One thing that I haven't talked about it in awhile is any activity in this house. I think I've just gotten use to the fact that I'm not alone in this house and it rarely ever phases me. Something happens in the house and I say oh its just my mom or my sister. I wanted to take the time to talk about a few of the more recent incidents.

Over the past few months I've had quite a few incidents during my night time prayers or even during my meditation sessions. Usually it is hair on the back of my neck standing up or feeling like something touching my arm. Hairs on my arm standing up. There was one night in particular where I did actually feel my mother's presence. There was this warmness in my heart and I just felt so filled with love and happiness. Caused me to break out into tears. There were also a couple of nights in a row where my radio suddenly turned off on its own. I can confirm this because the radio station was still working but someone or something had to actually press the button to turn it off.

I do want to talk about two particular incidents though. The first one was just about a month ago or so. Maybe the beginning of this month actually. Anyway I had hit a pretty low point and was seriously depressed. I didn't know how to snap out of it. One night during my nightly prayers I totally lost it. I kept going on about certain things not going right in my life and I was very frustrated with a lot of things. I could hear the voice of my mother in my head telling me that I needed to calm down. As I continued on crying and getting more and more frustrated I could hear her voice getting louder. I think at one point she had told me to stop it. I was then interrupted by a loud boom downstairs. It was well after midnight and everybody was asleep in the house. I decided to go downstairs to investigate. I didn't see anything at first until I went into the living room. Right by the entrance to the living room we have a cross that has been hanging on the wall for years. This cross was now on the floor and it was the boom that I heard. I assure everyone that nothing like this ever happened before. I picked up the cross and then put it on the table. I just assumed that I had pissed off my mother to a point where she felt like she needed to get my attention and that was her way of doing so. I went back upstairs and continued with a much calmer nightly prayer where I started off by saying "message heard loud and clear".

The next incident that I want to mention happened on Christmas morning. I woke up Christmas morning and went through my normal routine that I do. Andrew was awake and was in the kitchen. We said Merry Christmas to each other. I'm not sure who it was that noticed it first but  the calendar by the table which was on December the night before was now on July. We both look at each other like wtf why is it on July? Did my father do it? Did the calendar rip and fall to that specific month. I examined the calendar and nothing was ripped. Besides that my father keeps a bunch of stuff on the calendar like scissors and other various things that would make it virtually impossible for the pages of the calendar to fall down on their own. Of course one of my first thoughts was why did is it at the month of July. The month of July is the month in which my sister passed away. We both thought that it was weird. I wasn't freaked out, he may of been freaked out a little bit. I did ask my father about it and he said that he didn't touch the calendar. He seems to think the calendar pages fell down on their own. I'm not convinced. There is too much in the way. I think it was my sister's way of saying Merry Christmas to us.

Thats all I have for now. I'm sure as time goes on I'll have more stories to share about possible visitors in the house.

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