Happy birthday to me! Wait that was months ago. Yeah I've been a slacker and just now writing a birthday blog. Truth be told though, I don't remember my birthday. Must be that old age thing.

Year 36 was a good year for me. I lost a decent amount of weight and I got my GED. I couldn't be happier about what I've accomplished. Especially the GED thing. I had that hanging over my head for years and to finally get that over with is a great feeling.

I am a few months into year 37 and things aren't bad. I haven't had much luck with job hunting yet. Funny I wasn't qualified for jobs cause of a piece of paper and now people think I am overqualified cause I have that piece of paper. I really don't get it but I'm not going to sit here and try to understand it. Must press on and make something happen. I do believe some great things will occur in my life in the near future. Its my time.

So yeah I guess I really have nothing to complain about at the moment. Well if I really thought about it I probably could but life at the moment is good. Its summer time. The time for bonfires, ren faires, going out exploring the world, and the possibility of the beginning of something new. I won't elaborate on that last statement just yet. We'll see what happens.

I know this is short but I wanted people to know that I am alive and well. Maybe a bit tired at the moment but I am here just enjoying life. The road may get bumpy at times but it is always worth the ride.

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