Duke of Earl

I'm sure you people are thinking that this is a weird name for a blog. I'll explain it of course. I had another title in mind and it was probably going to sound too depressing so I went with this instead. Remember how I said something about the curse of November in a recent blog. Yeah this month is still cursed. I sorta say that in a sarcastic tone though. In my mind I believe that the month is only as depressing and sad as I make it out to be.

The blog title. Well life has been interesting to say the least lately since Andrew and I are roommates again. We randomly sit around and sing badly to random songs. Well for whatever reason the song Duke of Earl got stuck in our heads so last night we kept singing it. Think this one was my fault cause I was going through my spotify playlist and I happen to click on the song. Now that silly song is stuck in my head. I went for my walk this morning and I was singing it.

So I guess I'll get into the depressing part of my blog. It is Thanksgiving week. No matter what I do I always find myself stressed out, anxious, and depressed. It started over the weekend. I don't even know if most of my new readers know the story of why I am like this almost every year. I will dive into it in the next paragraph. I just want to say that even though I am fighting a bit of depression atm and I've been on and off sad that I am alright for the most part. I find random shit to laugh about and be happy about. Plus I have my meditation videos. They help me out a lot.

Ok so why is this week so difficult for me? Well the month of November is just a difficult month for me. I'm sure I've talked about it before in other blogs but I'll just say it here since some people don't know the story. It starts way back in 1988. My mom on Thanksgiving day of that year had a heart attack. I still remember that morning like it just happened yesterday. I don't think it is something that I will ever forget. 4 years later in 1992 she had a 2nd heart attack a few days after Thanksgiving. A year later around Thanksgiving she had congestive heart failure and was put into the hospital until they found her a new heart. Fast forward to 1999. The morning after Thanksgiving I had an accident while working at Krispy Kreme. A bunch of hot oil splashed onto my arm causing me to have 2nd degree burns and this big ass bubble formed on my arm. I probably should of went to the hospital or urgent care but I didn't. Then the entire month of November in 2004 was fucked up for me cause thats when I found out that my now ex-wife was wanting to cheat on me and wanted a divorce. There are a few other things that I could mention but that is the majority of it.

Its not that I really sit here and mope around and be depressed. In fact this month I've been quite active with doing all sorts of random stuff. Keeping myself busy. I finally have the upstairs organized to what I want it to be, only took me well over a year. Hey I'm slow! If I find myself getting depressed and down about stuff I try to remember the good things that I have in life and yeah there are plenty of good things in my life. I do actually love my life and I am thankful for what I have. I have great friends and of course there is my girlfriend. I'm happy to have her in life and it gives me a lot to look forward to for the future.

So to end this blog I may be feeling a bit down right now but it is only temporary. I have a lot to look forward to coming up. Just have to get through the next few days and everything will be golden. Not like everything is terrible but I think y'all understand what I am getting at.

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