Apocalyptic plane

Since I've been on my medications for this tooth I've had some interesting dreams. I had to bust out my old dream journal to start writing some of them down. I may share more than one in a blog but I wanted to start with this one in particular. I'll call this apocalyptic plane.

The dream starts off with me being near a school. I assume I just got out of school or something. I'm surrounded by a bunch of people. I believe I'm in Milwaukee although it doesn't really look like Milwaukee. I was walking along this path by a stone building that had a spiral staircase. All of a sudden we all stop to look at this plane that was close by that seemed to be just hoovering in air. This plane looked like it was in trouble because it was upside down. The plane then starts to move in all sorts of weird directions. Everybody was watching the plane and was horrified at what was going on. Suddenly this astronaut comes out of nowhere and grabs a hold of the plane. He carries it out over to where Lake Michigan is and proceeds to bring it down.

Everyone erupts into cheers as we figure that the plane is safe now. A few seconds later those cheers turn into screams of horror as in the distance there is a huge explosion. There is a big mushroom cloud and you can see tons of fireballs coming from the cloud. Since it was over water you can see a small tsunami coming too. I can see fireballs taking out houses, buildings, roads, trees, people, etc. Everybody starts to run away. I go into the stone building and up the spiral staircase only to realize this was a bad idea as rocks and other debris is hitting the building. I get out of the building.

I proceed to a bridge. The bridge is getting pelted by debris but I have to get across the bridge. I run across the bridge only to be met with another bridge that was taken out by flood water. Not knowing how to swim and not really knowing how deep the water is I decide to head back towards the bridge and find another way out. That bridge has now been taken out in the chaos. Weird part is the bridge has now turned into a wooden type bridge and people are helping each other by throwing the bridge to the other side to drag people over to them.

I decide to head back the other direction and manage to make it through the flood water. It wasn't that deep. As I get to the other side there are a bunch of people stopped and looking to what is coming in the distance. In the distance you can see the area is getting filled with water and small waves of water are heading towards us. As a wave hits I jump in the air to avoid the wave. Not that they were strong enough to knock me down, I didn't want to take any chances.

I start walking with a bunch of people. It seems like the vast majority of the people are heading south. One person asks where should we go. I speak up and I say that we should head south. He questions me as to why we should head further south and I said because it is warmer in the south.

That is where my dream ended. Thank you medication for providing me with an interesting dream.

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