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Today's blog will be a little bit nicer, well I think anyway. Whoa wait second day in a row that I'm writing a blog. What is this sorcery? I haven't said much in my blog in awhile so now I have to play catch up.

I applied to MATC so I can hopefully start college in January. I have to apply for financial aid still and do some sort of placement test. I requested transcripts from my high school to be sent to MATC. We'll see what happens. I am looking to get my associate's degree in culinary arts. Possibly culinary management too. Right now I am leaning towards being a caterer but that could change. The important thing atm is getting into this program and starting classes.

I was a bit afraid at the idea of going back to college. I'm 37 years old and I haven't done the school thing in forever. So there is a bit of fear there with wanting to go back now but the way I figure is I need to take this chance and do it. I'll never know what the outcome is going to be unless I take that chance and face whatever fears I have. Although I am pretty certain that the outcome is going to be great. I was afraid of getting my license and driving, I conquered that over 4 years ago now. I was afraid of doing the whole GED thing. I put it off for so long. I went and did all of that in less then a month when a lot of people take months if not longer to get that done. In reality I should have nothing to fear. I got this.

I seem to have conquered my sleep issues. I was averaging maybe 4-5 hours of sleep a night. Now I am getting usually about 7 hours of sleep. I guess a change in my workout routine helped out a lot. I do most of my exercising in the morning hours so by the time it gets to like 9-10pm I am ready to go to sleep. I'm also exercising a lot more now too. Everyday I start off with a 40 minute walk. On Monday through Friday I do a 20 minute walk late morning. On Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I lift weights for 20-25 minutes after my walk. On Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday I do 20 minutes of boxing after my walk. So I have a good system going. Now if I just ate better I'd get back to losing weight. Anyway for now it seems as if my sleep issues have been solved.

Playing guitar more then what I was. Ok maybe not so much the last few days but overall I've spent more time playing. I've been working on "Children of the Grave" by Black Sabbath. I tune the guitar down to C# to play it. I love that low tuning. Anyway that is such a fun song to play. I've noticed that I've gotten better at playing guitar. Practice makes perfect right? At least I sound like I know what I'm doing.

Running a different guild now on WoW with my girlfriend. Long story as to why I am running a different guild. I really don't want to get into it now. Anyway its not really a new guild. Its the guild that I've used before for other guilds that I ran and has served as a guild bank on and off for me for like 6 or more years. The name of the guild is called The Psych Wârd. I love the name. My wonderful girlfriend thought of the name so she gets all the credit! I foresee this guild lasting for a long time or until I decide to quit WoW again. I'm kidding! I am not leaving the game anytime soon.

I think this is where I will end my blog today. My Tibetan bowl is about to end anyway so this is a good stopping point. I'll try to keep up to date with my blog but I make no promises. I'm sure a lot will be happening between now and the end of the year so I'll have lots to talk about. Until then hope all my loyal readers (I know at least 1 or 2 people read my blogs) are doing good.

And to my girlfriend Jess...I thought I'd officially end my blog by saying I love you.

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