouble winning the close games. At one point we had to adapt the mentality that we needed to win every game or we were done. Since then the team has really stepped up and done their job. I guess the biggest shocker for me came last week in Atlanta. The Falcons were hyped up as being the best team in the NFC and they were going to be super bowl bound, etc. The Packers went in there and though it was a close game at the beginning they totally went in there and dominated them 48-21. It was the best game that they have played all year. On all sides of the ball they dominated the Falcons. Other then a kickoff return that the Falcons had for a touchdown of course. It was also the biggest loss by a number one seed in the history of the playoffs. Let me remind everyone that the Packers barely made the playoffs as they are the 6th seed. No 6th seed team from the NFC has ever made the super bowl. Let us hope they rewrite history on Sunday.

I'm a Favre fan, I always have been and always will be regardless of what he has done or the type of games he has played. When he left the Packers in 08 I was hurt. I was more hurt cause it seemed like the Packers just sent him packing and decided to go with someone new. Nothing lasts forever but I couldn't grasp the concept of them wanting to go with someone else after Favre had let us to the NFC championship game the previous season. I have been a Packer fan since I was a little kid, 1987 to be exact. I love football. After Favre left I found myself for the first time disliking the Packers and wanting them to fail. I was a harsh critic of Aaron Rodgers cause I knew he could never be Favre. I also said to myself that the Packers would never get to a super bowl again. See before Favre the Packers were a really bad team and hadn't done shit in years. He helped turn this organization around. Plus he won a super bowl with us, you can never take that away.

The first year Rodgers was starting the Packers went from a 13-3 team to a 6-10 team. I was not all too surprised. Rodgers at times looked really good but he still was no Favre and the team lost way too many close games. The 09 season was better. The team turned around and went 11-5. I felt my loyalties weren't there for the Pack anymore cause the Vikings had picked up Favre and I often found myself cheering for them. Yes as traitorous as it may seem I was cheering for the Vikings and Favre to beat the Packers. The Vikings nearly made the super bowl but it was one of Favre's mistakes, among many other things, that cost them the game.

This year I've supported the Packers as much as I could. Though at times losing tough games it makes it hard to be a fan. I think I started getting over the fact that Favre was gone and I started to give Rodgers a chance. Once again I wanted to see my team succeed. I felt back in preseason that they had a good enough team to get to the super bowl. The team has been put to the test this year but now they sit one game away from the super bowl. I really am excited and being a long time fan it would be a pleasant gift for the me and the rest of the Packer fans to see them in the super bowl again. I also think for a lot of us it would make us now believe that we are a better team without Favre now. I didn't think so at first but now with us one step from the super bowl I am convinced.

All year I kept hearing about how Rodgers is an elite quarterback and I argued back that he can't possibly be an elite quarterback because he has not lead the Packers to a playoff win. If you want to be considered elite you need to win the big games. My idea of Rodgers has changed a bit now. The Packers made the right decision in making him a starter. Even though I am a huge Favre supporter I now believe Rodgers is the future of this franchise. As far as the elite quarterback status goes, he has surprised me so far in the playoffs. His game against the Falcons was one of the best playoff performances I have ever seen. I believe we can get to the super bowl and win it. If we can do that Rodgers has my vote for an elite quarterback. I do want to say though that Rodgers has learned from one of the best....Brett Favre.

I also want to say that I don't want to see Jay Cutler for the Bears in the super bowl. He is just someone I do not like at all, and I am not afraid to admit it. I don't like quarterbacks who act like cry babies. I don't like quarterbacks who have to run to a referee everytime he can't complete a pass looking for a flag. Another thing that really rubbed me the wrong way was in the first Packer-Bear game in the 4th quarter he throws an interception but it is called back due to "questionable" pass interference. Cutler starts celebrating and is all excited. That just bothers me cause he threw a bad pass and was intercepted but he is all overjoyed cause it was called back. I've never really seen someone celebrate a bad play like that until then. People will argue that he had reason to be happy, it was a penalty instead of an interception, but still he threw a bad pass. Nothing to be excited about in my opinion. Cutler reminds me of some little baby who is in a grocery store with his parents and the baby for 20 minutes straight just cries and cries throughout the store and annoys everyone. You wish you could do something about it but you can't cause it's not your baby. Maybe not the best analogy but whatever.

