The bread man

It's been a couple of weeks since I last wrote. The last time I wrote was on the 1st day of the year and we are now 17 days into the new year. How is the new year going for me? Let me catch y'all up to speed.

Lets start with my new job. It ended up getting off to a rocky start. I was suppose to start work on the 4th, which was a Wednesday. They told me to go out to this Pick'N'Save on 76th street at 6am and I was going to meet some guy named Dan. So I get out to the store and I figure since we are merchandising bread that I'd hang out in the bread aisle. So I did and no Dan. I asked a few people in the store if they knew who Dan was or if he was there and they knew nothing. Most of the employees in these stores won't know the merchandisers anyway. We are usually there for a little bit and then leave. They did tell me that if he was there it is possible he could be by the bread in the backroom. So I went back there and nothing. Ok so I go back out to the bread aisle and stand around. Nothing again. I walk around the store and come back. Once again nothing. Check the back again and nothing. After about 30-35 minutes of standing around and waiting I gave up. I went out to the parking lot and sat in the car. I was watching for anybody going into the store. Again nothing. So I drove back home. Of course when I tried calling the store to get a hold of the guy who scheduled me for that day he was off. So my first day with this job was not an ideal first day.

I did finally get a chance to talk to one of the bosses 5 days later. There was some miscommunication or something. Dan was supposedly at the store at 615 that morning. I don't know how I didn't see him. The boss apologized to me and said we'll try it again on Wednesday morning, which was last week the 11th. Start time at 630 instead of 6.

I go back to the store last week Wednesday and this time I did see Dan. He was right in the bread aisle working on fixing up the shelves. Dan is a nice guy. The job itself is not hard. I wouldn't say it is terribly easy. There is a lot of lifting involved, pulling carts full of bread trays, etc. Basically what you do is go from store to store making sure the shelves are filled and rotated and seeing what the back stock for each store looks like. Thats really about it. On Dan's route he has 6 stores to do. Some stores don't have much at all in terms of bread so there isn't a lot of stuff in the backroom. It took about 5 hours to go from store to store. One of the things I liked the most is the time in between stores. Yeah there is a lot of driving around but the way I look at it is this. Between each store I get a mini break to sit down and relax a little bit before having to do it all over again. I like that. Plus I basically get paid for driving around blasting music. Who wouldn't like something like that?

My 2nd day was this past Sunday. It was a bit of a longer day cause I was asked if I could go back to one of the stores to make sure things were ok. The first store on Dan's route is a huge store. They go through a lot of bread there. I spent nearly 2 and a half hours there on Sunday. When I went back to the store on Sunday it was a madhouse. Thats because they had good sales on bread this week so people were taking advantage of it. 

I like this job so far. When I worked at Pick'N'Save I was busting my ass filling bread, working dairy, frozen, grocery, while wearing the headset to be the bitch boy for the managers or customer service. For that work I was really making shit for money. In fact just doing what I do I make 6 bucks more an hour. Anyway I think I'll be with this job for awhile. I know not everyday is going to be great and I'm sure there will be some days that are like ugh I don't want to do this but for now I really do like it. I should be getting my own route soon and it sounds like they may give me more hours/days then what was originally planned. It was originally planned that I'd do only Sunday and Wednesday but sounds like I could pick up another day or two. I'll definitely take it if they want me too.

In other news my Packers are one win away from returning to the super bowl. I haven't mentioned anything about football in my blogs lately. The Packers season looked to be over months ago but here we are again in the playoffs and near another super bowl. I'm not going to say much more about it but I do believe the Packers are going to win the super bowl this year and they most likely will be playing the Patriots. Pretty sure I'm right about this one. Go Pack go!

Think I'm going to end my blog there. Things are good. Not everything is perfect but my entire outlook is that things are good in my life. They'll keep on getting better too. I have a great feeling about this year in general. Oh and you know I never thought that I'd actually be a "bread man", not that there is anything wrong with that.

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