The Heat is on

Today's temperature 98 degrees. Heat index was about 109 or so. Ah I love this weather. No seriously it is a good excuse for me to walk around naked. Even if I am not. I'm not going to bitch about it too much cause you know in a few months I'll be saying oh my god it is too cold. The joys of living in Wisconsin. I will go on record now though and say if I had to choose between being too hot or too cold I will stick with being too cold.

Dealing with so much heat and humidity has made me not feel like doing anything. Is this any different then how I normally am though? Seriously though this is the first time that I have even felt like writing since the last time I wrote a blog which was almost 3 weeks ago now. I haven't even felt like doing any of my ghost hunting stuff either. I have so many evps and whatnot to go through but it requires effort and right now if I was graded on effort I would be getting a big fat F. Must find motivation somehow Nick. Go go go!

I discovered a new thing to do online. I got this program called steam and my friend Catina sent me a copy of the game Left 4 Dead 2 so me, her and a few other friends decided to play the game with each other online. It is fun. Going around blowing up zombies. It gets a bit repetitive at times however. There are other games I have found on there that were free to play so I downloaded them. Either way it is a good alternative to WoW which I can proudly say I have been off that game for over a month now. Go me. If the thought of going back ever occurs I say to myself well what am I going to do on there anyways, the same shit I've been doing for years now? Useless game is useless.

I feel like a vampire atm. I'm in my room and I have blankets covering my windows so not a lot of light can get in here. Trying to keep it as cool as possible in here. I'm pretty much living in darkness so I feel like I should be a vampire. Vampire dudes get all the chicks right? Well the whole vampire thing worked for Edward in Twilight even if the girl looks like she has never been in the sun her entire life. I suppose she would fit in perfectly as a vampire then huh? Why in the hell am I talking about Twilight anyways? I'm a guy, I am not suppose to like this shit!

Last week I finally got to see the new Transformers. It was pretty awesome. I enjoyed it. Is there anyone else out there who feels bad when all the good guys die though? When I was a kid I was totally for the good guys in movies, shows, and even wrestling. Then I turned to the "dark side" and I found myself supporting the bad guys. I honestly think the turning point there for me was when Hulk Hogan turned heel and formed the NWO in WCW. I thought that was the coolest thing ever. It felt like it was cool to be the bad guy. The only difference is in like the Harry Potter series I never really cheered the bad guys although I do think Lord Voldemort is a bad ass. I totally got off track. Transformers was a great movie. It was totally panned by critics and loved by everyone else. It is a movie I can't wait to pick up on blu-ray and blast on our tv. I also got to see the new and final Harry Potter. That movie is awesome enough to get it's own blog. Coming soon!

Quite a bit has been on my mind lately but I will not get into that. I'm sure some people were wondering where I had been but I assure everyone that I am still alive and kicking. Until next time stay cool. Stand naked in front of the A/C if you have to!


Remembering Taz

I felt like I should write a short blog dedicated to my sister Mary. 2 years ago yesterday she passed away. Time certainly does go by fast. Sometimes I find myself finding it hard to believe that she is gone. It is like I expect to walk past her room and see her in there. I do believe that her spirit remains in this house though but I will not get into that.

Her nickname was "Taz" and it was for good reason. People who know her knew that she could be a really nice person, laughing and happy but then if someone crossed her path in the wrong way she would go all Tasmanian Devil on them hence the nickname "Taz".

It is sad what had happened to her. She was only 40 years old and despite all her problems and issues she had a lot to offer people. She went down the wrong path in life and she got so far into it she did not know how to find her way out. People tried to help her but she refused the help. I think people really tried to understand what she was going through but it is hard for someone to comprehend it fully unless they deal with the same issues themselves. I myself wish I could of done more for her but I felt like she shut me out of her life for like the last year and a half that she was alive. We lived in the same house but never talked. In fact I felt like she had hated me. I do know she didn't really hate me though. Because of her state of mind and the influence of drugs in her life she projected her own hate of herself onto other people. I don't want to taint people's images of her the only thing I am trying to get at is this is tragic and it is sad how some people end up.

