The curse of November is a myth

I'll start this blog with a random useless fact. Since 2010 I've only written 1 blog in the month of November and that was back in 2013. I blame "the curse of November" on my lack of writing in this month. So there really isn't a curse of November but it is something that I've said for years now.

Yeah I don't like the month of November. Blah blah blah too many painful memories. Blah blah blah not enough good memories. Blah blah blah. The great thing about life however is that there is still a lot of time to make great long lasting wonderful memories. That is my mindset at the moment.

So I won the lottery on Saturday. Seriously I felt like I should play the lottery cause I had this feeling that I would win. I did win. I matched the powerball and won $4! Baby steps! Maybe if I think that I will win the lottery by matching all the numbers and the powerball on the same line then it will work.

Funny story about that actually. Back when I was with my ex-wife it was coming close to our anniversary of when we first started dating. In fact the drawing was on our anniversary. I said to her that I was going to buy a lottery ticket cause I was going to match all numbers. She looked at me and she laughed. The drawing came up and sure enough I did match all the numbers. The only problem is that they were all on different lines. I didn't win anything. I guess when I say these things I have to be very specific.

Its a few days after my last blog and I am feeling better about the whole situation. It did kinda suck but that cat was really sick and would of been expensive to take care of him. I feel bad yes but I suppose the best outcome came out of all of it. I just hope that in the short amount of time that he spend coming here he actually did feel a bit of caring and love. It is very sad how some people treat animals. Hell I don't even like raising my voice to Ozzy and Loco. I always end up apologizing to them. Anyway I am fine now and at least Thor, yes that was my name for him, is in a better place.

I'll make this paragraph brief cause I don't like talking about politics. I will be so glad when this election is over. However it won't end with the election cause people are going to be butt hurt about whomever gets elected into office and then it will be talk about how we need to get that person out of office. Blah blah blah it is just all a vicious cycle. What have I really gotten out of this election so far and reading people's posts on facebook? You're an idiot if you vote for Trump. You're an idiot if vote for Hillary. You're an idiot if you don't vote at all. I'll pick option number four. I'll vote for myself.

Alright so my Tibetan bowl is about to end so I'm going to end my blog here. The so called curse of November is just a myth. This month is going to be good.

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