Drones, UFOs, and a giant robot

Today I want to talk about a couple of dreams that I had over the span of a few days last week. One was a really short dream and the other one was longer with a lot more happening.

The first one is a really short one. I believe I was in a tall high rise building in downtown Milwaukee. I was looking out the window at Lake Michigan. You could see a few helicopters flying around. There was also a crane. For some reason this crane started jerking around all crazy like. The crane grabbed the helicopters and let them go. The helicopters were now fire balls heading down to the ground. The crane then started spinning around all crazy like and revealed that it was actually a drone. The drone was right outside the window for a few seconds before it went flying away.

The second dream starts off with me on a train. Could have been a car too, I don't really remember. All I remember is looking up at the sky and buried underneath the clouds I could see a UFO. I believe my ex-wife is with me and I said to her look up at the size, there is a UFO. Upon further inspection of the sky there were a ton of UFOs hiding above the clouds. Suddenly they all took off pretty quickly and vanished. There were hundreds of them.

We get to this place (looks like a gas station or a restaurant) where there are some other people. I really had a bad feeling that something was about to happen. I decided to go into the underground basement and locked up was this armory of tons of weapons. There were things like handguns, shotguns, and even rocket launchers stored in this armory. I went back upstairs and we felt the ground start to shake violently. I told everybody that we needed to get into the basement now. There was a security camera that showed what was going on outside and in the distance you could see a big cloud of debris coming this way. We all quickly went into the basement.

The place that we were at wasn't destroyed. There were a bunch of us in the basement. I suggested that we should probably go up and see what it is going on. Possibly even scavenge for supplies if it is really bad. Everybody was ignoring me and just talking louder. So I got louder with my suggestions and one guy who had his back to me started to mock me and laugh. I went up to him and hit the back of his head. He got up from his chair and looked at me. He said this pussy doesn't even know how to hit properly. I walked back up to him and hit him with a right and then left jab. His nose was most likely broken and bloody as he fell to the ground. I knocked him out.

A few of us decide to go upstairs to check out the damage. Everything except for the place we were at was destroyed. A barren waste land. Somehow I had a glimpse as to what the cities looked like and it was bad. I decided we should go out and look around for stuff. The ground started to shake again but it was to the sound of giant footsteps. There was this massive looking robot walking across the land. He had sensors coming out from his head. Probably searching for any life in the area. I had to do something so we wouldn't be detected. I go to the armory and grab a shotgun. I don't know why I'd pick a shotgun over a rocket launcher. Anyway I figure if I could shoot this robot between the eyes that it could disable it. So I went out and just as it was about to detect my location I took a shot and nailed it right between the eyes. The robot was then disabled.

Sadly that is where the dream ended. Would be interesting to see where it may have went from there.

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