It started with a door

The downside of going to bed early is the fact that now I'm awake early. What a perfect time to update my blog a bit. I know in one of my last blogs I had said that I was going to write about my birthday trip to Door County. I'm not going to do that right now. I wanted to write a blog about how I have somebody in my life again. This story started with a door.



Happy birthday to me! At least this year I'm only a week late with writing my birthday blog. Last year I didn't write my birthday blog until August so I guess technically I'm early? Anyway so here is my birthday blog. Once again happy birthday to me!


Back on track

I'm still alive. I realize my last blog was nearly 2 months ago. I've been wanting to write. I'm just procrastinating a lot. I need to get back on track and that is exactly what I'm doing this month. Not that things have been bad or whatever, just I went off the track I was on for a little bit.


Wish me luck

It dawned on me that my last few blogs have been about dreams and nothing about how life is going for me. This blog will be about how life is going for me. Welcome to my life sucks the 2017 edition. I'm only kidding of course. Typical of me to crack jokes.


A conversation with evil

I have some strange dreams. I also tend to have reoccurring dreams. I believe I've mentioned a few times that I've ones about being in a concentration camp before. I've actually seen these camps before during visions in my meditation sessions. What does it all mean? I don't exactly know. I know I am curious, especially after the latest dream.


Visited again

Sometimes I wonder what people think when they read these blogs about me sharing my paranormal experiences. Do they think I'm crazy? I'm lying? I'm full of shit? Well if you are one of those people then you probably should skip reading this blog.


Drones, UFOs, and a giant robot

Today I want to talk about a couple of dreams that I had over the span of a few days last week. One was a really short dream and the other one was longer with a lot more happening.


Screw 2017! Just kidding!

Hello people. Screw 2017. I'm ready for 2018. Terrible year so far and its not going to get any better! I'm also a really bad liar. Everything in life is pretty darn good at the moment. No real complaints here.


The bread man

It's been a couple of weeks since I last wrote. The last time I wrote was on the 1st day of the year and we are now 17 days into the new year. How is the new year going for me? Let me catch y'all up to speed.


Exit 2016 Enter 2017

Welcome to 2017. Hope 2017 is a better year. 2016 was a good year though. I hear and read about how 2016 was just a terrible year in general for a lot of people. It was a terrible year if you were a celebrity, thats for sure. For me though from my point of view 2016 was a really good year. Then again I always try to look at the positives instead of the negatives. Here is my review of 2016.

Visitors continued

I wanted to start the new year off with a short blog. This is a continuation to one of my recent blogs called visitors. I suppose since I'm not creative enough to come up with a brand new title I'll just call this visitors continued. Of course the year had to end with something happening. I'm not really surprised.