Went on vacation...bit my lip and punched myself in the face

I'm sitting here listening to my Tibetan bowl so I figured that I would spend some time writing a blog. I recently just went to Wisconsin Dells on a vacation and I am going to talk about my trip.

I left last Tuesday for the Dells. I love going out there. It is my favorite vacation spot in the state. Very beautiful place and its peaceful there. Anyway I learned a few things from me driving this past week. I like to blast loud music and sing very badly. I was at one point trying to sing an Eminem song which of course caused me to burst out into laughter cause for one I can't sing and secondly I can't rap. I also learned that I have a bit of a led foot. The entire time my goal was to drive about 80. If a car in front of me wasn't doing 80 I'd go around them. Speed limit was only 55, yeah well I look at it as a suggested speed. Its probably a good thing that I do these trips alone cause I am sure I'd scare the shit out of somebody. I'm not that bad of a driver, actually I am pretty sure I keep people entertained. I know my sister laughs her ass off all the time at some of the shit I do.

Before going to the Dells I went to check out Cave of the Mounds which is just west of Madison, and a bit out of the way. I love that place. It is very cool. For those who don't know what Cave of the Mounds is its a national landmark. Its basically a cave tour that goes on for about an hour. I always enjoy myself on the tour. Going from Cave of the Mounds to the Dells requires you to go on some not very populated roads that twist and turn. Oh going through those roads basically having the entire road to myself for 25-30 minutes was really fun. I'd hate to drive that route during the winter though.

I got to the Dells late afternoon on Tuesday. Checked into my room and basically went right to the balcony to check out the view. Was so beautiful. I decided I'd venture out to find Ponderosa and then to Walmart to get a few items. Last time I went looking for Ponderosa I totally went the wrong way and ended up back on the highway. This time though I actually found it with no problem. My shopping experience at Walmart was suppose to be me buying a couple of food items for the next few days. Well I did that and ended up with a ton of new shirts and other clothes. That was not my intention. I just found a bunch of cool shit to wear. So I get back to the hotel and it is close to the sun setting. I wanted to go walk down by the lake to watch the sunset. This didn't happen cause at that moment I decided to fuck up my phone charger by I guess ripping some wires out. Damn it. So I had to go back to Walmart just to buy a new phone charger. I couldn't just not get one, it was a necessity. I did get back in time to watch some of the sunset from my balcony.

Wednesday was a total washout of a day. It start raining in the middle of the night and basically continued all day and all night. It totally changed my plans for what I was going to do. It kinda sucked but there was something kinda pretty about just sitting there watching the rain. There were a few breaks in there in which allowed me to go outside to do something. One was going to Pizza Pub for all you can eat pizza and pasta, which I ate way too much food. Then later on I went into downtown Dells to search for this shop that they have there that carries all kinds of cool stuff such as gargoyles and dragons. Sadly when I got to the shop they were already closed. Ugh really? Most of the day on Wednesday was spent hanging out watching tv and just watching the rain.

Thursday was a lot better day. It sounded like it was going to be an all day rain event but during the morning hours the rain cleared up and did not return until overnight. The sun actually came out and it was a pleasant day. I decided I wanted to go on the Wisconsin ducks. I'm seriously afraid of water and being on water but the duck ride is just so enjoyable. I won't say that I'm not totally anxious and not freaking out when I am on one of those things while going over water but I really enjoy the ride. This time around we saw a bunch of deer while going through the woods. I even managed to get a few pictures of them. It was a really pleasant ride. I decided to go back to downtown Dells to see if that store was open. It was and I ended up walking out of there with a few new gargoyles and some skulls. So much stuff in there. I had to limit myself with how much I was going to get. The remainder of the day I hung out watching the view from my balcony. I did actually walk down to the lake twice that day. Once during the afternoon. I sat down by the lake watching the ducks. One duck actually came on shore by me and well he probably thought I was going to feed him. It was cute. Later on I went back down to the lake and I sat there watching the sunset. Was so peaceful.

I hurt myself. Somehow while I was at Ponderosa I decided to bite my own lip while eating. Not entirely sure how I managed to do that but it left a nice sore on my lower left lip. It is now finally starting to heal a bit. Looked really bad a few days ago. Oh then on Friday while I was driving home from the Dells I decided to punch myself in the nose. Again I'm not entirely sure how I managed to do that. I think I was moving my arm or something and my nose apparently got in the way. I started laughing at myself cause it was just one of those silly things that occasionally I do. It only hurt for a few seconds. Could of been worse. Had I knocked my glasses off my face while driving that could of been bad. I'm lucky that it wasn't as bad as it could be.

I really do love my little getaways. They always come and go so fast but I am really grateful that I do get a chance to do this once in awhile. Makes me appreciate more what I do have in life and the things that I am able to do. It probably appears at times to some people that I am not very grateful and I don't appreciate stuff but I promise everyone this, everything that I do have in my life I am very thankful for it. I may get mad or upset at stuff, I may even complain from time to time but I generally am happy with everything in my life.

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