A conversation with evil

I have some strange dreams. I also tend to have reoccurring dreams. I believe I've mentioned a few times that I've ones about being in a concentration camp before. I've actually seen these camps before during visions in my meditation sessions. What does it all mean? I don't exactly know. I know I am curious, especially after the latest dream.

I'm running through a field with a rifle in my hand. Looks like I'm being chased. Everything is happening so fast. Did I kill somebody? Am I a soldier? Why do I have a rifle? Knowing that I can't outrun whomever is chasing me I decide to stop and catch my breath. I don't belief that they were chasing me to kill me. They needed me for something.

It cuts to a camp. Looks familiar. I've seen this before in other dreams and visions. Looks like a concentration camp. It is familiar but it seems a bit different though. There are rows of chairs with numbers. The numbers on the chairs look out of whack. They do not make sense. A officer hands us all a number and we are told to get into our assigned seat. I am given the number 12. He starts calling for us to take a seat. I'm still looking at the numbers on the chairs. They do seem out of whack and hard to read. He calls my number. I look for my number on the chair. There are 3 sets of numbers on the chair. Which one is mine? The officer asks me if I'm confused. I answer honestly with yes, I'm having a hard time making out the number on the chairs. He says something in return mocking me. I then see the chair that is numbered 12. I walk over there and sit down. Something is said to me and he then slaps a name tag on my chest. It does say my name and I believe it is German. I stare back at this officer. I'm giving him a death stare like I am ready to kill him right then and there.

I now find myself in a room. I'm sitting in this dark but lighted room. There are no windows. There is a lamp on the table that keeps the room lighten slightly. I hear German being spoken back and forth to another person. Wait that is me speaking in German. Who am I talking to though? Across from me is Adolf Hitler. I'm having a conversation with one of the most evil men that ever existed. I don't understand German but apparently in my dream I could speak it perfectly. We were having a conversation going back and forth about something. All I really got out of it was Hitler wanted me to be an assassin for him. Why did he want me though?

Everything cut out because I ended up waking up.  I really don't know what to think of the dream. Should I be thinking about it at all? Maybe it was just a dream? Maybe there is more to it? This is not the first time I've had dreams/visions related to world war 2, camps, and me being a soldier. This one was different though. I was apparently an assassin and I caught the interest of Hitler himself. Maybe through my meditation I'll come across some of the answers to my questions. Do I really want them answered though? I may not like what I find out. I have to remember though whatever happened in the past remains in the past.

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