Just a little bump

Good morning blog. Hope everyone is doing well. Me, well the sun is shining and I am alive so I have something to smile about. Sometimes I suppose I have to remind myself that whatever life may throw my way that I am still here. Not always easy you know.

Not surprising that my happy mood came crashing down in the past few days. I wouldn't say that my mood is total shit though. I actually think that I am doing alright. I can still smile. I can still laugh. I still appreciate everything that I have in my life.

I realize that I am being entirely vague and I apologize but I suppose I may as well jump into it. The girl that I've been mentioning in my blogs, she apparently is with somebody else. It sucks but it is pretty much the story of my life. I was confused if I should be upset, mad, or amused. So many different thoughts racing through my head. What I actually chose to do is wish the both of them the best as things go forward. Hopefully they find happiness with each other that most people deserve. Notice how I said most people. Some people deserve to be alone! I'm kidding of course. Anyway theres that. I don't know what else really needs to be said. Am I feeling bummed at the moment? Of course I am. If there is anything that I learned about myself is I may get knocked down a bit but I will fight like hell to regain my balance.

I feel like coming up I have lots to do. Every weekend through Labor Day I have something planned. On top of that I really need to get my ass in gear and fix up a resume. Plus I need to get MATC on the phone so I can find out what is needed of me to start college in January. I'm really disappointed with them. I sent in for an information packet months ago and I received nothing. So I suppose I will just have to get on the phone.

I want a drum set. I want to learn how to play drums. I've always wanted to play the drums. I went with guitar instead. Yeah I enjoy playing the guitar, well not so much right now as my strings are busted and I don't know how to fix them, but I always thought that drums would be my thing. Maybe in the near future? Oh and then maybe a keyboard/piano down the road? I could be a one man band!

Guess I should provide a weight loss update. I am now down 55 pounds in the past 14 months. Not bad. I slowed down a bit but I blame that on the fact that I am lifting more weights lately. Muscle weighs more then fat. Anyway I still have another 40 pounds to go to get down to my ideal weight of 200. I know to doctors and whatnot that is still overweight. I don't care. 200 is my goal. I'm really proud of myself for sticking to this weight loss. I at times still eat shit I shouldn't but its not like I fall off the wagon completely and gain a bunch of weight back. I believe that despite me changing my eating habits that I still have to actually enjoy some food from time to time. At one point in my life I was 315 (maybe even more then that) and now I am down to 240. That is just fucking awesome.

I suppose this is where I end my blog. People are going to ask me or have already been asking me if I am going to be alright. I'm Nick. I've been through a lot already. I am going to be fine. I still have my sense of humor, I'm still happy with everything I've accomplished lately, I still have my good looks. Well lets not get ahead of myself there. I suppose I'm alright looking. Anyway yes I am good.


  1. love your way of expressing yourself ......... I feel what your going thru and awesome job on working towards your goal.

    1. Thank you! I will reach all of my goals. It will just take some time, hard work, and patience