Wish me luck

It dawned on me that my last few blogs have been about dreams and nothing about how life is going for me. This blog will be about how life is going for me. Welcome to my life sucks the 2017 edition. I'm only kidding of course. Typical of me to crack jokes.

February came and went. I nearly didn't survive the month. Again I'm kidding. Everyone who actually knows me knows that the month of February is always one of the crappiest months for me. I wouldn't say the month was terrible however. However I did have a period of a few days, well almost a week where I was put to the test.

First they had me go on a different route for work 30 minutes away in Pewaukee. It wasn't terrible but one Sunday morning while entering the Pick'N'Save parking lot I hit a patch of ice and nearly lost control of the car. I managed to get control of the car rather quickly. The entire parking lot was covered with ice. I was actually scared. I made it through the day without any further incidents. A few days later though while on the freeway going out for lunch some other jackass bumped my car. First he cut me off by cutting over 2 lanes so he wouldn't miss his turnoff. Then he decided he wanted to be in the lane that I was so he bumped my car. He was all yelling and honking his horn at me. Ok well you could try to get into my lane properly by either speeding up to get ahead of me or going behind me. Bumping me is not an effective way of trying to change lanes. Oh thats right he was distracted because he was on the phone. Stupid fuck.

Then I had a period of a few days in there with some drama thanks to people I've encountered on WoW. People trash talking my guild and a certain person, whom I haven't spoken to in months, deciding to join in and calling me crazy. My cousin Kei was also called crazy too and that prompted her to send this said person an email. I did comment back about my guild and the "I'm crazy" bullshit in a post in this WoW group that I found it in. I got myself and the person who made the post banned from the group. While I'll keep a lot of this to myself lets just say that the said person who called me crazy and some of her friends whom I was still friends with are now totally out of my life. Said person who decided to call me crazy turned around and actually had said that she needed me in her life. Right. You go from calling me crazy to say that you need me in your life. No thank you. I don't feel bad about removing the other people from my life. You want to associate with someone who is bat shit crazy you can continue to do so, just know I won't be around to see when y'all figure out the truth about her.

My job is still going decent. They've had me do a few different routes here and there. I think I've merchandised 23 different stores so far. I like it. I might have an opportunity for a better position. I won't say anymore then that for right now. Wish me luck!

I gave up my guild master position for my guild on WoW and my account is inactive. Not a lot needs to be said about this. People know that I go through these phases where the game doesn't interest me. I'm not sure this is just a phase. I really haven't played much at all this year. I don't know if anything is going to change that.

I've been doing other things lately like playing xbox one, playing guitar, and I finally got caught up on Game of Thrones. I love that show, I can't wait until the new season. I got hooked on playing pinball on the xbox. They have Star Wars tables. I love the Star Wars tables. My favorite one is the Vader table. It plays the imperial march throughout the game. 

Found a new band to listen to, the band Nightwish. I love their music. Their music is amazing and I love their lead singer Floor. Yeah I may have a new celebrity crush. Sorry Amy Lee. Don't worry though Amy you are still my number 1! I joked to a few of my friends that I was going to marry Floor and we are going to have a son named Table. Anyway I highly recommend the band Nightwish.

This is where I end my blog. Warm weather is coming which means my birthday will be here soon. The trees will blossom, birds will be singing, plenty of fire therapy nights, etc. Maybe the possibility that I'll have a new job title and who knows maybe even the start of a new relationship in the near future. Wish me luck!

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