I've been busy

Busy would be the best way to describe the past few days. Thankfully today should be a day that I get to slow down a bit and relax. I do have a few things to talk about in this blog including my concert on Friday so lets jump right into it.

Went to see Halestorm and We Are Harlot on Friday night at state fair. We actually didn't know if we were going to go or not. I am so glad we did decide to go cause the show kicked ass. State fair I still think is not an ideal place to have a concert. You are basically watching a show on a race track. Plus the sound quality is pretty terrible. At least it was a few years back when we saw Neon Trees.

We Are Harlot wasn't too bad. I had no idea who they were before the show. They were decent. Some opening bands are just absolute terrible, I still have nightmares about Necrosis opening up for Pantera in the 90s. 4 song set in 45 minutes which included a 17 minute song with the same drum beat for about 10 minutes. Yeah I actually fell asleep at a concert. Anyway We Are Harlot were decent. I give them props for doing a Queen cover too. They played the song "Tie your mother down" and it sounded decent.

Halestorm was pretty awesome. Lzzy Hale, that chick can sing. She left some ringing in my ears cause of that voice, and I totally mean that in a good way. My rings don't ring for very long after a show. Probably cause of years of use and abuse with listening to music. I don't necessarily think that this is a good thing but whatever. They played all of the songs that I liked. I think I have a greater appreciation for them musically now. This tends to happen when I go see a band live. It happened with bands such as Maiden, Rush, Imagine Dragons, etc. Anyway I think I'll be listening to Lzzy's voice a bit more now. Don't worry though Amy, you are still the love of my life!

Almost 6 miles of walking on Friday, a concert, and then about 3 hours of sleep. Think I felt like a zombie most of the day yesterday, trust me I am feeling really tired this morning as well. Funny that despite feeling like a zombie I still managed to get about 4 and a half miles of walking in and I went shopping at Pick'N'Save and then Target. Oh and I did some weight lifting during the day too for about 20-25 minutes. So yeah despite zombie mode I was still productive. Not sure I will be that productive today though other than my morning walk.

Before going to Target yesterday I asked my father if he needed anything from Target and he tells me that he needs underwear. I said to him yeah I am not buying underwear for you. He was like why not, its just underwear. I repeated myself yeah I am not buying underwear for you. Needless to say I did not buy underwear for him. Something just seems a bit weird about buying my father underwear. If he wants some he is going to need to get it himself.

Anyway I think that is about it for now. Hope everybody enjoys their Sunday!

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