Visitors continued

I wanted to start the new year off with a short blog. This is a continuation to one of my recent blogs called visitors. I suppose since I'm not creative enough to come up with a brand new title I'll just call this visitors continued. Of course the year had to end with something happening. I'm not really surprised.

Last night we were cooking bacon cheeseburgers. I was on bacon duty while my father was on burger duty. Anyway as we are trying to cook all of a sudden the power goes out but it is only for a specific section of the house. Like part of the kitchen was out, part of the basement, Andrew's room, etc. We were like wtf is going on. I go downstairs to the fuse box and I couldn't figure out what was off. My father came down there. He starts messing with the fuse box and finally figures out which one went out.

We go back upstairs and continue cooking. My father has 2 calendars in the kitchen. One is near where he sits at the kitchen table and the other one is on the wall by the stove. Both of them have something heavy on top of it so it is not very easy to flip the pages. Last week on Christmas the calendar by the table was flipped to show July instead of December, I did mention this in a previous blog. I look at the calendar that is near the stove and I notice the month that it is showing is not December, it is February. Immediately I was like why the hell is the calendar on February. So we check it out and none of the pages of the calendar could've fallen down from being ripped. It had to physically be changed. There is a clock on top of that calendar. So we switch it back and one of the first things I said to Andrew is that February is the month of my mom's death. How weird is it that one calendar was changed to July which is the month my sister died and then the other calendar was changed to February which is the month my mom died. Coincidence? I highly doubt it.

So that is how life can be in my house sometimes. Stick around long enough in this house and I'm sure that you will see or hear something.

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