Another Day, Another Blog

Good morning blog. Another day, another blog. With this blog I will have written as many blogs this month as I did the first 7 months combined. Neat. I also like to notice pointless things from time to time. Anyway this blog will be nothing like the one I wrote yesterday. On a side note though apparently I can still leave people speechless with my words. Go me!

I am back to waking up at 5:15 in the morning to take care of bird feeders outside. This is because of the raccoon incident that happened last week. I actually started to tell the story again but then realized that I had just told the story in a recent blog. So yeah I've been bringing some feeders in at night time and I wake up early to put them out for the birds. I suppose I don't really need to get up that early to put stuff out. There is still plenty of food out there without the 4 feeders that I bring in but those 4 feeders are the really popular ones. I'm usually awake early anyway so its not that big of a deal. Besides at that time in the morning I hear all the birds waking up for the day especially the cardinals and the robins and there is usually a rabbit or two in the front eating off the ground. Some people hate hearing the birds chirp in the morning, me on the other hand I love it.

Speaking of sleep, what is sleep? I really don't do much of it atm. I guess my mind is always on the go and maybe I just don't actually need that much sleep. If it was slowing me down during the day it would be considered a problem but I'm still walking about 50-55 minutes a day (except weekends) and I am lifting weights 3 times a week for 20 minutes. So I am still feeling enough energy to exercise. I also have became a napper. I never use to be able to take naps but now I find myself doing it all the time. Must be the age thing huh?

Tonight is the Halestorm concert. So far we are still going. Sometimes my sister and I have a tendency to get tickets for a show and end up not going. This show we are going to. I am looking forward to it. Should be a lot of fun. I do like quite a bit of their music. Plus getting out of the house on a Friday night is always great too!

I feel like every time I go into Farm & Fleet one of the people working there or the cashier usually says something about the shirt that I am wearing. Weeks ago, and I don't even remember what shirt I was wearing, the cashier was like nice shirt and she started laughing cause she thought it was funny. Yesterday I go in there wearing my whatever shirt. That is all that the shirt says...whatever. One of the workers there was like hey I really like your shirt. She said that it is perfect for most situations too...like eh whatever. So we laughed about that for a few seconds then went on our merry way. The shirts that I wear are causing me to have conversations with random people. Fuck my life.

I've been writing these blogs in the morning while listening to Tibetan bowl. Usually I'd turn one on and then log on WoW and do shit for an hour. I feel far more productive doing this instead. Of course things may change in a few weeks again when the WoW expansion comes out. I don't know though, I've kinda missed writing. I always think of my writing as a jumbled mess. It fits though cause my mind is a jumbled mess most days. Good therapy for me too.

I think that is all for now. I have some exciting news that I can't share with people just yet. Oh no it is not actually about me in particular, it is something that I am going to be involved in though. Anyway to my 1-2 readers out there enjoy your Friday.

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