Despite anything that went on and despite anything she may or may not of done people do miss you Mary. I know you are still hanging around and can now actually see how people felt about you. I hope that maybe this gives you a sense of happiness and maybe you don't feel so alone anymore. You don't have to be sad or mad anymore. You touched the hearts of many people in life and because of that you should feel a bit satisfied that you were so important to many people. By the way Mary if you see mom or grandma say hi for me.

Me and you had our differences and like I had said we didn't get along for quite a long time. I do think about it from time to time but for what it is worth I am sorry if I wasn't there for you more. I do remember all the good times though and there was a lot of them. You were the one who introduced me to Metallica. Music that would change my life forever. We had fun getting drunk together on occasion. Good times, lots of laughs. When I was a teenager and needed to spend some time away from home you always let me sleep over. The first and well the only time I ever went to a Packer game at Lambeau was with you, Jay, and Coco. Stuff like that I will never forget and I am sure I can go on and on but people get the picture.

Mary whether you believe it or not you did touch the hearts of many people and I hope you do realize this. We miss you Mary and we love you. You can be at peace and be happy because even if your time here was cut short you had an impact on all of our lifes.



I will annoy someone with this blog, I just know it. Some of my friends do not like the word MEH. It is such a great word though. When you say it to someone it is neither saying yes or no. Isn't it fun to just keep a person guessing? I don't know about you guys but I love giving people a difficult time. I like to see how far I can go before triggering a reaction. I know it can be an annoying quality but who said I wasn't annoying?

So it is now July. This is when summer really begins. The weather gets warmer and then it has to get stupidly humid too. I don't mind the warmth so much it is the humidity that annoys me. I try telling people that the humidity in Wisconsin gets much worse then it does in Florida. People don't understand how I can say that though. In Florida you just get use to it but here ugh. At least the house is nice and comfortable and the air conditioner in my room is ftw.

I must rant about something though. I hate going grocery shopping with my father. It has nothing to do with my father though. It is the place we go to. Pick'N'Save sucks. Most of the people working there seem to be ok but the one thing that irks the heck out of me is trying to checkout in that place. They are suppose to have full service baggers there. They never use them to bag though. They are off doing other random bullshit while people are waiting in line for upwards of 20 minutes waiting to check out. Hell it takes longer to checkout then it does to shop. When I worked at Publix sure they gave baggers other jobs to do but their main job was to stay up there and bag and if they weren't up in front one of the managers or whatever would get off their ass and actually call them up to the front. The main priority was to help the people out so they can get in checkout and get out as quickly as possible. Waiting 20 minutes in a grocery checkout line is pretty stupid. Either hire more baggers or stop having them run around the store doing god knows what and actually do what they should be doing. No one should wait 20 minutes in a grocery checkout line.

4th of July is in a few days. I use to love the holiday. Would wake up in the morning to go to the local park to watch the parade. One time I remember walking around the block with a flag pretending we were having a parade. We always had cookouts and of course there was the fireworks. My father use to work in this water tower like a mile away. We use to go there to watch fireworks. If you went inside the building and up a few floors you could see most fireworks around the city. It was so much fun. I guess as I got older fireworks got more boring and the 4th was just not the same anymore. Although me and my father are going to somewhat celebrate it by having a cookout. Cooking up brats, hot dogs, steak, ribs, hamburgers, and some chicken. A lot of food for just two people but that is ok.

Again before I end this blog I have to emphasize how much I love the word MEH. If people get irritated when I say it, it only makes me want to say it more and more. Just a word of warning to my friends. Back in the days at Publix me and my friend Anthony had a system for the word MEH and EH. If the day was kinda shitty it would be a MEH day. If the day was alright or had potential then we would use EH. We also used EH if a hot chick would come walking into our aisle. Anyways until next time all that is left to say is...MEH!