It started with a door

The downside of going to bed early is the fact that now I'm awake early. What a perfect time to update my blog a bit. I know in one of my last blogs I had said that I was going to write about my birthday trip to Door County. I'm not going to do that right now. I wanted to write a blog about how I have somebody in my life again. This story started with a door.



Happy birthday to me! At least this year I'm only a week late with writing my birthday blog. Last year I didn't write my birthday blog until August so I guess technically I'm early? Anyway so here is my birthday blog. Once again happy birthday to me!


Back on track

I'm still alive. I realize my last blog was nearly 2 months ago. I've been wanting to write. I'm just procrastinating a lot. I need to get back on track and that is exactly what I'm doing this month. Not that things have been bad or whatever, just I went off the track I was on for a little bit.