Why me?

Recently I've asked myself why me. Why did you pick me to mess with? Why did you try to completely destroy and humiliate me? Do you really get off on the things that you do? Lots of questions floating around in my head. I know more than you think I know.

I'm pretty certain that you did not act alone and I wasn't just this random guy that you picked out. I'm finding out a lot and I know that you went to the majority of the guys in the guild. Now why would you do that? Simple answer. You wanted to turn all the guys in the guild against each other by chasing after the same chick. Congrats. You did actually manage to pull that one off. All the shit you told me about Marcus was bullshit or it was because you planted misinformation in his head. I was the main target though. Why? What did you hope to accomplish?

You wanted to leave me with no friends and no guild. You wanted me to be at the point where I wanted to quit the game for good. Hell maybe you wanted me at the breaking point to maybe I'd do something to harm myself for real. Sorry to say that no bitch is worth harming myself over. That is one thing I learned in life a very long time ago. I may have been at a very low point about a month ago over all this shit but I'd never do anything to harm myself. So if that is what your goal was then you failed.

You may have successed in helping to turn a few people against me but you did not succeed in turning everyone against me. Many people could see past your bullshit. I was warned repeatedly. I didn't totally ignore the warnings either. I knew I had to stick it out cause there was a purpose. I know what that purpose is now.

You tried to pit me against many people. You tried to make me jealous of certain people. You at one point tried to pit me against my own cousin claiming that you thought she may have wrote you a letter in game telling you to stay away from me. I did see right through that one though and it was you sending it to yourself. Wasn't it? Remember I confronted you about it? I knew it was you. I mean for real, you are going to try to say you got a random mail from some low level character right after you were just on a low level character?  I told you that I trusted you when you said it wasn't you. I didn't trust you. I knew it was you. You told me people didn't want you around in the guild, that they hated you, etc etc. It was all a game. You wanted me away from all my friends. You wanted the guild destroyed. You knew people could see right through you.

Some of your stories were totally fucking ridiculous. You do realize that right? I'd sit here and think to myself what the fuck, is she really being serious? I had that voice in my head tell me that I had to stick with it though. I had to see it through until the very end. Nobody but me is really going to ever understand why I did what I did. In a weird way I am glad that I did.

You didn't act alone. No coincidence that you send me a random message asking for a guild invite cause you liked the name. It wasn't random was it? What I think is somebody who was already close to me was working with you. This person spent awhile getting to know me and such and then brought you in so you could cause all this bullshit drama just so the guild would fail. It was a pretty good plan. Pretty elaborate attempt at trying to destroy not only the guild but my friendship with many people. Maybe I really am an important person in the WoW community? Maybe someone was jealous of it? Maybe someone is just totally sick in the head and loves this sorta thing. Either way the both of you are fucked in the head.

I'm still uncovering the truth about things. I have no idea what I am going to do with all I know already. You've already hurt me enough but I hold all the cards now. I'm willing to drop this and move on with my life if you want to give me the actual truth. Not some bullshit story either. The actual truth.

I'll move on from this regardless. I will find somebody to love who is actually truthful and won't pull some of the shit that you did. I really hope that you move on from this and never do something like this again. One day you are going to come across somebody who will end up hurting themselves or possibly killing themselves and that is going to be on your conscience the rest of your life.

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