I'm sleepy

Maybe I can write a blog without all the sappy shit? I like making fun of myself. Oh Nick has feelings, ahahahaha fuck feelings! I'm sorry you are going to have to excuse me I really do not sleep much anymore and maybe it is catching up to me.

Lets talk about this sleep thing for a moment. I really don't do much of it anymore. I don't feel overly tired though. On average I'm getting 4 to 5 hours a night. I know that this is not necessarily good but I'm still finding that I can function properly. A lot of it has to do with just my mind working in a million different directions. I'd rather be talking to people, or writing, or playing guitar. I am kinda like in a creative phase right now. I'll talk more about it later. So maybe its not a bad thing that I am not getting sleep cause I feel...hmm...more alive? I don't know if that is necessarily what I wanted to say but close enough.

Been playing guitar a lot more lately. Like really I have. I put some time in every single day now. I just feel like creating atm. Sometimes I don't even try to play actual songs, I just play random shit and hope that it sounds ok. I even tried out a new technique the other day. Playing guitar scales with my eyes closed. Works well until I want to switch frets. Sunday my guitar playing was spot on. I mean really I thought I sounded so good and everything I played flowed so smoothly. I put in 2 hours at least of playing guitar on Sunday. I'm at that point again in which I am excited to pick up a guitar and just play. Lets try to keep it that way.

The WoW expansion Legion comes out next week. Does this mean you'll be seeing less of me writing? I doubt it. I mean I am excited that the expansion is coming out but I don't think its going to cause me to spend less time doing things that I like doing. I've been balancing things pretty good atm. Obviously if I still find time to at least exercise 30 minutes a day, play guitar, and write in this blog. I feel like down the road my life will become more hectic. I don't think I mean hectic in a bad way either.

As I am writing this I am listening to my tibetan bowl and falling asleep. I think that is clearly a sign that I should end this and maybe sleep for awhile. We'll see how well that works out. Until next time people. Take care.

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