It started with a door

The downside of going to bed early is the fact that now I'm awake early. What a perfect time to update my blog a bit. I know in one of my last blogs I had said that I was going to write about my birthday trip to Door County. I'm not going to do that right now. I wanted to write a blog about how I have somebody in my life again. This story started with a door.

I wouldn't say I was actively looking for anybody. I mean there were maybe a few interests here and there but they were going nowhere fast. I know I've said in a few blogs this year that I was going to find someone and it was just a matter of time. Finally it did happen and her name is Heather.

For the hell of it I joined this WoW Facebook group called World of Warcraft Love Connection. Sounds pretty lame I know. When I first saw the group being advertised I laughed about it. I said I'd never join a group like that. It was later on that same day that I decided why not join, maybe I'd at least make a few friends.

In the group there was this chick named Heather. They had a selfie post going in there and her picture stood out to me. She was beautiful. I was tempted to comment but me being me I didn't want to sound like a typical guy and be like "oh you're hot blah blah blah". It wasn't until a few days later, the morning of May 10th, that I saw her post another selfie and she had commented that dating sucked. I decided to comment saying that dating sucked. She agreed with me. Few more comments back and forth and she decided to send me a friend request on Facebook. I'm like alright why not.

That same morning, before I decided to comment on her picture, I went into work early. I went to my Pick'N'Save on Ryan Rd. I got there a little bit early and as I walked up to the sliding door one of the ladies was unlocking the door. Anyway I got done fairly quickly in the store and as I left I walked up to the sliding door and decided I wanted to use my force powers to wave my hand and make the door open. I tend to do this a lot when I come across sliding doors. I want to feel special that I have force powers that can make doors open. Anyway the door starts opening and as I am walking through it decides to stop opening and bam I walked right into the door. I didn't hurt myself but I had one hell of a laugh afterward. Of course I went right to Facebook with my post because I thought it was really funny. Shortly after becoming friends with Heather on Facebook she decided to message me hi because my post made her laugh.

10 days later and I have to say that my life has taken a sudden, unexpected, but pleasant turn. Heather and I really hit it off, well I suppose that is obvious since I started my blog by saying I have someone in my life now. You know how you start talking to someone and you just feel like you've known the person for ages? Thats how I feel about her. We just really connected and clicked like instantly. Our initial conversation lasted over 9 hours. It was all just really random conversation too. Life, music, food, etc. It didn't take very long for us to fall for each other either. I fall hard and fast for someone. I knew with her that I had found someone special. I however tried to overthink everything and was reluctant to make anything official. That is just me being cautious. Just think about all the shit that has happened to me over the years. I have to protect myself.

The game changer however was it being suggested to me that we do a video chat before making anything official. So we did last Saturday morning. After video chatting with her and seeing how she was all smiles the entire time I just knew. She is just so beautiful and her smile is beautiful. Totally hooked me.

Things have been amazing since then. Talking back and forth every single day basically all day. Voice chats just about everyday. Talking about the future, seeing each other, etc. Its really amazing how fast life can change, and I totally predicted it. The only thing that sucks at the moment is she lives in Indiana, but she is only like 4 hours away. She wants to move away from Indiana though. So there is a strong possibility that her being away from me is only going to be temporary.

I know I've written blogs before talking about someone new in my life and how I'm feeling and this is the one...blah blah blah. This time I'm 100% positive that my search is over. I really do believe that. I love her. I feel like we've known each other for years and are just finally deciding now to see where life takes us. I'm going to be seeing her next month. She is coming up to Milwaukee for her birthday to spend time with me. I might possibly take a little road trip after Memorial Day to go see her. I have 5 days off, why not spend a couple of those days with her?

Anyway life is good. I'm in love again. I'm happy. Nothing is going to fuck this one up either.

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