The River

I listen to a lot of meditation videos. Some days I listen to them more then others. Usually though I'd listen to it for a few hours a day. Sometimes when I really do focus I see things. I've wrote a blog or two or more about some of the things I've seen. This is another one of those blogs. I'll call this one the river. I'm going to try to remember this the best I can. This all happened so fast when I was seeing it.

I feel like I am watching a black and white movie. I'm not too sure of the time or the place of this but it is old. There is a horse drawn carriage. I'm on the carriage and there is a woman with me. It is Jess. She is wearing a long white dress. She also has on a hat, looks like a bonnet. I can't make out what I am wearing.

The horse stops just past this wooden bridge. Jess and I get off the carriage. I take her hand and we decide to venture on this wooden bridge. There is a river beneath the bridge. I'm not entirely sure how high the bridge is from the water. It seems like a fair distance though. We get to the middle of the bridge and something happens to the bridge. The wooden bridge starts to break. Maybe the weight of the horse and the carriage put way too much strain on it. Maybe the horse wasn't on the bridge at all. It doesn't seem like a bridge that a horse and carriage could of possibly been on. I don't know.

The wooden pieces in the bridge start to break apart and fall into the river below. I find myself suddenly lose my balance and I start to fall. I manage to hang onto the bridge so I don't fall into the river. Jess loses her balance too and she falls right past me. I reach out and manage to grab her hand. There is no way to bridge is going to be able to hold up the both of us though as we hang on for dear life. The grip that I have on her hand starts to loosen and she falls.

Without really thinking about it and knowing that I am a terrible swimmer or I can't swim at all I decide to fall into the river myself to save her. She survived her fall as do I. I quickly get to her in the water and manage to help her to a nearby shore. For whatever reason as I help her to shore I remain in the water as she lays there recovering. Something hits me. I am not entirely sure what hits me but I am swept away in the water. 

I can hear the screaming of my name. I see myself barely above the water fighting against the current that is dragging me away. I try to fight it but I am being swept further and further down the river. Then it looks like my head hits some rocks. I think I am out cold now. Everything that I see now is like I am viewing from a distance like I'm a specator. 

I'm still floating down the river. I still hear the screaming of my name. Coming up on the river is a waterfall. Looks like a pretty good drop. At the bottom of the waterfall are a bunch of rocks. I see me get to waterfall and I plunge down it to the rocks. I still hear the screaming and the crying. I assume that as soon as I hit the rocks I probably died. 

This is where the vision ends cause I opened up my eyes after I had seen myself hit the rocks. The clothes that Jess was wearing in this one where similar to the ones she was wearing in my dream I had a few months ago that I felt was a past life dream. 

Past life vision? This very well could be. Few things I want to point out. I am deathly afraid of water. I freaked out putting my feet in the ocean up to my ankle. I also can't get water directly on my face while in the shower. I have to use a wash cloth to do my face. I'm also afraid of heights. I suppose a lot people are. I also don't like wooden bridges. There is a wooden bridge at the ren faire and I really hate going across it. I've always liked waterfalls though. Anyway if this really happened that would explain some of my fears. This is not the first time I've seen myself drown or drowning.

I wanted to share this with everyone and see what people think.

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