Oh God Nick this whole blog has been about football! It is Packers-Bears week...championship edition. Did you people really expect me not to talk about it? So what is my prediction? The Packers are going to win. It is going to be a close game, more then likely. Can the Packers run the ball? Can the Packers not make any mistakes? Can they throw the ball? Can they be stopped completely? Will the Packers defense contain the Bears running and passing game? Will they get to Cutler and force him to make mistakes? Can we contain Hester on special teams? There are lots of different questions to ask but I am going to say the Packers are the better team. We will be able to make plays on offense and I think we will have a plan on defense to try to make life miserable for Cutler. I see the Packers winning this game and Rodgers getting a chance to bring the Lombardi trophy home to Green Bay, where it belongs. Packers 24 Bears 17

I am going to end there but I want to add another thing. The number 13 appears in my life A LOT. I don't think I have told many people the stories but it comes up a lot. Anyways, in thinking about it the last time the Packers went to the super bowl was 13 years ago and they went on to lose against the Broncos. About a week later my mother passed away. Beginning of next month marks 13 years since she will be gone. So if the Packers do make the super bowl the number 13 will come up yet again...this time around lets win it all! I think my mother would want it that way.


Oh hey, He lives!

It has been awhile since I lasted blessed everyone with my all important blogs about absolutely nothing important. So I have lots to catch up on.

Christmas came and went. Sometimes it is so sad when holidays end. You wait for them and then all of a sudden they are over. Christmas was good though. It was snowing on Christmas day at night time. Really capped off Christmas pretty well imo. It was a good Christmas though and I even got some descent gifts this year!

New Years came and went. Nothing exciting happened. 2009 new years was good, this year just boring. Pretty much me and my father watched the ball drop on tv, said happy new years and then went to bed. lol. Think I spent most of my night on WoW.

This year is 14 days old and not much has changed all too much, yet at least. It is a typical winter here. Chilly and snow every now and then. Nothing major yet. In fact the snow we keep getting is like 1 inch at a time and usually a few times a week. Talk about annoying having to go out and shovel light stuff several times a week. I shouldn't complain cause it could get worse.

I got a replacement playstation 2. Yes I am way behind in game systems. I really don't care though. I still have a ton of own original playstation games and playstation 2 games. Mainly I just play Madden football but I do have to go on record and say that Grand Theft Auto is one of those stress relieving games. Yes going around killing people and having sex with hookers then killing them off is good fun!

I decided to give DC Universe Online a try. I played beta for it a bit and I thought it was pretty fun so I picked up the game. WoW has become somewhat stale again for me. New expansion just came out but it is like the same old crap just with different instances and areas. I'm not saying that I am quitting WoW again but I feel like I should try something different.

DC Universe is definitely diferent from WoW. The combat, the questing, the customization of characters. It gives the game a bit of a unique feel, something I haven't seen in other MMOs I have played. The idea of making my own villain or superhero was something that I have always wanted to do. I've always enjoyed those type of movies and comics. Superman was my favorite superhero when I was a kid. More recently The Joker is one of my favorite characters. You can thank The Dark Knight for that.

Anyways when you start off making your character you get to choose what type of fighting you would want to do. Like dual wield pistols is an option, so is staffs, 2handed, etc. You also pick if you want to fly, super speed, or acrobatic. You also pick to be a villain or a hero and get to choose a mentor appropriate to whatever it is. There is also your fighting style....ie fire, ice, nature, mental, etc. As you level you get to pick up special skills for whatever it is you are doing. When the game starts you are in a beginning training zone. It gets you use to combat and other options within the game. Overall though I am pretty impressed so far with the game. I am just curious as to what the end game content will be like.

Before I end my blog I have to say good luck to my Packers. Tomorrow they face the Falcons again. If they can beat the Falcons then they will advance to the NFC championship game and be one game away from the super bowl. This is a game they can win. My prediction is they will end up getting to the super bowl and they will play the Patriots. Let us see how my prediction will hold up.

Hope I am back sooner then later!