Visited again

Sometimes I wonder what people think when they read these blogs about me sharing my paranormal experiences. Do they think I'm crazy? I'm lying? I'm full of shit? Well if you are one of those people then you probably should skip reading this blog.

The month of February has had a few things happening in this house. Guess I shouldn't be surprised seeing as how this month is the month that my mom passed away and she did pass away in this house. Even my father has had a few experiences, well one that I know of. My father always tells me that he sees shadows moving around out of the corner of his eye. The touch lamp in his room every now and then flickers. This started after my mom passed away. Yes I've seen this touch lamp do this on a number of occasions myself. He has also had experiences with feeling like somebody is putting their hand on him or pulling away blankets in the middle of the night. Recently he said that in the middle of the night it felt like somebody grabbed his arm.

Onto my experiences this month. There was one night where while I was sitting at my computer desk I felt a sudden cold breeze come over me. Nothing else happened, just the cold breeze. Another night while laying down on the couch falling asleep I heard loud footsteps move across the floor. Sure it could have been the cats but my cats were nowhere to be found. Also there was another occasion where this was this strong fragrance of I guess perfume right near me while I was laying down trying to go to sleep. Smelt like flowers. What type of flowers? I'm not really sure.

I want to point out that these experiences happened nights prior to me nearly getting into an accident one early Sunday morning almost 2 weeks ago. I was on my way to work and it was misting out. I wasn't on my normal route so I had to drive 30 minutes to do a route in Pewaukee. The drive out there was fine until I got to the Pick'N'Save parking lot. The parking lot was covered with ice and since it was dark out it was hard to see. As soon as I pulled into the parking lot I hit a patch of ice and my car slid. I managed to get the car under control but the entire parking lot was messed up so my car was sliding around. I have to admit I was pretty scared but I managed to control the car. I also want to add that in the next week there was a series of events that happened after this. I won't get into all of that in this blog. Maybe another one.

Anyway so it was the middle of the night early Wednesday morning like about 2am or a bit after. I woke up and found something out on facebook that disturbed me a bit. I won't get into details here about it. I stayed up for a little bit before deciding to head back to sleep. My alarm was going to go off at 5am to get up for work so I needed some more sleep. Anyway as I laid back down I had this burning sensation in the middle of my forehead. I also started hearing a cardinal close by possibly right outside the window start chirping. Cardinals do tend to chirp before the sun comes up but in the middle of the night like that? Doesn't usually happen. It is said that when spirits or loved ones decide to visit us they visit us by taking over a cardinal. Anyway so I'm laying there, my head is burning and I hear this cardinal chirping outside. I close my eyes. I then smell that fragrance again of flowers. I then hear in my mind a voice talking to me. Telling me to relax and forget about the drama that other people are causing for me. It will pass. Just continue to do what I'm doing and everything will be fine. The voice that I was hearing went into specific things about certain people in my life. I won't mention all of it here cause it is better that I keep some things private. Everything being said was really positive and was in a relaxing calm tone. As I laid there listening to the voice I felt a cold breeze on the left side of my body. After a little bit the voice went away. The burning sensation in the middle of my forehead also went away as did the cardinal chirping outside. I managed to fall back asleep.

In conclusion, am I going crazy? Nah, I just have a mother that likes to say hi once in awhile and to reassure me that everything is going to be fine.

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