Merry Christmas! I'm just a few days late

Hello. I've been meaning to write a blog but I've been sidetracked the last few days. I won't put everything that I want to say into this one blog cause it would be super long. I think I'll split them into a total of 3 blogs. Yes 3 blogs are coming up. Maybe not all today but within the next few days I think. These blogs will be a bit different then the last few I've written. I'll start off though with the not so good stuff and get into the good stuff.

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away. Sorry this isn't Star Wars related. Anyway awhile ago I had broken this tooth. I should've gotten it removed. Most normal people would. I'm not normal. I don't do dentist very well. I get stressed out and anxious too easily. Blah blah blah. If you've been reading my blogs I am sure by now you know the story. Anyway so last week Friday I started having mouth pains near that broken tooth. It was causing everything in the area to swell up, including my jaw. By the middle of the night my pain was pretty unbearable. It was causing my jaw to hurt. Problem with me though is sometimes cause of my anxiety I don't know what pain is real and what pain is actually not really there but my brain is allowing me to think its there. If that makes sense? Like when I'm anxious or stressed out I'll have side stomach pains, chest pains, left arm pains, knee pains, head pains, and even teeth pains.

On Saturday, which was Christmas Eve, the pain was still there. This worried me a lot. I even checked the area where my broken tooth is and there were black spots on my gums. I figured that I should probably find an emergency dentist to go to. Problem is that it is Christmas Eve. A lot of places were closed. We did find one but we basically had to rush there cause they were planning on closing soon. I get there and they take x-rays. Course the tooth is infected. They wanted to take it out but couldn't cause my blood pressure was too damn high. Gee this sounds so familiar. Instead I get sent home with 2 painkillers and 2 antibiotics. Yay Merry Christmas to me! Not really bitching. In fact thanks to these meds I've been having some crazy dreams, one of which will be the subject of one of my upcoming blogs.

Christmas was good. I was spoiled again. It started with Andrew moving back here to be honest. He gave me an iphone6 and a nice headset. For Christmas he gave me this plasma ball in the shape of the death star. Its pretty cool. Then one of my newest internet friends bought me a copy of the game Overwatch. My sister got me a Star Wars tote bag, this grim reaper statue, a 3d picture of this skeleton dude, and a puzzle with tigers. On Monday Andrew bought a new xbox one for himself so I got a hand-me-down xbox one. Then yesterday I bought a few random things for myself. Yep I'm spoiled.

Ok Christmas itself was good. My father and I kept up with the yearly tradition of watching National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation on Christmas Eve. Then on Christmas Day my sister came over and cooked us spaghetti. We hung out for awhile. My brother Jay and his family came over for awhile. Lots of laughs. Then I went back by my sister's house for awhile and we did our tradition of watching 8 Crazy Nights. So Christmas was good. Next Christmas will be even better. In fact I have a prediction for next Christmas. I will definitely be in a relationship way before next Christmas.

I have a job now! Thanks to my friend Andrew whom hooked me up with a part time job where he works. It is only like 10 hours a week but the cap on part time is 28 hours a week. This is perfect for me because I intend on going to MATC starting in August. Yeah it was suppose to be January but lets just leave it at it didn't work out. Anyway I haven't started the job yet, I probably won't until the beginning of next week I believe. I'm just happy to have something at this point. Part time or not, it is good to be joining the working world again. Oh and the job is basically going from store to store and filling the shelves with bread. Something I've done before just working in grocery stores.

I'll end this blog there. Things are looking up for me. Can't wait to see what the future holds. Big things are coming. Good things. Take care everybody and I hope people had a good Christmas.

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