A dream about the past?

The setting is back in the old west. I am not sure exactly where in the old west. There is this saloon. It might be in the middle of nowhere, again not entirely sure. Inside the door there seems to a sword hanging on the door, this comes into play later. Everything looks so old though. You really feel like you are in the old west.

There is soft music playing. I am there with this beautiful woman. I can't really make out what I am wearing. Maybe a cowboy outfit? Looks like I have a cowboy hat on. The woman I am with is wearing a dress that you would see in old western movies. I'm not too sure on the coloring of the dress or the actual style of the dress, I just know that it is old. I am slow dancing with her holding her close to me. I look at her and I start saying a few things to her. I can't make out what I am saying but I think I may of said "I love you". We share a kiss.

Few seconds later this guy comes into the saloon. He apparently has been following us/tracking us. I am not entirely sure what he is after but it isn't anything good. I believe he is dressed like an old west sheriff. He grabs the sword off the door of the saloon. I go to grab a sword off one of the walls. We start to have a sword fight. We go back and forth for a little bit with nobody gaining the upper hand. I let my guard down and he puts a sword right through my side. I feel the pain. Its unbearable. I stumble to one knee. I hear the woman scream. All I can think about is the pain. The guy starts walking towards the door. He thinks I am finished and I most likely am. Suddenly I feel this rush of adrenaline and I pull the sword out of my side. I take the sword in my right hand and I throw it in the direction of this guy. The sword goes right through his skull and he falls to the ground. He is dead instantly. I am still kneeling there in pain. The woman comes rushing over to my side. Despite what had happened I believe I am going to be fine.

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