The Nick vs The Wind

I've been told over the years that I have good stories to tell and that I am a good storyteller. Lets see how it holds up today cause I have a story that I'd like to share with everybody. I will call it "The Nick vs The Wind".

Earlier today it was a beautiful February day. The temperature got up to 57 degrees and the sun was shining. Not usual weather for us here. It was nice to put away the winter jacket for a little bit. Actually I was out by the bird feeder with no jacket on at one point. It was great.

I decided to go for a walk in the early afternoon. While it was nice outside I forgot that they were calling for high winds during the day. We were suppose to get wind gusts upwards of 60mph. By the time I went for my walk the sun had gone away and the clouds started to roll in. The wind had started to pick up already. I seemed oblivious to what was actually going on outside as I grabbed my lighter jacket and decided against wearing one of my beanies. Keep this in mind as I continue my story.

I get outside and I start walking down the block. It is awfully windy I thought to myself. No matter, just a little bit of wind. I've walked through rain, sleet, snow, below zero temps, ice, etc. Some wind wouldn't hurt.

The first 10-15 minutes of my walk I am usually walking west. If we are getting a wind from the west then I am walking right into the wind. The wind today was from the southwest. Little did I know that while the wind started to pick up that we had dropped from the 50s to the upper 40s with wind chills in the 30s. Mind you I had no beanie, no gloves, and my lighter jacket.

As I continue through the first part of my walking journey I realize that I am freezing my ass off now. The wind is so strong that it is causing me to develop a headache, I can't breathe, my ears are stinging and cold. I thought that maybe once I turned a the corner by the cemetery, which is about 4-5 blocks from my house, that it wouldn't be as bad. I was wrong.

The wind was from the west so it was coming at me from the side. First part of my walk I go west and then head south for a couple of blocks before going east for the next 10-15 minutes. So now the wind is coming to me from the side. Blowing really hard. I felt like I was going to take off and fly cause my jeans were flapping in the wind. By the time I got to the corner to make my turn to go east the wind nearly knocked me off my feet. Also the wind was so strong that the hood on my jacket flew up on my head. Hey I had a hood on my jacket! Why did I not figure this out when I first was having the stinging sensation in my ears?

Walking east wasn't entirely bad. I did have another incident when the wind was so strong it nearly knocked me over. Actually the wind was helping me accelerate my walking cause it was hitting my back so hard. Gave me a bit of extra oomph.

The rest of the walk went ok until I got back to my street and I was walking into the direction of the wind. As soon as I turned the corner there was a sudden gust of wind that made my hood come off my head. Then as I try to put my hood back up it kept getting knocked off thanks to the wind. See my hood wouldn't of worked in the first place!

I made it home safe and sound. The wind did not knock me over. I was cold with a headache and my ears stung a little bit. It was a reminder that it is better to overdress for my daily walk then under dress.

Thats my story. Hope y'all enjoyed it. I know I laughed at myself. The Wind 1 The Nick 0.

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