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I figured its been a bit since my last blog. I did start one last week but I totally scrapped it. I might go back and redo it at some point but for now I decided to start a new one. A lot of things have gone on recently. I won't get into all the details in this blog. Trust me, nothing is bad.

Football season is upon us. I honestly can say that I just don't care about football right now. I mean yeah I will spend my Sunday afternoons screaming at the tv but I have no interest in it right now. I haven't even watched the Brett Favre hall of fame thing and he is my favorite football player of all time. To those who did watch it please tell me something, what penis picture text did he use to go into the hall of fame with him? I had to make the joke. I'm sure many others have already too. Anyway football season. Packers should have a good season and then probably flop again in the playoffs. Isn't that typical of them?

I had a bit of a family reunion last weekend. Got to see some of my cousins that I haven't seeen in ages. I also met a cousin of mine that I met through facebook and WoW. It was kinda funny that I was on facebook one day and in this WoW group that I admin I had made a post about where everybody lives. She responded by saying she lived in Wisconsin and I replied with something and she told me that her mom was a mutual friend of mine. I looked at her profile and her mom is actually my cousin which made her my cousin. How cool is that? So we finally got to meet at my cousin Mike's party. It is so awkward meeting somebody in person for the first time, even if we are family. I think cause we are both pretty shy so it made it awkward. I did however give her a couple of hugs though. I don't normally hug people. She should feel special! Kinda funny though that we were at the same party and we were still sending each other facebook messages.

The party itself was good. Spent most of my time hanging out with my sister, my cousin Jenny and her kid, and my uncle Kenny. We went walking around the park area. I wanted to go walk around this trail that was around there but we never did. Also took a few pictures with my cousin. I have to say that I look good. I never think that about myself but seriously I really notice the weight loss and damn I look good.

Of course getting there and getting back was a bit of a adventure. I believe it is always entertaining when I am driving somewhere, especially when I don't exactly know where I am going. So we drive out to West Bend, where the party is located. Now I've never drove out there. I've been out there just never was the one driving. My cousin gave me directions to the park. Now seeing as how I have a gps I figured I'd just write down some notes in case the gps was stupid. I'm rather thankful that I did write down some notes cause the gps was stupid. We get into West Bend and the notes say to turn left at the mcdonalds and walgreens on the corner. The gps did not tell me to turn left so I followed the gps. Driving along and then the gps tells me to turn left. Then it tells me to turn right. Then right again. Then right again. I'm like um what the fuck. Is this gps making me go around in circles? Yep the gps is making me drive around in circles. My sister is in the passenger seat laughing her ass off cause I'm getting so frustrated and the gps is constantly telling me to make right turns. I'm like yeah I don't think this bitch is going to get us to our destination. Finally going around in circles for a few more times I decided to pull over. I said to the gps "fuck you" and turned her off. I'm like alright lets go back to the main road and try to follow the directions. Forgot to mention that I am the only one who can read my writing so now I am driving and having to navigate my handwritten sloppy notes. Trying to get back to the main road was fun. I am turning down all these streets and apparently I was driving through the park that I was suppose to be at anyway. My sister is cracking up laughing and at this point so I am. I have tears in my eyes. Hard to focus on the road when you are laughing so hard that you are crying. I get back to where the mcdonalds and walgreens is. I turn there. Next set of directions said to make a right turn at the first stop sign you see. So I'm driving along and I'm like did I past a stop sign? Pull over and look back and determine that I didn't. Back to driving and I see the stop sign. I do my right turn. Now it said that the entrance to the cabin area of the park where the party is being held at is the first right turn you see. Driving along and I pass up this road/trail. I'm looking and I'm like is that the road I was suppose to turn down? I pull over and yep I determine that it is. Of course I passed the road. So make sure nobody is coming and I back up to go down the road. Yay we finally arrived there.

Coming back home was another adventure in itself. I have to back track slightly though. While walking around the park we were walking up and down the trails/roads. There was one road nearby that was blocked off to traffic but you could still walk down there. Ok so get in the car and turn down this narrow curvy road and guess what road it was? The road that was blocked off. Of course my reaction was "oh you motherfucker". Only thing I could do is try to back up on this narrow curvy road. Mind you my backing up skills suck balls. I back up a bit and I am going off the road close to some trees. I pull out of there and back up again and do the same thing. I end up doing this about 5 times. Of course here is the laughter again. I'm trying to navigate my way out of this and I am dying laughing again. Then I had this brilliant idea that I would just try to turn the car around and get out of there like that without trying to backup the entire road. Now remember what I said about it being a narrow road? Yeah I wasn't lying. So I start to try to turn the car around. I feel like I am doing inches at a time cause I had very little room to maneuver cause of trees and shit on both sides. My sister and I are still in the car laughing our asses off. At one point I did not think I could maneuver the car out of there and I thought that I got the car stuck. What a story that would of been for people. Hi...my car is stuck on this narrow road in the woods...can you help me out? Anyway somehow without hitting a tree or doing major damage to the car I managed to turn the car around and get the hell out of there. Course the story wouldn't end there. My sister and I decided to go to a music store on 76th street. I decided to get off on the first 76th street exit that I saw which was way on the north side of Milwaukee. So here I am driving down probably not the best neighbors in Milwaukee. I am hauling ass through there. Hell I don't want anything to happen to me, my sister, or the car. Then I come up to a street that tells me to go either right or left. Ah fuck, now what do I do? So I go right. Now I am going in the opposite direction of where I want to go. Alright must find a road that goes back south. So I take a road and then I end up going west on this curvy road through yet another park. I'm like oh my God I have no idea where the fuck I am now. Mind you I had turned off the gps by now cause we were back in Milwaukee, I didn't need it. Again with the laughing cause I don't know where I am going and my sister doesn't know where I am. Somehow I managed to turn back onto 76th street going south which is what I wanted in the first place. After we went to the cd place we hung out at my sister's house for awhile. I was done driving for the day except for when I had to drive home later. What an adventure though. It is fun to drive with me.

This is where I end my blog today. I wanted to share what I thought was an amusing story with people. I thought I'd end it by saying something else though. I can't really say too much at the moment cause nothing is actually official but the girl I've been talking about in my blogs...lets just say that she has become a very important part of my life. She holds a special place in my heart and for the first time in a very long time...I'm in love.

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