Monday morning

Its a Monday morning and I was awake before 5am. Writing a blog I felt would be a good time killer.

I have my Tibetan bowl going and I was rereading some of my old blogs. I can tell the major shift in my attitude by reading some of my earlier blogs and thinking about how I am now. Its almost depressing really to go back and read some of that stuff. It helps though. It helps in a way that if I ever need a reminder of what I've experienced, what I've done, what I've gone through then all I need to do is go back and look. Specifically I was reading my blog about my GED and I teared up. I am proud of myself. Even if not all of the pieces of the puzzle fit yet I am still proud of myself for what I'm doing. Best part is I still have a lot more I can accomplish.

You know how sometimes when you like somebody and you get butterflies in your stomach? Yeah I am kinda at that stage right now. Son of a bitch. Screw feelings! Nah this is great. It is great to actually feel something again. Not that I totally shut myself off from having any feelings whatsoever but I guess I was very cautious. Still am in a way but its good to feel. The tricky part however will be keeping this feeling if things don't work out in the end. I do believe however that if that was the end result I would still be ok. Bummed a bit sure but I'll manage.

While I am typing this blog my cat Loco was trying to hold my hand with her paw. Every time I would try to type her paw would move up and down. It was kinda cute until she decided to try to bite me. She has since moved cause I think I was annoying her.

So football season is about to start soon. I can actually say that I really don't care either. I love football and I love my Packers but I just really am finding myself not caring about what happens. I'm sure the Packers will have a good season and make it into the playoffs again. Then they will probably lose and the season will end. Why such the grim outlook? Its not grim. I am basing this off of what has happened in the past few seasons with the Packers. I don't see that trend breaking either.

So next month, as of right now anyway, I am going to go to the Dells by myself on a mini vacation. I haven't officially booked it yet. I'd hate to book it now and then all of a sudden I find myself a job and have to cancel my trip. I figure I can probably wait until like a week or two before I want to go to make reservations. The Dells usually is not too busy towards the end of September. The Dells is also not filled with people either. Kinda nice. Think I am going to stay at the same place that I stayed at last September. Right on the lake.

In December I am planning on taking another road trip out to Maryland. There is a new Star Wars movie coming out in December. It is a spin off movie called Rogue One. Of course Andrew and I have to go, it is Star Wars! So I am planning on driving out there again to stay with him for a few days. Should be a fun trip. Course you know this is months away and things could possibly change but right now that is the plan.

Well my Tibetan bowl is about to end so I will end this blog now. Gotta get ready to go for my morning walk. Have a great Monday everyone.

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